"Legal And Ethical Principles You Need To Follow For All Visual Image Use" Essays and Research Papers

Legal And Ethical Principles You Need To Follow For All Visual Image Use

Using Photographs from the web The benefit of having so many visuals today is unbelievable. Since   we   have   so   visuals   today it makes it easier to communicate with people. We are able to communicate with people without using any words, just using visuals. The new technology and resources like face book,   YouTube, and motion pictures. With this type of technology it makes it easier to communicate without using words.   It also expands your communication because now you’re...

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Visual Aids

USING THE VISUAL AIDS Introduction Visual aids can be a very powerful tool to enhance the impact of your presentations. Words and images presented in different formats can appeal directly to your audience’s imagination, adding power to your spoken words. Think of using visual aids for the following reasons: * if they will save words - don't describe your results - show them; * if their impact would be greater than the spoken word - don't describe an image - show it. Think about...

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Legal & Ethical Issues for It Practitioners

Legal and Ethical Issues for IT Practitioners Brandy L. Spinks Business 670 Dr. Stephens December 20, 2010 Legal and Ethical Issues for IT Practitioners For ages thinkers have written hundreds of books in an effort to understand, explain, categorize, and label moral, immoral, an amoral human behavior and the rationales behind our actions. Yet, there still is not a universally accepted way of analyzing ethical situations (Hatcher & Aragon, 2000) and ethical issues are not a favored topic...

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Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology

SAFE, LEGAL, AND EITHICAL USE OF DIGITAL INFORMATION AND TECH Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology: Appropriate Use Essay Micah M. Wells 4 April 2014 FHSU: TECS 290 Safe, Legal, and Ethical Use of Digital Information and Technology: Appropriate Use Essay There are many issues that lie beneath the use of digital info and technology. Writing a paper for a college class is always hard, some never know what to write, which websites to use, what information to...

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Ethics and Simple Ethical Tests

1. Review the ethical cycle. Discuss a decision you have made (at home or in the workplace), and describe the steps of the cycle in relation to your decision making process. Now review the section on rationalizing unethical behaviors. What is the relationship between the ethical cycle and the three simple ethical tests used for business decisions? The steps of the ethical cycle are: Identification of moral problem ---> analysis of the moral problem ---> the available options that one can take to...

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Explain the ethical principles of the r

a) Explain the ethical principles of the religion you have studied (25). The main idea of ethical principles in Christianity is to use them as guidance on how we should live our lives to be closer with God and prepare for His Son’s return. One of the main ethical principles in Christianity is love. This is shown through the teachings of Jesus. Christians get their ethical principles from the Bible, Church authority, the Holy Spirit, using their conscience and Natural Law (Catholics). The Bible is...

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Legal and Ethical Guides

Legal/Ethical Study Guide 1.) Nurse Practice Acts 3 Origins of legal guidelines for nursing: 1) Statutory Law - Elected legislative bodies such as state legislatures and the US Congress create these laws. - Nurse Practice Acts .Describe and define the legal boundaries of nursing practice within each state. - Standards Of Care – Provide the minimum acceptable nursing care. - Establish educational req’s for nurses - Distinguish between nursing and medical...

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Ethical Issues in Information System

rights and responsibilities in their use of information and to reconsider standards of conduct shaped before the advent of computers. Information is a source of power and, increasingly, the key to prosperity among those with access to it. Consequently, developments in information systems also involve social and political relationships-- and so make ethical considerations in how information is used all the more important. Electronic systems now reach into all levels of government, into the workplace...

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The Legal, Ethical and Managerial Concerns of Employee Monitoring

The Legal, Ethical and Managerial Concerns of Employee Monitoring Employee monitoring has emerged as a necessity and yet as a very controversial issue due to the widespread use of technology. Employee monitoring is the act of watching and monitoring employees' actions during working hours using employer equipment/property. This phrase can be a little scary as an employee, where is the line? The restroom is their property; thankfully there are employers who know their boundaries. Legally employers...

