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Key Components Of Effective Service Delivery

NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Learner: | | MKT5000-8 | Elisa Fredericks | | | Service Marketing | #5 Service Delivery | | | <Add Learner comments here> ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Faculty Use Only ------------------------------------------------- <Faculty comments here> ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Components of a Service

The organisation I chose to look at in terms of components of a service is The Meikles hotel in Harare CBD. The four components of a service are service delivery, service environment, service product and the physical product. The services have the following additional characteristics intangibility, inseparability, variability and perish ability. MEIKLES Intangibility is defined as being, Kotler(2005: 42), “ unlike physical products, services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before...

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Effect of Electronic Transactions on Effective Financial Service Delivery

EFFECT OF ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS ON EFFECTIVE FINANCIAL SERVICE DELIVERY (A Case Study of GTB, UBA and Access Bank Plc) _____________________________________________ 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Electronic commerce is now thought to hold the promise of a new commercial revolution by offering an inexpensive and direct way to exchange information and to sell or buy products and services. This revolution in the market place has set in motion a revolution in the banking sector for the provision...

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Service Delivery

                 Chapter-1------------------------------------------------- Q1: As a Manager, you need to investigate and analyse key features in local features in local and regional levels change and identified problems related to changes since 1995; evaluate the impact of provision of public sector goods/services and the impact of the political context and the policy context and the policy process on public sector organizations? | ------------------------------------------------- ...

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how procurement can be used as a development tool in enhancing service delivery.

 Joel Kiggwe (MPA) Uganda Management Institute,2013 Discuss how procurement can be used as a development tool in enhancing service delivery. According to (Basheka, 2009) good governance involves a public sector that is responsive to citizenry and reasonably efficient in delivery of public services and he adds that a well-functioning public sector also involves transparency and predictability of its decision-making processes and oversight mechanisms to guard against arbitrariness and to ensure...

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Effective HR

Developing yourself as an effective human resource practitioner December 2013 Certificate in human resource practice Contents Page Introduction 1 Activity 1 1/2 Activity 2 2/3 Conclusion 4 Bibliography 4 Introduction This report will look at how to develop you as an effective Human Resource Practitioner. It will summarise the Human Resource Profession Map (HRPM), also identify...

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Service Delivery and Process Design

Charity C. Robin August 1, 2012 BSBA – MM 3RD YR. MME1 SERVICE DELIVERY PROCESS The Service System The service system comprises the service delivery process and all of the supporting processes that are required in the co-creation of value for the customer. The service system is often the service organization. However, the service system can be expanded to include suppliers to whom part of the service delivery process has been outsourced and who therefore can affect the customer’s...

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Gaps in Service Delivery

UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE NAME: SOKO TINASHE COURSE: SERVICES MARKETING ASSIGNMENT: "Gaps at any point in service delivery and design damage relationships with customers." Parasurama (1988), Ziethmal (1990). In cite of this statement what gaps can occur in service quality and how can service marketing reduce them? (25) Knowing what customers expect is the first and possibly the most critical step in delivering service quality (Kotler 2000). Ziethmal et al (1988) propounds that the...

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Courier and Local Delivery Services Mar

Courier and Local Delivery Services Market in the US 2015-2019 The Courier and Local Delivery Services industry transports goods that are non-palletized and weigh less than 110 pounds, so as to enable a single person to pick up and deliver the goods. The industry is characterized by high shipping volumes and low weights. The delivery of parcels and documents is undertaken with the help of sophisticated networks to enable fast shipments and meet exact delivery times. Delivery is usually made on...

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Supply Chain: an Enabler to Service Delivery in Local Government

enabler of Service Delivery in Local Government 1.1 INTRODUCTION Post-apartheid South Africa faces a major challenge in ensuring that local government, as the third tier of government closest to the people, provides optimal service delivery to the people of different culture, race and sex. The government is intent to modernize the management of public sector, to make it more people-friendly and sensitive to meeting the needs of the communities it serves. The provision of service delivery through...

