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Ipo Chart

Pie Charts An important part of decision making is having a clear understanding of the information used to base decisions from. Charts can be valuable when a need to represent numerical data would benefit communicating information visually. Some of the most important aspects of a good chart are to select the right type of chart (or graph) that can best characterize the data, also, to keep the design simple in order for an audience to easily understand the information. One of the most popular types...

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11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively

11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively by Lenny Laskowski © 1996 LJL Seminars http://www.ljlseminars.com While everyone seems to be interested in creating high-tech computer generated presentations, the flip chart still continues to be the most effective presentation media of all. One should not assume that investing a lot of money in high tech visual aids & equipment will "make" your presentation. The best visuals have been and still are the simplest. Remember, the purpose of using...

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Tools & Techniques - Pareto Charts

an Italian economist credited with establishing the Pareto Principle. Pareto charts provide facts and insights necessary for setting priorities. Pareto charts assist teams to focus on the smaller number of the causes of problems in order to aid in decision making. Pareto charts organize and display information. They are a form of vertical bar chart. Attributes are discussed. Suggestions on when to use a Pareto chart are made. Pareto analysis is one way to determine major causes of particular...

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pareto chart

Pareto chart, histogram, Ishikawa diagram QUMAN Pareto chart, histogram, Ishikawa diagram Introduction In below exercises we used Bar charts and Pareto chart to identify the most serious and frequent problems occurred in each of the two companies. We also used the Ishikawa diagrams to realize the reasons for the problems. In this report we present the solutions of the two exercises. Exercise 3 Complaint Nicks and scratches from rough handling Furniture rubbed together while on...

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Intro to programming logic

 Problem Solving Techniques (Week 1) 3 Calculate Current Balance after Remote Deposit 3 Expression verifying funds availability 3 Sequential Logic Structures (Week 2) 4 Problem Analysis Chart: 4 Structure Chart: 5 IPO Charts: 5 Remote Deposit 5 Balance Query 5 Transfer Balance 5 Coupling Diagram: 6 Problem Solving with Decisions (Week 3) 7 Flowchart Remote Deposit: 7 Flowchart Balance Query: 8 Flowchart Balance Transfer: 9 Pseudo code Remote Deposit 10 Pseudocode Query Balance...

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Statistical Analysis and Application of Charts

Statistical Analysis and Application of Charts Presented To: Mam Ayesha IftikharPresented By: Hassan Bashir Roll Number: bba02141016 Program : BBA Semester : 2nd Date: 19-Oct-2014 Research Questionnaire/ Objective: Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data Uses of appropriate charts under the specific/general scenario. To ensure that statistical tools are the important for decision making. Type of Data: Quantitative Data Qualitative data Quantitative Data: Quantitative data is data expressing...

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Organization Chart

WHAT IS AN ORGANIZATION CHART? DESCRIPTION Every organization has both a formal and an informal organizational structure. Examples of organizational structures are: • Hierarchical structure (typical for the small, entrepreneurial organization) • Line-staff structure • Functional or Departmental structure (based on function, products/service, customer type, geographic region) • Matrix structure (dual reporting lines) These formal structures of organizations can be represented in the form of...

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Gantt Chart

Henry Gantt's legacy to production management is the following: * The Gantt chart: Still accepted as an important management tool today, it provides a graphic schedule for the planning and controlling of work, and recording progress towards stages of a project. The chart has a modern variation, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). * Industrial Efficiency: Industrial efficiency can only be produced by the application of scientific analysis to all aspects of the work in progress...

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Timeless Business Charts

Timeless Business Charts Copyright 2013 Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy Data speaks thousand words and Charts speak more than that! Are you one among them who are interested in constructing fascinating charts, and do you believe management decisions can be done easily with few interpretation of charts, then you can spend some “time” to read this… Any activity/motion/process in this world not only consumes movement or energy, but they also consume time. Traditionally we have been ignoring time, time...

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Control Charts

Control Charts Control charts, also known as Shewhart charts are tools used to determine if a manufacturing or business process is in a state of statistical control. The control chart was invented by Walter A. Shewhart, (also known as the father of statistical quality control) while working for Bell Labs in the 1920s. The company's engineers were seeking to improve the reliability of their telephony transmission systems. The engineers had realized the importance of reducing variation in a manufacturing...

