• Investment Patterns in India
    Changing Trend of Investment Pattern in India and Emergence of Mutual Fund Industry ABSTRACT: This project is about how the Investor's Behavior is changing and they are now leaving behind the sacred investment options like the fixed deposits, company deposits, gold etc. Investors are now looking
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  • World Bank Investment Climate in India
    Aurora Ferrari and Inderbir Singh Dhingra India’s Investment Climate India’s Investment Climate Voices of Indian Business Aurora Ferrari and Inderbir Singh Dhingra Washington, D.C. © 2009 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development /The World Bank 1818 H Street
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  • A Report on Investment Pattern
    state HNISPROJECT REPORT Analysis of investment pattern of High Networth Real Estate developers in Kolkata Submitted to: Birla Sunlife AMC 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The project in its present form and state would not have been possible had it not been for the able guidance and support of Mr. Gau
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  • Consumption Pattern in India Post 92
    Change in consumption pattern in India since the 1950s due to the effects of liberalization, globalization and demographics changes Since 1950 the global economy has nearly quintupled. The American Dream has become a model for most developing nations. With the critical rise in Indian population t
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  • A Survey on the Investment Pattern of Mutual Fund Investments
    CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INVESTMENT - INTRODUCTION MEANING: Investment is the employment of funds with the aim of achieving additional income or growth in value. The essential quality of an investment is that it involves "waiting" for a reward. It involves the commitm
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  • Bond Markets, the Next Big Investment Vehicle in India
    Bond Market, Next Big investment Vehicle in India Introduction to Bond Market: A bond is a debt instrument. Whenever one buys a bond, they are effectively lending to governments, corporate or municipal corporations to name a few. In return for the loan, the issuer promises to pay you a specifi
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  • Foreign Direct Investment - China & India
    Table of content I. Executive Summary……………………………………………………………….5 II. FDI Defined…......………………………..………….……………………………5 III. Factors that influence FDI decisions………………………………………………7 1. FDI and Economic risk………………………………Â
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  • Foreign Direct Investment in India Since 1991: Trends, Challenges and Prospects
    Foreign Direct Investment in India since 1991: Trends, Challenges and Prospects M.K. Dutta, Assistant Professor (Economics), Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India E-mail: mkdutta@iitg.ernet.in & G.K. Sarma, Research Scholar (Economics), Department of H
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  • Equity Investment & Ecnomic Growth in India (2000-2008) and Marketing Strategies of Religar
    SUMMER TRANING REPORT Project Title: EQUITY INVESTMENT & ECNOMIC GROWTH IN INDIA (2000-2008) AND MARKETING STRATEGIES OF RELIGARE Name: Chandan Parsad MBA (SEM) Roll NO. 06 Enrollment No 0061189908 Advisor: Mary Jecintha (Lecturer) CDAC Noida Supervisor: Amandeep Shaney (AVP) RELIGARE Ju
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  • India
    International Trade “India” 19 October 2007 Executive Summary India has been a country with various social issues, such as dialect barriers, gender inequality, levels of poverty rates, and trouble with severely polluted areas to name a few. India has also faced some political pr
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  • Automobile Industry(Pcd) - India
    Indian Automotive Industry The automotive sector, comprising of the automobile and auto component sub sectors, is one of the key segments of the economy having extensive forward and backward linkages with other key segments of the economy. It contributes about 4 per cent in India's Gross Domestic P
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  • Cashew Industry-with Reference to India
    Cashew - The Wonder Nut Four centuries ago, the adventurous Portuguese came sailing down the Indian coasts and brought with them the priceless tree nut - "Cashew", the wonder nut of the world. Cashew came, conquered and took deep roots in the entire coastal region of India. Cashew found the Indian
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  • Retail in India -Revolution or Evolution
    Executive Summary Retailing in India came with evolutionary patterns from Kirana store to Super market. This sector was un-organized in the initial stage, and after that it carried forward by the textiles industries through the dealer model. Now it is growing as supermarket and hypermarket. The m
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  • Comparison of India and China Economy
     A Comparison of Economic Growth in India and China - Lessons to be Learnt Author: G.Charles Arokia Das EPGP (2008 – 2010) Table of Content 1.Purpose of the Study 3 2.Understanding the economic growth model of China 9 2.1.Factors Leading to China’s Success in Manufacturing 12
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  • Impact of Sensex Crash on Tata Mutual Funds and the Scope of Mutual Funds as an Investment Option
    Impact of sensex crash on Tata mutual funds and the scope of mutual funds as an investment option. Summer project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the post graduate diploma in management By Guntha Dinesh Kumar Supervisors: 1. Ms. Nishchala Sripathi
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  • India Growth
    BATTLES HALF WON: POLITICAL ECONOMY OF INDIA’S GROWTH AND ECONOMIC POLICY SINCE INDEPENDENCE Sadiq Ahmed and Ashutosh Varshney Revised 09-13--07 “When economists propose their favored economic policy agendas and fret that they are not immediately adopted, or get aborted after adoption, because
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  • Study of Investment Strategies
    OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of this project can be briefly summarized as: • To give a snapshot of the Non Banking Financial Corporation. • To understand the investors behavior towards the various investment instruments. • To be able to compare and analyze the various invest
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  • Mutual Fund Indusrty in India: an Overview
    Performance of Mutual Funds Industry in India: An Overview *Mr.Suresh Vadde ABSTRACT Of late, mutual funds have become a hot favorite of millions of people all over the world. The driving
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  • India Asean Free Trade Agreement
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  • India Capital Income Source
    The Indian economy will grow faster if the capital market can attract more of the nation's savings and channel them into more productive areas, especially infrastructure Equities arethe best option for wealth creationndia has amongst the highest household savings rate globally; yet its average pe
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