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Jhum Cultivation

to Baishary, he is now a simple day-labor. He only earns 300 taka per day which is not enough for his family to run. Another one whose name is Aung Sai Heo (42), he also used to live in Badurjhiri village with his wife and six sons. He cultivated Jhum and Turmeric. But after the big robbery, he had to leave the village as well. He moved to Chak para in Baishary Union. After moving here he faced a lot of problem because he could not find a job. This is the season to cultivate Turmeric. But he cannot...

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Cultivation Theory

Television is used to try and change our views or feelings on particular subjects, and even can change the way we look at the world. The media has an impact on us all whether we realize it or not, and cultivation theory attempts to explain this impact. In my paper I am going to explain what cultivation theory is and applies it to two television shows which are Family Guy and South Park. Family guy consist of a mom name Louis Griffin and a dad name Peter Griffin, two teenagers who are Chris and Megan...

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Cultivation Hypothesis

Helena Eritano Mass Communication Dr. Jacoway December 1, 2014 The cultivation hypothesis is very insightful, as it gives the reader and scholar a notable point of view to take in. The cultivation hypothesis is based upon the idea that television, if viewed for a long period of time, would influence a person’s opinion about a specific matter or a group. The person would then, view the matter or group in the portrayed way. The cultivation hypothesis could possibly be accurate, as television does have...

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Cultivation Theory

George Curry Introduction to Communications Media Paper Cultivation theory was created by George Gerbner, founder of the cultural environment movement and dean of communications at the University of Pennsylvania. Cultivation theory deals with the content of television and how it affects and shapes society for television viewers. The theory suggests that the violence embedded in television causes regular viewers to form exaggerated beliefs of society as a meaner and scary world. This is...

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Concerted Cultivation

Concerted Cultivation is a process of engaging a child through organized activities and critical thinking, normally used by middle class families to prepare children for interactions within any given institution. Concerted Cultivation is easily critiqued citing it does not allow for a child to form their own schedule, and often the child is so involved in activities that they are disassociated with anyone not in their immediate family, it creates unhealthy competition between siblings, and often...

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of agricultural products. Today Agriculture contributes for around 10% of China's GDP. In the nineties we assist to a crises in the rural world. The profitability of the grain cultivation decrease because the prices, state-controlled, increase less than the production costs. Many farmers leave the grain cultivation for other activity and between 1979 and 2000 the sowned surface decrease of 12%. To finance the social service and the infrastructure the government multiply the taxes, and the campaigns...

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Agrarian Reform

negotiated with the Vatican through Pope Leo XIII for the sale of friar lands. (161, 600 hectares) • 1902 Bureau of Agriculture First agency to be established for the purpose of promoting agriculture and to teach the citizens the scientific method of cultivation Commonwealth Period (1935-1946) • The 1935 Constitution sets forth under Article XIII entitled Conservation and Utilization of Natural Resources the regulations insofar as land ownership is concerned. The following provisions are controlling:...

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Reason for Low Agriculture Productivity

agricultural scenario was reversed and the following changes have been observed:- (i) There has been a steady increase in areas under cultivation. (ii) There has been an increase in the intensity of cropping. (iii) The production and productivity, particularly in case of wheat has increased significantly. (iv) As a result of increase in areas under cultivation and increased productivity per hectare, total production of all crops recorded a rising trend and the role of seed fertilizer revolution...

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China Agriculture

and oilseeds, furnish China with a small proportion of its foreign trade revenue. Agricultural exports, such as vegetables and fruits, fish and shellfish, grain and meat products, are exported to Hong Kong. Yields are high because of intensive cultivation, for example, China's cropland area is only 75% of the U.S. total, but China still produces about 30% more crops and livestock than the United States. China hopes to further increase agricultural production through improved plant stocks,fertilizers...

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Food and Agriculture of Chile

land defined by the FAO as land under temporary crops (double-cropped areas are counted once), temporary meadows for mowing or for pasture, land under market or kitchen gardens, and land temporarily fallow. Land abandoned as a result of shifting cultivation is excluded. Land under permanent crops is land cultivated with crops that occupy the land for long periods and need not be replanted after each harvest, such as cocoa, coffee, and rubber. This category includes land under flowering shrubs, fruit...