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gant chart

Gantt (disambiguation). A Gantt chart showing three kinds of schedule dependencies (in red) and percent complete indications. A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart, developed by Henry Gantt in the 1910s, that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project. Some Gantt charts also show the dependency (i.e. precedence...

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Statistics-Chart and Graph Paper

Charts and graph are images that present data symbolically. They are used to present information and numerical data in a simple, compact format. This paper will focus on three types of charts and/or graphs which are: pie charts, bar graphs, and histograms. What types of data there are and how the data was collected is important for the reader to understand.. According to Bennett, Briggs, and Triola (2003) there are two types of data. They are: *Qualitative data- Data consisting of values that describe...

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Organizational Charts

Organizational charts are detailed representations of organization structures and hierarchies. They are typically used to provide both employees and individuals outside the organization with a "snapshot" picture of it's reporting relationships, divisions of work, and levels of management. Obviously, smaller firms—whether they consist of a single owner of a home-based business, a modest shop of a few employees, or a family-owned business with a few dozen workers—are less likely to utilize organization...

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The Different Types of Charts

Area Chart Figure 1: Area chart Use it to... * Display over time (or any other dimension): * How a set of data adds up to a whole (cumulated totals) * Which part of the whole each element represents Variants * Percentage: The sum always represents 100% (relative scale) * Cumulative: The sum can vary according to the elements (absolute scale) Column/Bar Chart Use it to... * Present few data over a nominal (e.g. countries, testing conditions, ...) or interval...

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spc charts

item being studied for compliance to a Quality Standard. Here it is a dimension such as the contents of a jar of fruit jam, the size of a pair of shoes etc. These are called X-bar and R charts. One calculates X-bar-bar and R-bar averages and these are the centre lines of the SPC run-charts that will be drawn. The charts MUST have these centre lines PLUS upper and lower control AND range limits. The points on these graphs MUST be joined so that a reader can follow the level of quality versus centre lines...

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SAMPLES: BAR CHART ----------------Type 1: Bar chart with change over time The bar graph shows the global sales (in billions of dollars) of different types of digital games between 2000 and 2006. ... The bar chart compares the turnover in dollars from sales of video games for four different platforms, namely mobile phones, online, consoles and handheld devices, from 2000 to 2006. It is clear that sales of games for three out of the four platforms rose each year, leading to a significant rise in...

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Multiactivity Chart

White Paper Multiple Activity Charts Multiple Activity Charts (or Multi-Activity Charts) are a very useful tool for understanding the flow of work in a cyclical process and as a consequence understanding which resource is controlling the overall progress of the work. The tool can be used to model different scenarios to determine the optimum mix of resources for the work. The example below is based on using a tower crane to lift concrete from the street to a high floor for placing. Each resource...

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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Introduction. A Gantt chart is a visual project management tool first developed and used by Henry Gantt during World War I. Gantt charts, also known as bar charts, time lines, or milestone charts are one of the most popular and useable ways to present project information. The parts of a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart lists tasks or phases of a project from top to bottom and has time running from left to right. Each task has a start date and duration (or end date). Planned tasks are usually...

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Chart and Hr Data

(Appendix 1) and a pie chart and bar chart (Appendix 2). The spreadsheets contain detailed information and will be used to determine exactly who the affected NPL are. As I included the contract end date in this report, the data can be used to identify NPL who are nearing their 2 years of service and as a result may also be affected by the OCP. As these extracted reports are quite complex, I’ve also chosen to illustrate the data visually using a bar chart and pie chart. Both are clear, concise...

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Organisations Chart


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Charts in Ms Excel

Microsoft Excel supports many kinds of charts to help you display data in ways that are meaningful to your audience. When you use the Chart Wizard to create a chart — or when you use the Chart Type command to change an existing chart — you can easily select the type you want from a list of standard or custom chart types. For an overview of some standard chart types and their subtypes, click any or all of the following: Column charts A column chart shows data changes over a period of time or illustrates...

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Pie Chart - Data Visualization for Businesses

Pie Chart Data Visualization for Businesses A picture is worth a thousand words. The ability to graphically represent your business data gives you the power to make informed business decisions quickly. (Microsoft.com, 2002) This representation must be visually appealing and easy to understand. By keeping it simple, it allows the broadest number of users to interpret the data, gain insights as to its meaning and facilitate communication on the data ultimately to solve the company¡¦s problem. Data...

