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Josephine Baker

bravest African American woman a person knows is Josephine Baker. Josephine Baker was born on June 3rd, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri. Josephine struggles during her childhood to support her family by working many jobs. Josephine was not just glamorous, talented, and cool; she was important in the society. She is an African American singer, dancer, and actress who rose to fame in France where she named herself "Black Pearl" or "Black Venus". Josephine accomplishments was to influence her people that...

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The Josephine Baker Story

Josephine Baker was born Freda Josephine Carson in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 3, 1906 to washerwoman, Carrie McDonald, and vaudeville drummer, Eddie Carson. Josephine's father abandoned them shortly after her birth and her mother married a kind but perpetually unemployed man named Arthur Martin. Their family came to include a son and two more daughters. Josephine grew up cleaning houses and babysitting for wealthy white families until she got a job waitressing at The Old Chauffeur's...

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Josephine Baker

than the skin tone, when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one's soul, when birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice and all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and brotherhood.” Josephine Baker, what an incredible woman. When thinking of Josephine, the first image that would pop up for most would be of her dancing to jazz in a banana skirt. A performance that gained her a lot of fame, but in truth she is so much more than that. Were talking about a woman who even...

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Short Biography on Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker 2/27/2012 Josephine Baker (Freda Josephine McDonald) was born on June 3, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents were Carrie McDonald and Eddie Carson. After Eddie left them both alone, her mom married a man named Arthur Martin. Her mother had a son and two daughters, with him giving Josephine siblings. She grew up cleaning houses, and other things for a very wealthy family. When she turned twelve years old she dropped out of school. After she dropped out she lived as a street...

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Speech on the March on Washington

[Page 1] Background Josephine Baker (1906-1975) was the first African-American woman to star in a major motion picture and to become a famous world-class entertainer. After dropping out of high school at the age of 12, Baker became a very successful street performer, and soon accepted positions in American, and later French, vaudevilles. Josephine Baker was a major figure in the American Civil Rights Movement, during which she adopted 12 multi-ethnic children and refused to perform for segregated...

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Josephine Baker Biography

Josephine Baker was an American singer, dancer, and actress who rose to fame in France during the Harlem Renaissance: “a literary and intellectual flowering that fostered a new black cultural identity in the 1920s and 1930s”(Rowen). Josephine Baker was the first African American female to star in a movie, the only woman to speak during the March on Washington alongside of Martin Luther King Jr., and the first black international pop icon (Lewis). Jo Baker is best known for, her “jungle banana dance”...

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Oligopolistic Bakers and Small Bakers

industry. In the baker market, there are three giant producers, Allied Bakeries (Kingsmill) (a division of Associated British Foods), Premier Foods (Hovis) (formerly British Bakeries) and Warburtons, produce bread for a nationwide market. These bakers are of a similar size and between them account for about 74 percent of the market by value. On the other hand, the market share of the small and medium sized bakers are only 5.4%. So, are the large oligopolistic bakers and the small bakers catering for...

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Hrm-Ted Baker

ASSIGNMENT 1 AARON HUGHES C00088546 TED BAKER BACKGROUND SUMMARY Ted Baker is a British clothing retail company that was founded in 1987 by Ray Kelvin, who labels himself “The closest man to Ted”. In March 1988, his first store was opened in Glasgow, which was quickly followed by three more stores, where he exclusively offered men’s dress shirts, and offered dry cleaning with ever shirt they sold. By 1996, Ted Baker had launched the Ted Baker woman & Ted Baker lite lines in conjunction with opening...

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Rizals Love Affair to Josephine Bracken

RIZAL’s LOVE AFFAIR TO JOSEPHINE BRACKEN (Western Mindanao State University,ZC) Submitted to Ms. Submitted by Student Nurses Helouise P.Vallecer Karielle Mareez H. Mamungay Rizette Jade O. Araneta Miel Marie F.Atilano Jester lendl Cruz ABSTRACT In this article of Rizal’s love affair to Josephine Bracken it is studied on how and why they met. How do they leave each others side from the time of the first glance of Rizal’s eye to Josephine. LITERATURE REVIEW ...

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Process Design in Operations Management

located in Blantyre which is one of Malawi’s commercial cities. It is a private hospital which is run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Malawi. The hospital employees more than six hundred people including doctors and nurses. 1.2 Bakers Pride Limited Bakers Pride Limited is a confectionery company baking bread, rolls, cakes, pies and pastries. Bread is the company’s main product and is sold to a cross section of customers who take it along with tea for their breakfast. The company’s products...