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Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning

Keys to Success for Effective Project Planning Abstract Business success can be accomplished many different ways. Generally the easiest and most cost effective way to accomplish change and success in an organization is via the bottom up approach. The reason for this is when an organization involves its workers in any change or improvements, the employees gain a sense of pride or a feeling of ownership. This reasoning stems from personal experiences and observations. In two thousand and three...

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Advertising Key Components

promotional strategies you should think of its many facets. A promotional strategy cannot live on only a few components. It must live on most if not all, including advertising, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, and direct marketing. Each of these factors plays a key role in positioning the seller into an area where consumers are more than willing to buy their products. Looking at these components and how they are used in certain situations will teach even more about the best ways for any company...

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Service Capacity

Service Capacity * Service Capacity is defined as the maximum level of value-added activity, which can be consistently achieved over a period of time under normal operating conditions. * The important consideration is that the service provider should be able to sustain provision of service at such a rate comfortably under normal working conditions. * It can be expressed as : 1. Max. number of patient attended by a Doctor / hr. 2. Max. number of calls attended by a Executive...

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Customer Service and Key Result Areas


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Hipaa: Impact the Delivery of Human Services

HIPAA: Impact the Delivery of Human Services July 12, 2008 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed on 21st August 1996 by the U.S President Bill Clinton. Most healthcare insurance companies and providers are to remain to the HIPAA regulation guidelines by October 2002 and October 2003 for smaller health plans. If you are in the healthcare industry, you have probably heard some rumblings about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of...

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Services Marketing-A Blueprint For Success

 Services Marketing-A Blueprint For Success South University Online MBA 6001 Services Marketing-A Blueprint for Success The needs and economics of commercial airlines have empowered the evolutionary process of technology based services, which assist in providing better, faster and efficient service at reduced cost(Boshoff,1997). Therefore, a dilemma may be presented which maximizes the interactions with customers, while concurrently providing services that promote and provide...

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How to Be an Effective Hr Practitioner

Introduction The aim of this report is to demonstrate I can be an effective practitioner in Human Resources. Users of HR Services within an Organisation and Key Needs of each User After researching, I can determine three users of HR Services in the Organisation to be: • Employees of the Organisation • Management of the Organisation • Third-parties i.e. Clients Two key needs of HR Services to the:- Employee 1. Offer support to employees regarding equal opportunities to ensure all staff...

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Delivery of a Human Service Program

The Delivery of a Human Service Program Joann Harris BSHS 471 September 2, 2012 Rachel Gridley The Delivery of a Human Service Program The delivery of a human service program is very important to so many people. In this paper, I will discuss delivery human service programs for children, youths and young adults. There are many children, youths and young adults that need help. There are many that come from trouble homes. These children, youths, and young adults are abused to broken homes...

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Key Components to an Effective Market Plan

The key components of an effective marketing plan include an Executive Summary, Market Strategy, Market Research, SWOT Analysis and Evaluation and Control. An Executive Summary encourages an organization to create a brief overview of their entire marketing plan setting realistic goals and measureable steps to achieve them. While a Market Strategy encourages the organization to clearly define its primary, secondary and tertiary markets along with product, price, distribution and promotion of the...

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Delivery of Human Service Program

Delivery of Human Services Program Jakiya Burse BSHS 471 Deborah Machold October 28, 2012 Delivery of Human Services Program Many people rely on human service programs. This paper will discuss the delivery of human service program for men, women, and teenagers. There are various men, women, and teenagers that need help with reproductive health care education. Planned Parenthood provides sex education to men, women...

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Key Components of a Successful Blog

Key Components of a Successful Blog After reading many articles on the web about successful blogging, the main components are fairly universal across the board. The main and possibly most important components would be to blog about something that you have a passion for. Yes, you can fake it for a little while, but eventually you will run out of ideas to write about on that topic, and your readers will lose interest. You must also be able to gain trust and become and authority among your blog...

