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L100 Take Home Exam Ile 56Th Heavy Brigade Combat Team

 L100 EXAM CASE STUDY “THE 56TH ARMORED BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM Captain Malik Douglas L100: Exam Case Study July 5, 2015 The return to the 56th Armored Brigade Combat Team (56th ABCT) as the Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO), has afforded me the opportunity to integrate back into my old unit and reacquaint with great soldiers and officers. The 56th ABCT recently returned from a challenging fifteen month deployment in Afghanistan and is now experiencing additional challenges...

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Take Home Exam Answers

FACULTY OF ARTS SESSION 3 TAKE HOME EXAM 2010 SOC215 Gender, Family and Society (covering first four study weeks) INSTRUCTIONS: 1 This document has three parts: PART A the two page answer sheet for the multiple choice questions; PART B the short answer question paper; and PART C the multiple choice question paper. Please return this instruction cover sheet and PART A and PART B (with your answers recorded). You do not need to return PART C. 2 Enter your name and student number below...

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Fla Take Home Exam

La Trobe University School of Law LST2FLA Take Home Examination 2013 Instructions There are detailed instructions about this examination (including due date, how to submit, word limit, etc) posted on the FLA subject site on the LMS. Students must answer all questions. Question 1 Amelia is an engineer and wants to set up her own engineering business. There is a small bank that has just opened up in her area – No Red Tape Bank (‘NRT Bank’). On 31 August she sees the managing director...

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Take home Exam 1

Exam 1 – Take Home Brittany Bunch 06/11/14 MGT 124 Professor Vasquez 1). Explain the “Transformation Process” by using a retail format as an example. Explain the transformation process of your chosen retail format – * The transformation/conversion process includes many value-added activities that come full-circle to equate to a business format. In this case, I will be discussing the retail format of Fresh & Easy throughout the transformation/conversion process...

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Take Home exam 1

split on other companies like Burger King and Subway along with few more. (Statista) The U.S. fast food market is very competitive and what make some of those companies standout more than the other is the way they are formulating their strategies to take advantage of the external opportunities they face to minimize the impact of potential threats; Economic Forces: there are many economic forces that play a role in the fast food industry, but one of the biggest ones is the U.S. weak dollar, big companies...

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Take Home Exam

City University of Hong Kong CB 3042 China Business Environment Final Exam Question: Why is it so difficult to eradicate corruption even though the party and the central government have repeatedly addressed the problem and various measures over the years? Ho Wing Yan 53819999 China’s substantial corruption challenges are deeply rooted in cultural traditions as well as the country’s complex transitory conditions. Further, corruption is increasingly growing in significance as a political...

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Film History Take Home Exam

Fall Take-home Exam 3) Tom Gunning writes: “Mabuse’s claim to be a state within a state not only expresses his megalomania but acknowledges the fragmentation of power, especially the control of force and violence in Germany after the Great War.” (p. 138) Drawing specific examples from the film(s), demonstrate how Lang’s Mabuse illustrates the chaos of the Weimar era. How does the struggle between Mabuse and Von Wenk articulate the larger struggle within Germany? Throughout the hardship...

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Take Home

TAKE HOME EXAM – TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT The popularity of Southwestern University’s football program under its new coach, Bo Pitterno, surged in each of the 5 years since his arrival at the Stephenville, Texas, college With a football stadium close to maxing out at 54,000 seats and a vocal coach pushing for a new stadium, SWU president Joel Wisner faced some difficult decisions. After a phenomenal upset victory over its archrival, the University of Texas, at the homecoming game in the fall...

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Battalion and Brigade Commander Lead

as the new brigade commander? What are three things you can do to address these issues and develop the brigade as a learning organization? Since my departure from this brigade two and a half years ago the brigade has changed in the wrong direction. While I was assigned it was a functioning brigade, which worked together as a cohesive unit, free of spiteful competition. I would immediately think back and drafts a plan of attack which focused on many of those things that made the brigade great at...