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History and Memory

MODULE C – History and Memory The Fiftieth Gate by Mark Baker suggests that a combination of history and memory is essential in making meaning, i.e. in shaping perceptions of the world around us. How does baker represent this combination to create meaning? History can be viewed as a sequential series of indisputable events, whereas memory is of such events that are highly subjective, and affect the way in which they are perceived. The link between history and memory and the way it shapes the...

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Retail Project

Malmo Bakers & Sweets Introduction: Malmo is a bakery chain with its outlets in Lahore. Malmo’s chairman Shaikh Mumtaz inaugurated Malmo sweets and bakers 1st branch on Aug 13th 2012 at Chung stop Lahore. Malmo desires to provide quality food with low price to their customers. Malmo sweets and bakers is a family inherited business and they are professional in sweets and bakers. Malmo wants to meet the demand of people with reasonable prices. Malmo wants to open its branches all around in Pakistan...

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For instance, there're records from 1298 of bakers being given heavy fines for selling short weights of bread, and in 1327 they discovered a fraud where the public bakers were pinching quantities of the dough that their customers brought in to have baked. Punishments were rather severe- they included being dragged through the streets and pilloried, or just put out of business. In ancient Egypt, the punishment could be even worse- dishonest bakers often had their ears nailed to their bakery door-...

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The Tomb of Eurysaces

The Tomb of the Baker The Tomb of Eurysaces the Baker is an impressive and peculiar ancient tomb in Rome dating back to around 30BC. The tomb was built by a former slave named Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, who made his fortune as a baker and contractor. It was built in the Porta Maggiore at the junction of the Via Labicana and the Via Praenestina, which is visited by thousands of visitors and locals on daily basis. The tomb is trapezoidal, measuring 8.75, 6.85, 5.80 and 4.05 meters on its sides...

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senior project

biggest challenges/opportunities the company is facing in the next year? Reflection: Completing this research paper on two careers, a forensic practitioner and baker has changed my plans dramatically. After researching the career as a baker I now know that that is not a job that I would want to pursue. As a baker I don’t feel like I am making much of a difference, baking a cake or bread will not save someone’s life. I want to make a difference in life and help people. Becoming a forensic...

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Environmental Scanning

better taste, giving CC a chance to network for corporate and private orders (CAIMA). Operations environment Corporate contacts – Tapping into the corporate gift market is a lucrative operational trend, suggested to continue in the future (Retail Bakers Association). Local business behemoths, such as Blue Cross-Blue Shield, CSX Transportation, and Vistakon, confirm this trend, as each send upscale food and gift items to clients as appreciation gifts (Personal communication, entity HR departments...

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Case Study

biggest problem we are facing is how to extend the community to let most races become our customers, especially Asian. Secondly, Stella’s has a professional team, but they always concentrate on European style. We cannot spend more money to hire several bakers to bake eastern desserts. Finally, based on the recent sales situation, the primary customers are in their middle ages. Becoming a popular bakery for all ages must be one of our goals. As a member of Stella’s, I am responsible to find the best way...

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Pastry Chef website

restaurants, bakeries, and some cafés. A pastry chef is typically found in a professional kitchen and is the station chef of the pastry department. As with other station chefs, the pastry chef may have other chefs or assistants within their department. Bakers may also be members of the pastry department in larger establishments. Some pastry chefs prefer to have their own small business, running a bakery or dessert shop. What does a Pastry Chef do? Pastry chefs create pies, candies, chocolates, cookies...

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Competitive Analysis for a New Concept Bread Brand in Lyon

traditional values. CompetitionInsee, Démographie des enterprises -2010- The market, without counting retail stores, is divided in: * Boulangers(licensed bakers that make the bread from the beginning until the end), * And Terminaux de cuisson( buy the formed dough and just cook it, or buy the bread how it is, they are not licensed bakers). The competitive landscape is extremely fragmented with the top 5 manufacturers having only 8% of market share. Competitor Analysis | Boulangeries...

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Inventory System

Submitted by: Czar G. Jayco BSIT 2-A I.Introduction The proposed software entitled Pastry Making is based on the curriculum and syllabuses of PWU or Philippines Women’s University which aims to train young minds to professional bakers. II. Purpose of Development The target user of this software doesn’t have libraries; they require books and other references, and they don’t also have any storage to put their lectures that they get from their studies. So this is where this application...