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Income Tax

fit for sale. Like the people who receive passive agricultural income in the form of rent or revenue, the people who actually carry out agricultural operations are also eligible for tax-free agricultural income. ✓ Land cultivation is must: Some measure of cultivation is necessary for land to have been used for agricultural purposes. The ambit of agriculture covers all land produce like grain, fruits, tea, coffee, spices, commercial crops, plantations, groves, and grasslands. However, the...

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Agricultural Sector

The word agriculture comes from the Latin word "ager cultura'" which means cultivation of the fields. Agriculture is a special type of production that generally involves cultivating plants and raising animals. Its scope has been expanded to include fishery and forestry. Its development resulted in significant advancements in the people's knowledge and understanding of their environment. People were able to develop other capabilities to further improve their lives. This eventually resulted to the...

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Cultivation Theory Informative Speech

without knowing it. MAIN POINT 1 The Cultivation is the theory that affects our view of reality. MAIN POINT 2Its changed the images of what body types are beautiful and what are “unnacceptable”. MAIN POINT 3Violence in video games and movies have an effect on peoples behaviors. CLOSINGThis is important because peoples perception may be changing because of the media without them knowing it. II) Main Point 1 : What is the Cultivation Theory -The cultivation theory was developed by a professor...

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Paggamit Ng Datos

some with low quality, just to produce faster to reach the demand of the wholesalers. Today, the country faces extremely high cost for food especially in vegetables. To satisfy hunger, cultivation of crops was discovered as a better way to secure food of a family. However, crop improvement has resulted to cultivation of crops that perform well even under hot climate of tropical areas which are typical for most cities in the Philippines. The challenge to find alternatives and practical ways of growing...

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Von Thunen Model

in northern Nigeria where a concentric pattern of farming land use can be found a hausa village.the intensity is decreasing from the village where it is the market and the source of labour and manure.zone A around the village is under continuous cultivation and is heavily manured. tobacco is the most important.Zone B is an area of almost unbroken cultivated land of Guinea corn and cotton ,which are the major food and cash crops.this zone is continuously cultivated and heavily manured ,Zone C is a system...

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Agrarian Reforms

they started fighting for their demand and the unjust done to them. This behavior came more in action after 1858. One of the most popular events of peasant revolt was the indigo cultivation in Bengal in 1859-60 where the peasants were forced to cultivate indigo and sell them at cheaper rates to the Britishers. The cultivation of indigo would make their lands infertile and bare forever. If the peasants refused to cultivate indigo they would be beaten ruthlessly and brutally so as to compel them to cultivate...

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Farm House Projects on Agro & Nature Way

portfolio, as there are an increasing number of projects where large tracts of land are purchased, and then individual parcels are sold directly to retail investors.  These investments are a full “soup-to-nuts solution,” as everything from the cultivation of the land to the planting and harvesting and the sale of the sale of the crops are performed by an existing farm manager who is part of the project.  That means these are perfect passive investments for individuals looking to diversify their portfolios...

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Cultivation Analysis: an Overview

Cultivation Analysis: On Overview The complete scope of the effects that new media mediums, in particular television, have had on culture and individuals in society are hard to identify. However, it would be hard to argue that television has had no impact on society and how individuals form their values, beliefs, cultural identity and social norms. Cultivation Analysis is a leading theory that explains how television has shaped individual’s and society’s perspective on reality, truths and the...

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Iron Work In Ancient Africa

HIST280: Pre-Colonial Africa September 23, 2013 The cultivation of crops became significant to Ancient African societies as they developed. In the late Stone Age, changes in old life were made possible by farming. Without agriculture, civilization would not exist. Societies are not able to collect enough resources to sustain a large population. Resources run out quickly. Therefore that society will not stay in one place. They will be forced to find new resources. Communities will not be able...

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History and Performance of Agriculture in Pakistan

(11th) • Rice,paddy (11th) • Sugarcane (5th) • Tangerines, mandarin orange, clementine (9th) • Wheat (10th) Pakistan's principal natural resources are arable land and water. About 25% of Pakistan's total land area is under cultivation and is watered by one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Pakistan irrigates three times more acres than Russia. Agriculture accounts for about 23% of GDP and employs about 44% of the labor force. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited is the...

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peasant farm

PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA INTRODUCTION A peasant is a member of a traditional class of farmers, either laborers or owners of small farms, or more generally, in any pre-industrial society. It is mainly defined as rearing of animals and cultivation of crops on a small scale. On most peasant farm it has approximately 2 plots of land and mostly found selling in local or rural areas. They have none, small or limited amount of tools and equipments and mostly use manual labor on the farm. On Mr...