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Work Within a Legal and Ethical Framework

Work within a legal and ethical framework Task A Question 1 Why is important for a worker in the csi to follow their job description? It is important for a worker in the community service industry to follow their job description as it is important that they give a professional standard of the service. It is also due to confidentiality. Community service workers have duty of care to their clients. Also it is important they follow their job description because different services may have different...

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Ethical Responsibilities of a Healthcare Manager

Ethical Responsibilities of a Healthcare Manager Abstract Healthcare organizations and managers set and strive to maintain ethical standards to ensure dignity and high quality of care within the medical profession. These standards can be challenging to uphold in practice due to the ethically-complex situations which often confront healthcare managers as well as the organization of structures and goals for ethical decision-making within healthcare organizations. Healthcare managers develop...

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Ethical and Legal Concepts in Human Services

return room for legal and ethical violations. Education and training in these areas for all health care personnel is pertinent since perception is a major concern. We all think and see things differently and without regulations behind us we all could look at a situation and handle it in many different ways and if that was the case then how could we hold ourselves to a high level of care if that level of care is not defined. What is ethics? Ethics is defined as “a system of moral principles”. As a society...

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Ethical Dilemma

Running head: Ethical Dilemma Ethical Dilemma Amber Norris Grand Canyon University February 24th, 2013 Ethical Dilemma All healthcare professionals take the Hippocratic Oath, in this oath it states that, “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.” (Miles, S. H. (2004) There are many different versions of this oath but the concept...

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Visual Aids

Visual Aids Visual aids help your presentation make things happen. Visual aids help you reach your objectives by providing emphasis to whatever is being said. Clear pictures multiply the audience’s level of understanding of the material presented, and they should be used to reinforce your message, clarify points, and create excitement. Visual aids involve your audience and require a change from one activity to another: from hearing to seeing. When you use visual aids, their use tends to encourage...

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Visual Aids

Visual Aids An instructional aid, such as a poster, scale model, or videotape, that presents information visually. Types Of Visual Aids There are many different types of visual aids. The following advice will help you make the most of those most commonly used. PowerPoint (or equivalent) Microsoft PowerPoint is probably now the most commonly used form of visual aid. Used well, it can really help you in your presentation; used badly, however, it can have the opposite effect. The general principles...

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Effective Ethics and Ethical Behavior

Effective ethics and ethical behavior Memorandum and Report Carol Harris TO: Rebecca M. Melton, ABC Toy Co. CEO FROM: Carol Harris, Elementary Division Manager, ABC Toy Co. DATE: 6/5/11 SUBJECT: Product quality issue and a report on ethical decision making. This memo addresses a product quality issue with a whistle included in our toy collection. I have included a report on the importance of ethical decision making...

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Legal and Ethical Considerations

tactics to stimulate demand are three issues related to marketing and advertising. Advertisers interpret the law and completely ignore the unethical ramifications of advertising to children at a young age. Advertisers use children to build brand loyalty in products, and they also use marketing tactics to get children hooked on products that impede their social development. The United States act differently on advertising of products and services. The Federal Trade Commission strikes a balance...

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Magazines

Ethical and legal issues According to D. E. Summer and S. Rhoades in Magazines: a complete guide to the industry; magazines face the same legal and ethical issues than newspapers: “[…] plagiarism, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, editorial bias, and inaccuracy”[1]. Indeed, there are some limits to what a journalist can write, an editor can publish, a photographer can photograph, and a designer can design. Magazines go sometimes beyond the ethical or legal bounds. All these issues are parts...

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Course: Legal & Ethical Environment Professor: Dr. Libertella Chapter 16 Business Ethics Perspective P419 1. Stewart was not an insider of ImClone and she received the tip from her stockbroker. Does she have an ethical obligation to ask where the tip came from or why the broker was recommending selling the stock? Does the fact that Stewart was an officer and director of a publicly traded corporation require her to use higher ethical standards when buying and selling stock of other companies...