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Challenges of a Pastry Chef

Institute of America. The competitiveness can be often seen on television, where, whether they seek to improve their skills, or win prize money, pastry chefs are often seen competing in baking competitions. These baking competitions usually consist of bakers or pastry chefs being given certain conditions to follow in a limited amount of time to present to judges, which are usually adept pastry chefs themselves. For instance, the conditions the pastry chefs may be given are to make a holiday treat using...

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Management Executive Summary

on a part-time basis. Ramlah, who had spent her last five years at her family's store, she was the general employee manager. Her duties at the bakery will include employee hiring and training, head baker and store management. Ah Guan has worked as a baker for over five years and will be the head baker. His responsibilities will also include the management of the bakery shopping list. 4. SWOT Analysis Internal Strengths * Well known in restaurants and local grocery stores * Ability to deliver...

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The Responsibility Project Avalon

Responsibility Project, 2012). Pressure being the highest on creating jobs created a social responsibility which influenced the business owners in taking the business decision in starting Avalon. With no past experience of being either business owners now bakers the owners learned with their experiences by communicating with their customers learning from them where they were going wrong and by staying patient they learned how to make amends and make thing right. Jackie Victor stated “In a lot of ways Bread...

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English Lesson "Shopping in Britain"

How many restaurants are there at Selfridges? (5) 6. How many lifts does Selfridges have? (4) VII. Role-playing - Now let’s rest a little and watch  dialogue "At the Baker’s” The cast: Mandy (the baker) Roney (his sister) 1st customer 2nd customer "At the Baker’s” Mandy: I’m the baker I’m the bred-maker. My name is Mandy, I sell bread, buns and candy. And this is my sister Roney, She sells biscuits, cheese and macaroni. (Enters 1st Customer) 1st Customer Good morning, Mr. Mandy...

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Swot Analysis

tourist traffic in their area as well and produced a percentage for their revenues of up to 35% just from tourist customers. In order for them to have such a business, they have taken into consideration the need to hire full time a couple of full time bakers and several baristas at part time in order to have the JJB's fully operational at all times that they plan to be open for business. The financial plan is to raise $110,000 for its own capital and borrow $100,000 which Mr. Patterson and Mr. Fields...

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Uk Bread Market

bakery white 124 10.1 Plant brown Own-label 109 8.8 In-Store bakery brown 59 4.8 Total Wrapped Bread 1,228 100.0 UK Expenditure on Bread and Bakery Products by Place of Purchase (£ and %), 2002/2003 Industry The Federation of Bakers, a trade organisation that represents the interests of plant bakeries with a turnover of over £10 million, lists ten member companies operating 55 plants throughout the UK. The largest of these are British Bakeries Limited with 15 sites, Allied Bakeries...

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Business Plan For Sunshine Bakery

management experience. Robert Morgan brings financial skills to Sunshine after a 15 year CPA career. Marlene Hendricks will lead the marketing efforts having participated in her own PR firm. Lastly, Debbie Reitz will be on the team as an assistant baker with over five years of experience. Objectives To establish a working storefront for Sunshine Bakery. To develop the strong presence in the community needed to support sales goals. To develop a full menu by the end of the second quarter. Mission Sunshine...

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Julies Bakeshop

elements of an organization * Officer in Charge that is responsible for the training and discipline of the personnel, * Chief Baker that keeps the company record, keeps records of subsistence stores received and expended in making, makes issues to organizations, prepares bread-count statement on the last day of the month, * Chief of section (assistant of baker) that is directly responsible for the efficiency, cleanliness, and appearance of his section, both personnel and material. He is responsible...

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Bread and Coconut Pan

incorporating coconut flour with wheat flour at 10% level (PCA, 2010). Like most breads, the coconut flour is used as a base. But due to its hygroscopic property, more water is required -- Philippine Coconut Authority perceived this beneficial for the bakers for it can increase the dough yield up to 10%. Nutritional Content of Coconut Pan de Sal Nutrient | | Amount | Calories | | 358 cal. | Moisture | | 21.2 g. | Protein | | 10.9 g. | Total Fat | | 10.2 g. | Ash | | 2.1 g. | Carbohydrates...

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Justification Memo

interoffice memorandum to: John Doe, bakery manager from: Jane Doe, Assistant baker subject: Introduction of New product offfering date: 3/29/2013 Current situation facing sweet treats bakery Sweet Treats bakery has been around for around for ten years and has enjoyed becoming one of Lancaster’s premiere cake bakeries. We have had success with building customer relationships and coming up with new and creative ways to address customer needs besides the basic round or rectangular plain cakes...

