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K217 Tma05

K217 EMA Report Gary Table of Contents Page 1. Table of Contents Page 2. Introduction Page 3. Context Page 4. Discussion Page 8. Conclusions and Recommendations Page 9. References Introduction This is a report on Gary a 52 year old male service user who lives within the county of Conway. Due to a serious car accident some time ago he has lost the use of both his legs and he does not work...

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TMA05 draft 0

How have different research methods contributed to understanding how infants organise the world into classes, categories and concepts? Psychologists regularly conduct research and construct scientific hypothesis while pushing the boundaries of psychology in a concerted effort to understand human nature, while answering complex questions in this important and intriguing area of study. Probably one of the most challenging fields facing psychologists is the study of children, especially in the area...

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Contribution tma05

 TITLE Culture and context factors in the building of internal working model ABTRACT This study examines the influence of culture and context in the lifespan development of relationships. More specifically, the researcher explores the impact of internal working model in adulthood. A qualitative analysis was conducted on a pre-edited filmed interview. Thematic analysis found culture and context to be influential factors and just as equally important as the internal working model. INTRODUCTION ...

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Do Person-Centred Care Services Enable Service Users to Lead ‘Normal Lives’

‘normal lives’? This essay will establish whether person-centred care services enable service users to lead ‘normal lives’. The author will examine identity and the concept of ‘normalization’ by exploring Goffman’s work on ‘stigma’ and stereotyping (K217, Chapter 5, p.6) . In addition, the concept of normalization will be challenged by the social model of disability, and finally person-centred care will be analyzed and how this can impact the way disabled people receive health and social care services...

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Ethical Principles and Codes of Practice Can Provide Guidance in Day-to-Day Practice. Analyse Peter’s Situation in the Case Study and Come to a Conclusion About What Would Be an Appropriate Response.

care ethical principles are used along with codes of practice to guide and enhance the decision-making process. These principles are related to a sense of doing the right thing or that which is moral and with ideas of what is good and bad practice (K217, Book 4, p28).This idea can be problematic and can be viewed both objectively and subjectively. If viewed from an objective point of view, who should be trusted to know what is the objective truth? If subjective, who is the one whose opinion should...

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Using Trevor’s and Dahlia’s Accounts from Activity 2.3 in Learning Guide 2, Describe How the Biomedical, and Social Models of Health, Might Inform Different Approaches to Improving or Maintaining Trevor’s Quality of Life .

importance of social influences on health, i.e., stress factors and lifestyle. ‘Good Health’ is now recognised as ‘merely an absence of a disease’. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines it as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing’(K217, Block 1, p.28). Sociologists use the term ‘illness’ to describe individual subjective experience of ‘feeling unwell’. The term sickness refers to social status, which is defined professionally, i.e., by a doctor who issues a sick note, while disease...

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tma02 good essay

K217 – TMA 2 Do personalisation and person-centred care ensure service provision that takes into account a service user’s identity? This essay will try to establish what identity is and if personalisation and person-centred care can ensure a service user’s identity is taken into account when accessing health and social care services. It will look at the work of Berger and Luckman and their suggestion that identity is always ‘socially constructed’, and will also explore Goffman’s concepts of ‘stigma’...

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How Could Use of the Concept of ‘Critical Practice’ Help to Avoid the Creation of Unnecessary Dependency in Older People Who Are Users of Health and Social Care Services?

client/patient. How this is setup will define the beginning of that particular relationship. They are many types of relationships and one type of relationship would be a constructive relationship. Forging relationships is the first pillar of critical practice (K217, a) Constructive relationships sometimes need to be further developed due to the diverse and challenging clients, and/or colleagues, or other parties who will be involved in the treatment and care for the client. Once a relationship has been forged...

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Health Care and Nursing Home

11 1. Introduction 1. Summary of main points from the case study: This report will discuss the circumstances of Earl and will explore theories and perspectives located within K217 module materials and other sources in order to offer some recommendations about Earl. illustrate the traumas which where faced by Earl. By studying Earl’s case study who 63 year, is currently a patient of a nursing home, who has been diagnosed...

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Lifestyle in health and social care

difference and inequality’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The Open University (2013) ‘Activity 8.5: Disability and wellbeing’, K217 Learning Guide 8: Health and wellbeing for all [online]. Available at https://learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=349909&section=1.5 (accessed 20 December 2013) The Open University (2013) ‘Activity 8.6: Unlikely Leaders’, K217 Learning Guide 8: Health and wellbeing for all [online]. Available at https://learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=349909&section=1...