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Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles 1. Contribute to society and human well-being. This principle concerning the quality of life of all people affirms an obligation to protect fundamental human rights and to respect the diversity of all cultures. An essential aim of computing professionals is to minimize negative consequences of computing systems, including threats to health and safety. When designing or implementing systems, computing professionals must attempt to ensure that the products of their efforts will...

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36 tips on visual merchandising

36 Things Every Visual Merchandiser Should Know How To Do 4/08/2012 08:23:00 AM  Jyppe A. Quidores   I am giving myself an assignment of making helpful list of important things that you [visual merchandiser] needs to know how to do to become more effective, not just for the benefit of the company where you are working, but also for the advancement of your career – personal benefit. Career Management Let us always remember that we do not hold the future of the company where we are currently...

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Position: Support Worker reporting to Co-ordinator/Program Manager/Clinical Nurse Manager or Delegate 1 (Ozcare, 2014) STATE THE KEY STATUTES AND REGULATIONS THAT GUIDE PRACTICE IN THIS ROLE The Care Worker should have a broad knowledge of the legal framework that operates within the organisation. Duties and responsibilities are affected by laws, regulations, policies and procedures. 2 (GCIT 2014) The Mental Health Act 2000 provides for the involuntary assessment and treatment, and the protection...

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Legal/Ethical Boundaries

Legal/Ethical Boundaries of a Medical Assistant AAMA Medical Assistant Code of Ethics The Code of Ethics is a set of principles of moral and ethical conduct as they relate to the medical profession. There are five sections of the Code of Ethics. “Render services with full respect for the dignity of humanity.” A medical assistant will perform job duties with respect to the patient, life and rights as a human being. Holding the medical assistant to a higher standard, where he/she does not perform...

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All You Need Is Love

 All You Need Is Love Anna Sward HNRS 1015 Nan Janecke November 12, 2013 All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love, a famous song written by the legendary Beatles. The lyrics imply that one can do anything if they have love. Sadly, that is not true in the United States. Love is not enough for same-sex couples, but it should be. America is supposed to be the land of the free, a melting pot, and the place where people go to follow their dreams; however, it...

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Ethical Issues

Ethical and Legal Issues Kimberly Brooks HCA/322 Mark Metzger May 13, 2013 In the health care setting there are many professions that are important in this field. Just a few to name; medical records, nurses, medical technologist, medical assistant, emergency technician and many more. All of these professions are faced with legal and ethical issues at some point in time in their career. There are also laws that must be followed, then you have legal requirements that must be adhered too. Last...

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Legal Ethical and Regulatory Issues

Legal, Ethical & Regulatory Issues The online banking industry is a growing and a continually evolving business. This paper will identify and describes the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that impact online banking the Websites. Business ethics examines ethical rules and principles within a commercial context involved in e-commerce are faced with the same if not more legal issues as any other business; these issues include, but are not limited to jurisdiction, contract, and legitimacy...

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Ethical Issues with Social Media

Current Ethical Issues with Social Media People are increasingly sharing their lives online through social networking sites with little concern for who may be viewing their information. This has become an issue in current times and is up for debate based on the ethical issues associated with Social Media. People don’t realize joining a social network is like joining a community. As any community in real life, your business has a place in the community but should not invade one’s privacy. Social...

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Explain the Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Information.

assignment I will explain the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of information. Legal issues Legal issues are various items of legislation (law) to protect the use of business information. Data protection act 1998 Many business store information about people, whether it’s for potential customers or previous clients. The data protection act protects the information held about people from being misused. The information businesses store on databases need to be obtained fairly...

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Legal Ethical & Professional Issues In Counselingg

RUNNING HEADER: LEGAL ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN THE FIELD OF COUNSELING Legal Ethical & Professional Issues in the Field of Counseling Legal Ethical and Professional Issues in Consultation What are the legal and ethical issues as it pertains to consultation? Legal issues are relevant in two areas, laws governing the practice of your profession and criminal and civil laws that either directly or indirectly impacts the counseling professional practice. Laws...