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Research Paper

good because there was good labour availability said Kerry. “In addition, we sourced some excellent machinery in Australia that makes in-store baking viable because we can train people to the required level ourselves. You don’t have to be a skilled baker to use it.” Soul Bakery is a craft operation, which means products are moulded and finished by hand, and Kerry wants to maintain this tradition. However, he is open to using technology to ensure consistent quality and production efficiencies. The...

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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

for your wedding cake because some bakers only do a couple a week. An average wedding cake cost $543 (The bridal Association of America). A smaller tiered cake with a sheet cake for guest will cost you $1.50 per slice, a mid range with 2 or 3 tiered with standard flavors cost $5-6 per slice and a high end cake will cost $10 or more per slice and that has flavored fillings, fondant, and sugar decorations. A. Check to see if your caterer will serve as your cake baker. Big catering companies and hotels...

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MGT Business Plan

equally owned and managed by its two partners. Ms. Jessica Jimenez has an extensive background in marketing, sales and management. Ms. Nicole Leeb also brings experience in the area of finance and administration. The company plans on hiring 4 full-time bakers that will come in at night and back the goods every night so that the products are fresh everyday. The company also intends on hiring 10 part-time baristas to handle customer service and the day-to-day operations, which will be overseen by a general...

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Bread Manufacturing Process

Department of Health, Education and tribal welfare. Bakery industry has also an important role in popularising wheat in traditionally non wheat consuming regions of the country. II. MARKET POTENTIAL A survey conducted by the Society of Indian baker reveals the need for a two fold increase in the production of bread. The present production bread in the country is more than 9 lakh tonnes and by 1990 this figure is expected to reach 15.20 lakh tonnes. The Government is encouraging the bakery industry...

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Bakery Business Plan

I am in charge of the administration and finance. Helen is interested in bakery, so she is in charge of the quality of our products and purchase. And ** is in charge of the customer service. Our bakery also intends to hire two full-time pastry bakers whose duty is making bread and we also have two part-time staff to handle customer service and day to day operations. Products and service We offer a broad range of milk, tea, coffee in high quality, and also provide freshly prepared bakery...

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Case Study of a Private Bakery

changes that will affect your business and suggest at least 2 ways that you can identify new business opportunities. Submit your response for assessment. I will base this project on the bakery Brumby's Riverton Forum, where my husband works as a baker. For the purpose of this project, I will consider that this bakery is not a franchise but a start-up company. According to Wikipedia, "A start-up company is a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and...

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sumptuous entrees and refreshing drinks. The French Baker Skywalk branch also offers free use of WI-FI and charging stations for laptops and mobile phones in addition a whole new dining experience that the French baker “La Brasserie” Concept stores are known for. We got more than 30 branches around and counting. SYNTHESIS In every company, location is being considered as a must whereas production undergoes. Since these companies which are the French baker and Gardenia has a good facility or location...

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of five (5) respondents, four (4) or eighty percent (80%) have one (1) to five (5) employees and one (1) or twenty percent (20%) of the respondents have six (6) to ten (10) employees. Most of the employees perform tasks as cashiers, sales, clerk, bakers and service crews of the business. It implies that some of these establishments hired more employees to accommodate and to serve their customers while some have just enough number of employees to cater the needs of their customers. 1.4 Capitalization ...

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Communication about The Blue Ribbon

something like that. The Blue Ribbon also supplies top local restaurants and specialty shops with breads and pastries, its three trucks ply the roads from predawn to noon seven days a week. The secret of Blue Ribbon’s success: Its owner is talented bakers. It has been guided by the principle of “We are not just about baking bread. We’re about baking bread in the neighborhood we love”. Our Position in the Industry Our company is a medium-sized bakery products due to we develop in a middle town....

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20 Baking Tools and Equipments

ingredients such as spices, leaveners, and extracts, and very small amounts of liquids. Pour liquids, such as vanilla extract, to the rim of the spoon; level dry ingredients, such as salt or baking soda with a straightedge Scales: Professional bakers use scales to weigh ingredients instead of using measuring cups to measure by volume, for the simple reason that weight measurements are more precise and accurate Spatulas: Spatulas have many uses including scraping batters down from the sides...

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Corporate Plan

have yet experience in sales, marketing, and management. Putting up a business is not easy, so in order for me to be a good manager of my own business I have first to take a risk for this bakeshop business. My Bakeshop will hire two full-time pastry bakers and six part-time baristas to handle customer service and day to day operations. Mission The Mr. Ben Bakery and Coffee shop (MBBC) will be rendering a quality service and products. We will offer fresh, healthy and delicious pastry...

