"Introduction To Physical And Health Impairments" Essays and Research Papers

Introduction To Physical And Health Impairments

Introduction to Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings 1.1 * Express emotions * Express feelings * In pain * Hungry * To socialise * Express needs * Fear * Anger 1.2 Communication is needed in a job all the time, so effective communication is essential, to support an individual, families and work colleagues. Having effective communication in the workplace is essential as it ensures information is clear, mistakes aren’t made...

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Confirm Physical Health Status Introduction And Chemistry

Confirm Physical Health Status – Introduction and Chemistry Anatomy – Structure Physiology – Function Path Physiology – Signs and symptoms of diseases and how they affect body functions Levels of structural complexity: 1. Atoms 2. Molecules 3. Cells 4. Tissues 5. Organs 6. Systems Levels of organization: 1. Chemical – atoms combine to form molecules 2. Cells – basic unit of life 3. Organs – tissues are then arranged into organs 4. Organ systems – is groups of organs 5. The human organism...

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Physical Activity and Health

PBSL 1121-Physical Activity and Health Assignment 1 Ho Tsz Kan 3035045152 Abstract Physical status of a person is very critical because a healthy body would be the most fundamental requirement of human. Especially when getting into University, most of the students would like to put most of their focus on academic work but not physical status. It was a pretty serious issue. The aim of the study is to find out how actually physical active HKU students are. Daily steps would be a good indicator...

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Physical Mental Health

Comparison & Contrast Adam Monge Department of Undergraduate Psychology CSPP at Alliant International University Introduction This paper will provide an overview on similar and differences in physical and mental health in different ethnic groups and cultures. The importance of understanding how ethnic groups and culture view mental and physical health can be crucial in therapeutic settings and can be seen as wrong or unusual to us because the lack of understand of their viewpoints...

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Introduction to Good Health

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Good Health The advancement of technology and the modernization of living in the present time have significantly changed man’s lifestyle. The advent of high-technology gadgets and other “convenient” inventions make people busy and negligent of their well-being In today’s generation, people have mastered the art of multitasking, just so they can accommodate two or more things at once. We have become so focused on our daily, stressful activities, even if it means...

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Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care

Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care Communication can be spoken, written and physical; some people have disabilities or difficulties that can make communication a special challenge for them. We communicate to share information and ideas it is defined as 'information transfer'. The way we transfer information is by speech, signals or writing. We all use a variety of communication techniques to both understand and to be understood. People communicate for different reasons: ...

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Essay Physical Health

 PHYSICAL HEALTH AND THE BENEFITS OF BEING PHYSICALLY HEALTHY Katerina Pouliasis HHGSM1 Mrs. Marilyn Coert April 3rd, 2013 Abstract Physical health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism." Being physically healthy not only contributes to a satisfying and successful life but it also provides many benefits. Benefits such as health conditions and disease prevention, weight management, mood...

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Introduction to Community Health Nursin

 Introduction to Community Health Nursing NURS 4540 Instructor Iva Hall Olivera Sagarese 10/24/2014 Introduction to Community Health Nursing Name three historical nursing leaders and explain how their contributions impacted community/public health nursing. I. One of the most famous nurses would have to be Florence Nightingale. She was known for her determination to reform the British Military health system. She developed the “polar-area diagram” to show the needless deaths...

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Health and Physical Fitness Strategy

THE HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FITNESS STRATEGY IN THE CF AIM 1. To summarize the information contained in the Canadian Forces Health and Physical Fitness Strategy for the primary care providers of 11 CF H Svcs C Shilo (Flag A). BACKGROUND 2. The Canadian population from which the Canadian Forces draws its recruits is becoming increasingly sedentary resulting in higher levels of obesity and decreased levels of health and fitness. Even within the CF it was recognized that annual physical fitness...

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Children Physical Health and Wellness

December 18, 2012 In today’s society, children’s health is a serious issue because they are vulnerable to becoming obese, they are becoming less physically active, and some may have genetic health problems. I. Obesity A. Statistics B. Parental obesity II. Physical Activity A. Children obesity B. Low self-esteem III. Genetic Health Problems A. Becoming obese B. Having low self-esteem IV. Refutation A. Physical Activity(Health) 1. Too much exercise 2. Not enough food (anorexia)...