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Systems Thinking

an organisational mess you are/have been associated with. (If this is the same mess as TMA05, briefly summarise the key points which have led you to selecting the metaphors you use in Part 2. Also please attach your TMA05 PART1 Mess Description as an APPENDIX). (max: 400 words for PART 1) My chosen mess is: It fits the following mess criteria, because: a) b) c) etc) Following on from TMA05, the organisational mess I described was the 5yr Transformation Programme embarked upon...

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Skin Cancer and Expert Knowledge

TMA05 Write a report on the disputed role of expert knowledge in understanding and managing risk Contents 1. Introduction – Page 3 2. What is risk? – Page 4 3. Risk Society – Page 5 4. Evidence of risk in contemporary society – Page 6 1. Allotment example – Page 6 2. Sun tanning example – Page 7 5. Conclusion – Page 8 6. References – Page 9 ...

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How the official status of the English language shapes the debates over education around the world.

 TMA05 U214 How the official status of the English language shapes the debates over education around the world. Kachru’s model splits the global use of the English language into three circles; inner, outer and expanding. This essay will evaluate how the official status of English, in a country from each of these circles, shapes the debate over education. Firstly America, how do the policies for monolinguistic teaching...

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The effect of retirement upon the mental and/or physical health of an individual

and also generate some interest beyond the research. Recording the outcomes enables the researcher to think and reflect at the same time keeping track of progress in learning at various stages of the research. 1401 Task 3: (Research outline for TMA05). Research focus: The issue of retirement generated a lot of interest in me especially after the interview with John. I had taken many aspects of retirement for granted. The interviews opened up an area I feel need researching. The involvement of...

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Experiment and De100 Module Team

Tma05, Introduction to a de100 project on the likeness of a logo A fictitious educational experiment was created and conducted by a team on the DE100 module and therefore they had to maintain plan and undertake a project to pinpoint their potential findings; this therefore meant launching a logo for internet TV channel in order to address whether or not evaluative conditioning works in either experimental or control conditions. The logo was used to question if it would attract an audience and...

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TMA05 Discuss how views about the Benin plaques have changed, and how this has been reflected in their representation in museums. You must include close analysis of at least one reading from Book 3 and one plate from the illustration Book in your answer. Africa was a much sought after prize during the late 19th and early 20th century, the reasons behind the scramble that ensued was purely to spread Christianity, Capitalism and Colonialism. By 1914 there was only 10% of Africa that wasn’t under the...

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Select Two of the Three Articles That You Found for Activity 12.5 in Learning Guide 12. Using These in Conjunctions with Relevant Module Materials, Describe and Analyse Two Barriers to Integrated Working in Health and

Open University (2010) ’Chapter 12: Understanding integrated working in health and social care’, ‘Power in integrated working’, Milton Keynes, The Open University, 2010, p. 88 The Open University (2010) ‘Section 1: The landscape of leadership’, K217 Learning Guide 12 [online] Available at https://learn2.open.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/704632/mod_resource/content/3/ebook_k217_leadership-booklet_e1i1_sup021570_l3.pdf (Accessed 25 January 2013 )...

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Advocacy in health and social care

Bornat, J. Goodley, D, (2010) ‘Understanding advocacy – justice, choice and access’, in, The Open University (2010) ‘Exploring power and participation’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The Open University (2013) ‘Activity 9.6: Elinor’s story’, K217 Learning Guide 9: Power and Participation for people who use services [online]. Available at https://learn2.open.ac.uk/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=349915&section=2.6 (Accessed 3 February 2014) Turner, A. MacKian, S. Woodthorpe, K. (2010) ‘Understanding...

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Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

and 250, the ‘Serenata notturna’ k239 and numerous divertimentos (including k188, 240, 247 and 252) all date from this time; he also composed several arias, including Si mostra la sorte k209, Con ossequio, con rispetto k210, Voi avete un cor fedele k217 and Ombra felice … Io ti lascio k255. It is likely that Mozart's cultivation of instrumental music, which in many cases he wrote for private patrons rather than the court, was encouraged by Leopold, who during his heyday had been the most prominent...

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