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Take Home Exam Spring 2015 Final Version

 2015 BORG1050H ORGANIZATION AND LEADERSHIP Take-home EXAM 5 pages (including this) *********************************************************************** Exam is available on Fronter from Monday April 20, 8:00am to Thursday April 23, 9:00am. Deliver two paper copies of your final report and one copy of “Reflections” to HBV reception by April 23, 9:00 am. This exam is graded from A (excellent) to F (failure) and accounts for 40% of your course grade. Each group gets one grade. Hand in your...

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The Critical Leadership Problem

L108 Take Home Exam Class 13-01 th “The 56 Heavy Brigade Combat TeamExam Question: What is the critical leadership problem facing the 56th HBCT Brigade Commander and how will you, as the new brigade commander, improve the organization? LTC (P) Osborne returned to the 56th HBCT after 2 ½ years to serve in the deputy brigade commander (DCO) position. Three short years ago the 56th HBCT was considered among the best maneuver brigades in Forces Command. Several assessments and surveys...

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Regionally Aligned Brigades

missions, bilateral and multilateral military exercises, and theater security cooperation activities. The need to maintain a material force ready to respond to crisis worldwide has moved the Army in the direction of regionally aligned forces. Brigade Combat Teams are the most suitable technique of providing combatant commanders with adaptable, responsive and continually available Army forces. The initiative will also built strong relationship with foreign partners, which will increase the security of...

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GLA 625 Take Home Final Exam

Markelle Palombo GLA 625: History of Photography Lisa Levine Fall 2014 Take Home Final Exam In the following essay, I will look at 6 plates from the Rosemblum text of selected photographers and classify their work using the following categories for interpreting photographs found in Terry Barrett’s Criticizing Photographs: 1) Descriptive 2) Explanatory 3) Interpretive 4) Ethically Evaluative 5) Aesthetically Evaluative 6) Theoretical I will explain why I have placed each of these images in such...

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Women in Combat

working in Special Forces (green berets). I will mention other countries that have women in combat positions or units. I will explain the job involvement of Special Forces, the training and qualifications required, and the job demands, both physical and mental when in a combat unit. Base on what I had seen and been true in my 22 years in the military I’ll have to disagree with women been in Special Forces or any combat unit for that matter. In today’s 21st century, women have been able to equal and in many...

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TAKE HOME Business Communication exam m

MID EXAM SEMESTER I, 2013/2014 Course Business Communication and Negotiation Lecturer DrRanggaAlmahendra ST MM Day/Date Duration Minutes Type CLOSED BOOK 1. Please revise the writing style of following sentences to meet the criteria of ‘You Attitude’, please also note that using the word you does not always create you-attitude: Lacks You-Attitude You-Attitude 1 I have worked hard to get you the best contract settlement possible. The contract has been prudently created to accomodate your requirement...

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Take Home Exam


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Take Home Quiz

U.S. History Take Home Quiz 1. Improved technology and increased demand produced fundamental change that contributed to the rise of “The factory”. Also another major contributor to the “Rise of the factory would be the market economy. The U.S developed a major manufacturing sector, because of that many changes came about. The south changed as well, particularly with cotton farming, thanks to textile mills.. This was such a profound thing because from all of this areas started to become isolated...

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Should Females in the Military Be Excluded from Combat?

Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other hazardous duties? Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other hazardous duties? Women are gentle, they are caring and creators of life not destroyers of life. Women have been thought of as possessing nothing in common with war. Women today have the opportunity to enlist in the military, they are not allowed to participate in combat units and fight. Who would trust a gun in the hands of a woman who...

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Take home exam

QANT 610 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT TAKE HOME MIDTERM EXAM Q1. Bob Richards, the production manager of Zychol Chemicals, in Houston, Texas, is preparing his quarterly report, which is to include a productivity analysis for his department. One of the inputs is production data prepared by Sharon Walford, his operations analyst. The report, which she gave him this morning, showed the following: 2008 2009 Production (units) 4,500 6,000 Raw material used (barrels of petroleum by-products) 700 900 Labor...

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Night Take Home Exam

Night Take Home Exam The one most significant theme in Night is inhumanity. This is displayed continuously throughout the book. When Elie first arrived at the camp the SS soldiers separated him from his mother and his sister. Later on he learned that his mother and his sister were sent to the gas chambers. The SS soldiers have no humanity indeed to have no emotion to be able to separate families and to know that they will most likely never see each other again. Another example is when the power...