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Boosting Agricultural Production in Nigeria

professionalism in food production in the country. For example two states (Cross River and Taraba) in Nigeria went into partnership with an indigenous company, Notore Chemical Industry, by signing Memorandum of Understanding for establishment of Rice Mill (cultivation and Milling) in their states. This will impact positively on the people of the area by providing food, jobs and wealth. 2. Reduce reliance on oil: Nigerians should go back and till the land with the mission of re-enacting the glorious...

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Agrarian Crisis

that in the domestic market. Unemployment: Unemployment in the agricultural sector increased during the reform period as agriculture was not profitable due to the fall in the price of farm products. As a result, the number of people employed in cultivation fell, which in turn caused a decline in rural employment. The annual rate of growth of the employment in the rural areas was 2.07% in 1987-1984, while it declined to a mere 0.66% in 1993-2000. Even the Dalits and tribals, who heavily depended on...

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Student Exchange Program

VERTICAL FARMING Agriculture has been one of the most important occupations for humanity over the years and most of people still live on through cultivation. In the first times, while people were cultivating by hand, nowadays thanks to advanced technology they use lots of special equipments to harvest. However, this is why agricultural lands are decreasing day by day due to rapid urbanization and, people try to find new methods to cultivate, which caused vertical farming to come out. Vertical...

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Porter's Five Forces Frame Work on Analysis of Rice Exporting Industry in Myanmar

Myanmar Paddy Producers’ Association. Besides, in this era, rice specialization companies take part in an important role in agricultural industry. To promote development for attaining socio-economic benefits of country, it needs the supply chain from cultivation to harvesting, storing, trading and exporting by participating cooperatively from farmers to exporters. From the production point of view, farmers need sufficient working capitals to use chemical fertilizers, quality seed, agro-inputs,...

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Status of Agrarian Reform

is 11.2 percent and 21.7 percent,respectively. In1998, the infant mortality rate was 41.2 per 1,000 live births.Sixty percent of the Philippine population is rural. Over 11.32 million of allFilipinos make their living directly from agricultural cultivation. In 1991, some9.50 million hectares were planted to various crops, out of a total farm area of 9.97 million hectares. Most of the remaining lands are identified to be idle landsbut arable (0.10 million hectares) and non-arable land comprising meadows...

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Pakistan Problems

soil is only 4 inches. Secondly, water wastage is very high in our country. The outdated methods of flood irrigation are still in practice in whole of the country which wastes almost 50 to 60 percent of water. Thirdly, owing old methods of cultivation and harvesting, Pakistan has low yield per acre that means the average crop in Pakistan is just 1/4th of that of advance states. Whereas, Nepal, India and Bangladesh are using modern scientific methods to increase their yield. For this purpose,...

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Agriculture Problems in Pakistan

percent of water. A new irrigation system called drip irrigation system has been introduced in many parts of the world. This not only saves water but also gives proper quantity of water according to the needs of plants. Thirdly, owing old methods of cultivation and harvesting, Pakistan has low yield per acre that means the average crop in Pakistan is just 1/4th of that of advance states. Where as Nepal, India and Bangladesh are using modern  scientific methods to increase their yield per acre. For this...

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Teenage Peer Pressure and Cultivation

Teenage Peer Pressure & Cultivation Peer pressure amongst teenagers is one of their most important contributing factors of decision making. Often times decisions are made based on a set of opinions, judgments, values, and/or consequence. Teenagers are usually looking to define their identity to better understand themselves, so the effect of peer pressure is most powerful during this phase. When teenagers need advice on decision making or resolving issues, they start to turn to their friends for...

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Final Business Plan on Cultivation of Mushroom in India

(Volvariella vovvacea) and the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju). Of these, A. bisporus is the most popular and economically sound to grow and is extensively cultivated throughout the world. However, due to its low temperature requirement, its cultivation is restricted to the cool climatic areas and to the winter in the plains of Northen India. In summer, the tropical paddy-straw mushroom is suitable for growing in most parts of India. Even then it is less attractive commercially owing to very low...