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Record Control Management

measures. The majority of small facilities are still using paper charts and most of these facilities have a need for circulation and have different l locations for their charts. These small facilities also have problems with having the wrong papers in the patient’s charts and having misplaced papers. Most of the small facilities keep their patients charts locked and secured. If these small facilities lose a chart they really have no way to replace them since they are on paper and...

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Infographics: Graphic Design and Frequency Table

short attention span Information overload Easy to understand Visual retention is better than reading retention Images are more appealing INFOGRAPHICS : WHAT AND HOW? What do they convey? Timeline Informational Survey results, etc. How? Graphs/Charts Tables Diagrams/Maps Blend Text and Images Videos, etc. TIME LINES HTTP://WWW.COOLINFOGRAPHICS.COM/BLOG/2011/11/21/THE-INSANELY-GREAT-HISTORY-OF-APPLE.HTML INFORMATIONAL HTTP://DAILYINFOGRAPHIC.COM/HUMANS-VS-ANIMALS-INFOGRAPHIC SURVEY...

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1/2, p239-258, 20p, 2 Diagrams, 2 Charts Document Type:Article Publisher Information: | Australian & New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies Journal C/O School of Leisure, Sport & Tourism, UTS P.O. Box 222 Lindfield, New South Wales 2070 | The challenges of developing backpacker tourism in South Africa: an enterprise perspective. Authors:Rogerson, Christian M.1 Source:Development Southern Africa; Sep2007, Vol. 24 Issue 3, p425-444, 20p, 4 Charts, 5 Graphs, 2 Maps Publisher Information:...

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Jean Watson Nursing Theory

Mislabeling of Medical Orders, Stuffing Charts Phyllis A. Harman University of Southern Indiana Mislabeling of Medical Orders, Stuffing Charts Describe the Situation and How Handled A patient was admitted to the medical surgical unit for the emergency room. New admissions require labels and a demographic printout be printed and accompany the patient to the unit. This unit uses electronic charting as well as paper charting for the physicians. The paper chart contains; blank medical orders sheets...

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eup 1501 assignment 6 documents

this data selected, by using the Recommended Chart command, insert a Clustered Column chart with the regions as the category axis and the Quarters as the legend. 6 13 Apply Chart Style 8 and Color 3 under Colorful. Position the chart so that its upper right corner aligns with the upper right corner of cell F10. 6 14 Modify the Chart Layout by applying Layout 3. Change the Chart Title to 2016 Regional Sales to Fitness Clubs. 6 15 Deselect the chart. Change the page orientation to Landscape,...

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Dormitory Towns

This is also the perfect place for a few charts that demonstrate key financial information. To add a chart, on the Insert tab, click Chart. The chart will automatically coordinate with the look of your report. Need some help choosing a chart type? No problem. To show values across categories, such as to compare the revenues of different business units, try a column or bar chart. To show values over time, such as for revenue or profit trends, try a line chart. To compare two sets of related values...

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How to Talk About a Visual Aid

------------------------------------------------- Choosing the right visual aid A flow chart is a diagram showing the progress of material through the steps of a manufacturing process or the succession of operations in a complex activity | A pie chart displays the size of each part as a percentage of a whole | A (vertical or horizontal) bar chart is used to compare unlike items | | | | A line chart depicts changes over a period of time, showing data and trends | A table is a convenient...

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Freezing Point of Naphthalene

When the temperature reaches approximately 90o Celsius, stop heating. 6. Observe the change in temperature from 90o to 70o Celsius, recording the temperature at regular intervals, preferably 15 seconds. This data will be used to make a chart later. 7. Once the temperature has fallen to 70o, melt the naphthalene which is now frozen to remove the thermometer. Properly dispose of the naphthalene liquid as instructed by the teacher. IV. Data Time Elapsed Temperature of Naphthalene...

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Lesson Plan

at least 75% of the pupils should be able to; a. Define the circle graph b. Identify the title, the sectors and sector labels of the circle graph c. Read and interpret circle graph II- SUBJECT MATTER Topic: “Circle Graph” Materials: charts, flash cards Reference: Mathematics for Everyday Use By: Isabel V. Castro, Ed.D. pp. 243-245 Internet III- Procedure A. Classroom Management 1. Prayer (the teacher will call a pupil to lead the prayer) 2. Greetings...

