• Law & Reasoning
    Syllabus Chapter 10 - Product Liability Chapter 11 - Intellectual Property Chapter 12 - Employment Agreement Chapter 13 - Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Chapter 14 - Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits Chapter 16 - Environmental Law Chapter 17 - Antitrust Chapter 18 - Consumer
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  • Taxation Law
    MLC  301  Taxation  Law  –  Revision.   Table  of  Contents   Income.  ..................................................................................................................................  5   What  is  Income?  ...........
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  • Course Notes - Intellectual Property Law
    IGZ 320: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW STATUTORY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW INTRODUCTION * Intellectual property right is a recognised subjective right * Object = incorporeal and intangible * Exists independently without being inextricably linked to a person ORIGIN * What is intellectu
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  • Environmental Law
    TO: The Ministry of Water and Environmental Affairs RE: The degradation of the environment from Rio 1992 Conference - Rio+ 20 Conference DATE: 18 July 2012 DEGRADATION SINCE 1992 Since the Rio Conference in 1992 or in the last 2 decades these are some of the recorded evidence of environmenta
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  • Business Law and Ethics Lecture Reviews 1-6
    Business Law and Ethics Review Notes Lecture 1 Profit affect business decisions, but do we really have a free market to conduct our business in? BUSINESS DECISIONS Internal Forces Type of Business Structure Ethics CSR Corporate Governance External (Legal) Forces Contract Law Agency Tort
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  • Government and Law
    LESSON 1 UNDERSTANDING POLITICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE ________________________________________________________________ LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you finish this lesson, you will be able to do the following: * Define politics and political science * Internalize the importance and goals
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  • Tax Law Exam Notes
    4 PRINCIPLES OF TAX INTRODUCTION TO TAX LAW A. Origins of Taxation - Taxation is not a modern concept, and dates back to the Roman Empire: ▪ Emperor Caligula set a disturbing trend as a tax collector by imposing taxes on food, court proceedings, wages of porters, prostitutes and
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  • Commercial Law
    TOPIC 1 INTRODUCTION TO MALAYSIAN LAW AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM PART I: CONCEPT OF LAW 1-1 Definitions of Law 1-2 Functions of Law 1-3 Classification of Law PART II: MALAYSIAN LAW & JUDICIAL SYSTEM 2-1 Sources of Malaysian Law 2-2 Malaysian Judiciary OBJECTIVES • To facilitate understan
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  • Bussiness Law
    Contract in law, a promise, enforceable by law, to perform or to refrain from performing some specified act. In a general sense, all civil obligations fall under tort or contract law. Torts are usually characterized as violations of duties that are imposed on all persons and that have been establish
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  • Bussiness Law
    MS EDUCONZ PVT. LTD. LAW& AUDIT What is Law? Law means a ‘set of rules’ which governs our behaviours and relating in a civilized society. So there is no need of Law in a uncivilized society. Why Should One Know Law? One should know the law to which he is subject because ignorance of law is
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  • Law Quetions in Trimester 2
    [pic] Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) Trimester 2, 2012 / 2013 Session PLC0015 Introduction to Commercial Law Foundation in Management Tutorial Topic 1 (Question) OBJECTIVE: The aim of this tutorial is to assess students’ understanding
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  • Continuity in the Law of International Organization
    WORLD LAW CONTINUITY IN THE LAW OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION HUGO J. HAHN* "[C]ontinuity ... is in itself an element of legal justice."** PART ONE:t CONTINUITY IN THE PRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS international organization1 is a collective entity established by treaty or other inte
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  • International Law Notes
    International Law Book Notes I. Chapter I A. History of International Law i. “Nations ought to do to one another in peace, the most good, and in war, the least evil possible” –Montesquieu to Napoleon ii. Int. law predates several countries iii. Sovereig
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  • Criminal Law Reviewer
    CRIMINAL LAW 1 June 17, 2011 Introduction to Criminal Law Q: What is criminal law? CRIMINAL LAW – branch of law which defines crimes, treats of their nature and provides for their punishment Q: Suppose Congress enacted a piece of legislation, and any violation of that law, penal
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  • Commercial Law Reviewer
    Far Eastern University Institute of Law CODE OF COMMERCE Commerce  It is that branch of human activity, the purpose of which is to bring products to the consumer by means of exchanges or operations which tend to supply and extend to him, habitually, with intent to gain at the proper time and
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  • Internantional Law
    CONFLICT OF NORMS IN EUROPEAN UNION LAW AND THE LEGAL REASONING OF THE EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Gerard Martin Conway School of Law Brunel University December 2010 ii Abstract: This thesis examines the topic of conflict o
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  • What Is Delegated Legislation?
    What Is delegated legislation? • Delegated (or subordinate or subsidiary) legislation refers to those laws made by persons or bodies to whom parliament has delegated law-making authority • Where acts are made by parliament, each principal act makes provision for subsidiary legislation to be
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  • Summary International Law
    Summary International Law Week 1: International law: Rules and principles that govern the international relations between sovereign states and other institutional subjects of international law. * Created primarily by states. * The fact that rules come into being in the manner accepted and recog
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  • Business Law
    BUSINESS LAW Law Unit 1 Session 1- Introduction –Sources of law Laws are rules that are made by special institutions within an organized state, for the purpose of regulating the behaviour of citizens of that state. The special institutions which have the task of making law in Jamaica are the c
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  • International Law
    CHAPTER- 2 CLASSIFICATION OF SOURCES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 2.1. Classification of Sources of International law Source is found in the process by which it becomes identifiable as a rule of conduct with legal force and from which it derives legal validity. The various sources of international law are i
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