• Promise and Perils of Globalization - Nike
    1 The Promise and Perils of Globalization: The Case of Nike1 Richard M. Locke Alvin J. Siteman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Political Science MIT 1 This case was prepared for the Sloan School of Management’s 50th Anniversary celebration and should be read in conjunction with “A Note
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  • Nike
    ADETOYESE ODUOLA International Business in the Global Environment: Management and Strategy NIKE Executive Summary In the mid-1990s, Nike, one of the world's most successful footwear companies was hit by a spate of alarmingly bad publicity. After years of
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  • Nike Repot
    Nike and Global Labour Practices Nike and Global Labour Practices A case study prepared for the New Academy of Business Innovation Network for Socially Responsible Business by David F. Murphy & David Mathew The strategic concept for Nike entering the new century is to be an archetype of the
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  • Nike Case
    Nike was a dream of Phil Knight since the early 1960s while he was still studying in University. Once the company was created it grew rapidly, from $60,000 in revenue in 1972 to over $9 billion in the 90s. This is owed to the vision and the way Knight executed it. In the early 90s Nike was the leadi
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  • Nike Overseas Labor Practices
    Date of Submission: 13 December 2009 Title of Assignment: Integrating Business Values: The Legality, Morality, and Social Responsibility of Nike’s Overseas Labor Practices and Misleading Statements to the Media. CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP:I certify that I am the author of this paper and tha
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  • Nike Case Study
    : Nike Case Study Abstract Nike in its creative way has moved athletic shoes from utilitarian necessities into glamorous accessories and in the process is constantly reinventing all parts of the shoe including the heel (Heizer, J. and Render, B. 2010). At first, Nike didn't pay attention to the
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  • Nike Gets Ripped at Annual Outing
    1 of 1 DOCUMENT O'Dwyer's PR Services Report July, 1998 Big Labor rips Nike at Big PR's annual outing SECTION: Pg. 1 LENGTH: 2219 words AFL-CIO President John Sweeney blasted the "Nike Economy" in a rousing speech made to the 47th annual PR Seminar in Pebble Beach, Calif., May 22.
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  • Nike
    Introduction of the problem and key issues in the case Nike shoes are manufactured in third world countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and China (Dobnik, 1997). The ethical and social issues in this case include the disparate treatment of foreign workers and exploitation of low wages. Nik
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  • The Nike Case
    200607-MM-Case-Assignments.doc 1/9 Multinational Management –Case Assignments Case Studies & Case Assignments General Remarks • • • The following questions are to be considered as “guiding questions”. That is, these questions will stimulate discussion within each group. H
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  • Nike
    NIKE One should start by saying that having read the Nike company case study I understood that the company despite its great popularity in the USA has certainly been questioned for its notorious expository practices abroad. One had the company strives to minimize its costs and maximize the profits,
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  • Nike
    1). 1). There is no denying of the fact that Jeff Ballinger has a convincing argument about Nike. As he was assigned to run AAFLI office in Indonesia, he was very much inclined to investigate the labor practices and minimum wage compliance by overseas American companies. Moreover, Nike was in
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  • Nike Report
    08-077 January 21, 2009 Nike Considered: Getting Traction on Sustainability Rebecca Henderson, Richard M. Locke, Christopher Lyddy, Cate Reavis Corporate responsibility is no longer a staff function at Nike. It’s a design function, a sourcing function, a consumer experience function, part o
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  • Nike Case
    Eliseo Arteaga Rao Bus 187 9-19-11 1. I do not believe Jeff Ballinger has a convincing argument against Nike. I do believe he has a convincing argument against labor conditions in Indonesia. He states that in 1988, of the 17,000 violations reported in that year only 12 were prosecuted. Wh
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  • Nike
    The role of Jeff Ballinger In Indonesia, the wages were low, the workforce was submissive and the government was longing for foreign direct investment. So at first, Indonesia seemed an ideal location for Nike. Around the time of Nike’s expansion into Indonesia, a rare wave of labor unrest swept a
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  • Nike Sweatshops
    Case Summary - Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices In the early 1970's, a Stanford student by the name of Phil Knight began founding what is today one of the largest apparel chains in the world, Nike. His clever branding of combining simple footwear and fashionable, urban we
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  • Nike Case Study
    HITTING THE WALL: NIKE AND INTERNATIONAL LABOR PRACTICES Jeff Ballinger is a labor activist since high school who believes that any company should have a significant obligation towards even its lowliest workers. While being assigned to run AAFLI (Asian-American Free Labor Association) he was ch
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  • Sweatshop Debate: Nike Case Study
    The Nike Controversy By Matt Wilsey, Scott Lichtig Introduction: Poor working conditions have been present for centuries. Often times little or nothing is done unless a tragedy occurs to persuade the public to rally for worker rights. This was definitely the case in the United States during the I
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  • Nike: Hitting the Wall
    This article "Hitting the Wall" describes the ways in which international labor policies hurt Nike, a company that was once prospering and a model of efficiency. The article begins by describing Phil Knight's, the CEO of Nike, strategy to outsource all manufacturing. He then wanted to use this money
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  • Nike
    III. GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS Economically * Nike’s selection of Indonesia due to low wages and labor laws and compliance from low to non-existence. * In 1992, Indonesia was the first to react to protest by raising the minimum wage, even though it was not enough to cover for dai
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  • Nike Case
    1. Write a brief synopsis of the Nike case. In the 1990’s, Nike, a well-known shoe company, came under intense fire for claims of labor issues stemming from wages to working conditions to child exploitation. Years of bad publicity plagued the company, including bouts with the media and...
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