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Exam 2 Take Home

Daniel Wong Prof. Martinez MGMT 3610 3/23/15 Exam II Take-Home In the Career Management Process, I currently find myself somewhere between step two, reality check, and step three, goal setting. While I have not undergone step one, self-assessment, specifically for this assignment, I feel as if I have inadvertently completed this step through my time at LMU. Coming from a family atmosphere that is very academically and career focused, I have been expected to determine my “life plan” quicker and...

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Take Home Exam

Take home Exam: Insolvency Law LAWS 6159 2. "The decision in IATA v Ansett Australia Holdings (2008) 82 ALJR 419; [2008] HCA 3 allows contracting parties to ignore the effect of the pari passu rule to the detriment of general creditors". Discuss and examine the reasoning in the case. One of the principle aims of insolvency law is to provide an equal, fair and orderly procedure in handling the affairs of insolvents ensuring that creditors receive an equal and equitable distribution of the assets...

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Businesslaw-Take Home Exam

Take home exam/assignment – Business Law for IBA - 2012 A. Contract for independent contractor Find a suitable contract and shorten it (or write one yourself from scratch), so you have just the essentials to offer as an agreement for that consulting job for that consulting firm. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT http://www.free-legal-document.com/free-independent-contractor-agreement.html THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT ARE: Better Software Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) ...

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Socio Take Home Quiz

SSY 101/GOKHAN PREVIEW TAKE-HOME QUIZ for THERAPY Name: _Alexia Yaport_____ Remember to include the page numbers where the answers come from in your textbook. Please check your syllabus for the due date. 1. Mr. Choi's therapist wants to help him become aware of his conflicting childhood feelings of love and hate for his parents. The therapist's goal best reflects a primary aim of: A) client-centered therapy. B) cognitive therapy. *C) psychoanalysis. PG 653 D) systematic...

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Second Take-Home Assignment

(including his “mother”) were managed by the same vital principle. After burying his “mother”, he wonders what the principle is, how it is joined to the body, and where it went. He roams around the island and sees a fire breakout in the brush. He takes the fire into his cave and keeps it alive. He studies the flame and notices that it tended to rise and give off heat. He was convinced that it belonged to spiritual bodies and that somehow it may be related to the life-sustaining principle. Hayy...

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Take Home Midterm

operating system you use. Knowing about the darknet and learning up on it before thinking about entering it is always a safe option as most activity on the darknet is non traceable and illegal. 6. Within the paper I read, there are a few ways to combat stack overflows in windows. The one I took interest in was called NGSEC StackDefender 1.10. this defender offers driver-based stack protection. Previously in the paper, this method was referred to as Kernel-Enforced protection. StackDefender is able...

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Women in Combat

Argumentative Research Paper 3/21/13 Women in Combat As quoted by a philosopher C. Joybell, “The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her, but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.” Women have served in the military since the Armed Services Integration Act became in effect in 1948 (MacKenzie). The ban on women in combat was lifted on January 24, 2013. Military...

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Small Team Paper

Small Team Paper I am on a team called Home Station Field Reset (HSFR). The group I work with is the Electronic and Armormant portion of the team. We have eight members in our group total. Our job is to do an initial inspection on all the electronical equipment, and weapons in the North Carolina National Guard coming home from overseas. After that we order what parts are needed to fix the equipment. Then when it is fixed we do a final inspection, and send it back to the unit so they can continue...

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Final take home assignment

2014 Final Take-home Assignment Please read the following hypothetical scenario and the follow the instructions below. Scenario TideeKleen Waste Management Inc. has been regarded as a leader in corporate citizenship within the Canadian commercial waste recycling and disposal sector, with a strong reputation for social and environmental responsibility. The company’s workers are unionized, well-paid, and enjoy a generous health benefits package and defined-benefit pension plan. Unfortunately, TideeKleen...

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Take Home Quiz - Macroeconomics

Varrian Ilao Take Home Quiz TM09306 Basic Macroeconomics 1. Suppose that society decided to reduce consumption and increase investment. a. How would this change affect economic growth? * Doing so will definitely affect the cash flow within the community making it hard for companies to gain profit. Prices will surely be lowered down, and stocks might be put to waste since there are so much available. b. What groups in society would benefit from...

