• Assessing the Quality of Early Years Learning Environments
    Assessing the Quality of Early Years Learning Environments Abstract This article describes a means of evaluating early years classrooms from the perspective of the child's experience. Nine key themes, such as motivation and independence, are identified as representing significant aspects of a
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  • Open & Distance Learning
    1.0 The Definition of Open and Distance Learning Open and Distance Learning is a way of learning that focus on releasing learners from constraints of time and place whilst offering flexible learning opportunities. For a lot of married and working adults, Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is a
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  • Does Effective Classroom Management Prevent Discipline Problems?
    Abstract If strategies are implemented into the curriculum, whereby students are involved in meaningful learning, will discipline problems be prevented and controlled by teachers? Teachers prevent discipline problems from occurring by investing in good classroom management techniques, such as plann
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  • Learning as Art
    Personal Learning styles; Learning as Art How does an auditory, grouper who scores out as a style "C" find success in an online learning environment? How does it not become a chore but rather a work of art that unfolds? There are many learning styles. With each learning style there are strengt
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  • How Can Teachers Use Theories and Findings from Developmental Psychology to Inform Classroom Practise.
    How can teachers use theories and findings from developmental psychology to inform classroom practise. Teachers can use theories and findings from developmental psychology to improve the quality of learning that takes place within the classroom by changing the learning methods and social conditio
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  • The Power of Technology in the Classroom
    The Power of Technology to Inspire Students and Teachers in English Language Arts Classrooms David Medicus and Susan Nelson Wood (Florida State University) When I was an elementary school student, I often found I was sitting in class daydreaming, wishing my teacher would be more animated and m
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  • Learning to Read Methods
    Learning to read is one of the most essential skills a child will master. Reading is the foundation of a child's educational future. The success of one's career and education is dependent upon their reading ability. Without the ability a read, a person cannot enjoy all this world has to offer, such
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  • Cooperative Learning Research Proposal
    Running Head: COOPERATIVE LEARNING AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Abstract The researcher, School District. The purpose of this research is to determine whether an interdependence model of cooperative learning will improve student achievement, when compared to a cooperative learning model that uses s
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  • Classroom Managment
    Classroom management is a serious topic to consider not only as a new teacher but is a topic that should be revisited every school year. No two years will ever be the same. Classroom management is an essential part of being a teacher. While each teacher will approach classroom management from a dif
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  • Strategies for Discovery Learning
    I agree in theory that the objective method, what we now call discovery learning, is the most effective way for children to acquire the skills and concepts necessary to become scientifically literate adults. However, in many classrooms teachers are still struggling to build a discovery-based science
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  • Ethics in an Academic Environment
    Attitude in a Learning Environment The attitude one has towards ethics in their academic environment can determine their success. It is up to the student to establish their outlook on school and learning. School, by no means, is an effortless task to get through. A positive attitude will make it a
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  • An Approach to the Development of a Quality Metric for Electronic Learning
    Education is life long learning endeavor. It is a process of constantly elicitating, acquiring, organizing and integrating specialized knowledge into a single whole that can be used to help improve one's thinking skills. It is an exciting, relevant and vibrant process. The taxonomy of educational
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  • Student Survival Guide for Distance Learning Education
    Student Survival Guide for Distance Learning Education By Paul C. Torr Jr. Axia College of the University of Phoenix Gen 105 Final Project Introduction Learning can be a difficult task to anyone who wants to expand his or her knowledge. With the help of online schools, learning has stepp
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  • Distance Learning Survival Guide
    Distance Learning Survival Guide By Marco A. Bohorquez I recently made the decision to continue my education at Axia College to help further my career in the energy sector. I knew that in order to be a successful student, I had to create a student survival guide that would help me along the way.
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  • Laptops in the Classroom
    Laptops in the Classroom Laptops increase student motivation and desire to become involved with lessons initiated in the classroom. Performance and motivation levels were increased due to laptops being used by students for learning purposes. Laptops increase the level of interactivity, engagem
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  • Classroom Management
    Classroom Management Having classroom rules are an essential part of classroom management. I believe it is very important for the teacher and students to communicate the classroom expectations beginning from the first day of school. When this communication is clear it will help with maintaining
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  • The Use of Computers in Language Learning and Language Teaching
    The use of Computers in Language Learning and Language Teaching C M. G Research Paper for March 18, 2008 I. Introduction In defining the meaning of literacy, Luke and Freebody suggested that there are four sets of overlapping practices that literacy in
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  • Developing Strategies in Assessment, Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Using Cec Standards
    As a special education teacher it is important to understand the field of education as an evolving and changing discipline based on philosophies, evidence-based principles and theories, relevant laws and policies, diverse and historical points of view, and human issues influences that will continue
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  • Adaptability and Responsiveness; the Case for Dynamic Learning
    Adaptability and Responsiveness: The Case for Dynamic Learning By Lloyd Baird Boston University School of Management 595 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, Massachusetts 02215 617/353-4168 lbaird@bu.edu* Darrell Griffin Whole Systems Two Newton Place, Suite 190 255 Washington Street New
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  • Learning Styles
    Running head: LEARNING STYLES OF OUR LIVES Learning Styles of Our Lives Parker, Bobby American Military University Learning Styles of Our Lives We are faced with many different learning experiences. Some of these experiences have made a better impact than others. We can at
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