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  • Kalatsutsi Liniment

    costs Php 30 and Annatto leaves may be found in farming fields and backyards. Such ointments are already known to many like Efficascent, Katinko, White Flower and Aldrtz Pau Liniment. OINTMENT | COST | Efficascent Oil | Php 180/100mL | Katinko | Php 80/30g | White Flower | Php 297.25/0.67 fl. oz. | Aldrtz Pau Liniment | Php 290/60mL | E. Scope and Limitation Science and technology is responsible for the most of the things we used today and for showing better ways of using other things...

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  • Pharmaceautical Lotions

    potassium oxyquinoline sulfate & chloro form. Most of the lotions are used as after-shave preparation. Lotions are not rubbed when applied. Types · Hand lotion · Face lotion · Body lotion · After shave lotion · Antiperspirants lotion Liniment: 15 Liniments are same as lotion but they are rubbed when applied. Emulsion:35,36,48,50 Emulsions are two-phase preparations in which one phase (the dispersed or internal phase) is finely dispersed in the other (continuous or external phase). The dispersed...

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  • Natural Pain Reliever

    realization of this research work. ABSTRACT This research work is aimed to determine the effectiveness of red chili peppers as a topical natural pain reliever, compared to the commercial pain-relieving oils, creams and liniments, and also to know if it can be a good alternative to the artificial anti-inflammatory drugs. Three (3) different frequencies of applications were done to three (3) sample persons, and these are: 3 times a day, 4 times a day and 5 times a day, all...

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  • Citronella Grass Oil as Mosquito Repellent

    these benefits of tanglad, one needs to prepare a liniment. This can be done by chopping four ounces of the leaves and roots of tanglad and boiling them, along with fresh coconut oil. If it is infusion that an individual wishes to achieve, use one pint of water to boil the tanglad leaves with. The lemon grass plant may also serve as an insect repellant, particularly of mosquitoes. One can achieve an effect to this end either by applying liniment, or by placing crushed tanglad leaves in strategic...

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  • Lakatan, Banana flesh extract as an antibacterial liniment

    Edible bananas originated in the Indo-Malaysian region reaching to northern Australia. They were known only by hearsay in the Mediterranean region in the 3rd Century B.C., and are believed to have been first carried to Europe in the 10th Century A.D. Early in the 16th Century, Portuguese mariners transported the plant from the West African coast to South America. The types found in cultivation in the Pacific have been traced to eastern Indonesia from where they spread to the Marquesas and by stages...

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  • Export Companies

    * Cebu Jewelpico Corporation 2. Products Offered by each Export Company International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated manufacturer and distributor of a diversified range of pioneering and innovative high quality pharmaceutical products like liniment, ointment, ethyl alcohol, personal care products such as papaya herbal soaps, germicidal soaps, whitening soaps, lotions and facial cleansers, facial creams, scar healing lotions, massage oils, body oils, extra virgin coconut oils etc. Soaps and...

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  • Crooks-Victim

    ranch, he is older and weaker because of the hard work he has done and his thin, pain-tightened lips show the pain he is in. yet he still has to work everyday and he tries to soothe the pain by repeatedly applying liniment to his back. This reminds us of his pain – ‘he poured his liniment into his pink palmed hand.’ Although Crooks is damaged by the ranch and has no status, he is a very proud, dignified man who wants people to respect the few rights he has, ‘you got no right to come in here’ he said...

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  • Power Relationships in Of Mice and Men

    also uses a bit of Symbolism at the end of Section 4 to enforce the feeling that Crooks has got no power beyond his room:”Crooks sat on his bunk and looked at the door for a moment, and then he reached for the liniment bottle. He pulled out his shirt in back, poured a little liniment in his pink palm, and, reaching around, he fell slowly to rubbing his back.” The first sentence in the last paragraph has symbolism in it: the door is the power barrier-on one side there are the black on the other...

