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Kindness Is A Great Virtue

Summer Peterson 12-13-06 Hour 3 7 Great Virtues - Ben Franklin - The first virtue Ben Franklin wanted was “An Aversion to Tyranny”. The main idea of this to Ben is that he doesn’t like tyranny, which is power or control of one person. He didn’t like to be told what to do to and he also liked some control and therefore, have a limited government. Ben didn’t want any dictatorship either, which meant no kings or queens. Franklin realized that he didn’t like the idea of tyranny when he...

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Virtue and Fortune in Machiavelli’s The Prince Throughout The Prince, Machiavelli outlines the characteristics needed to be a strong and admirable leader. He explains that personal characteristics such as courage and compassion, both being aspects of virtue, will earn him praise. However, he feels that this expectation is unrealistic and a prince’s first job is to protect the state, and having “bad” characteristics is sometimes necessary to reach that goal. That being said, in order to protect the...

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phenomenal contract which would be worth wild in any corresponding lifetime. Looking at these examples, it’s easy to see how corrupted society is today. In the ancient world, their society was very more virtuous. Because of the different virtues of the time, it took a great deal more to become a public idol to the people. Virtuous figures from the ancient world are Gilgamesh, Abraham, Moses, and Odysseus. Gilgamesh, a seemingly corrupt leader, later embarks on a humbling journey which helps him to discover...

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Jonathon Brown Professor Jun Philosophy 2033 July 5, 2013 Virtues We’ve all heard the famous quote “patience is a virtue”. As true as this statement is, I don’t think we really grasp the meaning of what a virtue really is. I would describe a virtue as a morally good character trait that one is not born with, but must strive for. Patience is a perfect example of this. No child is born with patience. Many times a child will interrupt the mother who is in the middle of a conversation because...

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Virtues of Monastic Life in The Rule of St. Benedict

Mia McFarland History 112 June 1st, 2015 The Virtues of Monastic Life: An Examination of The Rule of St. Benedict The Rule of St. Benedict makes it very clear as to what virtues make a good monk and even the qualities that would make a good abbot, which differ from that of a monk. Virtues of a good monk would be obedience, humility, servitude, meaningfulness, patience, persistence, and someone who is without pride. A good Abbot has virtues such as leadership skills, being just, merciful, accommodating...

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Cardinal Virtues in the Great Gatsby

Cardinal Virtues: Chapter 3 The Great Gatsby In the final line of chapter 3, after revealing Jordan Baker’s “incurable dishonesty,” Nick Carraway says the following about himself: “Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people I have ever known.” (64) What are the Cardinal Virtues? Cardinal basically means the most basic or hinge elements, therefore the cardinal virtues are the positive qualities that all other virtues are...

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Seven Great Virtues: Benjamin Franklin Presentation

Presentation 9/24/12 Essay #6 Jessica Brooks Pd. 2 The essay Citizen Ben: A worldly American’s Seven Great Virtues by Walter Isaacson is an essay begins talking about Benjamin Franklin. When we think of Benjamin Franklin our minds automatically turn to the story about him flying a kite in a lightening storm with a rod on to prove that lightening was electricity. This is one thing that Franklin did but he did many more as well, in fact it says that he was an inventor diplomat, writer...

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Leading by Virtue

Sem. Gerald Paul Grijaldo July 9, 2012 Oriental Philosophy 1 Mr. Ramon Rafael Dolor “Leading by Virtues” “A ruler who governs his state by virtue is like the north polar star, which remains in its place while all the other stars revolve around it.” - Confucius, The Analects 2:1 The Confucius saying that is quoted above is very meaningful and it is very helpful to every government leaders especially in our country. Confucius was referring to the leaders...

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Virtue Ethics

San Joaquin Valley College Different Approaches to Virtue By Martin P. Aguayo Philosophy 1 C May 13, 2010 Virtue Ethics The Greeks though of virtue as excellence, but the biggest part of being virtuous is being human. Compassion, integrity and courage are some of the virtues that make someone human. Animals do not have a concept of what virtue is, so that makes it solely a human act. You never see animals being courteous to each other, nor do you see them offer assistance to each other....