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professional ethics practice paper

numerical cells to currency rounded to the nearest £. Use conditional formatting to highlight in red the highest bid for the Special Brand Computers category on the worksheet. Task 2.5 Produce a line chart to show the bid history of Special Brand Computers and save this. Insert the line chart below the bid figures, ensure it is appropriately labelled and has a suitable title. Task 2.6 Save worksheet as ‘EBID’ and print, ensuring the data and graph will print onto A4 paper. Part 2 Parkins...

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It Is Better to Be the Eldest Child in a Family Than to Be the Youngest.

The pie chart above shows the percentage of smokers between the genders among Labuan Matriculation College(LMC) students.Based on the pie chart, the highest smoker between genders is that male students with a percentage of 71%.While,smoker among female students was 29%,which is less than male students smoker in LMC. 3.01 Result and discussion for question 1 Diagram 2:For not smoking student. The pie chart above shows...

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Comprehension Strategies

text structures is the use of different types of KWL charts. One of these charts is the KWLS Chart which has the students to make a chart and write What I Know in the first column, what I Want to Learn in the second column, what I have Leaned in the third column, and what I Still need to learn in the last column. The last two columns are answered after the text has been read. (West Virginia Department of Education [WVDE], n.d., section KWL Charts The easiest to teach comprehension strategies...

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Process Planning and Cost Estimation

measurement 5. Mention the types of process chart 6. What is outline process chart? 7. What is a two handed process chart 8. What is travel chart? 9. What is multi activity chart 10. Differentiate template and models 11. Distinguish flow diagram and string diagram 12. Define flow diagram 13. Define string diagram 14. What is cyclegraph 15. What is chronocycle graph 16. What is therblig? 17. What is SIMO chart? 18. What is ergonomics 19. Briefly explain...

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Information technology system

References 5. Hand-in hardcopy (MS Excel and MS Power Point) in report format and softcopy (MS Excel and MS Power Point) in CD format. Section A Excel Workbook 20 marks Content of the workbook (5 marks) Display appropriate content such as data, charts and images that relevant and useful to the given task. Knowledge skill (10 marks) Appropriate usage of features of the application such as formulas, functions, conditional formats, smart art graphics, pivot tables and other extra features. Design...

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Maggi Noodles Questionaire

well which have given close competition to Maggi in the past and in the presentas well. The competitiors of Maggi are Cintan, Koka, and some Korea instant noodles. Analysis of Questionnaire 1. Do you like Maggi noodles? According to the pie chart show the result whether the consumers like the Maggi noodles or not. The diagram shows that have 13% of the consumers like the Maggi noodles very much. It is because they trust about the old brand-Maggi. That have 40% customers like them a little....

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Students prefer Public Transport significantly more than Private, is nine times more popular than private. So the given pie chart shows that student use more public transport .And the most interesting figure 2 in Bar chart is Female use less public transport than Male. Male use 92% and female use lesser than it is 83%.So female more prefer her own transport. The bar chart shows about the experience of public transport regarding to cost .More MIT Student are reasonably to very satisfy with the...

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Ecomomics SBA

36+. Many people from the age range 21-25 are mostly unemployed. Question 3 Pie chart showing family type In the research, ten percent of the respondents belong to single parent and reorganized family. Thirty percent belongs to an extended family while fifty percent belongs to a nuclear family. Many people from nuclear family and extended family are affected by the problem of unemployment. Question 4 Bar chart showing the numbers of unemployment. This graph is showing the aged group of the...

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R. E. Sba Guidelines

questionnaire asks: “What is the most important Rastafarian symbol?” Questionnaire results shows: Lion 60% Flag 5% Dreadlocks 25% You illustrate this on a chart and speak to each response, as demonstrated below. Pie Chart # 1 showing respondents’ view of the most important Rastafarian symbol. As shown in pie chart # 1 above, 60% of the respondents said the lion, 5% said it is the flag and 25% said the dreadlocks. Analysis: After looking at the interpretation, you will now have...