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  • Crooks Essay Questions

    the range of medicine bottles, both for himself and the horses’. Even though he was the only human in his room, it isn’t really his own. Steinbeck talks about crook’s medicine bottles and about him rubbing liniment in to his back, now and the he poured a few drops of the liniment into his pink-palmed hand and reached up under his shirt again’. It is a human trait to feel sympathy for things in pain. The writher knows this so he uses very descriptive language to make the reader sympathetic...

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  • The Ballad of the Salad

    was asleep. If some guy was with me, he could tell me I was asleep, an’ then it would be all right. But I jus’ don’t know.” (pg. 73)7. Crooks sat on his bunk and looked at the door for a moment, and then reached for the liniment bottle. He pulled out his shirt, poured a little liniment in his pink palm and, reaching around, he fell slowly to rubbing his back. (pg. 83)8. And Lennie said softly to the puppy, “Why do you got to get killed? You ain’t so little as mice. I didn’t bounce you hard.” He bent...

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  • "I Am the Cheese" Quotes which give clues that the character is recapping the past.

    meant for speed..." The hospital road isn't a main road. Pg. 103- "I feel more vulnerable than ever...I hear the car again." The last time Adam was chased by a car, he's parents were killed. He must be traumatized. Pg. 113- "The smell...sickroom liniment." This is a clue to the reader that Adam is in the hospital during this trip. Pg. 121- "...it must be soundproof..." Normal families don't have soundproof rooms. Pg.124- "...that's how he helps us survive." By no one really knowing who Grey is...

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  • application of lean principles in a company study

    social responsibility. The company is founded by the Wong-Castillo family, one of Cebu’s prominent successful Filipino-Chinese industrialists. IPI just celebrated its 50th founding anniversary in May 2009. From its humble beginnings as producer of liniment preparation, IPI has now diversified into a wide variety of product lines from detergents, food supplements, anti-septic compounds, processed foods, among others. In celebrating its achievements, IPI continues to extend financial and logistical support...

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  • Marijuana: More Than Just Psychoactive Drug

    properties of THC are unavailable without decarboxylation, therefore ruling out any allegations of brain damage, memory loss, or any other psychiatric illnesses. medical marijuana is also an effective topical preparation - a salve or liniment, applied to painful joints and muscle spasms. Used in this form, it appears to have no psychoactive potential, but still has a pain relieving effect, making this form useful for controlling pain safely. I think that medical marijuana...

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  • the covered wagon

    and coffee pot were considered vital for food preparation, and of course there must be room in the wagon to transport food. Bedding and a minimal amount of clothing was packed, as well as firearms for personal protection. First aid kits including liniments, bandages and surgical supplies were included, as well as sewing supplies, clocks, furniture, jewelry and China were considered less important, but were often included if there was room. It is said that those items were much less valuable of the...

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  • 3 Pharmaceutical Solution Part I CUCMS 20142015

    Sweet &/or Viscid Nonaqueous 1. Douches 2. Enemas 3. Gargles 4. Mouthwashes 5. Nasal washes 6. Juices 7. Sprays 8. Otic solutions 9. Inhalations 1. Syrups 2. Honeys 3. Mucilages 4. Jellies 1. Elixirs 2. Spirits 3. Collodions 4. Glycerins 5. Liniments 6. Oleo Vitamin Aqueous Pharmaceutical Solutions Aqueous solutions  Water – most widely use  Vehicle – physiological compatibility & less toxicity  Dielectric constant – ensure dissolution of a wide range of ionizable materials  Types of...

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  • Mccormick

    Willoughby M. McCormick. McCormick’s first products were root beer, flavoring extracts, and fruit syrups and juices, sold under "Bee Brand" and "Silver Medal" trademarks; "Iron Glue" (Sticks Everything But the Buyer) and "Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Liniment" (For Man Or Beast). Products were sold door-to-door and the motto was "Make the Best - Someone Will Buy It." In 1896 McCormick bought F. G. Emmett Spice Company of Philadelphia. All machinery was shipped to Baltimore, as the firm prepared to enter...