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Legal and Ethical Issues in the Workplace

Legal and Ethical Issues in the Workplace Barbara Pritchard BUS 670: Legal Environment Professor Gary Gentry July 15, 2013 LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN THE WORKPLACE Abstract In society today the business world presents many ethical issues. Organizations must strive to provide employees with a clear understanding of the overall company’s vision. This will help employers in practicing the code of ethics, policies and procedures in the workplace. Companies must be steady in continuously...

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Ethical and Legal Dilemmas of Surrogacy

Ethical and Legal Dilemmas of Surrogacy Christie Blackwell HCA 322 Dr. Nine Bell June 17, 2013 Ethical and Legal Dilemmas of Surrogacy Many individuals have a life plan consisting of college, marriage, and then children. After numerous methods of conception, many couples are still unable to conceive a child. A woman who enters into a contract with a couple, agreeing to carry and birth a child, then hand that child over to the contracted couple, who is often unable to conceive...

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Explain The Legal And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information

Explain The Legal And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information Unit 4 p2 12 b 1 Introduction There are many issues which relate to the use of information which affect an organisation, there are three main headings which are legal issues, ethical issues  These main headings cover all the key information and how it may affect an organisation which may be crucial to the way they deal with information and how it may need to adjust its way of operating for  legal issues...

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Current Ethical Issues

Current Ethical Issues Jorge Delgado June 23, 2013 Axia College of University of Phoenix Current Ethical Issues In today’s business environment, ethics take a toll far greater than that of previous years. It is more important now than ever that business ensure their ethics program is solid. For Upbeat Financial Service it is important to ensure the six characteristics that build a good solid ethical decision. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility...

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Ethical and Legal Implications of Medical Practices

is about Ethical and legal implications of practice. These are both important topics in the healthcare field. It is important to make ethical choices and understand the legal implications of the choices that you make. In this paper I will write about Ethical theories and principles, ethical viewpoints and decision making, and also the legal issues affecting respiratory care. Ethical theories and principles provide the foundation for all ethical behavior. Contemporary ethical principles have evolved...

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Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management - You Decide

Meetings and Events Management Assignment Week 5: Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management - You Decide April 7, 2013 Introduction: I would like to begin by giving you a summarized scenario of assignment this week. My role in this scenario is an Event Leader for a tradeshow and exhibition. At the day of the event, I was standing by the loading dock with sweat dripping down my eye brow. As dozens of trucks and other vehicles line up for what seems like miles in the distance. As the sun continued...

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summary and application of ethical codes

Application of Ethical Codes Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling Walden University Summary and Application of Ethical Codes The American Counseling Association, The International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling Association and The American Mental Health Counseling Association bring together the foundation of standards and guidance that unifies the counseling profession. This foundation is made up of the ethical standards which the mental health profession follows, enabling...

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Ethical and Legal Obligations

Ethical and Legal Obligations Ethical and legal obligations apply to all members of society. As one in society, the obligation to act in an ethical, law abiding manner on a daily basis is vital to the integrity of daily life. Many professions have their own code of ethics. Financial reporting is not exempt from such ethical and legal standards. One’s lively hood depends on decisions made in the business world. Business transactions are done daily and can impact one’s economic stability....

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Role Models and Ethical Decision Making

 Role Models an Ethical Decision Making Professional Ethics and Legal Liabilities Suzanna Taylor Task 1 When taking on a career where you are considered a public servant you also take on the responsibility of being held to a higher standard. I think that it is fair that a law enforcement officer is held to a higher standard than the other citizens. In public servant jobs you always have to be on your toes. I do think that police officers should be allowed to go...

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Legal and Ethical Issue

Legal and /or Ethical IssuesGrishma Doshi, Shirelyn Smith, Rodina Pinuela, Pearl Chaparro HSN/548April 29, 2014Linda Wetterau Legal and /or Ethical IssuesThe state and federal government implemented sex education in schools in order to provide students reliable and accurate information needed to make a responsible decision to stay healthy (SEICUS, 2014). The integration of sexuality in the school curriculum presents an ethical and legal issue in the academic community. Ethical issues are about...

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“What are the advantages and disadvantages of ethical behavior in business?”