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moral virtue

MORAL VIRTUES 1.0 INTRODUCTION Man attains his ultimate end through good actions, that is, in conformity with law and his conscience. These good actions can be helped by good habits called virtues. Virtue is not something abstract possibly no term in the history of moral thought has stimulated more interest, reflection and speculation than that of virtue. Virtue is not something abstract and detached from life but on the contrary it has deep roots in life itself. It spring up from the latter...

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Acts of Kindness

 Acts of Kindness Observation Gender 004 Olivia Thompson February 17, 2014 I would like to begin by saying I really enjoyed doing this assignment because it is something I feel a lot of people, even myself, receive and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Often times, people experience random acts of kindness on an everyday bases without even realizing it happened. Such acts that happen that may not cross our mind vary from general manners such as saying please...

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Virtue Theory

explained a wide range of subjects ranging from science to politics and is widely recognized as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. One of his most important contributions to the study of humanities is his exploration and definition of moral virtue. In his book, The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle explains different views about the nature of life in order to allow the reader to find what the main function of life is and how to successfully perform that function. For example, Aristotle states...

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Confucius and Virtue

concept of virtue and we can obtain it. In view with Confucius, virtue can be defined as morality possible within an individual. Virtue can be taught through the formation of habit and by respecting those around you as you would expect them to do as well—simultaneously garnering necessary traits such as honor and humanity that satisfy an individual’s life. To further extend the definition of virtue, morality should be defined. However, the exact definition of morality—just like virtue—will forever...

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Act of Kindness

Kindness is the act of showing caring and consideration. It is the tendency of having charitable deeds, pleasant character, and concern for others. It is a virtue recognized in many religions and cultures. A random act of kindness is an action carried out by a person wishing to either cheer up or assist a person or people. Each one of us has to make our own contribution in order to create a better environment of living. We cannot always rely on others. In the first video, as I was walking in...

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Virtues in Engineering

Virtues in Engineering William F. May said of the expert: “He had better be virtuous. Few may be in a position to discredit him. The knowledge explosion is also an ignorance explosion; if knowledge is power, then ignorance is powerlessness” (Harris 30). In the context of engineering, this places engineers in a very special position. Because of this power, which few may ever possess, it becomes necessary for engineers to be virtuous or posses certain attributes for the welfare of the public...

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The Essence of Life: Kindness

Richards 1 Matt Richards Nickl English 1, P.5 6 May 2013 The Essence of Life: KindnessKindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” (Mark Twain). Kindness is applicable to everyone, whether it means to be kind to someone, or receive kindness on a daily basis. It reaches out to people. What is kindness? Kindness is what ties the human race together as one. It’s a way of life that benefits everyone in involved. It’s what cheers up a friend after a painstaking day...

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Virtue Ethics

Introduction Virtue ethics is a theory used to make moral decisions. It does not rely on religion, society or culture; it only depends on the individuals themselves. The main philosopher of Virtue Ethics is Aristotle. His theory was originally introduced in ancient Greek times. Aristotle was a great believer in virtues and the meaning of virtue to him meant being able to fulfil one's functions. Virtue ethics is not so much interested in the question 'What should I do?' but rather in the...

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Virtue Ethics

behaviors are virtue ethical as Aristotle states (Nash, 1999). This type of ethical theory will allow individuals to show more personality and reveal more of the person’s qualities. Aristotle’s ethics emphasizes the value of reason and virtue for good moral character, as I have to agree with him. Virtue Ethics After reading Aristotle’s work on ethics and thinking about it for a few days, I realized that everything action we take and word we say falls under Virtue Ethics. Virtue Ethics for me...

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Virtue Ethics

Institution Date 1.0 Virtue ethics Introduction Virtue ethics is an approach to ethics which is agent based. The virtue ethics approach mainly focuses on the important motivations and character of a person’s moral agent. An individual’s moral behaviour is not attached or limited to any guidelines or a rule (Darwall 2003). However, it involves the person pushing moral excellence rationally as an objective in and of itself. As per virtue ethics by Aristotle, virtue is outlined as a character...

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Virtues and Values

Virtues and Values MHA 622 Healthcare Ethics & Law Dr. Teresita Gonzalez August 27, 2012 Virtues and Values Virtues and Values are very important to health care today. Virtues and values are not about what a person wants to be, but rather virtues and values are about who a person really is. Any changes or decisions will always require people or even the patient's to examine their values and virtues. ( Sheryl, 2010). Virtue can be defined as the difference between...