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  • notes on chapter 4

    very few rights at all. Steinbeck portrays Crooks to be a very intelligent black man, as at the time people thought that Negroes were dumb. Description of crooks’ appearance. Pg 99 Crooks is pained not just physically but also mentally. Liniment – like deep heat. Lennie arrives noiselessly at crooks’ door way. Crooks’ reaction is to scowl showing that he is not pleased to see him. Lennie tries to make friends, he smiles helplessly at crooks. Crooks instantly tells Lennie he has no...

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  • Of Mice and Men and Crooks Display

    stood along, cheering for more. The boss is portrayed as a swell fellow, but even kind men can be racist. Ignorance is a bliss, they say. Or is it? Hopes and dreams. Where do they get you? Nowhere. Crooks is found alone, placing liniment onto his sore back, when Lennie pops his head inside. Crooks doesn’t appreciate Lennie being present in his room. He’s not allowed in the other men’s cabins, so why should he permit Lennie to walk right in? After little consideration, Crooks...

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  • Aromatherapy: Not All About the Aroma

    Some of the most common aromatherapy remedies treat indigestion, swelling, and infection. Most everyone knows that adding a few drops eucalyptus to a steaming pot of water and inhaling the steam destroys infection when you have a sinus infection. A liniment that contains peppermint warms muscles and eases away pain. Essential oils easily penetrate the skin to decrease underlying inflammation. Spotlight on important essential oils: Studies have verified the therapeutic qualities associated with...

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  • Emulsification

    hygiene, and cosmetics, emulsions are frequently used. These are usually oil and water emulsions, but which is dispersed and which is continuous depends in many cases on the pharmaceutical formulation. These emulsions may be called creams, ointments, liniments (balms), pastes, films, or liquids, depending mostly on their oil-to-water ratios, other additives, and their intended route of administration. The first 5 are topical dosage forms, and may be used on the surface of the skin, transdermally, ophthalmically...

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  • Crooks and Curley's Wife

    same character he was a short time ago when men could beat him for entertainment and there was nothing he could do. At the end of this scene when the other men come back and everyone but Crooks has left the room, he returns to rubbing his back with liniment just as he was at the beginning of the scene, this is Steinbeck’s way of showing us the dream is over for him and he may be on the ranch for a long time to come with no way of escape. In conclusion the relationship between Crooks and Curley’s...

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  • The Great Depression

    many obstacles that took place during the great depression. One example of the Great depression is shown when George is emptying out his bag. George has very little things in his possession. All he has is “a bottle of pills, a comb, razor, soap, liniment (pain relieving liquid that rubs on your body), and a leather wristband” (Steinbeck 21).The reasons for this is to travel lightly and because they can’t afford many things. “Sure we are, if you gather up some dead willow sticks. I got three cans...

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine

    in excess or stagnating) that pain, illness, or disease can occur. Chinese herbal therapy is able to restore these imbalances once a proper TCM doctor prescribes the right treatment. The herbs prescribed can be taken as teas, tinctures, powders, liniments, extracts, plasters, capsules, pills, etc. The herbs used are known to be hygienic and safe. According to the website of the Longevity Center of Classical Chinese Medicine, “Using the international GMP standard, or good manufacturing practices, these...

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  • Of mice and men

    When George, Candy, Lennie went through door. Crooks looked at the door last time. I think he expected that they will come back, because everyone enjoys at least sort of conversations with other people. When he snapped out of it, he reached for the liniment bottle and had back to the hopelessness and the black man in 1930’s in racist American society. ...

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  • Lexicography and Description of Philippine English

    employs and directs people, or controls a business. 2. Philippine English a form of address to waiters, porters, etc. *verb 3. If you boss someone, you order them around, --- bossy, adjective. calacuchi noun Philippine English frangipani. Also kalatsutsi. *Note This word is borrowed into English from Tagalog. carless adjective Philippine English If you are carless, you are without your car in accordance with Manila’s Unified Traffic Scheme by which cars are banned from the roads on certain weekdays...

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  • Mice and Men

    his usefulness. Like George, Candy clings to the idea of having the freedom to take up or set aside work as he chooses. 3. In his bindle, George possesses a few things for his day to day cleanliness really, a razor, bar of soap, his comb, his liniment, a bottle of pills and a leather wristband. I seems to me these are the things that George only possesses which back then was normal for a freelance worker 4. The boss of the ranch was annoyed at first with George and Lennie as they were supposed...