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Delivery of Health Care Services

CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND 1.1 Introduction The delivery of health care services in the Philippines was officially devolved from the Department of Health (DOH) to the Local Government Units (LGU’s) in 1991 with the passing of the Local Government Code. The actual implementation of the devolution, however, was accomplished in 1992. Aside from gaining total control over the supervision and implementation of health care services, LGU were also granted the administrative autonomy, which enable...

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product and service design

Product design Definition Product design is the way for manufacturers to satisfy customers and gain a differential advantage through product design which refers to the arrangement of elements that collectively form a goods or services. It is concerned with the form and function of a product. Form design involves the determination of how a product would look like ie the shape and appearance of the product, how it will be made of (product structure) and how it will be made (process design). Functional...

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Food and Beverage Service Standard

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT | | TRANG NGUYEN 000884493Mr. RICHARD HUNTER 16/08/12 | [BBHM102: Food and Beverage Service Standards] | Assessment 1: Service Quality Standards | Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Body: 4 Conclusion 6 REFERENCES: 7 Executive Summary The report’s aim is designed to examine the five fundamental concepts of food and beverage service quality standards for a commercial hospitality operation and hence recommendations can be review to enhance the service’s...

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Kiki's Delivery Service

the works “The Odyssey of Homer” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, by Homer and Hayao Miyazaki , both Telemachos and Kiki go through a journey where they must transform from adolescents to adults, in a coming of age type of story. These two characters are portrayed by their creators as brave and determined individuals, which helps them along their path. As we go along with both of these characters from “The Odyssey of Homer” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service” we see that although their paths are very difficult...

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service delivery

factor which determines the success of a health and social care organization, is its effectiveness of service delivery. The way they offer their services to their customers, the quality of those services, the expectations of the service quality in the minds of the people, etc are really important, when considering the effectiveness of service delivery. The service delivery and associated service operations play a very critical role in achieving customer satisfaction. Only satisfied customer will...

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Program Development And Service Delivery

 Mental Health Program Development and Service Delivery for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities A need exists in the Wilmington, North Carolina metropolitan area for licensed professional counselors willing to work with individuals of transition age (18-21) with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families. This paper deals with mental health program development and service delivery for this often-overlooked population. How client needs...

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Applying Service Delivery Models

U01d1 - Applying Service Delivery Models – Pat Finch * Select two contemporary problems of interest to you. Two contemporary social problems of interest are transitional housing needs for homeless mothers and domestic violence in the African American community. Fischer (2000) wrote homeless families face the economic and personal challenges of sparse employment opportunities, child care and nutrition needs, compounded by the loss of adequate housing. Those with the greatest risk of being unemployed...

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Customer Service

evidence for Mandatory unit 838 – Demonstrate understanding of customer service for Diploma in Customer Service Level 3. Learning Outcome 1: Be able to follow their organisation’s accepted customer service language Assessment Criteria: 1.1 Communicate to customers their organisation’s service offer, how it balances organisational and customer needs and how it meets customer expectations 1.2 Compare the service offers of commercial, public sector and third sector organisations and how...

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On-Time Package Delivery

Case 2: On-Time Package Delivery Michael Bushmann Erika Thompson Jocelyn Russell Katlin Eason Mark Hogan MKT 452- Sales Management November 14, 2012 Overall, we felt that Wayne Jacobson – Senior Vice President of Sales performed his responsibilities very well. Furthermore, it was good to see that he was so vested into figuring out the problems of the company. Ultimately, the negative effects that were found could be detrimental to the sales personnel...

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Key Result Areas

Key Result Areas” or KRAs refer to general areas of outputs or outcomes for which the department’s role is responsible. Key Result Area in simple Terms may be defined as Primary responsibilities of an Individual, the core area which each person is accountable. Importance of KRAs. • Set goals and objectives • Prioritize their activities, and therefore improve their time/work management • Make value-added decisions • Clarify roles of department or individual • Focus on results rather than activities ...