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What makes a great teacher?

Ajiborode1 Isaac Ajiborode Professor Laura Pope 4 October 3, 2014 RENG 92/1079 Essay 1 Assignment What makes a great teacher? Education is a major priority to everyone. Everyone wants to be educated and become successful in life. In other to be educated someone must be there to support in learning, the person who is paid and ready to support the specified students. That’s why teachers are needed in schools for students to be educated and be successful. Teachers who are ready to teach...

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Essay on Virtue

Essay on Virtue For most religious people it is one of the main goals in their life to live after the guidelines of virtue and show behavior with high moral standards. Virtue means goodness, morality, integrity, dignity… Everything that Randle McMurphy is not at the first instance in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. His character opposes all classic characteristics of virtue and roughly speaking he fails to survive in the end. Therefore is it important to be virtuous? I believe that although...

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Seven Virtues

Scandinavian Literature Authun and the Seven Virtues As long as there has been recognized sin in recorded history, there has been the virtuous equivalent by which good people live their lives. Before Christianity, there were the Pagan virtues, and when Christianity came into dominance in Scandinavia, it adopted these virtues and added several spiritual virtues of its own. Each virtue can be seen as a reflection of societal thought. The virtues tell how the ideal person lives their life, and this...

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An Act of Random Kindness

An act of random kindness Introduction A random act of kindness is an allegedly selfless act carried out by a person or persons wishing to either give a hand or cheer up an individual or in some cases it extends to animals. There will commonly be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier. Either spontaneous or premeditated, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities. In 1982, California peace activist Ann Herbert allegedly roughly wrote on a placemat in a restaurant...

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Five Virtues

Class Title Instructor’s Name Due Date The Five Constant Virtues The Chinese have brought the world possibly the most amazing of histories and wealth of culture to be found in the entire history of civilization. The moral code that was developed then to grow and propagate societal progress is still in effect and of massive social significance in today’s Chinese social structure. These precepts are what are known as the Traditional Virtues. They are widely credited in Chinese culture as intrinsic...

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Middleton What is “Great?” Words, unbeknownst to most people, usually have more than one meaning. Us as a people need to strive to look deeper into the words we use. I have one word in particular that I would like to share. Great, a word commonly used throughout America. No one would ever think that a word as simple as this could have multiple different meanings depending on the setting it is being used in and who it is being said by. No one would guess that the way your mom uses great might differ from...

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Positive Psychology and Kindness

people become happier through kindness intervention. The relationship between the character strength of kindness and subjective happiness, and the effects of a counting kindnesses intervention on subjective happiness Happy people to perform on their motivation, recognition and enactment of kind behaviors. They have more happy memories in daily life in terms of both quantity and quality. Subjective happiness was increased simply by counting one's own acts of kindness for one week. Happy people became...

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The Virtue of Perseverance

term perseverance I think of obstacles in life, the amount of effort it takes to overcome the obstacle, and the accompanying relentless optimism that a person must have regardless of how bleak or difficult the moment may seem. Many, if not all great things in this world are accomplished because of continuing on regardless of how long the road may seem. Perseverance takes on a different meaning for each individual. As we take a deeper look at perseverance I would like you to reflect on what perseverance...

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Random Acts of Kindness

During our last class session, while I was watching the video on random acts of kindness, it reminded me that performing random acts of kindness, is something that I need to incorporate more into my life on a regular basis. I actually had a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that many people have done so many kind things to me. I too have done many kind things to others; but, I had still not decided to incorporate this small thing into my life. I immediately realized that life is about being...

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The Four Cardinal Virtues of the Lakota

 What were “the four cardinal virtues of the Lakota” that Sitting Bull embodied? Why do you think that one fellow tribesman remarked that there “was something in Sitting Bull that everyone liked”? Describe how this great Sioux leader also represented the “three distinct personalities” that the Lakota valued. The “the four cardinal virtues of the Lakota” that Sitting Bull possessed was bravery, fortitude, generosity, and wisdom. These four virtues are characteristics that most leaders we see today...