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    men and feels as if she must not abandon them as she will be there for comfort and support. Dr. Brodas and Miss Evers hoped that funding for treatment would be restored after several months, but the years sweep by. The men were given placebos and liniments and Miss Evers continued her effort to partake in the lie that eventually results in a four-decade period of deteriorated health for African American men. This eventually leads to the 1973 Senate hearing in which Miss Evers testifies into the Tuskegee...

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  • drug actions

    aromatic solution of alcohol used as a vehicle for medicinal agents 8) Extract – a concentrated form of a drug made from vegetables or animals 9) Gel or jelly – A clear or translucent semisolid that liquefies when applied to the skin 10) Liniment – a medication mixed with alcohol, oil or soapy emollient and applied to the skin 11) Lotion – a medication in a liquid suspension applied to the skin 12) Lozenge (troche) – a flat, round or oval preparation that dissolves and releases a drug...

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  • Jane Eyre: A Fairy Tale?

    describes her second encounter with Bertha as one with a spectral quality. She says, “I never saw a face like it! It was a discolored face—it was a savage face. I wish I could forget the roll of the red eyes and fearful blackened inflation of the liniments!” “[It reminded me] of the foul German spectre, the Vampyre” (Bronte 330). In her critical essay, Helen Philpott takes note of how much of Bronte’s supernatural elements have rational explanation when she says, “Gothic novels, at their height of...

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  • Write About the Ways in Which Steinbeck Presents Either Crooks or Curley’s Wife. to What Extent Does He Create Sympathy for Either of These Characters?

    ostracised, rejected and lonely. Even though Candy offered him an escape, he doesn’t believe it as he knows the reality of society are those like Curley’s wife. He has no future. Steinbeck leaves the reader with the poignant image of Crooks applying liniment to his own back, injured from being kicked by a horse, with no one to help him. He is alone, isolated, demoralised and utterly devoid of hope. Steinbeck uses Crooks’ character to present the lie of the American dream. The treatment he receives...

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  • "Of Mice and Men" Vocabulary Words

    light 15. Yammered – To whine or complain; talk persistently Chapter 2: 1. Scourges (pg 20): anything that causes discomfort; pests, bugs… 2. Swamper (pg 20): a handyman; one who performs odd jobs often involving cleaning. 3. Liniment (pg 21): a medicated liquid rubbed on the skin to ease sore muscles 4. Buckers (pg 23): people who throw large bags of grain on a truck 5. Skinner (pg 22, 24): driver of a team of mules 6. Plaintively (pg 32): expressing sorrow 7...

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  • Healing Beyond Believing

    in curing her patients she always give prayers and ask for intercession of their patron saint, who is Senor San Roque and also to the Mother of Perpetual help. And she does rubbing (hilot), it includes little massage with the use of an ointment or liniment, the plastering of the herbs is also present, it is done with pounded herbs and applying it to the patient with a piece of cloth. With every child treated is equivalent into one candle to be lighted or offered to the church. And she is not allowed...

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    using herbal therapy to further enhance their training, and to prevent injury. Herbal therapy is divided into internal and external applications. Internal injuries are treated with teas, syrups, or pills. Externally, the injury is treated with liniments, powders, plasters, or balms. For stamina and health, herbs and roots are brewed into teas. Each martial art system has its own highly guarded recipe for these prized tonics (Woodward 169). There are three main ways to make a Chinese herbal remedy...

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  • The Amish Ways

    sick and diseased in Amish society is through the use of folk remedies. Folk or house remedies as it is often termed, have their roots in the Germanic ancestry of the Amish. Oral tradition has maintained a basic knowledge of various teas, powders, liniments, and foods used in Amish folk remedies for hundreds of years. Another application used to cure the sick and diseased also has its roots in the German ancestry of the Amish. Powwowing, also called sympathy curing, is often applied to cure the sick...