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Introduction to Health Care System

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1.1 BACKGROUND The explosion of information technology has opened a new realm of communication and information technology. This has given enlightenment and development to many fields which affect our lives directly or indirectly, these does not exclude medical record system. A medical record in general is a systematic documentation of a single patient's long-term individual medical history and care. The term 'Medical record' is used both for the physical folder for each individual...

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Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

EMOTIONAL, BEHAVIORAL, AND PHYSICAL DISABILITIES Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities Katy J. Kaldenberg Grand Canyon University: SPE-226 Educating the Exceptional Learner Wednesday, January 18, 2011 Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities The education of students who have emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, health impairments, or traumatic brain injuries can be a difficult and challenging task if proper teaching strategies...

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Introduction to Health Science

HS100: Introduction to Health Science April 15th 2013 Current Issues: 1. Khan, S., Lawrence, E. L. (2011). Current Health Issues: Healthy living in a Busy World. Retrieved from http://www.currenthealthissues.org/. CurrentHealthIssues.org was created to provide a place for people to discuss current and specific health issues and well-being. The site was developed by Samad Khan and Eddie Lee Lawrence in 2011, because they wanted to try and help people by discussing topics that their own...

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Public Health and Physical Education

regarding people today, from the ages of 9 to 90 is why is physical education important? Physical education is important for a number of reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that if someone is physical fit and participates in physical activity daily, the chances are, their going to live a longer, healthier life than one who is not physical fit and does not participate in physical activity on a daily basis. Another big reason is physical education and athletics help define a person and shape...

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physical and emotional health

Crucial to the changing lifestyle of any person, particularly a young adult such as myself, is that of being both physically and emotionally healthy in order to succeed in this forever changing world. When undergoing stress, whether it be physical or emotional, the brain changes in ways that will affect its overall function. When a person undergoes a high amount of stress for a long period of time without any treatment, it can lead to more serious problems such as strokes and heart diseases. Physically...

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Physical Health Essay

Critically analyse the physical care, well being and interventions used in a client in your care Module: MHR4607 Physical Health and Wellbeing ‘Critically analyse the physical care, well being and interventions used in a client in your care’. This reflective essay focus’s on a 54 year old service user who suffers from schizophrenia. Coinciding with her mental health illness she has a diagnosis’s of diabetes type 2, she is obese, and has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For the...

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Physical Health Assessment of Adult

 Health History and Examination Health Assessment of the Head, Neck, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Throat, Neurological System, and the 12 Cranial Nerves Skin, Hair, Nails, Breasts, Peripheral Vascular System, Lymphatics, Thorax, Heart, Lungs, Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, and Genitourinary Systems Save this form on your computer as a Microsoft Word document. You can expand or shrink each area as you need to include relevant data for your client. Student Name: Date: Client/Patient...

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Exploring physical activity and health

Part 1: Health screening and physical activity (1200 words/60 marks) Pre-activity health screening is commonly undertaken in sport and fitness facilities. Scenario 1 (below) shows the results of a pre-activity health screening procedure for a male participant. Read Scenario 1 and then answer the questions underneath. Scenario 1 Participant: Greg Greg is 55 years old and runs his own company as well as managing a local women’s football team. During a routine health check, Greg...

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Health and Physical Education in Children

Physical education in young children provides numerous positive factors which can lay the foundations that pave a healthy mind and body. Movement experiences in young children enable enhanced listening skills, generate prompt reaction and alertness, develop spatial and body awareness, improve concentration skills and coordination skills, increase self esteem and social skills, promote a greater rate of academically successful children and also cater an overall happy healthy active child which continues...

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Support for TBI Physical Disabilities

Supports for TBI, Physical Disabilities, and Health Impairment Definition and Support for TBI Traumatic brain injury is an acquired injury to the brain caused by an external physical force or by an internal incident resulting in full or partial functional disability and/or psychosocial impairment that negatively affects a child's educational performance. Some children who sustain a TBI can proceed from the provision of educational services in a school setting. special educators in local schools...