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How to Take Notes

more different ideas *Does not need to be "fancy" What are Compare and Contrast GO? *Compare and contrast GOs -Identify similarities and differences -Easily identify comparative information *Venn diagrams *Charts and matrices Charts and Matrices *Charts and Matrices -Charts and matrices information to compare two or more levels of detail. -Table -Matrix...

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The Importance of Understanding and Using Excel as a Financial Tool

Utilizing Charts I utilize Excel at work and at home. At work, I am always working with large sums of data in which I utilize Excel to better understand my clients past, present and forecasted financial practices. Also, just about 90% of my financial reporting is developed through Excel. At home, I utilize excel to keep my financial budget, and inventory. With my Excel use at work and home, I generally always utilize “charts” to better express my work. In some cases, I have utilized charts only to...

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Corporate Governance Assignment

prices, announcements and charts DMP, DOMINO'S PIZZA ENTERPRISES ORD The chart of daily prices over 6 months for security DMP * More charting options are available. Please note the scale applied to chart axes when comparing performance of a security against that of an index. The Common Base option (via Price Display parameter below) can be applied to the charts for performance benchmarking purposes. ASX excludes all liability arising out of any inaccuracies in this Chart, except where liability...

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Academic Degree and Di Pg.

Acknowledgement For Those Using Internet For Knowledge Purpose. 1 2.5 No Comment (Not Given) 26 68 TOTAL 38 100 (Di Pg. 22) 2. Chart & Perkataan & % Mau Diubah Ko copy ini Bar Chart Ganti Yang sebelum ini yang salah % bukan 24% tapi 21% ok. When asked about respondents’ education level, it was found that the majorities of respondents’ education level with SPM/STPM represent 60% of the total respondents...

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Emr Systems

Systems Presented by Jamie Advantages • EMR systems give immediate access to medical records. You do not have to wait around for medical records to pull out old charts or in some cases we don’t have to wait for another facility to find and send over the information. Advantages • Gives the staff the ability to read the chart anywhere if needed and not have to try and translate what someone wrote if the writing is not very neat, and helps to cut down on spelling errors and charting completion...

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The Seven Management Quality Control Tools

Evolution of Quality Control Tools The tool kit to assist in this new method is considered the Seven Quality Control Management Tools. They are as follows: (Pzydek, 2009) 1) The Affinity Diagram 2) The Tree Diagram 3) The Process Decision Program Chart 4) The Matrix Diagram 5) The Interrelationship Diagraph 6) Prioritization Matrices 7) Activity (Arrow) Network Diagram The Affinity Diagram The Affinity Diagram (AD) was first created by Japanese anthropologist Jiro Kawakita. It enables the...

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Add Math Folio 2013

| 15 | | | Education | 300 | 20 | | | Recreation | 75 | 5 | | | Others | 150 | 10 | | Total | | 1500 | 100 | Based on my table above, i. Represent my data using three different statistical graphs. (a) Bar chart: (b) Line graph (c) Pie chart ii. Two methods are used to calculate mean and standard deviation of allocation of income. a) Using Excel: * Mean = 250.00 * Standard deviation= 119.90 b) Using Formula * Mean: x= xN x = ( 450+300+225+300+75+150...

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Paragraphs to Describe Graphs and Charts Often in academic writing, students will use information and facts presented in charts and graphs to support the topic sentence of their paragraph. Often, the data presented in a graph or table show change over time. There are specific verbs, adjectives and adverbs that can help you describe these changes. For example: Verbs for describing how data have changed: • • • • to increase to go up to rise to climb • • • to remain (unchanged) to be steady...

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Mobile Phone Analysis

many SMS and makes a lot of phone calls as well. Due to this Extras column, the data of the SMS rates and Monthly SMS Cost are both zero. From the above analysis, there are 4 sorts of plans which are the most cost effective are showed in the charts below: Based on the requirements of Joanne Smith. Four mobile plans were selected due to the minimal calls of short duration...

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How to Design a Lab in Biology Ib

with 0.1cm division will have an error of +/- 0.05cm. Data presentation: This presentation should be of the raw data and the processed data if possible. Bar graphs and line graphs are one of the best way to present a data in most cases. A pie chart or a scatter graph may also be used. When adding the graph, make sure it has a title, labelled axis and legends. If you are for example investigating something at two different environments or situations, you should have a graph for each and then a...