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Developing Yourself As An Effective HR

Title: Developing yourself as an effective human resource practitioner. Introduction: Findings: The CIPD profession map is a tool used to support the profession as a whole to develop products and services, yet it also accelerates the professional development of individuals. The map was created and is used by individuals and organisations; it’s a vital resource if you are working or connected in the HR profession. Whatever sector and/or size of an organisation the professional map is a great help...

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Key Components Of Affordable Care Act

 Key Components of Affordable Care Act Mary Kaiser HCS/455 March 16, 2015 Doris Chimera Key Components of Affordable Care Act The discussion for this paper addresses key elements of the Affordable Care Act. These areas include the following requirements for implementing this act among employers, employees on benefits and drawbacks of health insurance coverage. These areas will include coverage for the individual, businesses, expansion of coverage and what and who is covered under these types...

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Marketing Mix - Service 7 P's

CONTINUUM LEARNING PTE LTD 7Ps of Services Marketing Companies are competing strategically through service quality for greater differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. Successful companies focus on the services-dominant paradigm with investment in people, technology, human resources policies, and compensation linked to service performance of employees. This is important because contact employees’ attitudes and behaviours significantly influence the quality of service. They present the “face and...

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Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service - The NCB Way Welcome to the NCB Family VISION To make NCB, financially and operationally, the strongest and most dominant financial institution in the Caribbean and one that follows international best in class governance practices. CORE VALUES • We hold a deep and abiding respect for each customer, every colleague in our companies, and all our shareholders. • We commit to find new, practical, and innovative ways to make the term “excellent service” more relevant...

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Customer Segmentation/Service Concept/Servqual

Conduct a critique of the following service management ideas, theories and techniques, specifically with reference to purpose, application and limitations and with regard to how these service management ideas, theories and techniques might contribute to the development of a business. Customer segmentation Study the market, its structure, identify attitudes and behaviours of consumers, this is the first step of marketing. Among the range of behaviours and...

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8Ps of Integrated Service Management

8Ps of Integrated Service Management (Each one of you need to choose two components) Our service organisation will be TESCO. The reason why I had chosen this organisation for our group to do research on is because this organisation has wide range of resource for our assignment. (Anith)Product. Managers must select the features of both the core product and the bundle of supplementary service elements surrounding it, with reference to the benefits desired by customers and how well competing products...

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Privatizing Philippine Public Service Delivery:

PRIVATIZING PHILIPPINE PUBLIC SERVICE DELIVERY: Opportunities and Risks Privatization may seem like a perfect solution for deficit-plagued governments, but the morning after can bring some unpleasant surprises. As a city or country drowned in deficits and faced multiple lawsuits, city leaders saw outsourcing as a light at the end of a collapsing tunnel. But it was only a mirage. The search for financial salvation is sweeping the country as local governments grapple with waning sales and property...

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Gap Model in Services Marketing

The GAP MODEL in SERVICES MARKETING GAP 1 The gap between the customer expected service and company perception of customer expectation. |Inadequate market research. |Design, conduct and implement appropriate market research. | |Poor communication between customers and management and between|Design and implement an upward communications programme. | |front line employees and managers. | ...

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner

managers for whom I recruit carers on an on-going basis, they have a high turnover of staff and require fast recruitment to meet the demands of the business. • Senior Managers I have targets that have been set by the senior management team for the Service Centre which are reported on each week using a pipeline report. I also have three administrators who report in to me; so as well as meeting my own targets I need to ensure that my team are also meeting theirs. • Current Applicants These are the...

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Service Delivery

International Journal of Service Industry Management Emerald Article: A comparison of service delivery processes of different complexity Peter J. Danaher, Jan Mattsson Article information: To cite this document: Peter J. Danaher, Jan Mattsson, (1998),"A comparison of service delivery processes of different complexity", International Journal of Service Industry Management, Vol. 9 Iss: 1 pp. 48 - 63 Permanent link to this document: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/09564239810199941 Downloaded on: 02-02-2013...

