• V.K Krishnamenon on Kashmir Issue
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  • Choas of Indian Language
    here are seemingly countless numbers of languages in India and they all are part of four respective families. These families have all thrived despite the fact that they are packed into one relatively very small sub-continent. These families, in descending order of presence in the country are: Indo-E
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  • Understanding Things Fall Apart : Selected Essays and Criticism
    The Novel Now To Amy Burns; and to Helen and Gerard, the world’s best in-laws. The Novel Now Contemporary British Fiction Richard Bradford © 2007 by Richard Bradford BLACKWELL PUBLISHING 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148-5020, USA 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK 550 Swansto
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    MAKING A DIFFERENCE DOSSIER ON COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ON NATURE BASED TOURISM IN INDIA Making a Difference. A dossier on community engagement on nature-based tourism in India EQUATIONS, 2009 This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part for educational, advocacy or not-for-profit pur
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  • Fifty Years of Language Planning for Modern Hindi
    FIFTY YEARS OF LANGUAGE PLANNING FOR MODERN HINDI The Official Language of India 1. ABSTRACT Hindi - according to the 1991 Census of India, is the mother tongue of 233,432,285 persons (22% of the entire Indian population), and is spoken as a language (which includes 47 or so mother tongues cobb
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  • Essays
    35 CHAPTER 2 RECRUITMENT/APPOINTMENT/SENIORITY AND PROMOTION Sl. No. 1 2 2-A 3 4 5 6 7 8 Chapter Contents Page No(s) I. (A) RECRUITMENT Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973 Appointment, Promotion and Transfer Rules for Ministerial Staff Method and Conditions of Appo
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  • Essays
    The Lahore Journal of Economics 15: SE (September 2010): pp. 15-31 The Endemic Crisis of Federalism in Pakistan Raza Ahmad∗ Abstract This paper looks at the issue of federalism in Pakistan. It begins with an analysis of the conceptual paradigms of federalism and goes on to examine the history
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  • Essays
    SCIENCE NCERT Question 1:What are canal rays? | Thomson's Model of the Atom | | Canal rays are positively charged radiations. These rays consist of positively charged particles known as protons. They were discovered by Goldstein in 1886. Question 2-If an atom contains one electron and one pro
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  • Essays
    COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH HIGHER SECONDARY - FIRST YEAR Untouchability is a sin Untouchability is a crime Untouchabililty is inhuman TAMILNADU TEXTBOOK CORPORATION College Road, Chennai - 600 006 © Government of Tamilnadu First Edition -2004 Chairperson Rev. Dr. FRANCIS M. PETER S J Sec
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  • Essays
    Unrest among students Student unrest is a world-wide phenomenon. There is hardly a country free from it. There are many socio-economic factors Causing this.The unrest among students is an outward expression of the resentment that the community feels towards the government, the society and...
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  • Kashmir politics and regional stability
    Research On Kashmir politics and regional stability Submitted To: Ehsanul Haque Professor Dept. of International Relations University of Dhaka Submitted By: Kaniz Fatema Roll: KM-66...
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  • The Kashmir Conflict-The Importance to India and Pakistan
     Introduction Kashmir Conflict has been around since 1947. It is also the key point or the reasons why India and Pakistan did not get along well. Because of this, the diplomatic relationships between the two countries are on the fire and both countries has...
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  • Essays on Untouchables
    Essays on Untouchables and Untouchability: Social ________________________________________________________________   Contents   Chapter 1 : Civilisation or felony Chapter 2 : The house the hindus have built Chapter 3 : The rock on which it is built Chapter 4 : Touchables v/s...
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  • terror in Indian held Kashmir
    "TERROR IN INDIAN HELD KASHMIR" Shaheen Akhtar presented a systematic account of bloody uprising. The purpose of this book is two-fold: to draw attention to the fact that no problem is resolved by clever procrastination and more importantly that the application of brute force cannot...
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  • The Population Problem
    The Population Problem Two hundred years ago, Thomas Malthus, in An Essay on the Principle of Population, reached the conclusion that the number of people in the world will increase exponentially, while the ability to feed these people will only increase arithmetically (21). Current evidence shows
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  • On the Design of Foreign Language Curricula
    ON THE DESIGN OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE CURRICULA Discuss the steps involved in planning a general English language course. In designing a syllabus for a group of Greek learners in a public secondary school what factors would you take into account in its development, how would you go about developing it
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  • Comparing the Rights of Women from Essays Through the Eras
    Society has long since recognized the concept of men being superior to women, both in the aspects of physical strength and the ability to earn living for their family. It was a natural concept that based and formed the modern society: strong versus weak, superior versus inferior, non-marginalized ve
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  • Plagiarism: a Social Problem
    PLAGIARISM: A SOCIAL PROBLEM It's four in the morning, and you're just one page into a 15-page term paper that's due at ten, and the professor isn't giving extensions. A few years ago, that would have been it: You would have passed in the paper late, if at all, and dealt with the consequences. B
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  • Problem Solution: Global Communications
    Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Problem Solution: Global Communications Lisa Michelle Chapple University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Global Communications Global Communications like all other telecommunications companies was under tremendous econ
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  • Language Arts Curriculum Adaptations for Second Language Learners: Writing.
    Presentation Outline 1. Background Introduction- How curriculum is developed. 2. Adapting Grade 2 curriculum for writing skill development 3. General English Language Arts Curriculum Standards 4. Languages Other Than English Curriculum Standards 5. Specific Performance Indicators: Writing 6. L
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