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Prospects, Importance, Problems and Impacts of Shrimp Cultivation in Bangladesh: a Literature Review

Prospects, Importance, Problems and Impacts of Shrimp Cultivation in Bangladesh: A literature Review This Paper is prepared by: Asif Ahmed BBA 13th Batch Department of Accounting & Information Systems Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka E-mail: asif.ahmed0001@yahoo.com Cell Phone: +8801922939126 2 of 12 Prospects, Importance, Problems and Impacts of Shrimp Cultivation in Bangladesh Introduction: One of the major exports earning industry of Bangladesh is shrimp. In the year...

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Cultivation Effect

Cultivation Effects Cultivation theory is a social theory designed in the 1950s and '70s to examine the role of television on Americans. Another kind of cultivation effect is Computer Mediated Communication or (CMC) this kind of communication is done by email, list servers, use net groups and chat rooms. Steve Jobs labeled these “interpersonal computers” rather than” personal computers” because of all the different ways to communicate by way of computer (Walther & Burgoon, P.51). There are...

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Cultivation Theory

Cultivation Theory: Reality Versus Fiction Cultivation theory is a social theory, which examines the long-term effects of television on American audiences of all ages. Developed by George Gerbner and Larry Gross of the University of Pennsylvania was the Cultural Indicator project, which was used to identify and track the 'cultivated' effects of television on viewers. At a very basic level, cultivation theory focuses on the role of the media in shaping how people perceive their...

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Cultivation Theory

as “where the action is” (Lent, 1992), and “not a window on or reflection of the world, but a world in itself” (Chandler, 1995). Television today is responsible for cultivating the perception of how some people view life in today’s society. Cultivation Theory is a theory of mass communication that states that television shows can persuade the viewer’s perception of reality in today’s society. Today television has become the major storyteller and the major source of violent images in our society...

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Subsistence Farming

much more ancient system known as shifting cultivation. Shifting cultivation has long been used by humans for subsistence agriculture in tropical forests worldwide. The major difference between the slash-and-burn system and shifting cultivation is in the length of time for which the land is used for agriculture. In the slash-and-burn system, the conversion is long-term, often permanent. Shifting cultivation is a more short-term use of the land for cultivation so therefore, the slash-and-burn system...

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Semiotic Analysis of Tattoos

Cultivation Theory Daniel Chandler Cultivation theory (sometimes referred to as the cultivation hypothesis or cultivation analysis) was an approach developed by Professor George Gerbner, dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He began the 'Cultural Indicators' research project in the mid-1960s, to study whether and how watching television may influence viewers' ideas of what the everyday world is like. Cultivation research is in the 'effects' tradition...

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living up to the standard of the middle class youths then they will always be looked down upon within society Gerbner – Cultivation theory Gerbner – Cultivation theory Studied effect of television  Perception of crime. Found  Watched loads of TV = Overestimate crime (Mean world syndrome) News reports/TV dramas/ films = Lots of crime = influence perception of world (CULTIVATION THEORY) The role of media representations in society By looking at this theory we are able to tell that representation...

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Cultivation Theory

Communication and Theories (COM1101) | Lecturer: | Ms. Elillarasi a/p Kuppusamy | Topic Title: | Cultivation Theory | Name List: | Afnan Shahrudin | J12010731 | | Charlotte Andrea a/p Joseph Ratnadurai | J12011213 | | Fatema Jangbarwala | J12011032 | | Siti Sophie Ismail | J12011246 | Contents Introduction 3 Definition of the Theory 3 History of the Theory 3 Key terms in cultivation analysis 6 Literaure Review 8 Case Study 11 History of Kevin and Colleen 12 Accumulated...

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Media Violence Turning Good Kids Bad: Fact or Fiction?

Media Violence Turning Good Kids Bad: Fact or Fiction? Cultivation as defined by George Gerbner, “is the building and maintenance of stable images of life in society,” (Electronic Storyteller). It is this idea of cultivation that researchers are becoming more and more concerned with when it comes to media violence and the effect it is having on our culture; is it possible that video games, TV shows, and expensively produced films are influencing our behaviors and decisions? This has been a topic...

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Mushroom Cultivation

cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. • Mushrooms are ecologically important. Mycelium in substrate is active in remediation of contaminated soils. These opportunities can be demonstrated on the oyster mushroom growing in China. The mushroom cultivation in China has a long-lasting tradition. Mushrooms have been grown there for hundreds of years. It utilizes reserves of cheap labour, sufficiency of the matter for substrates and popularity in the Chinese board. The following table and graphs illustrate...