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Battalion and Armored Brigade Combat

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUARTERS, 2d ARMORED BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM, 3D ID 1003 GULICK AVENUE, BUILDING 611 FT. STEWART, GA 31315 650875-685800 REPLY TO ATTENTION OF: AFZP-VBF-CSM 10 February 2014 MEMORANDUM FOR COMMANDER, 3rd Infantry Division CSM, Fort Stewart, GA 31314 SUBJECT: Nomination for 1st Quarter, 3rd Infantry Division FY14 NCO/Soldier of the of...

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The Charge of the Light Brigade

The poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" uses imagery and figurative language to create the tone of exhilaration and the theme of honouring the qualities of the Light Brigade. The poem is an allusion to an actual light cavalry brigade who fought against the Russian army in the Crimean War. Throughout the poem, the poet uses strong imagery and metaphors to help describe the dangers that the Brigade faced, which in turn explained the reason to honour the Brigade for their victory. Furthermore, the...

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Sec 340 Final Exam

Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE. 1. The final exam is open book, open notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Submit for Grade button by then, you will be exited from the exam automatically. In the final exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, so you still will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently...

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Take home essay

down upon by both English and Spanish speakers. Throughout the essay she struggles with her own identity as she conforms by speaking a certain language in different situations to fit in but later in her life she takes pride in her culture as she discovers that that is the only way to take pride in herself. On the other hand the essay by Franklin Foer “How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization” he uses soccer as a metaphor about globalization and uses it to show the clash...

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Women in Combat

 Women in Combat Edward Colon ENG101 HS-ECA: Composition I November 20, 2014 Michael Grohs Abstract Times are changing; Today’s military is facing its own internal battle. This fight is called equality to all men and women. Today these organizations find themselves face to face with a lingering decision that has been looming over its head for decades. Should the military allow women in combat arms units? There are many people who feel that this will create problems such as gender roles confusion...

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Combat Engineer

1.1 INTRODUCTION OF STUDY Combat engineers primarily supervise, serve or assist as a member of a team when they are tackling rough terrain in combat situations. They provide their expertise in areas such as mobility, counter mobility, survivability and general engineering. A combat engineer also called field engineer, pioneer or sapper in many armies are a soldier specialist who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions. Combat engineers are a key role in all...

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business owner someday. Course Format Each of you will play an important role in achieving the course objectives. Your active participation in class discussions, especially on the cases, will contribute to the learning that takes place in the classroom. My role is a facilitator of learning. Performance Appraisal % of grade 1. Mid-Term ...

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Combat-Support Air Operations

Q. What are Combat Support Air Operations? ANS: Combat-Support Air Operations 1. Combat Support air operations provide support in air operations to deploy and operate operations of an airbase and the linked services. Air Combat support is essential to the delivery of other warfare functions and may also support and enhance the capability of inter related elements from the deep or ground forces or other agencies. Combat Support capabilities include the provision of aircraft and civil engineering...

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Should Women Serve in Combat Units?

should be allowed to fight in combat with the infantry units and Special Forces units in a wartime environment. A number of arguments have been traditionally given against women in combat that range from women lacking the physical capacity needed in combat, psychological issues that may arise within the unit and soldiers, and the matter of a female soldier getting pregnant in the battlefield and how detrimental that can be. As many arguments there are against women in combat, there are many that agree...

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Take Home Essay

O’Neal 1 Dajon O’Neal David Zeanah Anthropology 15 Section 03 Take Home Essay Origins to Our Existence on Earth There are two theories about the origin of modern humans: 1) they began in one place, Africa—and 2) pre-modern humans migrated from Africa to become modern humans in other parts of the world. According to the lectures, most evidence trace to the first theory because of a few satisfying valid reasons. In the lectures it was told that “fossils of modern humans are particularly found...

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The Difference Between Seal Teams and Swat Teams

The Difference between SEAL Teams and SWAT Teams The Difference between SEAL Teams and SWAT Teams By Brannon Gudith Composition I Mrs. Kirsch May 24, 2010 Abstract The SEAL’s trainings and the SWAT’s trainings are based on the particular situations they will encounter within their missions. The SEAL’s operations are based on a global front requiring...

