• School vs. junk food
    Junk food in school is a great idea because it appeals to more kids. Its brings money to the school and as a young adult in high school you should be able to choose what you eat. Junk food is tasty and kids want to eat it. It gives you a quick energy boost to stay up to be attentive to their instr
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  • Junk food in schools
    Junk Food in Schools There is something wrong when salsa passes as a vegetable in the school cafeteria and students can buy soda and candy from vending machines on campus. With this in mind we can only begin to wonder what the future holds for today's adolescents. When students are exposed to a l
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  • Junk food should be banned in schools
    How often do you walk through a shopping centre only to catch the scent of a fast food take away shop around the corner? The smell of the food instantly fires up your appetite for the greased up substance people consider food. So you tell yourself why not? It's there, it's cheap, it's easy, and so y
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  • Junk food taxes
    Abstract The on going issue of battling obesity in America continues to haunt us. It has become a national epidemic and a major topic for controversy. The suggestion of implementing a junk food tax was proposed by several experts. The purpose of the tax was to decrease the consumption of unhealthy
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  • Junk food industry and obesity
    “In the U.S. obesity rates have risen from 14% in 1978 to 31% in 2000…according to WHO/FAO in 2001, chronic diseases resulting largely from poor diet contributed to 60% of the 56 million reported deaths worldwide” (Lang & Heasman 2004:53). Both Canadian and American citizens alike spend vast a
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  • Ethics- junk food advertising for children
    What are the facts? Child obesity is a growing problem in Australia, with an estimated 2/3 of children considered overweight, 1/3 of which are considered obese. Coincidently, Australia not only has the most overweight children, it also has the highest proportion of junk food advertising on comme
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  • Junk food ban in schools
    At the moment there is a restriction on junk food in schools for example vending machines in your school have changed from chocolate bars and crisps to nutri-grain bars and drinks. Junk food is not served as frequently and you may feel disappointed about this. I think the ban is a good thing since
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  • Advertising junk food to children
    It has been recently reported by the Guardian that billions of pounds are spent every day by the junk food companies on persuading children to consume these companies’ products. Should government allow these companies to advertise their products on the media during the children shows time? Some pe
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  • Junk food
    Junk food In this generation most people eat a lot of junk food instead of homemade meals. Foods of low nutritional value are usually known as junk food. An example of junk food would be take away food, sugary snack and even pre packed meals also. This is becoming a problem in the world because peo
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  • Junk food in schools: length: 241 words (0.7 double-spaced pages) rating: red (free) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - junk food is a common treat that many kids love to eat.
    Junk Food in Schools: Length: 241 words (0.7 double-spaced pages) Rating: Red (FREE) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Junk food is a common treat that many kids love to eat. However, selling unhealthy foods at school is not the smartest choice for a s
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  • Junk food
    Scientists say that junk food is harmful to people's health. Some say the way to ask people to eat less fast food is to educate them, while others say education does not work. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion. The past 50 years have seen a dramatic increase in the availability of the
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  • Teenagers love to eat junk food , is eating junk food health?
    Teenagers today are becoming addicted to fast food without realizing the effects. As they have been surrounded by junk food all of their lives so it is really the only type of food that they have ever known. People who lived one hundred years ago did not grow up with junk food so they are used to ea
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  • Junk food manufacture
    Junk food companies are advertising there products to children is it good or is it bad for them? Some people think that it’s ok to advertise junk food to the children saying “how will junk food products will sell their products without advertising the food?” . and some other say “ it’s u
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  • Junk food
    We all know that junk food is not the best for our body; we even call it "junk.". The term was coined by the Center for Science director, Michael Jacobson, in 1972. Since then, the term has been commonly used. junk food is saturated with fats, sodium, and calories and their nutritional value is v
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  • Banning junk food in school
    Banning Junk Food in Schools Banning junk food what’s the point? It would be healthier in school than in McDonalds or the mall. They should not ban junk foods in school. My first reason is that if kept in schools it could make the school a lot more money than the healthy concession that we
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  • Genetically modified food
    Genetic Modified food: Benefit or Detriment? The most wonderful activity a human being can experience is new flavors and foods. For example, the first time a person tastes a delicious juicy piece of prime rib or a delightful hamburger with cheese and ham, his world is never the same. However, si
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  • Atkins diet vs. food pyramid
    In today's society, people's appearance means a lot to them. One of the major things that people focus on is their weight. There are dozens of new diets that people try every year. One of the more popular diets in the last few years is the Atkins diet. Even though it does help you lose weight quickl
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  • Fast food nation
    As I buy my lunch at school, I am tempted by a freezer full of delicious ice-creams, all loaded with fat. A few feet further down, a vending machine full of sodas promises me a few hours of sugar-induced bliss, and a crash shortly thereafter. Elsewhere, I am drawn to chips, cookies, and chocolates t
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  • An economical study of food supply chain
    An economical study of Food supply chain --A case study of UK Milk supply chain Introduction As the basic element of human live hood and society, with the development of global economy, food supply system has attracted more concern than ever before. People buy food and consume them in their dai
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  • Fast food
    Fast Food Nation: An Appetite for Litigation US Lawyer John Banzhaf Was the First to Sue the Tobacco Companies in the mid-Sixties. Now He Wants to Prosecute the Junk-Food Industry for Making Americans Obese by Andrew Gumbel John Banzhaf likes to pose this challenge to students who enroll
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