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Introduction to Health Science

INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH SCIENCE Unit 9 case studies In this units case studies we are discussing the professional dress code, the Non- verbal communication, and diverse beliefs 2013 EVA SCOTT Kaplan University 1/10/2013 the Non- verbal communication, and diverse beliefs 2013 EVA SCOTT Kaplan University 1/10/2013 PROFESSIONAL DRESS Question: 1) Do...

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Effects of Optimism on Psychological and Physical Health

Optimism on Psychological and Physical Health Heather LaBombard PSY/220 The definition of the word “optimism” is a favorable attitude about conditions or events in life. Some believe that optimistic views in life will have beneficial effects on psychological and physical health. However, excessive optimism can have harmful effects on psychological and physical health. Many tests and research...

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Walking: Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Persuasive Outline Topic: Walking For Health Life Audience: General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to start walking in order to improve health. Thesis: Everyone should choose to walk on a regular basis to improve both mental and physical health. 1. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Let's be honest, we lead an easy life: automatic...

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How Stress Affects Physical Health

stress physically & How Stress Affects Physical Health People are increasingly facing more stress since the Human-Being society became developed and complicated, by ignoring the physical influence to our body, Human’s health suffered considerably from stress. Many people was suggested to solve the stress problem by using psychological approaches, however, the research in recent decades has identified a significant awareness gap between the benefits of physical activities and stress relief. The following...

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Optimism’s Effect on Psychological and Physical Health

Optimism’s Effect on Psychological and Physical Health. Becca Rubio Abstract For many years, numerous studies have analyzed the effect of Optimism on Psychological and Physical health. Optimism is generally known as being confident that there is a positive outcome to any situation and hopeful for a positive life in the future. It is also believed that those who tend to be more pessimistic than others have a larger amount of stress which can ultimately cause physical illness and emotional/mental exhaustion...

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Health Studies

Approaches to Health There are many different social approaches to the definitions of health and ill health, all of which can be looked at from different aspects. The definition of health, set by The World’s Health Organization in 1948, is “a state of complete mental, physical and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO 1948) This definition can be seen as a basic understanding as to what health is, showing that health can not just be a form of physical illness, such...

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Unit 1 Introduction to Communication in Health Social Care

Unit 1 Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care Learner’s Name Questions Answers 1.1 - Identify the different reasons people communicate To express needs; to share ideas and information; to reassure; to express feelings; to build relationships; socialize; to ask questions; to share experiences. People communicate in order to establish and maintain relationships with others, to give and receive information and instructions, to understand and be understood, to share...

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Need for Quality Physical Health Education Programme in Nigeria

NEED FOR QUALITY PHYSICAL HEALTH EDUCATION PROGRAMME IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The paper focused on the Need for Quality Physical Education (PE) Programme in the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme in Nigeria. It began with an observation on the inadequacy of precious educational systems which gave birth to UBE. Therefore, the paper attempted to answer the question – why there should be quality PE in the school. Furthermore, the paper examined roles of quality PE in the three Education Domains...

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Physical Restraints in Health Care Facilities

Jennifer Lucas English 111 61L April 10, 2011 Final Draft Physical Restraints in Heath Care facilities Restraints are usually used for the protection of patients and others when medication and verbal therapies are insufficient to control potentially violet patients. Questions are still left unanswered about how the restraints are used. What are the protocols on restraints? Are the staff members trained in using these kinds of restraints? How long should a patient be placed in these restraints...

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Cognitive Impairments

Cognitive Impairments Hannah Forkel EDUC 206 Professor Davidson Cognitive impairment occurs when problems with thought processes occur. It can include loss of higher reasoning, forgetfulness, learning disabilities, concentration difficulties, decreased intelligence, and other reductions in mental functions. Cognitive impairment may be present at birth or can occur at any point in a person’s lifespan. An intellectual disability is a term used when a person has certain limitations in mental...