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Theological Virtues of Faith

The theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity furnish a strong basis for all other virtues. The cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, are the foundation of all moral virtues. The theological virtues define our relations with God; the moral virtues define our relations with ourselves and our fellowmen. If we have these virtues, we are on the way to perfection. | 43. Moral Virtues Are there any other virtues besides the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity...

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Great Quotes

Great Quotes from Great Leaders by Peggy Anderson Zig Ziglar had this to say about quotes: "If you're like me, you'll jump at the chance to bypass all the churning and scoop the cream right off the top. And that's what quotes are...the cream of our learning." I couldn't agree more! Since I was a freshman in college, I've loved quotations. The right words can engage the brain and bring an idea to life. With quotes, I've had many "a-ha" moments, where I've read it and thought, "Wow, that's...

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Virtue of Aquinas and Machiavelli

The Virtue of Thomas Aquinas and Machiavelli An investigation and exposition The author's goal in this essay is to evaluate the definition of virtue according to Aquinas and compare/contrast that with Machiavellian virtue. Following this evaluation the author will attempt to discredit Machiavellian virtue as being shallow and impossible. Relying on question 55 from the Summa Theologiae and various chapters from The Prince, the author hopes to lay a solid and concrete argument against Machiavelli...

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Virtue Ethical Theory

Aristotle, one of the many great philosophers of our time, defined eudaimonia as “that at which all things aim”. Meaning, your life has come together as a whole, thus leading you to be happy. However, Aristotle also says that aiming for happiness is not what should I do, rather what sort of person should I become? For example, if we look at the people around us, we should only see people doing the things they feel they will be successful at, which will ultimately lead to great happiness, like going to...

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Memo n 1 Virtue ethics

BERUBEN Business ethics and virtue Robert C. SOLOMON Business Ethics is characterized by 3 main concepts relative to actions : principles of action, the action itself and the consequences of the action. The views over those 3 concepts is separated between the deontologists- who focus on the principles of the action and their universal justifications inherent to any human being- and the utilitarians -who focus on the consequences of actions. However, the concept of “virtue ethics” was not covered by...

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Hume natural and artificial virtues

differences between Hume's 'natural' and 'artificial' virtues. I will first give Hume's explanation of why there is a need for a distinction or classification of virtues, and the basis on which he makes the distinction, before describing the two categories and their criteria. I will look at the problems with Hume's account of the distinction, particularly justice. Finally I will describe how the various problems cast doubt on Hume's distinction. Hume's Virtues and the need to distinguish In discussing the...

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Acts of kindness

Yarimar serges Ms. Frate English III 4/22/14 Acts of kindness Act of kindness #1 Category: Community Description of Act: Today I went to portage Park (which is very close to my house) and I picked up garbage with my pink gloves in a trash bag around the whole Park. Reflection: Since I live close to portage Park I go there a lot and when I go there I see that there’s a lot of trash around and nobody picks it up....

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The Virtue of Forgiveness

The Virtue of Forgiveness Under the circumstances, the human may rush in making his decisions, so the consequences will be more negative than the actions resulting from these decisions, so it will be better if he does not make these decisions. It's important for man to pardon so he can cope up with the milieu he is living; We stop here to mention some features of the Prophets (blessing and peace be upon him) forgiveness in his dealing with people. These are useful and great lessons in every place...

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Utilatarian, Deontology and Virtue Ethics

considered equally in the moral calculus, if it is morally permitted to use human being in research, then only, would it be permitted to use animal. And, if we were to consider the use of humans as well as animals and the research was considered to have great overall benefit for all, then the animals might be used since the general good is the most important thing. “Moral law should be universalized”. Kant stated that concept of a good will from morally proper motive is the base for considering any...

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Nature of Virtue

the reason for man, laws, immoralities and virtues, habits and many more. Part three subject is Christ regarding the incarnation, services, and the rebirth. One question he focuses on in Summa Theologica is what is the cause of virtue? Virtue is defined as a unity of words and deeds. In Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas poses four points in which virtue is in us by nature, habituation, infusion, or habituation and infusion are the same species. Is virtue in us by nature according to Thomas Aquinas...