Seitzhanova Assiya. Accounting 11.856. “What are the advantages and disadvantages of ethical behavior in business?” Nowadays the concept of ethical behavior in business ethics is one of the most debatable issues in the world’s business community. Why? Just because there is a global division of business people on who are completely blinded by the word “money” (their number increases with each year) and who not. Each of these two groups of people has certainly own truth. For the first group any...

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Current Ethical Issues

Current Ethical Issues Lynn Summers Axia College of University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods is a market that offers a variety of gourmet breads, cheeses, wines and many other things from many different countries. Founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, the store has been successful and has grown into two additional stores. While on the surface, Kudler Fine Foods works like a well oiled machine, but many problems face the business behind the scenes, both economically and ethically. The first ethical...

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activities which are guided by some ethical and legal principles. Under CSR, companies can decide to take up some initiatives that will help them in complying with the legal standards as well as in making a positive contribution to the society. d Driving forces of CSR The driving forces of CSR are many. Firstly, in some countries, CSR is required by laws. For example, in many countries there are environmental laws. These laws require that companies follow some activities so that the environment...

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International Legal and Ethical Issues

International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Denise Hammer Law/421 August 27, 2012 John Huschen International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation A biotechnology company based in Candore called Gentura is contemplating entering into a partnership with a pharmaceutical company based in Florida called CadMex. Candore is a small dictatorship country. Gentura started their company by manufacturing enzymes and has grown into a biotechnology company with a focus on biopharmaceutical products...

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Ethical Leadership

researched and found 3 possible decision alternatives to the address the lead found in the whistles. They are as follows: 1. The company can simply ship out the whistles, as is, with nothing done to address the identified problem. The process used to coming to this alternative would be the most simple, the company would have to do nothing different, in the short, but could have legal complications in the future, hence the pros/cons decision process. However, the whistle would not meet qualifications...

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Visual Impairment

Application Assignment 1 Visual Impairment is used to describe any kind of vision loss, whether it's someone who cannot see at all or someone who has partial vision loss. This happens when one part of the brain that is used to process images is damaged or is diseased. It can be repaired by either wearing classes or having surgery on the damages part. Most times it is permanent. Being blind is also a type of Visual Impairment. Today there are many reasons why some has Visual Impairments or may be blind...

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Ethical Theories

Ethical Theories It is vital for businesses to understand the importance of ethics in this dynamic environment. Organizations that are committed to long term success recognize and realize that creating a culture where ethical behaviors are rewarded and encouraged is the ultimate key to survival and growth. According to Joseph 2003, business ethics refers to clear standards and norms that help employees to distinguish right from wrong behavior at work, while in the other hand ethical theories are...

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International Leagal and Ethical Issues in Business

Running head: International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Unit 1 Individual Project Delinda Mosley- Thurmond American InterContinental University Online Abstract An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead...

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Current Theories of Visual Images

Consider this, if you were asked how many ten öre coins are there in a one-krona coin? You would probably answer, without too much conscious thought or visual imagery, that there are ten ten öre coins in one krona. But what if you are then asked to describe exactly what the two sides of the one krona look like, without looking at a physical coin. You would probably find yourself visualising the coin in your mind. This is what we would call seeing things in the "minds eye". In other words you would probably...

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Legal and Ethical

Jacob Fischer BUS - 340 November 8, 2013 Ryan Kelly The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing in America Paper What is legal and what is ethical can be identical in some circumstances and varied in others. To this end, marketing is an especially challenging industry. It deals with both consumer and industry interaction. The opportunities and disputes that continuously arise can inspire resoluteness as it pertains to what could and should be done to solidify continued relationships...

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Ethical and Legal Issues on the Internet

Title | Ethical and Legal Issues on the Internet | Assessment A, Part 1: MBC News Interview | Do you think the Internet has made students less ethical? | The Internet doesn't make people unethical; it only enables unethical people to do what they were always going to do - cheat, plagiarize, infringe on copyrights - easier and faster. | | What can colleges do today to help encourage academic integrity and deter unethical behavior? | By establishing a code of ethics that clearly defines...