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Management Exam Notes

Management Exam Notes – Case Study Notes – A Fallen Star Strengths * Positive Outlooks and Goals for company growth in the Future * Long History of Successful projects at home * Endeavour has incentives to bring in new talent * Seeks to atone for past mistakes through using a business analyst * Large Skill base amongst employees * Strong Reputation Locally Weaknesses * Branching into areas without enough knowledge of the land or culture * Wrong...

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Women Combat

WOMEN IN COMBAT PROS AND CONS PROS AND CONS OF WOMEN IN COMBAT Source: IDEA A number of arguments have been raised in defense of military policy that bans women from combat roles. Below is an overview of, the pros and cons, the key arguments put forth in support and against the enlisting of women soldiers into combat units. CONS OVERVIEW: There are female servicemembers who have proven themselves to be physically, mentally, and morally capable of leading and executing combat-type operations;...

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Parent Student Letter re Exams Jan 2015

Semester Exams. The schedule and exemption policy may impact attendance and possibly transportation. We want you to have ample time to plan so that students are optimally prepared and can avoid absences during those 4 critical days. Exams will take place from Tuesday, January 20th through Friday, January 23rd. Students will NOT attend school on January 26th or 27th due to Staff Development Workdays. During the exam days, school will run on a partial-day schedule. We will hold two (2) exams per day...

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Kitchen Brigade

the correct chef de parties needed for Pepe’s restaurant. 1) Which are the criteria that you need to take into consideration when staffing a restaurant? Today’s modern equipment in restaurant kitchens allows for kitchen brigades to be efficient with fewer cooks. However, the number and role of the kitchen brigade varies greatly and the following criteria should be taken into consideration in order to staff a restaurant appropriately: • The type and size...

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Women in Combat

Women in Combat Women in combat is an issue that I believe should be given a little more thought and attention. I personally feel that women should be allowed to be in ground combat operations if they desire to do so. I do not feel that it is fair to exclude someone from performing a job within the military simply due to their gender. I do feel that women who want to go to combat should be able to perform the same physical tasks as the men currently in those positions. This issue hits close...

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Women in Combat

 Should Women Serve In Combat University Professor Should Women Serve In Combat Although it has long been argued that women could not serve in combat alongside men for various reasons, I contend women should be allowed to serve in combat because they have been serving in combat-related specialties for countless years. They are already serving in combat zones around the world, which continually puts their lives in harm’s way. Women have always contended that without...

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Team Building Final Exam Course Notes

FINAL EXAM TEAM BUILDING REVIEW NOTES PART ONE A. MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION a. Management definition • Achieving the goals of the organization using the resources of the organization efficiently and effectively b. Mission Statement • A concise statement that summarizes the goals of the organization for consumers, investors, and employees c. Value and Price • As value increases, so does price, and vice versa; direct correlation between the two d. Channel of Distribution • MFG-Wholesaler-Distributor-Retailer-Consumer ...

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Women in Combat

"I'm an American soldier too" Can a woman handle fighting in combat? Should women be able to come face to face with the enemy? Will women be able to control their emotions and take the horror that war inflicts? Should women be grateful that they are not included in such a terrible thing as combat, or is it wrong to exclude them just because they are women? I say if a woman chooses this kind of challenge, then she is more than capable. During the daring rescue of prisoner of war Jessica Lynch...

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Corporal Harold Krebs, US Marines, A Good Soldier Adjusts to Home

"Soldier's Home" is a short story by Ernest Hemingway written in 1925 as a part of his book of short stories, In Our Time (Meyer 152). The story talks about Corporal Harold Krebs, who, like Hemingway, volunteers for instead of being drafted into World War I. He volunteers for the Marines in 1917. A recruiting booklet for the Marines from that time lets us know what Harold Krebs might have read before volunteering. (History and Lore). The cover of the booklet is shown here. The story, "Soldier's Home" provides...

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Clinical Case Study: Combat Ptsd

College Clinical Case Study: Combat PTSD Rachel Dillon Case Study project Abnormal Psychology Professor Dyszelski 24 April 2013 HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS A 30-year-old married, Caucasian female, who served three tours of duty in Iraq, presented to a Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Madison, Wisconsin. On intake to primary care, she screened positive for PTSD and was referred for specialty services to the posttraumatic stress clinical team for experiencing traumatic symptoms...

