• Kashmir
    HISTORY OF KASHMIR: After centuries of Hindu and Buddhist rule, Muslim Moghul emperors took control of Kashmir in the 15th century, converted to population to Islam and incorporated it into the Moghul empire. Islamic Moghul rule should not be confused with modern forms of authoritarian Islamic regi
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  • Kashmir Tragedy
    HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The Kashmir tragedy began when under the Treaty of Amritsar in 1846; the British sold the state of Jammu and Kashmir to Gulab Singh, a Hindu Dogra chieftain for the sum of 7.5 million rupees. Lord Lawrence who negotiated this treaty, termed this transaction as “iniquitous
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  • Pak-India Dialogue: Single-Point-Agenda: Kashmir
    PAK-INDIA Dialogue: Single-Point-Agenda: KASHMIR By Atiq Durrani KASHMIR Conflict: One of the oldest unresolved problem pending in the United Nations dates back to 1947. According to the resolution adopted by UNCIP (United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan) on 13 August 1948, the questio
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  • Kashmir
    MILESTONES: 1961-1968 The India-Pakistan War of 1965 The 1965 war between India and Pakistan was the second conflict between the two countries over the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The clash did not resolve this dispute, but it did engage the United States and the Soviet Union in
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  • Kashmir Conflict
    Hindu Mythology (of Kashmir): According to Hindu mythology, the valley of Kashmir was formerly a lake. *The lake was drained by the saptarishi or sage, Kashyapa, son of Marichi, son of Brahma, by cutting the gap in the hills at Baramulla (Varaha-mula)* Reasons for the dispute: The problem of
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  • Kashmir Conflict
    Possible Solutions to Kashmir Conflict Introduction: Kashmir has been one of the longest running disputes in contemporary times. Dispute over the state of Jammu and Kashmir arose almost instantaneously as India and Pakistan obtained independence from British rule in 1947. Although Kashmir is not t
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  • India and Pakistan Conflicts
    ALSO BY THE AUTHOR Tilak and Gokhale: Revolution and Reform in the Making of Modern India (UC Press) Nine Hours to Ra?na Morky and India, 7906-1910 (UC Press) An Error of Judgment Roots of Confrontation in South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Superpowers Jinnah of Pakistan: A Life
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  • Story of Pakistan
    Liaquat Ali Khan as Prime Minister [1947-1951]  Liaquat Ali Khan's contributions to the struggle for independence were numerous. After independence, he was thus the natural choice for the premiership. Liaquat Ali Khan was appointed as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Being the first Prim
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  • Kashmir
    WHAT IS THE NATURE OF THE LOGIC OF THE KASHMIR CONFLICT? Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION The president of United States, Bill Clinton once said that Kashmir can be considered as the most dangerous place in the world. He also added that the moot point is the line of control in the Indian subcontinent acros
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  • Conflict resolutino and conflict transformation in practice - With the case study of Kashmir
    Conflict Resolution and Conflict Transformation in practice - With the Case Study of Kashmir ⁃ 16 Table of Contents Page number I. II. III. Introduction...
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  • kashmir affiarr
    Most of the Pakistanies don’t even know the physical condition and boundaries of Kashmir. The reason is not that they don’t know but it is that they were not let to know ever the reality. It won’t be wrong if i say that "Thief never admitted himself that he is a thief". Kashmir lies in the...
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  • Kashmir politics and regional stability
    Research On Kashmir politics and regional stability Submitted To: Ehsanul Haque Professor Dept. of International Relations University of Dhaka Submitted By: Kaniz Fatema Roll: KM-66...
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  • kashmir conflict
    Kashmir Conflict The conflict over the South Asian country Kashmir was vastly affected by relevant causes. There were political, cultural, and economical factors involved. Kashmir is considered an in between country mixed in with two countries fighting for it. After India gained their...
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  • relationship pakistan and amercia
     Realation ship pak and America Outlines 1) Introduction 2) A relationship spanning over 65 years, both partners have sustained it, sometimes happily, other times not so happily. Many in the U.S. government and quite a number of independent analysts continue to express the view...
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  • Some Important Social, Economical, Political Problem Faced by the Government Immediately After Creation of Pakistan.
    In August 1947, Pakistan was faced with a number of problems, some immediate but others long term. The most important of these concerns was the role played by Islam. Was Pakistan to be a secular state serving as a homeland for Muslims of the subcontinent, or was it to be an Islamic state governed by
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  • Kashmir
    While hearing either on the news or through news flashes on the internet of the strife taking place in Kashmir, I understood the war between Pakistan and Indian to be about who was going to own the land in between. This war between the two countries goes much deeper than just real estate. Through
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  • Kashmir ; a Lost Paradise
    Kashmir — a beautiful mountain state with clear rivers, evergreen forests and one of the highest death rates in the world. It is at the center of an age-old dispute between Pakistan and India that has dragged on from the independence of both nations over fifty years ago to the present time, with no
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  • Pakistan Business
    McDonalds first opened a store in Pakistan in September 1998. Since then they have opened seventeen new stores through Pakistan. Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald's everyday to provide them with food of a very high standard as well as good service. In the past five years,
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  • Compare and Contrast Kashmir and Israel/Palestine
    Parallels drawn between Israel-Palestine and Kashmir In the world media, the propaganda war rages fiercely, paralleling the conflict it describes. Nighty talk shows air programs with Israeli or Palestinian guests screaming a bewildering array of claims, counter claims, propaganda and information
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  • India and Pakistan
    It was the independence of India from the British, and it's separation into two countries (one being India, the other Pakistan) that marked the beginning of what we today know as the world's oldest and most historical enemies. Many wars (including the Kashmir and Bangladesh wars) and peace treaties
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