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The Principles

Assignment 2 The principles underpinning development and preparation of resources for learning and development Developing resources to meet learning and development needs Contents Chapter Page No. Explain principles underpinning resource selection for learning and development 3 Analyse factors that are important when developing and preparing resources that conform to national legislation and organisational policies 4 Evaluate the contribution of technology to...

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Childcare

PART A: TERM PAPER QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN CHILDCARE 1) Record the relevant government agency that deals with child protection in your state – South Australia. The South Australia Department for Families and Communities (DFC) is responsible for child protection among other things. (COAG) Families SA runs the Child Abuse Report Line on 131 478. The Report Line is the focal point where all child protection concerns are to be reported. There are three teams in operation...

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Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

Legal & Ethical Environment of Business DATE: 2/4/2013 Week 1 Assignment PART 1: Follow the link below, read the article and analyze the practice of “dumping” dangerous drugs overseas. Can an American company be penalized for marketing a product deemed unsafe by the U.S., if it is not also banned by the foreign...

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Ethical Dilemmas

ethics to follow it could be disastrous, not only for employees but employers as well. If a business has a sturdy set of ethical standards it could result in good business and good moral judgement in employees while dealing with customers and colleagues. Ethics gives individuals moral rules and codes of conduct, and facilitates us with answers to questions about what are right or wrong, duty, obligation and moral responsibility (Shaw et al, 2009, p.30). This essay is about ethics and the use of ethical...

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10 Principles of Academic Principle and Integrity

10 Principles of Academic Principle and Integrity One of the most important principles is to always plan ahead and never over book your schedule. This is the most important for a variety of reasons. Time management helps you to make sure you’re taking the time out to successfully complete your work and fulfill any commitments made to others. It’s important to be successful and stay true to your commitments because it shows you’re professional and dependable. The second...

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 WHAT IS ETHICAL CONSUMERISM? The concept of ethical consumerism creates an active consumer, who uses their purchases as a sort of voting power that leads to positive buying of ethically produced goods and products, products that are not considered ethically produced products are boycotted, HOW DO WE LABEL SOMETHING ETHICALL? We should first bear in mind that the term ethical will not be the same as everyone’s definition, some people care about the treatment of developing countries, others the...

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Visual Analysis

1100 052 9 October 2011 Visual Analysis People all around the world use signs and posters as a form of advertisement to catch an audiences attention. Whether the sign used is as large as a billboard or smaller than a post it sticky note, individuals still notice them everyday. But, these signs used as advertisement do not have to be trying to sell a product. Instead, some posters are used as a way to motivate others physically and emotionally. While both pictures use signs to display words of...

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Ethical Analysis of Gumdrop Northern

Time SUBJECT: Ethical Analysis of Gumdrop Northern The purpose of this memorandum is to identify, discuss and propose solutions to the ethical issues that were found at the conclusion of the ethics audit. My ethics committee and myself conducted this ethics audit from 7 February to 26 February 2013. At the conclusion of this audit, the following ethical issues were identified: ignorance to international law and treaties by exporting manufactured landmines to Afghanistan and Iran; use of substandard...

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Legal and Ethical Implications

Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Shannon Dowdell GCU- EDU 450 Professor Richard Flowers Introduction In the classroom there is responsibility and duties for the teachers, students, as well as the parents. These responsibilities help the classroom to run smoothly and they help to build a well-managed classroom. Of those responsibilities teachers, students and parents need to understand legal and ethical issues in classroom management. This paper will discuss two articles...

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A Guide To Starting Visual Study

GUIDE TO STARTING A VISUAL STUDY This guide has been prepared as a resource for teachers. It is not a prescribed approach, and should be adapted to suit the situation/cohort. Prepare a booklet for each student that could highlight: What the Visual Study is in relation to visual arts in context and the assessment requirements as described in the subject outline. The processes involved in relation to research, organisation, practical exploration and the final presentation. Resources Direct students...

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