• John Brown
    He has been called a saint, a fanatic, and a cold-blooded murderer. The debate over his memory, his motives, about the true nature of John Brown, continues to stir passionate debate. It is said that he was the spark that started the Civil War. Truly, he marked the end of compromise over the issu
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  • The Life and Music of John Coltrane
    A Brief Look Into The Life and Music of JOHN COLTRANE Pg. 1 John Coltrane was born in born in Hamlet, North Carolina on September 23, 1926. John Coltrane was an only child. His father, John was a tailor who played the violin and ukulele, and his mother Alice played piano and sang in the ch
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  • Book Review of "The Face of Battle" by John Keegan
    13 July 2002 THE FACE OF BATTLE John Keegan, the author of "The Face of Battle" is allowing the reader to view different perspective of history, from the eyes of the soldier. Although by his own account, Keegan acknowledges, "I have never been in a battle. And I grow increasingly convinced
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  • John Q. Adams
    John Quinsy Adams was born in Braintree Massachusetts. His other, Abigail Smith Adams and his father, John Adams (2nd president of the United States of America) trained John Quinsy very well. At ten years old John Q. traveled with his father on diplomat missions to Europe. He learned French fluently
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  • John Kerry
    Kerry's rivals wax optimistic Massachusetts senator goes for third weekend win Howard Dean braves the cold weather to speak to supporters outside of a caucus site in Bangor, Maine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Tools
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  • Founding Father John Adams
    John Adams remains the most misconstrued and unappreciated "great man" in American History (Ellis). The second president of the United States of America, he truly was a great man. Adams served in France and Holland in diplomatic roles during the Revolution, and helped negotiate the Treaty of Peace
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  • John Knox
    John Knox Early life Many of the details of Knox's early life are unclear. His place of birth is not known for certain, though Giffordgate, a suburb of the burgh of Haddington, East Lothian (16 miles/26 km east of Edinburgh), is the generally accepted location. He may have been born in either 15
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  • John Donne
    Outline I. Introduction A. Early Seventeenth Century Metaphysical Poetry II. The Life of John Donne A. Family Background B. Education and Study C. Henry's Death D. Anne More E. Life with his wife F. Holy Orders G. Death of Anne More H. Death of John Donne III. Donne's Writing A. Su
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  • John Donne
    JOHN DONNE John Donne (1572-1631) is credited with the honour of being the poet who broke the Petrarchan tradition in England and created a new mode of poetry. Rather than a complete breach, Donne's poetry is a widening of the scope of the Elizabethan tradition. He implements already existing modes
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  • John D Rockeffeller
    What makes John D. Rockefeller an effective leader? In his decades of business, one of the key characteristics that propelled Rockefeller to success was his strong leadership abilities. It wasn't his status, nor his age that made Rockefeller a great leader. Instead, it was his influence. People
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  • John Keats
    Keats, John (1795-1821), English poet and letter writer whose work carried the Romantic movement in England to rich maturity. Despite his tragically early death at the age of 25, Keats composed poetry of great power and beauty in a surprisingly wide variety of kinds: a fragmentary epic, Hyperion; s
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  • Worldcom Rise and Fall Important Dates
    The rise and fall of WorldCom important dates WorldCom: 1983 —Businessmen Murray Waldron and William Rector sketch out a plan to create a discount long-distance provider called LDDS (Long-Distance Discount Service). 1985 — Early investor Bernard Ebbers becomes chief executive officer of LDDS.
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  • A Handful of Dates
    Tayeb Salih’s “A Handful of Dates” is a short story with the theme “a rise in social class often results in losing touch with one’s humanity” ; universally known as “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (John Dalberg-Acton). The author ingeniously utilized
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  • Gray John
    John Gray – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Scanned by NOVA Scanner: Canoscan D1250 U2F Software: Omnipage Pro 9 Date: 28 August 2002 NOVA Scans so far: 01. A.J Quinnell - Man on Fire 02. Clive Cussler - Vixen 03 03. Nick Hornby - How to be Good 04. Locks Picks & Clicks 05. Jeffrey Deaver
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  • Dear John Letter
    Also by Nicholas Sparks The Notebook Message in a Bottle A Walk to Remember The Rescue A Bend in the Road Nights in Rodanthe The Guardian The Wedding Three Weeks with My Brother (with Micah Sparks) True Believer At First Sight NICHOLAS SPARKS ...... Z...... This book is a work of fictio
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  • John F. Kennedy Assassination
    JFK Assasination Paper "I suppose really the only two dates that most people remember where they were was Pearl Harbor and the death of President Franklin Roosevelt." --John F. Kennedy The assassination of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, took place o
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  • John Acquaviva
    With an unparalleled legacy in the annals of analog and digital electronic music John Acquaviva can boast and list pages of accomplishments in just about every aspect of the music world. But let's not talk about the past right now. Surging to the very top of the production and DJ world in the past
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  • John Nash
    John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born June 13, 1928) is an American mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the forces that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life. His theories are used in market econ
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  • John Simpson
    Using integrated approaches, compare and contrast how a sense of protest is created in texts A-C. In your response, you must analyse and evaluate how the different contexts and purposes of the texts influence linguistic choice. You must also consider how effective each text is in developing a sense
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  • John Deere Crawler Loader
    The John Deere Crawler Loader combines a tracked chassis with state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission and electro-hydraulic systems to be the gold standard in tracker loader equipment. This combination of features, spearheaded by John Deere’s unparalleled engineering and history, makes the JD C
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