• Functions of Public Relations
    Functions of Public Relations Public relations is everywhere today. It is a practice that has become an important aspect of any business venture. Whether an organization is not for profit, for profit, or governmental, they still need and desire to communicate their purpose within the community a
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Introduction The following paper is about defining public relations. My personal definition and three other definitions of public relations will be compared and contrasted. There are many different definitions of public relations and the reason will be addressed in the following as well. Public
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  • Defining Public Relations
    The practice of what today is called public relations is less than 100 years old. Yet during its brief history, public relations has been defined in many different ways. The earliest definitions emphasized the roles of press agentry and publicity since these were major elements from which modern pub
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  • The Essence of Public Relations
    Public Relations The purpose of this paper is to help the student identify and analyze various definitions of the subject matter of the course MKT438. The topic at hand is the term public relations. Upon conclusion the student and both the reader should have a keen understanding of what the purpo
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations Public Relations are found in every aspect of our society, from large and small organizations for and non-profit, politics, sports, and Hollywood. This paper will provide three definitions from different sources, compare, and contrast each definition. I will also include
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations Keith Ducote University of Phoenix MKT 348 Instructor Jackie Perry May 30, 2006 Defining Public Relations Public relations, as a field, is a multibillion dollar business practiced by more than 200,000 professionals around the United States. The need for additiona
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Public relations can have many different definitions depending on what source you are referencing. Rex Harlow, a well respected and a pioneer in the field of public relations put together a list of approximately 500 different definitions. Although there are several different definitions for public r
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  • Defining Public Relations
    I had always believed that public relations meant going out into the public for some organization and creating that "warm and fuzzy feeling" for consumers, persuading them to purchase products. However, after further research and contemplation, I find my personal definition to be extremely vague. Th
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  • Public Relations Definition
    Public Relations What is public relations? There seems to be many different answers to that question. Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines public as "of, relating to, or affecting all the people or the whole area of a nation or state." It defines relations as "the state of being mutually
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  • Higher Ed. Fundraising and Public Relations
    Higher Education Fundraising Using Public Relation Practices The Excellence Study of public relations is studied in public relations courses throughout the United States. A variety of organizations were involved in the study including both for profit and non-profit organizations. However, there
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  • What Is Public Relations
    Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to integrate what has been learned in the class and form an understanding of public relations practice. This will be done by first examining the question, "What is public relations?." The next step will be to explain a specific area of specialty that I woul
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  • Definition of Public Relations
    Three definitions, one broad scope of what it actually means to begin the process of interpretation and communication of the reputation, profitability, and in some cases, the continued existence of an organization. It is determined to solely depend on the targeted approach in takes in its mainstream
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  • Public Relations
    Public Relations Public image is important to corporations, individuals and the government. Individuals in the public eye such as Condoleezza Rice and Paris Hilton often hire public relations firms to monitor their public image. Large organizations such as Smith Barney and Delta Airlines mon
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations This paper will attempt to define Public Relations from three different sources, as well as give the writers personal definition on the subject. Personally Public Relations were viewed as a means of informing the public as to a certain event or situation. According to the
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations There are many different definitions for public relations but my definition is: A way of communicating to the public primarily directed at gaining the public trust or understanding. Public relations normally deal with issues rather than products or services. Public Rela
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  • Definition of Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations The ability to adhere to one worldwide definition of public relations is a challenging and one might say impossible task, and has concerned many public relations specials and scholars alike. They seem to agree that while individuals' actual definition of public relations
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  • Defining Public Relations
    There are many different definitions of PR. There are PR firms that can influence the publics opinions on behalf of companies and organizations. In an effort to compare and contrast different definitions and evaluate why there are so many definitions this paper will look specifically at four varying
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  • Define Public Relations
    Define Public Relations Paper Heather Marley MKT 438 Bea Bourne December 20, 2007 Define Public Relations Paper This paper defines Public Relations from three different sources and from my own personal opinion. Based on the definitions, this paper will compare the different definitions of p
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  • Defining Public Relations
    Defining Public Relations Paper In my opinion public relations means exactly as it sounds, relations with the public. I believe that public relations are the act of projecting an image to an audience for the purpose of gaining approval. If a fledgling company has a unique product that it desires to
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  • Public Relations
    Public Relations Paper Public relations are a process to persuade the public to change his or her attitudes and actions. Persuading the public could be done through media, like newspapers, magazines, and television. The Wikipedia (2007) website states that public relations are an active managing of
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