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  • Marketing: Product Lining and Tiger Balm

    for its products by classifying them into Home, Work and Play. Product length refers to the total number of items the company carries within its product lines. Product length of Tiger Balm with You at Home line include Tiger Balm White, Red, Soft, Liniment and Joint Rub. Tiger Balm with You at Work line include Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost, Back Pain Patch, Plaster Warm and Refresher. Tiger Balm with You at Play line include Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Spray,...

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  • Medical Marijuana and Its Uses and Effects

    marijuana made her strong enough to stand up and learn to walk again. Cohen’s tone throughout the article was very skeptical. For example, he referred to marijuana as an unproven therapy, and compared its use without scientific evidence to using liniments of turpentine for curing cancer. He also used pathos and logos to depict the political barriers to obtaining valid studies of medical marijuana. For example, Cohen used the story of how he had to wait four years to try to obtain marijuana legally...

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  • class history example

    36th rather. You look like you're still 24 sir. We we're all emotional that time, right guys? ((((: In our room, our clean room, many things had happened. Some of the memorable moments were when Angel danced a sexy dance, Cristilyn on her ''Pau liniment, tanggal ang aw sa Pau'' commercial and Carlo's performances. amasurvayvor! Im not a giver! I think that would sound better if Carlo would be the one to sing it. Sample Carl! ;D And to the people we owe a lot, to the ''sources'' of our assignments...

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  • Drugs and Crime

    euphoric.” Drug history, Drug Rehabs.Org. Drug use goes far back in history when people used “strong medicine” such as herbal remedies. Herbal remedies were used for pain killers and other healing purposes such as ointments for cuts and bruises and liniments for sore muscles and backs. Medicine men were also the people to go to for health problems and aches and pains. As society progressed, new drugs and “pain relievers” were being introduced into the mainstream. Tonics that were the “cure all for various...

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  • Croks in of Mice and Men

    deep black wrinkles”, and had “pain-tightened lips”. The phrase ‘pain-tightened’ is used to symbolise crooks painful past and the lack of happiness in his life, which perhaps makes the reader feel sympathy for Crooks. He also continuously “rubbed liniment on his spine” implying his everlasting pain. Both physically and mentally. Nevertheless the greatest shock for the reader is that he is living among the animals. Crooks, “had his bunk in the harness room; a little shed that leaned of the wall of...

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  • Pharaoh (by Jackie French)

    trade. “Narmer held up his hand. Then slowly, very slowly, he lifted up his kilt. His scars glared red and purple in the desert light. The strangers gasped. How could have anyone survived a wound like this? Narmer lowered his kilt and pointed at the liniment, then at the Trader.” (Pg 92) Lastly, Narmer was very brave and courageous when he was trying to escape from the crocodile. Narmer even had the courage to poke the crocodile with his very own hands. “This time he lashed out, twisted himself, trying...

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  • "Of Mice and Men" Commentary: Description of Crooks' Barn

    Crooks' "eyes lay deep in his head, and because of their depth seemed to glitter with intensity", and how he has "thin, pain-tightened lips which were lighter than his face". Steinbeck also describes his "pink-palmed hands", which he uses to rub liniment on his back. These expressions perhaps portray the way Crooks lives and describe Crooks in detail. Thirdly, Steinbeck applies unique diction and word choice in his novel; for example, "dirty books" and "special shelf". These words are powerful because...

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  • How Does Steinbeck Present Disadvantaged Characters

    twice in short time to show the emphasis of his feelings. The appearance and physical disability of Crooks also makes him impoverished, he has a crooked back and thus is called by the name 'Crooks '. “Now and then he poured a few drops of the liniment into his pink-palmed hand and reached up under his shirt to rub again. He flexed his muscles against his back and shivered.”67. Steinbeck provides his readers with a description for the appearance of Crooks. This description shows us where 'Crooks'...

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  • Benzoic Acid

    etc • Common food sources: Fruits & vegetables, herbs & spices Honey, peppermint Tea • Salicylate –sensitive people may have problems with phenolic compounds eg in “smelly” balms and liniments, perfumes, cleaning agents etc AMINES • Occur mainly from breakdown of amino acids in high protein foods • Increase with fermentation, ageing, ripening, cooking etc • Several different amines can cause problems...