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Introduction and Thesis statement Does an apple a day keeps the Doctor? I believe the word apple in this quote signify healthy eating, so the author simply meant to say, eating healthy will reducing your risk of having certain health issues; therefore you will not be making countless trips to a hospital. For example, did you know that the number one cause of death in America is health related? And one of the reasons for most of these health related disease is a pore diet. Just think, a healthier...

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The Importance of Physical Education and Health Education in the Development of an Individual

THE IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH EDUCATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN INDIVIDUAL Physical and health education is a significant aspect of a wholesome education around the world. Ministries of education all over the globe incorporate physical and health education into its curriculum. This clearly indicates that both physical and health education are key aspects in the development of an individual. Physical education is defined as a course of education learning that in a encourages...

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Health Services

“Mental illness means an impairment of the mental or emotional processes that exercise Most mental illness are a direct cause of chemical imbalances in, or injuries to, the brain, whereas a physical illness such as diabetes the insulin levels and blood sugar can be measured. Because “mental illness” is often measured in relation to a standard considered normal and because definitions of normality can vary, defining it clearly is rather difficult. As the actual physical diagnostics improve, the...

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Physical Health

What if people lived healthier lives, practiced preventive medicine, and took precautions against illness and disease? My days in the physical therapy department often made me think about the prevention of injuries as well as the injuries themselves. I was already doubting my future career choice as a physical therapist. Although I loved the science of it and helping people, the lack of variety within the field and its limited options for growth bothered me. I needed a career that helped a large...

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Introduction to Communication. Unit 201 Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma

Unit 4222-201 – Introduction to Communication in Health, Social Care or Children's and Young People's Settings. Outcome 1 – Understand why communication is important in the workplace. People communicate for many different reasons; this can be to express emotions such as fear, anger, pain, joy or love. Communication can play an important part in improving a person's quality of life, by being able to let other people know our likes, dislikes, needs etc, or to be able to connect emotionally with...

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Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities When it comes to students, teacher’s roles in determining how to teach a student with emotional and behavior disorder, Physical disabilities and Health Impairments, Traumatic Brain injury, Hearing impairments, and Visual impairments is to create an environment in which all students can feel safe and can participate to the best of their abilities. When it comes to proving a positive learning environment for students who has disabilities...

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Geriatric Health Care

INTRODUCTION To improve medical care and reduce mortality rate, the population of the world is moving into the old. Life style due to its ability to prevent disease, improve quality of life, increase life expectancy and improve the physical health and not valid, is of paramount importance. Advances in medicine and health in the second half of the twentieth century, the Relative increase in human life, and through them, the population And consequently the number of elderly people who need care Medical...

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Counselor Wellness and Impairment

Counselor Wellness and Impairment Christopher Backer Liberty University COUN 500-D04 Abstract A integrated discussion of the counselors wellness and impairment. The areas of wellness and impairment are investigated, describing wellness as a formation of optimum well-being. A practitioner’s ability to be aware of their requirements as an individual and the development of healthy boundaries helps in facilitating a consistent movement into wellness. Counselor Wellness and Impairment The helping professional...

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Visual Impairment

Assignment 1 Visual Impairment is used to describe any kind of vision loss, whether it's someone who cannot see at all or someone who has partial vision loss. This happens when one part of the brain that is used to process images is damaged or is diseased. It can be repaired by either wearing classes or having surgery on the damages part. Most times it is permanent. Being blind is also a type of Visual Impairment. Today there are many reasons why some has Visual Impairments or may be blind. Luckily...

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Human Rights and Mental Health

Human Rights and Mental Health Are human rights infringed in treatments for mental health? The question of whether human rights are infringed in treatments for mental health has many points to consider. To help answer the question, this essay will outline the basic principles of human rights and draw some comparisons against medical treatments and choices in patients who are of sound mind against patients who are mentally ill. Emphasis will also be given to ethics and the application of them...

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Determinants of Health

Determinants of Health Introduction Many factors combine together to affect the health of individuals and communities. Whether people are healthy or not, is determined by their circumstances and environment. The determinants of health include: the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviours. The context of people’s lives determines their health, and so blaming individuals for having poor health or crediting them for...

