• Top Five: Science and Technology and Literary History
    Top Five: Science and Technology Science and Technology is a broad domain wherein different figures, elements and events have brought about great advances with the way the world is perceived today. In Britain, the five most important events/dates in the history of science and technology are
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  • Anthropological and Behavioural Science
    Section III Anthropological and Behavioural Science 97th Indian Science Congress January 3-7, 2010 Thiruvananthapuram PROCEEDINGS SECTION OF Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences (Including Psychology, Archaeology, Education and Military Science) President Dr. Avneesh Singh 1
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  • Science and Technology
    2009 Award Winning Essays Organized by Supported by T he Goi Peace Foundation U N ESC O Japan Airlines Foreword The International Essay Contest for Young People is one of the peace education programs organized by the Goi Peace Foundation. The annual contest, which started in the year
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  • Second Language Aqcuisation
    Language Learning 46:4, December 1996, pp. 713-749 Review Article SLA Theory Building: “Letting All the Flowers Bloom!” James P. Lantolf Cornell University This article presents a postmodernist critical analysis of the SLA theory building-literature as primarily represented in the writin
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  • The Best Invention of Humanity
    The Best Invention Today’s topic is the best invention of humanity. There are no doubts that this subject is extremely disputable, because almost all inventions seem to be irreplaceable in modern life. While thinking about the most useful thing that people cannot live without, I reached a conclus
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  • Cbse Fa-I Social Science
    FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Ma n ua l for T chers ea SOCIAL SCIENCE HISTORY GEOGRAPHY POLITICAL SCIENCE ECONOMICS DISASTER MANAGEMENT CLASS X Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110 092 India Teachers’ Manual on Formative Assessment in Social Science, Class X PRICE : R
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  • development in science and tecnogoly
    Cultural Diversity, Religious Syncretism and People of India: An Anthropological Interpretation N.K.Das• Abstract Ethnic origins, religions, and languages are the major sources of cultural diversity. India is a country incredible for its diversity; biological and cultural. However,...
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  • Acronyms, Idioms and Slang: the Evolution of the English Language.
    Acronyms, Idioms and Slang: the Evolution of the English Language. Although the English language is only 1500 years old, it has evolved at an incredible rate: so much so, that, at first glance, the average person in America today would find most Shakespearean literature confusing without the aid
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  • 'Social Science Fiction' in Asimov's Work
    <b>PART I</b><br><i>"Social science fiction?"</i><br>Science fiction is a term familiar to many people. This is especially true due to the tremendous influence of television. But the term "social science fiction," although not heard too often, is a term is descriptive of most of today's science fict
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  • The Invention of Computers
    Introduction The invention of computers--based on the work of Alan Turing in the 1930s and John von Neumann in the 1950s--quickly gave rise to the notion of artificial intelligence, or AI, the claim that such nonhuman machines can exhibit intelligence because they mimic (or so its proponents claim)
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  • Science
    Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships among those facts. The word science comes from the Latin word scientia, which means knowledge. Scientists study a wide variety of subjects. For example, some scientists search for clues to the origin
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  • Communication- Is It an Art or a Science ? Let Us See...........
    CHAPTER MEANING, TYPES AND MODELS OF COMMUNICATION *Dr. AJAY KUMAR ATTRI Lecturer, Deptt. Of Education, MLSM College Sundernagar; Mandi (H.P) • INTRODUCTION Over time, technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. The newer advances include med
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  • India and World Science : Are We There?
    C.V. Raman received the Nobel Prize for his work known as `Raman effect` that is named after his name. His theory goes like this - when light is spread from a molecule or an atom, most of the photons are elastically speckled. The scattered photons have the same energy and, therefore, wavelength, as
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  • Science
    List of Indian inventions and discoveries From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This list of Indian inventions and discoveries details the inventions, scientific discoveries and contributions made in India[fn 1] throughout its cultural and technological history, during
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  • Edexcel Science Spec
    yangchoonjaSpecification September 2007 GCSE Edexcel GCSE in Science (2101) First examination November 2007, first certification November 2007 Edexcel GCSE in Additional Science (2103) First examination November 2007, first certification June 2008 Edexcel GCSE in Biology (2105) Edexcel
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  • The Science of Genetics
    The Science of Genetics: A Promise or a Predicament? With the evolution of technology in the 21st century, the world of science has presented us with a promise of many profound breakthroughs and advances in the field of genetic engineering. However, the predicament is that it is not prepared or
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  • Language Politics
    International Journal on Multicultural Societies (IJMS) Vol. 5, No. 1, 2003 “Multiculturalism and Political Integration in Modern Nation-States” International Journal on Multicultural Societies (IJMS) Vol. 5, No. 1, 2003 Multiculturalism and Political Integration in Modern Nation-States
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  • History of Science
    Science is a body of empirical, theoretical, and practical knowledge about the natural world, produced by researchers making use of scientific methods, which emphasize the observation, explanation, and prediction of real world phenomena by experiment. Given the dual status of science as objective kn
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  • The Big Bang Never Happened - Serious Alternative Science
    CONTENTS Preface to the Vintage Edition xv Introduction 3 Part One THE COSMOLOGICAL DEBATE 9 1. The Big Bang Never Happened 11 2. A History of Creation 58 3. The Rise of Science 85 4. The Strange Career of Modern Cosmology 113 5. The Spears of Odin 169 6. The Plasma Universe 214 Part Two IMPLICATI
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  • Body Language
    Allan and Barbara Pease are the internationally renowned experts in human relations and body language, whose 20 million book sales worldwide have turned them into household names. People's body language reveals that what they say is often very different from what they think or feel. It is a scient
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