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Random Act of Kindness and Eye Contact

     Kindness. What is it? Kindness is characterized by the quality or state of being kind. When people go to extremes in the name of selfless kindness, more often then not something good happens in the end. What is fascinating is how individuals react to unexpected kindness. I spend a great amount of time in the downtown area, where I do not witness much kindness happening. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry that they barely make eye contact with others. I decided I would not only be kind to...

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Ben Franklins Virtues

fault at any time”. This quote, which was said by Benjamin Franklin when explaining why he came up with his 13 virtues, is a quote that is very hard to live by. Ben Franklin admitted that he was never able to live the virtues perfectly, but felt he had become a better and happier person for having made the attempt. With this said, I decided that it was worth a try, hoping that maybe these virtues would make me think differently about things as well, and possibly make me a better person. When this project...

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Meno Virtue

Meno Virtue Essay Meno, an influential speaker, is traveling through Athens when he encounters Socrates. Meno is a well known individual who has spoken in front of large crowds the meaning of virtue. He is a student who studied under Gorgias, another well know teacher of virtue. Socrates provokes a discussion regarding virtue when he states that, “I have never known of anyone else who did [know virtue], in my judgment.” This prompted Meno to stand up and prove to Socrates he could accurately define...

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Franklin: Virtue and Moral Perfection

way into hell. Through these beliefs and virtues Franklin created a plan to achieve moral perfection. Although finding the task somewhat more difficult than he first imagined he stayed with his convictions and deduced thirteen virtues to improve upon and follow. These virtues were: order, silence, temperance, resolution, frugality, industry, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity and humility. Now how did he come up with the virtues and what did the virtues consist of? After concocting this ingenious...

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Virtue and Ambition in Julius Caesar

Virtue and Ambition in Julius Caesar Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is a play which displays the contrasting themes of ambition and virtue. The background of this renowned play is set in republican Rome, where the importance of virtue is at its peak. Virtue embraces honour, nobility, love and responsibility for their nation. The Romans believe that truly virtuous men are consistent in their private and public political life. Ambition, on the other hand, has no place in Romans’ virtues. In...

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Virtues in Pinoy

VIPinoy (Virtues In Pinoy) A Filipino with the exemplary practice of the four cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love over an extended period of time out of just and worthy service by contributing to ecological balance, cultural cohesiveness, and moral-spiritual consensus. METANOIA VIRTUESVirtue ( Latin virtus) is moral excellence of a person; a trait valued as being good. In...

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Virtues Of A Perfect Bride

Virtues of a Perfect Bride by Chris Mount English 101 Dr. Mary Ann Kohli October 12, 2001 Chris Mount Dr. Mary Ann Kohli Eng 101 October 11, 2001 Virtues of a Perfect Bride In Dandin's "The Perfect Bride," Saktikumara is searching for patience, creativity and a good sense of other virtues in a wife along with her beauty. The definition of virtue is as follows: moral excellence and righteousness; goodness and an example or kind of moral excellence. Saktikumara is looking for a wife to do the daily...

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Virtue Theory

Virtue Theory The Virtue Theory is one of the three main theories in normative ethics, which emphasizes virtues in determining moral character and what is good. It focuses on what makes a good person, rather than what makes a good action. In other words, The Virtue Theory is an agent-based approach to ethics, which asks this question about being good: “What kind of person should I be?” This is in contrast to the other two approaches, Utilitarianism and Kantanism, which ask this question concerning...

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Virtue Ethics and Ethics of Care

Fried Pataters Mr. Hahn Phil 2310 10 May 2010 Virtue Ethics and Ethics of Care Aristotle and Rita Manning both have different theories when it comes to ethics. Aristotle uses virtue ethics to answer questions about morality whereas Manning uses what is called ethics of caring to do the same thing. Virtue ethics claims people’s actions aim towards the highest good of happiness. From happiness, moral virtue stems from reasons governing the desires of the soul. Manning on the other hand believes...

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Understanding Ethics: an Argument for Virtue Ethics

Understanding Ethics: An Argument for Virtue Ethics There are many different ethical systems out there to learn from and each one them have their own way of describing beliefs. So many choices but, which one is right for you? Maybe a mix of ethical systems is the right way to go? This article will present pro’s and con’s from three ethical systems and why it is this author’s belief that virtue ethics is all around a better system than the rest. Though this article won’t cover every system...

