• Investigatory Project Repellent
    * * Investigatory Project “ Kaymito Leaves Decoction As Antiseptic Mouthwash ” INVESTIGATORY PROJECT KAYMITO LEAVES DECOCTION AS ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH Submitted by: Ronnel S. Pinote I- INTRODUCTION A. Background of the... Premium * How To Make Investigatory Project Make An Investigato
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  • Investigatory Project Mosquito Repellent =)
    I. Introduction A. Background of the Study Mosquitoes are common pests in the tropics they have been known to cause many disease to most people. The real danger of mosquito lie their ability to transmit diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and dengue people have used...
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  • Investigatory Project
    Investigatory Project (Natural Mosquito Repellent) Abstract Mosquito repellents are essentially required these days. Mosquito coils are one of the cheapest and effective way of avoiding them, but this coils are made up of chemicals which can harm our health. So we thought about making a substitut
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  • Investigatory Project
    February 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Acknowledgement II. Dedication III. Introduction Chapter 1 – The Problem and its Background • Abstract • Background of the Study • Meaningful Study
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  • Investigatory Project
    How to Make Chilli-Garlic Mosquito Spray Science Investigatory Project  2 cloves garlic  2 hot peppers  Mixing bowl  1 Tbsp dish soap  mixing spoon  Tap water  Spray bottle Instructions * Finely chop the garlic and hot peppers. * Pour the chopped ingredients i
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  • Effectiveness of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Marginatus) as an Ingredient of a Insect Repellent Fabric Conditioner
    Cebu City National Science High School Salvador St., Labangon Cebu City Effectiveness of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon marginatus) as an ingredient of a insect repellent fabric conditioner In partial fulfillment of the course Integrative Biology Submitted by: Homecillo, Danielle S
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  • Investigatory Project
    INVESTIGATORY PROJECT Ginger and Black Pepper as Effective Insect Repellent Abstract The researchers choose and investigate this problem to help people in the community prevent the harmful insect bites in a cheaper but effective way. In making this investigatory project the researchers used
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  • science investigatory project
    SCIENCE INVESTIGATORY PROJECT Submitted by: Janrey Sese Raymond Diaz Charl louie Punzalan Yr/Sec: IV-Bacon Submitted to: Mrs. Pillone Objective: To prevent dengue cases in our country. Product: Natural Insect...
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  • Lemon Grass as Mosquito Repellent
    ------------------------------------------------- Mango From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the fruit. For other meanings of the word Mango, see Mango (disambiguation). Mango (mangifera) | | Scientific classification | Kingdom: | Plantae | Division: | Angiosper
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  • Vulgare Insect Repellant Lotion
    ABSTRACT According to WHO International Travel and Health, the Philippines reported 77,012 dengue cases from January 1 to September 4 of 2010, twice the number of cases reported during the same period last year. Dengue fever is caused by Dengue virus (DENV), a mosquito-borne virus that is preval
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  • Effect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing Wriggler’s Life Span
    Effect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing Wriggler’s Life Span Thea Abigail Y. Lomibao Ma. Michaela Joana O. Aquino Joel D.Mendoza San Pablo City National High School San Pablo City
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  • Pandan as Cockroach Repellent
    Title: Production of pest repellent using Pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius) extract against Home Cockroach Research proposal Researchers: Bombita, Mark Jairus Horigome, Jojie Florague, Joana Liza Realista, Joy Adviser: Olive B. Blanco Julia Ortiz Luis National High School Saga
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  • The Effectivity of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Citratus) as an Alternative Insect Repellant
    THE EFFECTIVITY OF LEMON GRASS (Cymbopogon citratus) AS AN ALTERNATIVE INSECT REPELLANT _____________________________________________________________________________ An Investigatory Project Presented to the FACULTY MEMBERS Of TOLEDO CITY SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL ----------------------------------
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  • Insect
    Chapter I Introduction Background of the Study Mosquitoes nowadays are a problem for us humans. Mosquitoes are attracted by skin odors and the carbon dioxide in our breath. With our climate, it is easy for us Filipinos to get attracted by mosquitoes simply because we are sweating a lot. Because
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