• Essay on Muslims and Science
    THEME OF ESSAY Please read the short book 'Muslims and Science' by Pervaiz Hoodhbhoy. Provide your views on the central argument of this book. Building on your knowledge from Bronowski and Sagan, what were the vital characteristics that allowed Western civilization to outpace Muslim civilizatio
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  • Islam and Postmodernism
    Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures A Ziauddin Sardar Reader Edited by Sohail Inayatullah and Gail Boxwell Pluto LONDON • STERLING, VIRGINIA P Press First published 2003 by Pluto Press 345 Archway Road, London N6 5AA and 22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166–2012
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  • Urdu English
    The Urdu-English Controversy in Pakistan Author(s): Tariq Rahman Source: Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Feb., 1997), pp. 177-207 Published by: Cambridge University Press Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/312861 . Accessed: 02/03/2011 04:06 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your a
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  • Science
    University of Management & Technology, Library (New Arrivals Nov 04, 2008) Business & Economics 1. Partnering: the new face of leadership. American Management Association, 2003 2. Murray P. Contemporary issues in management and organizational behavior. Thomson, 2006 3. Kleindl, Br
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  • First Election of Islam
    The First Election of Islam in the light of Shia-Sunni Sectarianism Table of Contents [pic] Abstract 1 Introduction 2 The Election 3 Shia’s Claim to Caliphate: 4 Abu Bakr claims to Caliphate: 6 Conclusion: 9 References 13 [pi
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  • Ethics in Islam
    International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences March 2012, Vol. 2, No. 3 ISSN: 2222-6990 Islamic Perception of Business Ethics and the Impact of Secular Thoughts on Islamic Business Ethics Muhammad Hashim Lecturer Government College of Management Science, Peshawar, KPK-P
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  • Communilisation and Disintegration of Urdu in Anita Desai Incustody by Amina Yaqin
      The Communalization and Disintegration of Urdu in Anita Desai’s In Custody 1 Introduction T  of Urdu in India is an extremely layered one which needs to be examined historically, politically and ideologically in order to grasp
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    ISLAM, WOMEN AND GENDER JUSTICE Asghar Ali Engineer It is generally thought that Islam treats women unfairly and gender justice is not possible within Islamic law known as the Shari‘ah law. This assertion is partly true and partly untrue. True as far as the existing shari‘ah laws are...
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    Question FF: Put these words of a Hindi Proverb in the correct order A. Bimaar B. Anaar C. Ek D. Sau Answer: Ek Anaar Sau Bimaar Question 1: Which of these hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’ A. Aankh Pherna B. Aankh Tarerna C. Aankh Lagana D. Aankh Churan Answer: C. Aankh...
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  • B.A hons political science
          B.A. (HONOURS) POLITICAL SCIENCE (Three Year Full Time Programme) COURSE CONTENTS (Effective from the Academic Year 2011-2012 onwards) DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI DELHI - 110007 1 Course: B.A. (Hons.) Political Science Paper I: Colonialism...
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  • political science
    1 B.A. (HONOURS) POLITICAL SCIENCE (Three Year Full Time Programme) COURSE CONTENTS (Effective from the Academic Year 2011-2012 onwards) DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF DELHI DELHI - 110007 2 Course: B.A. (Hons.) Political Science Semester I Paper I: Colonialism in...
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  • Science
    By Manikant Shah Lok Vigyan Kendra Almora 263601 India Historians of Indian science and philosophers have often wondered as to why India lagged behind Europe in the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, despite a head start of more than 1500 years. Many reasons have been suggested for this regressi
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  • Advantages of Science in Agriculture
    School Code 11001 11002 11003 11004 11005 11006 11007 11008 11009 11010 11011 11012 11013 11014 11016 11017 11018 11019 11020 11021 11022 11023 11024 11025 11026 11027 11028 11029 11030 11031 11032 11033 School Name GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL NO.1, PHOOL NAGAR (KASUR) GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL, BADIAN (KASUR)
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  • Concept About Rrligion and Islam
    Concepts about religion What is religion? In Urdu and Arabic the word Mazhab is used for religion. Which is derived from Arabic roots ___, which means "to go" so mazhab means a passage. No doubt mazhab is a passage going to destination. Whether you pass through any part of human history or
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  • Islam (Religion)
    INTRODUCTION 1. Pan Islamism is a centuries old concept. This envisages Muslim Ummah to be united, transcending geographical boundaries and the cultural diversities. Despite having strong commonalities like Quran, Sunnah and a glorious past, Pan Islamism seemed to be a distant dream. Apparently,
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  • Blessing of Science
    FURQAN MIRZA APPLICATION POSITION FOR AIRCRAFT TECHNICIAN Objective: To secures Aircraft Maintenance Technician Position with an organization offering and advancement opportunities, in which my education, experience, and skill can make a positive contribution to your company. Respon
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  • Impact of Islam on Pakistani Society and Culture
    IMPACT OF ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION ON PAKISTANI CULTURE AND SOCIETY Muhammad Bin Qasim, the great Muslim hero and commander, entered India in 712 as a conqueror and lived there for three years. He introduced Islamic system and left a permanent impact on Indian society by the example of his character an
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  • Impact of Islam
    ASSIGNMENT NO.1 IMPACTS OF ISLAM ON INDIAN SOCIETY Group-1: Junaid-ur-Rahman (ME-123052) Muhammad Zaid (ME-123051) Shamoon Tariq (ME-123053) Section: ME (09) Submitted On: 08-10-2012 Submitted To: Sir Aijaz Athar IMPACT OF ISLAM ON INDIAN SOCIETY ARRIVAL OF
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  • Islam
    2 ‫ﺑﺮﮐﺎت اﻻﻣداد ﻻھل اﻻﺳﺘﻣداد‬ BEACONS OF HOPE BY Ala’Hazrat Azeemul-Barkat Mujaddid Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Alaihe Rahma Wal Ridhwan) Translated By: Abu Muhammad Abdul Haadi Al Qadri Beacons of Hope 3 ISLAMIC INQUIRY This inquiry came to th
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  • Astronomy and Astrology in Islam
    Astronomy and Astrology in Islam Submitted to: Dr. aziz ur rehman saifee Submitted by: Aamir Aijaz memon Submitted on: 28-march-2012 Acknowledgement All praises and thanks are for Almighty ALLAH who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom endowed to mankind and to the humanity as
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