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  • Of Mice and Men - Crooks

    the reader’s attention is drawn to the light, which then brings them into a positive mood, because the ‘light’ outweighs the negative associations. This is an example of light/ dark connotations. While Crooks is rubbing his spine and applying liniment, he “shivers”. You usually shiver when it is cold or when you have a bad feeling of something. Steinbeck uses the technique of foreshadowing to hint that something bad or unexpected might happen, because of the sudden shiver. At this point, Lennie...

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  • Commercial T

    Ito ang Balita! Tambayan 101.9 – Sa’n ka pa! UFC Banana Catsup – “Tamis Anghang” Victory Liner – “We Move People Better Safer” Voice Combo Sandwich – “Iba and sarap pag my Voice.” ZestAir – “Asia’s most refreshing airline.” Green Cross Liniment: Ano ang sikreto ni mandong masahista? mainit-init at greaseless pa… Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol: Di lang pampamilya, pang-isports pa! (buhay pa kaya ung lalake dun na naka white polo?) Bear Brand: I remember yesterday the world was so...

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  • Rodamas Group: Designing Strategies in Erging Economies

 •  Consumer
 •  Personal
 •  •
 •  •
 •  Chemical:
 •  •
 •  •
 •  •
 •  •  • ...

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  • Company Law and Conversation of Company

    patients, invalids, fowls, veterinary hospitals, hatcheries and poultry farms. * To prepare, compound, manufacture, buy, sell, import, export and generally to deal in medicines, drugs, propriety articles, tinctures, chemicals, pomades, ointments, liniments, lotions, toilet articles, perfumeries, cosmetics, soaps, essences, surgical apparatus, physicians and hospital supplies and specialties and all kinds of pharmaceuticals, perfumery, toilet and medical preparations and materials, plastics, glassware...

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  • Medicinal Plant

    the feet. In the Philippines, oil used as a powerful escharotic and vesicant. • Tincture of pericarp used as vermifuge in Europe. • Kernel oil is a mechanical, as well as chemical, antidote for irritant poisons. Also, it is a good vehicle for liniments and other external applications. • Oil from the kernel is nutritious and emollient; used as demulcent in form of an emulsion. • Juice of receptacle is acid and astringent; used for uterine troubles and dropsy. • In Guyana, decoction of bark used...

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  • OMAM essay crooks

    as it indoctrinates the reader with the same statement so heavily has an impact on the reader. Chapter four from ‘Of Mice and Men’ has a cyclical structure, much like the rest of the book. It starts with a description of crooks and him rubbing ‘liniment’ onto his back and ends in the same way. Furthermore at the start of the novella, Lennie comes into crook’s room and starts to converse with him. This gives crooks a glimmer of hope and for a short while, ending his loneliness. Toward the end of...

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  • Marketing Case Analysis

    Cleansers * Moisturizers * Corrective / Solution * Hair products * Hair Coloring * Cleansing * Styling * Treatment * Straightening Treatment * Health and wellness * Supplements * Liniment * Insect Repeller * Skin Treatment * Salon tools * Hair Dryer * Hair Iron * Foot Spa Machine * Cuticle Nipper * Home care * Laundry Needs * Kitchen Needs * Toilet Cleaner * Oral care ...

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  • Banana Peel Paper

    cancer and renal carcinoma. In India ,juice is extracted from the corn and used as a home remedy for jaundices sometimes with the addition of honey and for kidney stones. Kudan reported that the peels in conjunction with other substances create a liniment for reducing the acuteness of the arthritis, aches and pains. The organic matter content was found to be 91.00%. Organic matter measures the nutritional value (lipids, proteins and CHOI of a plant material). The high value indicates that the...

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  • bs project

    bottles. Available in sizes from 50ml to 500ml. Amber metric medical bottles are used for packaging a wide range of oral medicines. . Ribbed oval bottles attached are used to package various product that should not be taken orally. This includes liniments, lotions, inhalations and antiseptic solutions. 14. DROPPER BOTTLES :- Eye drop and dropper bottles for ear and nasal use are hexagonal-shaped amber glass container fluted on three sides. They are fitted with a cap, rubber teat and dropper as...

