• Chartered Accountant
    CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Chartered accountants are responsible for preparing or reporting on financial statements for presentation to the public. Chartered accountants act as consultants on financial matters, taxation, accounting and computer systems, estate planning and management reporting and proced
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  • Legal Aspect of Health Care
    TUI UNIVERSITY J Module 5 Case Assignment BHM 443 Legal Aspect of Health Care Dr. Afshin Afrookhteh 18 Jan 2010 Consent/ End of Life The main goal is always to provide the best healthcare possible to a patient given the physical state they are in. There weren’t any expectati
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  • Corporate's Social Responsibility Accounting Beetween Theory and Reality
    Presented by: Srihadi W.Zarkasyi Introduction The growth in environmental accounting research and intersest in the last few years has been little short of phenomenal.For those of us with a long-standing interest in such issues, it is easy to get swept along in the euphoria of seeing environmen
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  • Legal Studies
    HSC Legal Studies Research Task – Crime Identify the correct legal citation of the case R v Faehndrich [2008] NSWSC 877 (29 August 2008) Outline the Elements of the offence On 11 April 2008, John Harry Faehndrich was convicted by a jury of the charge that he, on 13 August 2006, at Forster in
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility in India, Policy and practices of Dutch companies CREM-report nr. 03.650 Amsterdam, the Netherlands, February 2004 Consultancy and Research for Environmental Management Spuistraat 104d 1012 VA Amsterdam The Netherlands tel. +31 (20) 6274969 fax +31 (20) 6266
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  • Responsibility Accounting
    Cost centres, profit centres, investment centres and revenue centres Responsibility accounting Responsibility accounting is based on identifying individual parts of a business which are the responsibility of a single manager. A responsibility centre is an individual part of a business whose man
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  • Accountant Role
    The Accountant’s Role in an Organization 1 J. Moseley ACC 350 May 25, 2011 The Accountant’s Role 2 Every business has accounting transactions that are recorded on their books of record. These transactions must be measurable events that are documented and filed. Whe
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  • Professional Accountant
    Examiner’s report P1 Professional Accountant December 2010 General Comments December 2010 was another successful diet for paper P1 with many candidates passing and with some exceptional performances by individual candidates. As always, I would like to convey my congratulations to all successful
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  • Charted Accountant Or Lawyer
    Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a condition in which an individual or a business cannot meet its debts. This involves legal proceedings that can either relieve one the responsibility of paying their debts or offer protection while attempting to repay their debts (Ventura, 5). The word bankruptcy is deriv
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  • Accountant Responsibilites
    Accountant Responsibilities Michael Lill Kaplan University AC504-01 Professor Jennifer Maloon March 1, 2011 Abstract Within the accounting profession, there have been many changes to the regulations based on the various problems that have occurred. When looking back to Black Frid
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  • The Lbusiness and Legal Aspects of Cyber Crime
    The Legal and Business aspects of Cybercrime February, 20, 2010 CONTENTS Introduction ........................................................................  1 What is Cyber crime...........................................................  1 Cyber crime Laws............................
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  • Mentally Disordered Offenders in Forensic Rather Than Hospital
    Assess the care for sentencing mentally disordered offenders to prison rather than a forensic psychiatric hospital setting. The 19th Century saw many efforts to remove mentally ill offenders from the prison system. Bethlam Hospital in London opened a new wing for the criminal offenders who were d
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  • Lehman Brothers: the Failure of the Legal Gatekeeper
    LEHMAN BROTHERS This essay concerns the question of what could have been done by the lawyers who were in a position to act as professional sentinels or gatekeepers, and may have prevented Lehman Brothers from moving $50 billion of debt off its balance sheet at the end of each quarter; and repl
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  • Legal Studies
    Police responsibilities • It is the responsibility of the police to preserve the peace and protect life and property • When a crime has been committed and reported to the police, they have the duty to examine the scene, interview witnesses, seek out clues, find forensic and other evidence, que
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  • Iso 26000:2010 - Social Responsibility Standard: a New Framework Into Practice for Human Rights and Intelectual Property Rights
    ISO 26000:2010 - SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY STANDARD: A NEW FRAMEWORK INTO PRACTICE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND INTELECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS BY R. VINOBA SELVANDURAI., M.A., M.L.,B.L.I.Sc., P.G.D.C.A., Guest Faculty in Government Law College, Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India and Research Scholar, The Tamilna
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  • Legal Studies
    • Crime 30% of course time Principal focus: Through the use of a range of contemporary examples, students investigate criminal law, processes and institutions and the tension between community interests and individual rights and freedoms. Themes
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  • Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues
    Volume 10, Number 2 2006 Allied Academies International Conference Reno, Nevada October 19-21, 2006 Academy of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues PROCEEDINGS Volume 10, Number 2 2006 page ii Allied Academies International Conference Reno, 2006 Proceedings of the Acad
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  • Forensic Psych
    FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY What is Forensic Psychology? Forensic Psychology is the application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system. Forensics is the analysis of information suitable for use in a court of law. The word "forensic" comes
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Introduction The area of corporate social responsibility may be deemed as a relatively new concept; however it has been a topic of academic study for decades (Moir, 2001).  “The corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement has been gathering momentum for the past 10 years” (Crawford and
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  • Legal Studies Crime
    Crime Part 1- Key Legal Concepts and Features of the Legal System 3.1- Types of Crime… i) Offences Against the Person Involve some form of injury to an individual. Most crimes against the person are listed in the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). a. Homicide: Is the unlawful killing of o
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