• Jared Diamond on Agriculture Review Essay
    Introduction Inequality is the subject of an ever-increasing amount of literature in the contemporary world, often focused on the disparity in wealth between nations. Jared Diamond, in his book Guns, Germs and Steel (GGS), has forwarded an explanation of how such inequality arose. This essay will
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  • Jared Diamond
    Jared Diamond Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond, an American historian, physiologist and geographer approaches one of the most uncomfortable questions for humanity today. In his book he basically tries to research and explain the matter of inequity between peoples of our world. Being...
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  • Jared Diamond
    Guns Germs and Steel During the past few history lessons we watched a YouTube documentary on Dr. Jared Diamonds theories. Dr. Jared Diamond is an American author. He works as a professor of geography and physiology, and he is most recognized for his book “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, which h
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  • Jared Diamond. “the Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race” Review
    Jared Diamond. “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race” Jared Diamond writes about the consequences of agriculture on the human race. He suggests that the earliest farming societies did not have an easier more productive lifestyle than hunter-gatherer societies, contrary to popular
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  • Jared Diamond Style Research
    Jared Diamond Style Research Jared Diamond is a professor of geography and physiology at UCLA. Diamond is the proud son of a physician and a linguist. Having one parent who pushed him to love science and the other to make him love all different types of culture made him outgoing and adventurous. Di
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  • What Makes Countries Rich or Poor? by Jared Diamond
    What Makes Countries Rich or Poor? by Jared Diamond |The New York Review of Books. I find the topic extremely fascinating: why do some nations prosper, and improve the life of their citizens, and others fail? Why do some nations have better education, while others are still in endless search
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  • Tok Bias Essay (Gavin Menzies, Jared Diamond, Etc.)
    Theory Of Knowledge To what extent can disagreement aid in our understanding of history? October 2012 International School of Curacao Wordcount: 2,691 Historical Disagreements To what extent can disagreement aid in our understanding of history? Disagreement has been present in the world ev
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  • Jared Diamond "Around the World in 40 Minutes"
    Name ______________ Period __ Article Summary – write a short summary of Jared Diamond’s speech including the main idea or central theme of his argument. Jared Diamond’s speech focuses on the fact that Europeans conquered the New World, Africa, and Australia before they could get to Europe
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  • Jared Diamond
    Jared Diamond ​Jared Diamond was a professor at UCLA in Los Angeles. He was a biologist by training, and a specialist in human physiology. But his real passion has always been the study of birds. He began watching the birds when he was about seven years old in the United States. He arrived in New
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  • Jared Diamond Gea Essay
    Jared Diamond is a biologist whose area of expertise is birds. His studies took him to Papua New Guinea, where he utilized his skills to study all of the bird species inhabiting the island. One day, a PNG inhabitant, Yali, came up and asked Diamond a question: “Why is it that you white people deve
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  • Jared Diamond - Pizarro and Atahualpa
    Jared Diamond Essay/Notes –Pizarro and the Inca emperor, Atahualpa The European nation relationships first encounter was between the Inca emperor, Atahualpa and the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Francisco Pizarro had come with an army of 108 men, against Atahualpa’s army of 80,000.
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  • Jared Diamond Essay
    August 28th, 2013 YooSeob Jung Jared Diamond Essay 730 words In the modern time period lifestyle in which we live in now, it is a very common belief that agriculture was one of the greatest turning points in history. It had made our life much more convenient. Producing food wasn’t...
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  • The overall theme of Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond
    The Overall Theme of Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond The overall theme of Diamond’s novel has to do with the progression of the human race in different areas of the world. He said that the development of different people was not based off of genetic composition but their location...
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  • Jared Diamond Essay Questions
    1. a) According to Diamond, the acquisition, timing, and the spread of agriculture are the ultimate causes of inequalities but not one of the proximate causes. These proximate (immediate) causes consist of the highly advanced Eurasian technology, centralized governments, and the lethal...
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  • Jared Diamond’s “Why is Sex Fun?”
    Jared Diamond’s “Why is Sex Fun?” Is a book that explores the many factors that played a role in the development of human sexuality. Jared Diamond’s honest sense of humor, sound logic and reliable research keep the reader engaged and entertained throughout the book. He approaches each...
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  • Evaluation of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel
    Evaluation of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel In the beginning of his book, Jared Diamond explains a question that the New Guinea politician Yali, proposed to him. The question at large is “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New...
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  • Easter Island
    Up until 300-400 A.D., the Easter Islands’ were nothing more than piles of rock scattered about in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. No one knew they were there, and no one had any intentions of going out and leading a search for them. So there they sat, for however long it...
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  • Easter Island
    Antoinette T. Camacho April 16, 2012 ENG 205 Shorter Writing Summary In the article, “Who Killed Easter Island” by Jared Diamond he states that people can affect and destroy our environment and natural resources. Easter Island can be used as a warning that cultural and environmental dange
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  • Collapse by Jarrod Diamond
    First Book Critique: Collapse by Jared Diamond Collapse, written by Jared Diamond, shows how environmental problems in today are connected with many of the same environmental reasons of collapse in ancient civilizations. Diamond wrote this book to show that if people don’t take care of the lan
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  • The End of Easter Island
    Easter's End In just a few centuries, the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest, drove their plants and animals to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism. Are we about to follow their lead? By Jared Diamond DISCOVER Vol. 16 No. 08 | August 1995 | Envir
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