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The Relationship between Repressive Defensiveness and Physical Health Outcomes

The Relationship Between Repressive Defensiveness and Physical Health Outcomes: Implications for Causality The concept of repressive defensiveness (RD) has an extensive history in clinical and personality research (Bonanno, Davis, Singer & Schwartz, 1991). RD is the tendency to avoid negative emotions (Denollet, Martens, Nykĺıcˇek, Conraads & de Gelder, 2008). Repressors are characterised by their elevated levels of physiological and behavioural indicators of anxiety and low self-reported anxiety...

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Hearing Impairment in Children

environment to learn language. Firstly, the essay will define some key terms such as hearing impairment and social environment. Secondly, it will discuss how the social environment can strongly influence hearing impaired to learn language. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2006) defines hearing as the ability of being aware of sounds with one’s ears. It further defines impairment as the state of having a physical loss or abnormality of psychological structure of function. According to WHO (2010) deafness...

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Psychology and physical health exam 2

PSYCHOLOGY AND PHYSICAL HEALTH LEARNING OBJECTIVES Stress, Personality, and Illness 1. Describe the Type A personality and evidence regarding its most toxic element. 2. Understand possible explanations for the link between hostility and heart disease. 3 Summarize evidence relating emotional reactions and depression to heart disease. 4. Discuss the evidence linking stress and personality to cancer. 5. Summarize evidence linking stress to a variety of diseases and immune functioning. ...

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Physical Education

What is Physical Education? Physical education should be regarded as a vital and dynamic aspect of every educational program. Physical education is education through human movement. It is the aspect of education that contributes to the total growth and development of the child mostly through selected movement and physical activities. It also enhances academic learning, helps meet the overall elementary school mission, employs authentic assessment strategies, treats students with dignity and...

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How Physical Activity Can Improve on Overall Health

How Physical Activity can Improve Overall Health and Personal Development Benefits Of Physical Activity The benefits of exercise extend far beyond weight management. Research shows that regular physical activity can help reduce your risk for several diseases and health conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems. Heart Disease and Stroke Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and...

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Visual Impairment, Issues and strategies

citizens’ (Scottish Government, 2012). As a Physical Education (PE) teacher at a specialist school for the visually impaired, I am directly involved in implementing and fulfilling the GIRFEC approach underpinned by the ‘Code of Practice’ for the Additional Support for Learning Act (2004). To ensure that the young people continue to be appropriately placed, I must adapt and implement individualised strategies to allow all young people with a visual impairment (VI) to access the curriculum. Within this...

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The Benefits of Physical Activity for Health and Well-Being

”Physical inactivity had become the biggest public health challenge of the 21st Century” Professor Blair claimed(BBC , 2014). According to an Overseas Development Institute stated one in three people worldwide is now obese. In the UK, 64% of adults are classed as being overweight or obese(BBC Health , 2014 ). While in U.S 68.5% of adults are overweight or obese(Food Research and Action Center , 2014 ). One idea to tackle the problem is that urged states to do more to influence exercise. Regular...

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How Are Adverse Childhood Experiences Related to Mental and Physical Health in Later Life

effects of childhood abuse and neglect on adult mental and physical health. Research has shown that certain health problems increase with the amount of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) the individual reports. Continuous stress arising from ACEs, causes neurobiological changes in the brain, resulting in impairment of the normal development of multiple brain structures and functions that are associated with a range of mental and physical health problems. In addition to this other maladaptive behaviours...

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Exploring adolescent physical activity

Exploring adolescent physical activity in the UK Introduction. The current recommended physical activity guidelines for younger people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve health is at least 60 minutes of moderate, to vigorous intensity activity per day. This should include aerobic activity, and muscle and bone strengthening activities. In order to gain additional health benefits and well-being Amounts of physical activity greater than 60 minutes is required. (National Health Department 2012,...