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Benjamin Franklin Virtue Essay

would be found to be impossible, but in turn he learned that many of the virtues are good to try and maintain during everyday activities and through life itself. By maintaining these virtues the quality of life can be expected to be exponentially greater than without them. Three of the virtues that stand out the most are Silence, Order, and Moderation. Silence, Order, and Moderation are thought to be the most important virtues within Franklin’s stride to perfection and many people today can learn at...

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Virtue Ethics

“Critically evaluate the view that ethics should be more concerned with who you are than what you do.” Virtue Ethics and the view that ethics should be wholly concerned with a person’s attributes based on the holistic theory of Aristotle and his Golden Mean, is a newly accepted theory, which looks at a person’s virtues and not their actions. It is a view that directly contrasts with the theories of Kant and Bentham, which focus on actions as opposed to the actual person making those actions. Although...

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Virtue Ethics

There are three major approaches in normative ethics including virtue ethics, deontological ethics, and utilitarianism. This paper is going to compare the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. It will include a description of the differences in how each theory addresses ethics and morality and it will also discuss an experience to explain the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as they relate to one of the three theories...

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Virtue of Generosity

Selfness is a virtue of humanity and generosity is an offshot of selfness. It is the virtue of bringing a smile onto other peoples faces. For the most part, it is good to be generous. In the Prince, Machiavelli argues that there are boundaries on when and to what extend a prince should be generous before his people take advantage of him or are no longer satisfied with his generosity and expect more from him. Through his text and my understanding of Machiavelli perspective on generosity you will be...

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Critical Analysis of Kindness -Naomi Shihab Nye

Honors 9th Grade Literature March 2, 2011   Kindness Critical Analysis   Kindness             -Naomi Shihab Nye   Before you know what kindness really is You must lose things, Feel the future dissolve in a moment Like salt in a weakened broth. What you held in your hand, What you counted and carefully saved, All this must go so you know How desolate the landscape can be Between the regions of kindness. How you ride and ride Thinking the bus will...

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Great Expectations

Faith R. Sims Eng3010 11/24/2005 Great Expectations Hollywood and the movie industry have made many bold attempts over the past decade in bringing to life old classics. None however in my opinion have been done more boldly than the remoulding of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. This compelling piece is a rebirth storyline of the past retold in Modern times. Any attempt at bringing a Dickens work to the screen would be an awesome task to accomplish. I've found his writing to...

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Business and Virtue Ethics

Assignment: Business Ethics and Virtue Ethics ETH 501: Business Ethics Dr. Gary Shelton November 14, 2013 Abstract For the purposes of this assignment we will analyze the Mattel case and discuss the actions of the company regarding the behavior and actions in conjunction with the Global Manufacturing Process that was implemented. Breaches of the two business ethics elements of integrity and egoism will be assessed. Within the discussion I have identified the virtues prudence, justice, fidelity...

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Virtues and Character Strengths

 Human Virtues and Character Strengths Kenya Gorham PSY/220 06/21/15 Darlene Grippo-Sowa Human Virtues and Character Strengths A human virtue that I find to be an important asset to life is courage. Some of the characteristics of courage is; bravery, persistence, honesty, kindness, and zest. I think that courage is an important virtue because there are many things in life that people have to go through on a daily basis where you have to be courageous to face. Being honest is a characteristics...

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Virtues and Vices

Virtues and Vices From http://www.therealpresence.org/essentials/commandments/acc23.htm Experience tells us that we develop moral habits according to our fidelity to the voice of conscience. There is an iron law in the formation of habits. Apart from the supernatural action of divine grace, we can acquire good moral habits, called virtues, as we can acquire bad moral habits or vices. The law which underlines all formation of habit says that every thought tends to become a desire, every desire...

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Virtue Ethics

Our case this module, one of virtue ethics, brings us to a systematic overhaul of one of the largest toy making companies in the world in Mattel. The overhaul took place during almost the entire first decade of the second century. The over haul was in compliance with the Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP). This is an amazing case that I feel is similar to inflicting pain on yourself in order to get used to pain therefore a stronger and better person. The thing that I do not understand is that...

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