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super bakery

oversees the production and delivery of their products, but contract out the major functions such as manufacturing, selling and distribution of their product. In this sense, they are a virtual corporation that oversees the process but doesn’t get bakers flour under their fingernails. The managers of Super Bakery sought out a new method for assigning costs because their old traditional system did not accurately reflect the differences in real cost structure. Super Bakery's management thought it...

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Describe the Main Features of the Fulling Industry in Pompeii.

large ovens with the serving hatches nearby for the use of the public. We also know that the dough used for the bread was normally mixed by hand but on industrial scale wooden paddles were used. Once the dough was mixed it was shaped and marked by the baker. We know things were done on industrial scale because 85 carbonised loaves were found in one oven, this also shows there was a large demand for bread. The ovens found were fuelled by olive logs and large chimneys and flumes took away the smoke and...

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Innovative & Creative Skills in Business

but not together with freshly baked cakes or cookies. When having the real product in front, it definitely enhances customer’s concern of buying it, or maybe even gets interest by the way of doing it. At this moment, an experienced bakers or a person who have knowledge in baking should be located at the spot to explain the ingredients needed to bake and promote “self-baking class”, which means people can bake this cake directly at the shop by themselves under the supervision of the...

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sample business plan

bread, cereals, biscuits, pastries, scones and cake products. Almost every household relies on the consumption of staple products such as bread, and so the pastry industry is able to thrive with this large, reliable demand. Bakeries require skilled bakers as well as other employees to serve customers, meaning the industry provides significant employment opportunities. Many people in their later teen years take up apprenticeships in pastries to learn the trade. It is debatable as to whether or not...

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Josephine de Beauharnais’s Influence on the Great Napoleon

Josephine de Beauharnais’ Influence of the Great Napoleon Bonaparte Josephine de Beauharnais’ influence on the great Napoleon Behind every great man lies an even greater woman. The woman adds character to the man and also affects his actions and morals. The story of Napoleon Bonaparte would be incomplete without consideration of his first wife, Josephine. She contributed so much to his development and passion because of her influence. This greatly impacted...

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Rizal: Superhuman?

de Leon’s movie featuring two filmmakers/historians trying to conceptualize a movie revolving around Jose Rizal. They try to do so by going back in time to interview people from Rizal’s life - Donya Teodora, Trinidad, Narcisa, Padre Balaguer, and Josephine Bracken. By these interviews, the two also dwelt on the authenticity of Rizal’s retraction letter. Overall, Bayaning 3rd World tries to show the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, while depicting the Filipinos’ perception of him as a national hero. As it was...

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Flashbacks of the “Final Solution”: Figurative Imagery in “the Baker”

Flashbacks of the “Final Solution”: Figurative Imagery in “The Baker” In “The Baker”, Heather Cadsby’s use of figurative imagery helps to convey the memories of the Holocaust that still haunt the baker. The use of a metaphor compares the survivor’s tattoos to veins in order to convey the permanence of the baker’s memories of the Holocaust. The speaker remarks, as they gaze upon the baker’s arm, “It’s that blue code on your arm/ [, those] four numbers I can’t decipher./ They are fixed veins” (lines...

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Katigbak c. Jacinta “Bb. L” Ibardo Laza d. Leonor “Orang” Valenzuela e. Leonor “Taimis” Rivera f. Conzuela Ortega y Perez g. Gertrude “Getiie” Beckette h. Nellie Boustead i. Seiko “O-Sei-San” Usui j. Suzanne Jacoby k. Pastora Necessario Carreon l. Josephine Leopaldine Bracken; 3. Appreciate the role and significance of women in the life of men and the society; and 4. Participate in the class discussion. II. Topic “The Women in Rizal’s Life” References: Castaneda et.al., Jose Rizal: The Martyr and National...

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retracted. They claimed that during his stay at the death cell awaiting his sentence to be carried upon he wrote and signed a retraction document stating his regret and his acceptance of the Catholic faith, then his marriage to his Irish mistress, Josephine Bracken on the morning of his execution. Their claims they said were supported by the alleged retraction document and by Fr. Balaguer's memorandum-record or the so-called "Obra". This retraction document presented was claimed to be written and signed...

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The Trip

"adored country, region loved by the sun, pearl of the Orient sea, our eden lost," and less than two stanzas to his parents, brother and sisters; to "friends of my infancy in the last home" (Calamba); and to the  "sweet stranger, my friend, my joy" (Josephine Bracken). Dr. Rizal hid his last poem in his alcohol cooking lamp, which he would later give to his sister Trinidad. He also wrote farewell letters to his father, mother, brother Paciano, and intimate friend and confidant Blumentritt. He told them...