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WEEK 7 - TEAMS IN ORGANIZATIONS • One of the key attributes of the people employers want to hire is the ability to be a “good team player” • To learn how to be a good player, it involves: (1) Both direct experience in teams and (2) In understanding of team processes based on decades of research on teams • We must make a distinction between a working group and a real teamTeams differ from working groups because they require both individual and mutual accountability • A discipline...

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Combat Life Saver

Peterson Okinawa Marine Dec. 6 2012 Ryukyu Marines learn to save lives IE SHIMA –as the cold and exhaustion slowly takes its toll on the Marine and his vision becomes tunneled a rush of adrenaline kicks in as screams of agony echoed through the air. Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 learned the fundamentals of how to help save a life during a Combat Lifesavers Course Dec. 10 on Ie Shima during Ryukyu Warrior. “You never know when something may happen when your deployed and...

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Women Allowed Into Combat?

Should Women Be Allowed In to Combat? Nicole Jarvis BCOM/275 10/23/2011 Should Women Be Allowed In To Combat? There are so many jobs that soldiers do to protect us that there are too many to list. There is one job that not everyone who enlists in the armed forces is allowed to do. Women are not allowed to fight alongside men in combat situations. Author Robert Bork, gives reasons as to why women should not be allowed into combat alongside men. Some reasons given were lower...

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Team Collaboration Techniques Soc/110

Team Collaboration Techniques Frank Houston SOC/110 February 25, 2010 Mark Mack Team Collaboration Techniques When working on a team, the importance of collaborating with one another is high. The lack of collaboration can affect a team and it is dynamic in a negative way. Many steps and techniques can aid collaboration. Technology and computer-meditated collaboration are some of the most commonly used; however, technology can, at times, be more of a challenge than an aid. Exploring all...

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eld  Mishra (1988). University examinations are conducted for each stage at the end of the academic session.  There is hardly any month for which there is no exam. Examinations continue for months causing physical  and  mental  stress  both  for  students  as  well  as  for  university  administration.  Declaration  of  results  also  takes very long time owing to which students remain ideal for months together. Moreover, the dates of  examinations  and  those  of  declaration  of  result  also ...

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Accounting Exam

session. QUIZZES and EXAMINATION Two quizzes and one final exam will be given during the term. The final exam has two components: in-class and take home. The in-class component consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and the take home component contains computation exercises that can relate to materials presented in class, assignments and suggested self-study problems. All quizzes and exam will be open-book. Make-up quizzes and final exam at alternative times will not be offered except under extreme...

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Information on Fire Brigade Station

Use of Fire Brigade: The Mumbai Fire Brigade (Marathi: मुंबई अग्निशमन दल) is responsible for the provision of fire protection as well as responding to building collapses, drowning cases, gas leakage, oil spillage, road and rail accidents, bird and animal rescues, fallen trees and taking appropriate action during natural calamities. It is the largest fire brigade in India[1] with 33 Fire Stations and 2700 personnel. Mumbai Fire Brigade | | Motto: "शौर्यम्, आत्मसँयमम्, त्यागः" "Śauryaṃ, Ātmasaṃyamam...

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A Home Depot Analysis

Final Exam Questions 1a. The way that Nardelli laid out his plan for change was one of the reasons I think it was so successful. He came in and addressed the problems that were easy to point out and also the ones that weren’t apparent to other employees. Nardelli needed to rebuild an organization that could easily compete with other big names, and this was relatively easy because the people at Home Depot knew the importance of taking advantage of its growing size. Nardelli did this by implementing...

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Fact and Fiction in Tennyson's "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

Fact and Fiction in Tennyson’s “The Charge of The Light Brigade” Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” gives account of an October 25 battle during the Crimean War by portraying a valiant charge and the glory it brought. This single charge is infamous for being the most brutal in history. In his book Hell Riders: The True Story of the Charge of the Light Brigade, Terry Brighton, a member of the Crimean War Research Society, discusses the actual incident and compares it to Tennyson’s...

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