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What Is Human Services?

Running head: WHAT IS HUMAN SERVICES? What is Human Services? Candice K. Holt BSHS/302 University of Phoenix August 24, 2009 The Goal of Human Services Human Services is the practice of assisting needy and less fortunate individuals with meeting their basic needs in life. “The Human Services profession is one which promotes improved service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but also by seeking to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination...

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Service Quality Gaps Model

gaps model of service quality was first developed by a group of authors at Texas A&M and North Carolina Universities, in 1985. Based on exploratory studies of service such as executive interviews and focus groups in four different service businesses, the authors proposed a conceptual model of service quality indicating that consumers’ perception toward a service quality depends on the gaps existing in organization – consumer environments. Theory of the Gaps Model Perceived service quality can be...

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Express Delivery Market In Europe

Express Delivery Market in Europe 2015-2019 Express delivery is the accelerated delivery of items that are non-palletized and weigh less than 110 pounds, such as parcels, documents, and letters to different types of customers, such as business customers, retail customers, and government agencies. Express deliveries are usually made within two or three days, depending on customer requirements. Express delivery services are offered by CEP vendors that also provide various value-added services to customers...

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Strategic Management and Customer Service

The balanced scorecard is a business simulation with the sole objective of help you make decisions based on understanding the systematic linkages between operations in an organization as they pertain to the four components of the balanced scorecar Case: Sentra a) What were the key points that were critical to survival in the exercise? Forecast target for each measures which provides specific targets for assessing progress along the business unit’s strategic trajectory. Formulation of...

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Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services

Final Project Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Ana Vega HCA 240 January 29, 2012 Itta Aswad Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services It is amazing how much the health care delivery services have changed and improved over the years. Today, the health care systems have advanced by prolonging life expectancy and quality of life. Though, providing health care is not cheap and easy to do. Cost, accessibility, and quality is a challenge that they face in...

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Service Recovery

Service Recovery Definition of Service Recovery  Service Recovery means that a service breakdown has occurred and the problem has been corrected to the customers satisfaction  Goal: Help retain customer’s as loyal Service Recovery  Customers do not expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. Creating A Service Recovery Environment    Be A Role Model Ask Staff For Suggestions Solicit Customer Feedback    Reward Good Customer Service Behavior...

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Developing yourself as an effective practitioner

Developing Yourself as an Effective Practitioner Assessment – 3DEP Student: Michelle Green Due Date: 16 December 2014 Contents 1. Activity A Summary of the CIPD HR Profession Map Activities and Knowledge specified within 1 professional band 2. Activity B Report on how HR practioner should ensure service they provide is timely and effective: Understanding customer needs Effective communicating Effective service delivery 3. Activity C My HR Map ...

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Express Delivery Market in China

Express Delivery Market in China 2015-2019 Express delivery services are the delivery of parcels, documents, and letters to different types of customers such as business customers, retail customers, and government agencies. The documents and parcels delivered by CEP vendors are non-palletized items and weigh less than 110 pounds. E-commerce retailers use express delivery vendors to ship goods to customers. Express delivery is time-bound delivery where the shipment is delivered within two or three...

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ups diad service

improves customer service: The DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device improves customer services in so many ways. First, it has made the job of UPS delivery drivers more efficient and effective, therefore aiding in productivity. In addition, DIAD allows UPS to reach out and offer their services to a larger number of customers. They are able to deliver over 16 million packages daily to their customers in 220 countries and territories. Secondly, DIAD improves customer service since all drivers...

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Cipd Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner

Gathering the information for task three is important and can be time consuming so it is essential that this task is completed. Task three is not a high priority as it is for the next holiday year and can be answered at a later stage. Effective communication “To be effective, communication needs to be clear, easily understood and concise. Information should be presented systematically on a regular basis and be as relevant, local and timely as possible.” Armstrong 2012 There are various channels of...