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Rizal Sa Dapitan

family and their cheerful memories together in Calamba, and his loneliness was doubled upon hearing the announcement of Leonor Rivera's death. Not soon, to his surprise, an Irish girl enlightened his rather gloomy heart. This girl was the 18-year old Josephine Bracken who, to Wenceslao Retana's words, was “slender, a chestnut blond, with blue eyes, dressed with elegant simplicity, with an atmosphere of light.” From Hongkong, she arrived in Dapitan in February 1895 with his blind foster father, George...

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The Greatest of Greats

this, he wrote two letters, for his family and other one for his brother Paciano. It was also then, when his wife Josephine Bracken arrived accompanied by Josefa. (Sister of Rizal). With tears in her eyes, she bade farewell. Rizal embraced her for the last time and gave her his last gift – a religious book, Imitation of Christ, which he autographed: “ To My Dar Unhappy Wife, Josephine”. 6:00 A.M., He wrote another letter to his beloved parents, asking for forgiveness for the sorrows that he had given...

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Did Jose Rizal

Rizal Controversies Josephine Bracken Did Jose Rizal really marry Josephine Bracken? Scholars say that there were no written accounts of the marriage between Rizal and Josephine, but Josephine claims that Rizal actually married him a day before his execution. Some even says Josephine was a spy of the Spanish government. One thing is for sure, Jose Rizal loved Josephine. He wrote some poems about her and his love for her. I think these controversies about Josephine Bracken are unreasonable...

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Rizal's Retraction

because Rizal kissed the image that he had requested from the Jesuits. While kneeling and surrounded by the religious authorities in the death cell, Rizal read the retraction document. Balaguer also claimed that there was a servant-messenger for Josephine Bracken to prepare for the marriage at the San Ignacio Church where Fr. Simo will conduct the confession and other things needed for the ceremonies, which will be materialized on the morning of the 30th. Lastly, before the execution and in the presence...

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Harvey Movie Review

December 9, 2004 Harvey 1950 - USA – Drama/Comedy Type: Features Rating: NR (Excellent For Children) Running Time: 104 minutes Starring: Peggy Dow, Charles Drake, Victoria Horne, Josephine Hull, Cecil Kellaway, James Stewart Directed by: Henry Koster By Pamela Byrd REVIEW/JOURNAL Viewing this film is like biting into a piece of your favorite chocolate candy. Harvey is sweet and emotionally warming. Watching Elwood P. Dowd (James Stewart) strolling through his...

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Trivia About Rizal

Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Singapore, Borneo, Hong Kong, China and Japan. SOURCE: http://www.rizalpark.org TRIVIA: His first girlfriend was Gertrude Becket SOURCE: http://www.rizalpark.org TRIVIA: He had a son with Josephine Bracken, but unluckily it died. SOURCE: http://www.rizalpark.org TRIVIA: There are rumors that Rizal is the reason why his son died. SOURCE: http://www.rizalpark.org TRIVIA: Rizal got 9 girlfriends when he was still alive. SOURCE: http://www...

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Rizal in Dapitan and Bayaning Third World Reaction Paper

|Actor who played Rizal |Joel Torre |Albert Martinez | |Other major cast members | |Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken | | |Ricky Davao as 1st Filmaker |Father Obach as Chris Micelena | | |Cris Villanueva as 2nd Filmaker...

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Bayaning 3rd World

it “viewer-friendly” by face to face interviews with the persons involved and that is why I appreciated Rizal’s significant others behind their names. The main point stressed in this film was Rizal’s Retraction, which involved his marriage to Josephine Bracken and the rumors about her being a spy for the friars. There were many possibilities and speculations brought about in this film, which also made me, think. First point, they said that Rizal died a catholic despite of him being a mason through...

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Rizal: Women and Love Interests

see you again. Goodbye! You know with one word you can make me very happy. Aren't you going to write to me?" JOSEPHINE BRACKEN: TRUE LOVE IN EXILE Rizal's exile in Dapitan was one of the most lonesome and sorrowful periods of his life. He missed the company of his friends and family, and the death of Leonor Rivera on August 28, 1893 left a gaping void in his heart. Josephine Bracken arrived at the shores of Dapitan accompanying her blind adoptive father, Mr. George Taufer. No ophthalmologist...

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