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Regulatory Impairment

violence and unpresented urges (Adelson, 2004). The scientists speculate that medications, including as-yet undeveloped anxiety-reducers that regulate the stress response, might reduce acute stress-precipitated violence. The effects that regulatory impairments has on specific behaviors can be attributed to internal bio-chemical actions and defects to more often environmental aspects which I find is limited to society and all subcultures. Furthermore, all known societies and subcultures seek to regulate...

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health is wealth

Health is wealth” and Health is better than wealth” are well-known and oft repeated sayings. These underline a vital fact of life. Without good health nothing is of much use. If any sensible person is asked what he would prefer, health or wealth. He would immediately answer ‘health’. Without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and a tasteless thing. Those who are sick, ill or weak in health are found dejected, nervous, hopeless and without any zest for life and its activities...

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Understand Physical Disability

UNIT 34: UNDERSTAND PHYSICAL DISABILITY – LEARNING OUTCOME 2 2.1 Define the term “physical disability” Physical disability pertains to total or partial loss of a person’s bodily functions (e.g. walking, gross motor skills, bladder control etc) and total or partial loss of a part of the body (e.g. a person with an amputation). Simply stated, a physical disability is any type of physical condition that significantly impacts one or more major life activities. That is a pretty broad definition, but...

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Relationship Between Physical Activity, Exercise and Health

Physical Education Critically discuss the relationship between physical activity, exercise and health and what whey means for society? Councils such as north shore city and Auckland promote being healthy and active on there websites. They encourage the community to get out there and become physically fit and active in the greater community. Also adverts on television such as push play ads, alcohol ads and depression ads help to inform the community about...

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Education for Learners with Special Needs: Introduction to Organization and Planning

Education for Learners with Special Needs: Organization and Planning Introduction In 1990, statistics showed that there were well over 43 million Americans with one or more physical or mental disabilities (Dixon, Kruse, & van Horn, 2003). Historically, society has isolated and segregated these individuals. After the passage of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and despite numerous laws and civil rights acts, discrimination against individuals with disabilities continues to be a serious social problem...

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Hearing Impairment

Melanie Elletson EDU330 The Exceptional Learner Hearing impairment paper Due May 2, 2007 According to Rena Lewis and Donald Doorlag, authors of Teaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms, a hearing impairment is a disability characterized by a decrease in ability to hear (pg 425). A child with a hearing impairment has trouble hearing sounds in the range of normal human speech. There area three basic types of hearing impairments: sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss...

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Public Health

Student Course Tutor Date Introduction Well being in terms of health status is one of the basic needs of humans. The well being ad health of citizens is a clause that is embedded in the constitution and the state and federal governments are charge with that responsibility. It is crucial to comprehend the functions of the public health which have been assigned to the grassroots public health departments. Assessment Assessment in public health entails collecting of data, analyzing it and finally...

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Physical therapy

The career path I have chosen to pursue is physical therapy. As I was growing up, physical therapy was not an option I would have considered but ever since junior year, my love for physical therapy has grown and pretty much eliminated all other career options. I had never fully understood what a physical therapist did until I became a patient. In the beginning of my junior year I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), medial cruciate ligament (MCL), and medial meniscus while playing goalkeeper...

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N174 Physical Assessment- Health History

UCLA SCHOOL OF NURSING CENTER FOR THE HEALTH SCIENCES LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA IDENTIFYING DATA: Name: Pt. # 1 Date: 1/15/13 Address: 565 Gayley Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90024Children: None Sex: F Occupation: Student Age: 20 Religious Preference: Christianity Date of Birth: Insurance: Private Marital Status: Single Source/Reliability: Self, seems reliable Race: Caucasian CC: none History of Present Illness: Past Medical History: Allergy: No seasonal allergies. Denies to drugs...

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Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

Jennifer Sheedy SPE 226 October 14, 2012 Betty Cokeley Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities Introduction An introduction introduces what the paper is going to be about. It should include a short statement of what the topic is and the importance to the educational setting. Your introduction should include a catchy thesis statement that makes the reader want to read your paper. The thesis statement sets up the whole paper in the order that the information will be presented. The...

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