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Wells Siara His1113ryya Assignment1

Mesopotamia began to change from a culture to a civilization, they developed very central characteristics. Some major characteristics that Mesopotamia began to develop were a sense of agriculture and urbanization. Agriculture is life based off crop cultivation, and in order to have good growing crops well nurtured soil must be present. Since Mesopotamia was a land near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, after a drought the land was rich and easily cultivated crops. This well production of crops began the...

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Agricultural Production in Ancient Civilizations

origins. Historians talk about that current archaeological evidence cannot pinpoint a single location where Indian agriculture began or determine precisely why the Indians became agriculturists. They did though have records that suggested that the cultivation and domestication of plants. With the painting and the records gave historians a better view of each hunting scene and peasants working in fields. During the period of 500 C. E – 1000 C. E. ancient civilizations in North and South America and...

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Mental Illness and Movies

to agree through emotion, not through logic or facts. Next, I will discuss theories concerning my topic. Two mass communication theories, cultivation theory and social learning theory, are particularly helpful to understanding how the media act as a socializing agent and thus may influence the construction and perpetuation of mental illness stigma. Cultivation theory suggests that heavy exposure to consistent and recurrent messages on television will "reiterate, confirm, and nourish" values and shape...

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Executive Summary

Coir Pith proved to be the best casing materials and resulted in the highest mushroom yield. Moving ahead towards diversification, the cultivation technology of Flammulina velutipes has been standardized using polypropylene bags as cultivation containers. Efforts were made to increase the yields of F. velutipes and Agrocybe aegerita by supplementing the cultivation substrates with 10 per cent wheat bran which resulted in early spawn run and significantly higher yields of both the mushrooms. Different...

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Unequal Childhoods

that had children around the ages of eight and ten, regardless gender and race. Lareau introduces two core parenting styles that are believed to affect a child’s learning in different ways. The first core theory presented in her book is “Concerted Cultivation” which, according to Lareau, is interpreted as a parenting pattern that enforces a child’s talent by allowing specific activities in his or her life that will encourage the child to unleash and further develop his or her talents. The second theory...

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Agricultural Diffusion- Agriculture started in 3 areas of the world: Central America, NW South America, Western Africa, and SE Asia. It then spread all over the world through trade and travel. Evolution of Crop Rotation Systems- Shifting cultivation and slash-and-burn farming all drain the nutrient out of the soil, so farmers came up with crop rotation. So for example, a farmer might plant corn one year then soybeans and the corn again; soybeans replace the nutrients corn takes out of the soil...

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What Are the Implications of New Media Technologies and Practices for Established Models or Theories of the Audience?

and theories regarding audience relationships with text have been made superfluous. Four theories that have been affected by the emergence of new media both positively and negatively are; the Cultivation Theory, The Effects Model, The Uses and Gratifications Model and the Encoding/decoding Model. Cultivation Analysis ‘focuses specifically on television’s contributions to viewers conceptions of social reality’ (Gerbner et al, 2002). This model assumes that the audience is passive, not active. The...

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Assignment 4 Childrearing practices reflection

family. It means all the basic information about your family Does your experience align (alinean con) with Lareau’s findings about working-class and middle-class childrearing? + Lareau is also credited with the creation of the term concerted cultivation. This concept refers to middle class child rearing practices. She says that this differs from the parents of children in working-class families, who attribute much of their child raising tactics to the accomplishment of natural growth. Unequal Childhoods[edit]...

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Flood Impact Assessment

income derived from it dropping by more than 50 percent. IMPACT ON LIVELIHOOD ACTIVITIES IMPLEMENTED UNDER TRP, AMPARA People from Ampara district depend on various sectors for their livelihood that includes paddy cultivation, fisheries, livestock, highland crop cultivation and agriculture industries. A few people are employed in other primary industries and in the services sector which catered for the needs of individual villages. Most are vulnerable farming community & facing many challenges...

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An Investigation Into the Comparative Impacts of Intensive Agriculture on Environment

Oxford English Dictionary, “intensive” in combination means concentrating on or making much use of something; while “agriculture” means the practice of farming including the rearing of crops and animals. “Intensive agriculture” basically refers to a cultivation system which utilizes high levels of inputs (both labour and capital) relative to land area. While intensive agriculture (intensive farming) produces corps for the supply of food at lower costs and higher productivity, however, it may brings...

