• The Korean War
    The Korean War For hundreds of years Korea was dominated by the Chinese empire. After Japan was defeated by the allies in WW II., Korea became occupied by the Russians in the North and the Americans in the South. Both the U.S. and the Soviets realized that Korea was a strategic country. It was im
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  • The Korean War
    The Korean War took place between the years of 1950 and 1953. The cause of the war was that Korea was under Japanese rule ever since the end of the Chinese-Japanese war in 1895. After World War II, in 1945, Korea was freed from Japan. The United States troops occupied the southern part of the c
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  • Korean War
    The Korean War is a war that many people will never forget. All wars in American history fought before the Korean War was based on either national survival or the gain of territory. A strong conflict was created between the Soviet Union and the United States. The conflict was so strong that wars
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  • Korean War
    The Korean War A cry rang out, June 24, 1950, from a small country half way around the world and America listened. Korea was engaged in a civil war as an attempt to keep North Korea from thrusting its influence on South Korea. Communist Russia and China were strong supporters of the North,
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  • The Battles of the Korean War
    On June 25, 1950, a war broke out on the peninsula of North and South Korea. The causes of this war were mostly attributed to North Korea's attempted conquest of the entire Korean peninsula. North Korea invaded the South and thus began the Korean War. This was a war that ultimately involved the f
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  • Korean War
    Korea was engaged in a civil war as an attempt to keep North Korea from thrusting its influence on South Korea. Communist Russia and China were strong supporters of the North, and to keep Communism contained the United States sent troops to the South. USA troops spent years fighting and
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  • Korean War
    On 26 June, one day after 90,000 North Korean troops, armed with Soviet weapons, crossed the 38th parallel to invade South Korea, President Harry Truman directed U.S. military forces to assist South Korea. This began the Korean War, which came at a time when America was becoming more and more fearfu
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  • Korean War
    The Korean War originated in the division of Korea into South Korea and North Korea after World War II (1939-1945). Efforts to reunify the peninsula after the war failed, and in 1948 the South proclaimed the Republic of Korea and the North established the People's Republic of Korea. In 1949, border
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  • Korean War
    Throughout the history of mankind there has always been war. Nations have always had disagreements with one another and the result is the death of many young soldiers. Although many men die in war, not as many men die if the war was fought to win and not only to stop the enemy. However, the wars tha
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  • Korean War
    The Korean War has often been referred to as the "forgotten war" because it came on the heels of World War II and was overshadowed by the Vietnam War. Korea like Vietnam, was part of the Cold War to stop the advancement of Communism in Southeast Asia. When the Communist troops of North Korea invaded
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  • The Significance of Vietnam War
    The Significance of The Vietnam War Within one generation, The United States have experienced The Second World War, The Korean War and fifteen years of The Cold War crisis. The Vietnam War was the last drop into the cup of American patience. The costs of The Vietnam War were intolerable, because th
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  • War from the Cold War to Present
    2 SEP 2002 WAR FROM THE COLD WAR TO PRESENT The end of World War II was the spawn of a new war that would continue for over fifty years: The Cold War. Technically this war was not a fifty-year physical confrontation between two countries but more of a political confrontation between the wor
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  • Cold War
    Click here for more essays on COLD WAR Cold War PropagandaThe Cold War never presented any real threat on America. It was nothing more than thepropaganda of two battling super powers. The two super powers involved in the Cold Warwere The United States of America and The Soviet Union. The two countr
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  • Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War is a very complicated and opinionated subject. The causes of the war can be confusing, and often times vary from source to source. In this paper I will examine the situation in Vietnam and try to explain the root causes of the war. I will also offer a comprehensive explanation of why
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  • The American Strategy Throughout the Cold War and After
    THE AMERICAN STRATEGY THROUGHOUT THE COLD WAR AND AFTER PREFACE The intent of this essay is concerned with the "American grand strategy in Europe and more broadly in the world, in the decades which followed the end of the Second World War up to the early nineteen's in the years following th
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  • Containment as U.S. Policy During Cold War Era
    Containment as U.S. policy during Cold War Era From after World War II and up until 1991 the foreign policy of the United States was based on Cold War ideology and the policy of containment; to prevent nations from leaning towards Soviet Union-based communism, as first laid out by George Kennan
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  • War in the Falklands
    War in the Falklands Fact: April 2, 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands At 4:30 A.M., helicopters had started to land on Mullet Creek; they were the first of the many invaders from Argentina. At 6:08 A.M., an attack was at full fledge. The Argentina government had claime
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  • Cold War 4
    Cold War The Cold War was the result of Stalin adopting a policy contrary to the Yalta Agreement. Certainly to many supporters of the Orthodox view, this statement will appear rather obvious. In their view, the origins of the Cold War, however, do not essentially lie in the aftermath of Yalta, b
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  • Cold War
    After World War II, Stalin did not remove his troops from Eastern Europe as he pledged he would in the Yalta Agreement. Instead, he setup "puppet governments" which did exactly as Mother Russia stated. To protect it's interests for national security, the American Dream, and the belief that all peopl
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  • Saddam, Iraq, and the Gulf War
    War, justifiable or not, is complete madness. It is hell. No matter what the cause, or what the reason is, war remains mankind's greatest source of tragedy, the plague of mankind, and the plague of this country. Our country has existed for only 200 years, a relatively short time, and already
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