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  • Introduction to the Report Company Profile Statement of the Problem Hypothesis Research Objectives Research Methodology Limitations of the Research

    leaves are eaten raw for pain in the bowel. The leaves are burnt and the ash is used as tooth powder and in decayed teeth. The flowers are useful as an external application in wasp-stings. The unripe fruit is rubbed down with oil to make a stimulant liniment for arthritis. The fruits are used for cough and throat pain. The roots and leaves are boiled and used orally or as inhalation for common cold and cough. Apart from these, fruits are also used for culinary purposes in the form of pickles. The extracts...

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  • yamang tao

    for indigestion, abdominal pains, constipation, and dysenteric diarrhea. - Bitter orange seeds or pips, first torrefied to remove the husks, taken as a stimulating remedy. - Oil from the rind is used internally and externally, as a stimulating liniment, for gout and rheumatism. - In Mexico and South America, leaf used as tonic, laxative, sedative; peel used for stomach aches and high blood pressure. - Basque in Europe used the leaves for stomachaches, insomnia and palpitations. Others - In...

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  • Lion's Creed

    beaten and dehydrated, he was in barely any condition to live, let alone open his eyes. If the pain did not kill him, the infections, surely would. Still, it is important to try. We scurried him back to the camp where I treated him with bandages and liniment. Day 5: Miraculously, a few days later, he awoke. He seemed different than the rest of the royal expedition, feral is the word best describing him. He saw, that we seem quite like himself, or so he thought. He was intrigued by our skin color...

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  • Hospital and Home Care Rendered to Post- Ceasarean Mothers

    the site of the disorder, are used in treatment.  Herbal teas, pills or powders are mixed and matched  with various standard preparations, like syrups or tinctures, which are kept on hand.  External or topical treatment methods, like compresses, liniments, salves, cataplasms or poultices, and fomentations are also used. Taking Bath after C-Section Incision You are expected to take utmost care to avoid any kind of infection after c section. Bleeding after c section can lead to fatigue. You may...

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  • Introduction to Dosage Form

    Parenteral Injection * Intradermal (ID) * Intramuscular (IM) * Intraosseous (IR) * Intraperitoneal (IP) * Intravenous (IV) * Subcutaneous (SC * Intrathecal (IT) Injection into the spinal column Topical * Cream, gel, liniment or balm, lotion, or ointment, etc. * Ear drops (otic) * Eye drops (ophthalmic) * Skin patch (transdermal) Suppository * Rectal (e.g., enema) * Vaginal (e.g., douche, pessary, etc.) Oral dosage form Capsules In the manufacture...

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  • Bael

    Due to the presence of the neurotoxic compound thujone, internal use can be harmful if used for prolonged periods or while pregnant .The essential oil within the plant has been used for cleansers, disinfectants, hair preparations, insecticides, liniment, room sprays, and soft soaps. There are some reports that the Ojibwa made a soup from the inner bark of the soft twigs. Others have used the twigs to make teas to relieve constipation and headache. Phyllanthus niruri Kingdom: Division: ...

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  • Sports Injury

    and to commence appropriate rehabilitation. Avoid HARM After An Injury Lastly, during the first 48–72 hours after an injury there are certain actions that must be avoided. These include the application of heat (for example, use of hot liniments, spas, saunas and hot baths), drinking alcohol, physical activity and massage. To better remember these items, we can use heat, alcohol, running (physical activity) and massage and make up the word HARM and remember that it’s harmful to do during...

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  • Anne of Green Gables: Personality and Destiny

    with Diana in their spare room. However they jumped into bed on Miss Barry ,an old but rich relative who had promised to pay for Diana’s music lessons. She meant to dye her red hair raven black but it turned out to be green. She made a cake with liniment rather than vanilla . All her mistakes made Marilla amused and amazed. One of her merits is that she never made the same mistake twice with each mistake helping to cure her of some great shortcoming. As time went by ,Anne made less and less mistakes...

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