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Physical Evidence in Services Marketing

Services Marketing Mix Services Marketing Mix refers to the combination of marketing activities an organization engages in to promote and sell intangible services, as opposed to tangible products. Marketing professionals and specialist use many tactics to attract and retain their customers. These activities comprise of different concepts, the most important one being the marketing mix. Marketing strategy is integrated with the marketing program, or marketing mix. The marketing mix traditionally...

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Components for Planning Promotion Strategy for Mcdonalds as a Service Brand

submit this assignment on or before 31st October 2011, to the coordinator of your study center. 1 a) Describe the role of marketing communication in effective marketing of a firm’s product/service offering. Unit 1.2 b) What is promotion mix? Explain the various components for planning promotion strategy for any service brand of your choice. Unit 1.6 2 a) Why is media planning important in advertising? Bring out the merits and demerits of the various media available to the...

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Key Successful Factors in the Airline Industry

Title: Discussion on the barriers to the effective management of quality at Unisa Introduction. The advent of South Africa’s first democratic government in 1994 signaled the beginning of significant policy changes in education including a notable emphasis on distance education in which University of South Africa is one of the key player. Distance education plays a significant role in South Africa, particularly in teacher and higher education. It affords access to a large and diverse students...

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Customer service plan

Material ………………………………………………………………………………..……………..…….2 Delivery …………………………………………………………………………………..……………......2 Policies and Procedures ………………………………………………………………..………………..3 The RATER Model ……………………………………………………………….……..……………….3 Customer Complaints …………………………………………………………………………..…….4 Managing Records and Data ………………………………………………..…………………….5 One Page Reflection .………………………………………………………………………………………6 CUSTOMER SERVICE PLAN INTRODUCTION Innovative Widgets is a large firm...

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Services Benchmark

QUESTION 2 SERVICES QUALITY BENCHMARING Telecommunication Industries In Malaysia Overview The telecommunications industry in Malaysia has experienced significant growth in recent years. Currently there are three major popular company that operates in Malaysia other than Telekom Malaysia such as Maxis, Celcom and Digi. Payne (1994) States that Service Quality Benchmarking follows five stage process. Step 1: Define the competitive Area Define the competitive arena that is with whom we...

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Face –to-Face Encounters vs Technological Service Delivery

–to-Face Encounters Versus Technological Service Delivery; An Analysis _______________________________________ Introduction There are many benefits as well as possible drawbacks to service delivery that rely solely on technology. With today’s advances in technology almost any customer service option that is offered through a face-to-face service encounter, can also be offered through a technology based service encounter. The only aspect of customer service that isn’t available through technology...

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Components of Logistics

operational deficiencies. Now the management resolves these deficiencies and slashes down costs. [Concept of SMED and KANBAN as practiced by JIT companies in Japan or elsewhere]   Minimum variance D-delivery objective of an organization, this can be measured as ‘On Time Delivery’ or OTD. If 100 deliveries are made in a month/quarter/year how many reached as per the commitment made to the customer? This percentage is OTD.Any event that disrupts a system is variance. Logistics operations are disrupted...

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The need for humans in the delivery of services in the evolving hospitality industry

SHEET 1 Assignment title: The need for humans in the delivery of services in the evolving hospitality industry Hand-out date: 9th April 2014 Hand-in date: 30th April 2014 Place: Moodle and Reception. Grade %: 50% Assignment overview: To write an academic and speech report, encouraging student creativity. Overall aim: The student is to consider how he/she would imagine the evolving role of humans in the service delivery process in the hospitality industry based on historical...

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Customer Service

important to realise that customers can take their business anywhere they want to and if they are not satisfied they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important to understand who our customers are, their expectations of the service they experience and how that effects future choices and decisions that they might make. Companies that are customer focused often like to ensure that the following things are achieved and addressed to make sure the customer experience is positive...

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