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Review of Related Literature

reflect the public rates U.S military members as "high" to "very high" on honesty and ethics, and the public is solidly behind the military and the president in the "War on Terrorism" (Gallup, 2001; Hickey, 2002). Development of Cultivation Theory     Cultivation theory, developed by George Gerbner in 1977, states television has the power to influence our reality, and it is "primarily responsible for our perceptions of day-to-day norms and reality (Infante et al., 1997, p. 383).  Gerbner believed...

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Slash and Burn Method Environmental Science

It is typically part of shifting cultivation agriculture, and of transhumance livestock herding. (Tony Waters, 2007) Slash and burn agriculture is the process of cutting down the vegetation in a particular plot of land, setting fire to the remaining foliage, and using the ashes to provide nutrients to the soil for use of planting food crops. (Colin Stief, 2008) Older English terms for slash-and-burn include assarting, swidden, and fire-fallow cultivation. Today the term slash-and-burn is mainly...

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Candide by Voltaire

with the life given to him, but by realization, Candide now appreciates life and understands that happiness depends on an individual’s attitude. This philosophy depends on each individual’s perception of life itself. The key to happiness is the cultivation of our garden meaning allowing the best to show itself out of any situation presented in an individual’s life. Candide’s pessimism has a solution which depicts a dictum on the right way to live life. Every individual has a responsibility to themselves...

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crim essay

the television, newspapers and the internet (Sanson et al., 2000). This essay will evaluate the relationship between the media’s portrayal of crime and fear of crime through the application of criminological theories such as the agenda setting, cultivation and media effect theory,. Finally, it will validate the argument that the media cultivates fear in the public’s perception of crime. Crime is amongst the most popular topics disseminated by the media (Sanson et al., 2000). Before the transmission...

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The Economy Og Teduray Indigenous Peoples

TEDURAY ECONOMY The economy of Teduray is agriculturally based. Farming is their basic means of livelihood. Their other subsistence are fishing, hunting and mini handicraft production. Most of the farmers still practice swidden cultivation or slash-and-burn (kaingin) in farming. Thus, most of them get marginal production which is not enough to cater the wants and needs of their families. Planting star is one of the traditions still practiced by the Tedurays. This is observed during the months...

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Family Interview

Jim are primary financial providers of Alissa and Emmalou. Charlene and James treat the girls as normal grandparents would and buys them gifts and treats occasionally so as not to overdo it or spoil the youngsters. There is an obvious concerted cultivation practiced in this family, as all of the adults encourage and praise the talents and abilities of the children. The parenting styles of each adult made the impression to me to be that mainly of the authoritative style. While listening to some of...

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Tv Show Analyzed

II. Friends sitcom presentation III. Cultivation theory IV. Relationship dynamics through a “Friends “ episode V. The predicted outcome value theory illustrated in a ‘Friends “ episode VI. Conclusion VII. References VIII. Appendices INTRODUCTION In this report we will distinguish major communication theories through one of the most successful sitcoms “Friends”. Specific episodes will be analyzed, approaching the Cultivation Theory, Relationship Dynamics Theory and the...

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Theories of Mass Media

effects as well as the influence of mass media since theories are formulated according to its applied settings. Moreover, mass media theories also provide critical factors and perspectives underlying mass media. Agenda Setting, Priming, Framing, Cultivation Theory, Dependency Theory, Hypodermic Needle, Knowledge Gap, Media Richness, Medium Theory, Spiral of Silence, Two Step Flow and Uses and Gratifications Approach are the mass media theories ( 2006). Agenda Setting Theory             Agenda setting...

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Plough: Tillage and Soil

The plough is a tool used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. It has been a basic instrument for most of recorded history, and represents one of the major advances in agriculture. The primary purpose of ploughing is to turn over the upper layer of the soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface, while burying weeds and the remains of previous crops, allowing them to break down. It also aerates the soil, and allows it to hold moisture better. In...

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Mushroom Spawn Production Technology

plants occurring seasonally in many parts of the world in various habitats| |ranging from sandy plains to tropic forests and green meadows to roadsides. There are more than 2000 edible species of which only a few have been brought under | |cultivation on commercial scale. Of these 80 have been grown experimentally, 20 cultivated commercially and 5 are produced on industrial scale throughout the world.| |The species grown more commonly and having good export potential are, Agaricus bisporus (white...

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