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English Research

though they are buzy with their study , they still willing to spend a few minutes to help us. Their co-operations are really appreciated by us . The questionnaires were collected , the result is then calculated , tabulated and a bar graph and pie chart was construct. The major finding from the result indicates the major is the student who has money management among the KMPkstudents . The report writing is continued with the result and data obtained . The result was then compared with the hypothesis...

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Research Methodology

raw data into a form that will make them easy to understand and interpret. This includes rearranging, ordering, transforming and manipulation data to provide descriptive information. TYPE OF CHARTS In this research, we used various types of charts such as Bar chart, Pie chart, Histogram, and Line chart. Limitations of the study The study has its own limitation. Firstly, the research is only limited in XXXX area. Therefore the finding of the study is unable to be generalized for the whole population...

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A Visual of Supercross Championships

associated by a basic color such as red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. The second way I will present this information is by associating the number of championships with the “brand symbol” also known as the marketing graphic. Finally, I will use a pie chart and the color associated with the manufacture to present this information and I believe this one will be the easiest to understand. All information was gathered from the website www.motorsportsetc.com ("AMA Supercross Champions," 2011) The first...

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removing waste and increasing efficiency. Process Charts The charting of work flows, working processes, systems and procedures is a useful way of recording the essential features of a work situation for subsequent analysis. Process Charts are one of the simpler forms of workflow charting and are still in regular usage but are less common than they once were (see Process Mapping). This is unfortunate since it was the ubiquitous nature of the process chart that made it a common "language" between different...

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Busn311 Unit 2 Ip

they are operating a small fish store or they are a member of a board for a huge business, almost every decision made by a corporation is based on statistics. Averages, means and medians are a part of a business’s everyday life. Whether it is a chart, a data set, a correlation, or a bias, there is some sort of tool that will make sure your company is successful (Ayres, 2009). Data sets are one of the easiest statistical devices for businesses and one that you will probably exhaust daily...

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Is 101 Final Project

Introduction to Information Systems INSTRUCTIONS Contents Introduction 2 Requirements 2 Task 1 - Initial Report 2 Requirements 2 Task 2 - Data Analysis Worksheet (Excel Spreadsheet) 3 Minimum Requirements 3 Task 3 – Excel Charts 5 Minimum Requirements 5 Task 4 – Final Report 5 Requirements 6 Task 5 – PowerPoint Presentation 6 Requirements 6 Introduction Current trends and areas of popular interest in arts, entertainment, and sports are often referred...

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Case: Green Scene Landscaping (GSL) Customer Tracking Objectives In this case you will learn how to:  Enter formulas in cells  Apply functions: COUNTIF, PMT, SUMIF, VLOOKUP  Apply formatting: Cell and Worksheet  Create charts: Pie Chris Zelinski started Green Scene Landscaping (GSL) five years ago, offering a wide range of lawn care services. In the early years of the business, Chris kept up with his customers, price quotes, service dates, and payment information using his memory...

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Save Your Money

where your money comes from and where it’s being spent now. For the next two weeks , record your income and spending and fill out weeks 1 & 2 in chart A. For the next two weeks (3&4), try to estimate a realistic budget amount for each category to complete chart A. (Due: Week 5 Oct. 1 -5) Then for weeks 3 & 4 record everything that you spend in Chart B. See how well you can stick to those budgeted amounts. After, compare the actual weekly amounts to the budgeted amounts and identify your strengths...

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El Dorado West Secondary School. The bar chart shows that 48% are between the ages of 14 to15 years old, 33% are between the ages of 16 to 17 years old, 14% are between the ages of 18 to19 years old and 5% are between the ages of 12 to 13 years old. How do you spend most of your leisure time? Fig. 2: Pie-chart showing how many hours the students spends on the computer. The pie chart shows that 100% of the students use the...

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Hcr210 Week6 Record Controls

facilities. In most small facilities, paper charts are more common than electronic, so there is a need for circulation as well as different locations for storing the charts. Because smaller facilities are more likely to use paper charts, there is more of a chance of misplacement of papers. If none of the files are transferred to an electronic database, a lost patient chart may not be replaceable. The majority of these smaller facilities keep the patient charts locked in cabinets or inside of designated...

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