• Investigatory Project
    Title: Can a Red Rose Be Used for Jam as its Main Ingredient? Rationale: 1. How did you arrive at this problem? Well, because during our TLE class, I actually can’t stop looking at my rose that im growing in the school’s garden. That’s when I got curious and started to think if these
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  • Investigatory Project
    February 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Acknowledgement II. Dedication III. Introduction Chapter 1 – The Problem and its Background • Abstract • Background of the Study • Meaningful Study
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  • Mc-Indicator Investigatory Project
    Quezon City Polytechnic University of the Philippines Brgy. San Bartolome, Quezon City MC-Indicator Motion Calorie Indicator (An investigatory project in Mechanics) Presented by… Group III – Fusion Kristine Hope G. Arenas Tonylet Delfin Edmark Maluping Benerick Cudia Jomari C
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  • Physics Investigatory Project
    Sunlight and Concave Mirror for Cooking Researchers: Pamatmat, Mikaela Franchesca Siacon, Maria Sherlene Dianne Cruz, Jeremy Anne Lardizabal, Zaree Dominique Macagba, Danielle Martinez, Kyrene Teacher: Sir Vincent Sabong Abstract The researchers thought of trying to come up wi
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  • Scientfic Investigatory Project (Cassava as Body Powder)
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  • Investigatory Project
    Colegio del Buen Consejo S.Y. 2012-2013 SCIENCE INVESTIGATORY PROJECT Avena Sativa Soap: “A Study on Oatmeal Soap as Anti-Acne” Researches: Franz Gabriel A. Angeles Ian Kenneth G. Kentzie Allison E. Abrera Randolph Czar L. Alpuerto Benjamin Hyper G. Arroyo John Willem Scott G. Es
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  • Investigatory Project
    INTRODUCTION Tea is created by using the leaves of a plant known as Camellis sinensis. This plant is native to China, South Asia, and southeast Asia but is now found all over the world. Tea-drinking can be traced back to the 10th century BC in China before it was spread to Korea and Japan. But in 1
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  • Science Investigatory Project
    doesn't know the format of making an investigatory project research paper. Requirements: • Short Bond Paper (8" x 11") • Computerized (Times New Roman 12, Double-Spaced Paragraph, Justified except the chapter title. It should be centered) Chapter I - Introduction 1.1 Background of
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  • Investigatory Project
    Investigatory Project Chapter I A. Background of the study Radish is an annual herb widely grown for its edible fleshy, hot tasting roots maybe red, white or purple. Every part of the root or the plant can be used in different ways. The leaves and the roots are eaten raw in salads. Li
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  • Investigatory Project
    Background of the Study Tea is created by using the leaves of a plantknown as Camellis sinensis. This plant is native tomainland China, South and Southeast Asia, but it istoday cultivated across the world in tropical andsubtropical regions. It is an evergreen shrub orsmall tree that is usually trimm
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  • Investigatory Project
    Makabuhay Plant as Insecticide Makabuhay Plant as Insecticide Group no. 4 Approval Sheet Science and Technology Department Date of Defense___________ I hereby recommend that the Investigatory Project prepared under my supervision by: Asuncion Nikki Pearl Rose R. ,Dela Cruz Christine
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  • Investigatory Project in Physics Iv (Colored Shadows)
    Investigatory Project in Physics IV Submitted By: Angela Abainza Gladies Mansit Rhomabelle Ortega Submitted To: Sir Erdie Asuncion I. INTRODUCTION A shadow can be seen when an object blocks the light. The light wasn’t able to reach the surface. That’s why it
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  • Investigatory Project (Emergency Light)
    Investigatory Project in Physics IV EMERGENCY LIGHT Submitted By: Angela Abainza Gladies Mansit Rhomabelle Ortega Submitted To: Sir Erdie Asuncion Acknowledgement The students’ wish to extend their appreciation and gratitude to the following persons who gave
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  • Investigatory Project
    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The researchers would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the following people who helped to make this investigatory project successful. The researcher would never forget to acknowledge their Science & Technology III teacher, Mrs. Letecia O. Zaldarriaga for extending h
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  • Science Investigatory Project
    Step 1. Gather Ideas Observe surroundings and notice the things that need improving. Next, add some creativity and logic to think of possible solutions. Then consult knowledgeable people if the idea is doable. For example, instead of complaining about the pollution in the city, think of creative,
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  • Investigatory Project
    How to Make Chilli-Garlic Mosquito Spray Science Investigatory Project  2 cloves garlic  2 hot peppers  Mixing bowl  1 Tbsp dish soap  mixing spoon  Tap water  Spray bottle Instructions * Finely chop the garlic and hot peppers. * Pour the chopped ingredients i
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  • Investigatory Project Physics
    Investigatory Project in Physics Color vs. Heat Absorption Prepared by: Lorrey Mae Olegario Aisha Kassandra Beltran Ed Niza Lorenzo Nor Ebrahim Tanangonan Edward Jexel Fernandez Raven Bernales The objective: The objective was to see which colored jars had the highest emissivity (or
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  • The Investigatory Project
    Investigatory in Physics FOURTH YEARS - A/BOYS(S.Y. 2007-2008) Computer #11 Computer #10 Mam. Bing Sarenas Computer #7 Computer #9 Computer #5 Blog Archive ▼ 2007 (2) ▼ September (2) Hydro-electric Miniature Introduction: There are many ways h... About Me THE HYDRO-ENGINEERS Vie
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  • Science Investigatory Project
    Converting Saltwater into Electricity I. Introduction The world we live in is abundant with food, life and resources, but we continue to use up non-renewable resources in massive amounts. As a result, the many nations and countries of the world will have to deal with water, food, and energy sh
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  • Investigatory Project
    Background of the Study This investigatory project is to be conducted to study the feasibility of Kalamansi (Citrus Microcarpa Bunge), Oregano leaves (Coleus aromaticus Benth.) and Kakawate leaves (Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steud.) as mosquito repellant lotion. As of today it is not only dengue vi
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