• Csr of dutch bangla bank limited (dbbl)
    Case study: Corporate Social Responsibility of Dutch Bangla Bank Abstract: In this article, we have tried to give a comparative picture of corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of DBBL. We also defined what corporate social responsibilities and tried to show how important it is in this 2
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  • Bank of india
    History Bank of India was founded on 7th September, 1906 by a group of eminent businessmen from Mumbai. The Bank was under private ownership and control till July 1969 when it was nationalised along with 13 other banks. Beginning with one office in Mumbai, with a paid-up capital of Rs.50 lakh
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  • Hcr hoinda co
    INTRODUCTION 1. Meaning and Context of the Topic The word “Analysis” means “to break a complex problem down into smaller, more manageable "independent" parts for the purpose of examination”. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analysis) Similarly financial analys
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  • Introduction to business
    CHAPTER TWO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Seeing, seeking and acting on opportunities is one of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs everywhere. It is also the basis for starting and maintaining successful ventures. It involves not only generating ideas and recognizing opportunities, but als
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  • Nepal investment bank
    Annual Report 2008/2009 AnnuAl 2008 2009 RepoRt 3 Annual Report 2008-2009 C o n t e n t s Vision Mission Statement About Us Strategic Objectives Core values and Ethical Principles Chairman's Statement Financial Highlights Shareholder information Last 7 years at a Glance Manage
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  • Customer services in bank
    INTRODUCTION Most of the banks in India were founded by Indian entrepreneurs and visionaries in the pre-independence era to provide financial assistance to traders, agriculturists and budding Indian industrialists. The origin of banking in India can be traced back to the last decades of the 18th ce
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  • Analysis of financial position of punjab national bank
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Punjab National Bank was recognized by Dun & Bradstreet (2009) as the “ Top Public Sector Bank” under t including the category of “Priority Sector lending including Financial Inclusion.” Bank has also been conferred with the award by the institute for Development and
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  • Scope of demography
    Demography, Scope, Perspectives and Theory J C Caldwell 1 November 2000 Demography: Scope, Perspectives and Theory John C. Caldwell Health Transition Centre National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health Australian National University Canberra The term “demography” has been wide
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  • Soveriegn bank report
    E-Business Assignment | June 42010 | ". | Sovereign Bank E-business Report | Executive summary When we are talking about the E-business of the banking sector or as it goes to the next stage as compared to the previous stages the most important role played in the good e business of the company
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  • The effectiveness of the communication process of prime bank limited, bangladesh
    CHAPTER 1: I TRODUCTIO 1 The Effectiveness of the Communication Process of Prime Bank Limited 1.1 ORIGI OF THE REPORT This report on “The Effectiveness of the Communication Process of Prime Bank Limited” has been assigned to us by our respective course teacher Mr. SM Arifuzzaman. He
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  • Business introduction
    WORLD UNIVERSITY OF BANGLADESH Assignment Submitted to: Mahadi Hasan Lecturer of Introduction to Business Subject: Introduction to Business Subject code: BUS 103 Semester: 1st Semester Submit by: Fahad Siddiquee Rupam ID- 01-10-30-1486 Submission Date: Business Concept and Pr
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  • Introduction of bancassurance
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF THE RESEARCH Bancassurance is the selling of insurance and banking products through the same channel, most commonly through bank branches selling insurance. The sales synergies available have been sufficient to be used to justify merger
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  • Dena bank overview
    University of Pune Revised Syllabus for Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) M.B.A. Part I (First Year) Revised from June 2008-09. M.B.A. Part II (Second Year) Revised from June 2009-10. (I) Introduction The name of the course shall be Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) (II) Objectiv
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  • Bank and insurance collaboration
    Bancassurance: The Lessons of Global Experience in Banking and Insurance Collaboration Steven I Davis BANCASSURANCE: THE LESSONS OF GLOBAL EXPERIENCE IN BANKING AND INSURANCE COLLABORATION The Author Steven I Davis has spent his career in the banking and financial services sector as a sen
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  • Credit risk management in uttara bank
    Chapter – One Introduction 1. Preclude Credit is an arrangement whereby bank acting at the request and on the instructions of a customer or on its own behalf to make a payment to or to the order of a third party or is to accept and pay bills of exchan
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  • Analysis of bank statement
    Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and Subsidiary Companies Consolidated Financial Statements – 29 February 2008 Together with Auditors’ Reports GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC Orange Rules Guaranty Trust Bank Plc and Subsidiary Companies Consolidated Financial Statements – 29 February 2008 Together with
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  • An evaluation of the business and financial performance of guaranty trust bank plc (gt bank) from 1st march 2005 to 29th february 2008.
    1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 THE TOPIC CHOSEN My research is AN EVALUATION OF THE BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF GUARANTY TRUST BANK Plc (GT BANK) FROM 1ST MARCH 2005 TO 29TH FEBRUARY 2008. The banking landscape in Nigeria has changed tremendously since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
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  • Paper presentation on women empowerment and self help groups by mrs. rebecca thomas lecturer in commerce nes ratnam college, bhandup(w). women empowerment and self help groups introduction women
    PAPER PRESENTATION ON WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SELF HELP GROUPS BY Mrs. REBECCA THOMAS Lecturer in Commerce NES Ratnam College, Bhandup(W). WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SELF HELP GROUPS Introduction Women and children, who represent more than two-thirds (67.7%) of the country's total
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  • Causes of bank distress and resolution options in nigeria
    CAUSES OF BANK DISTRESS AND RESOLUTION OPTIONS IN NIGERIA. INTRODUCTION A meaningful analysis of causes of bank distress and the options for resolution would probably need to be preceded by a brief discussion of the roles of banks in an economy. Bank’s role in any financial system is quintessen
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  • Introduction to ulip & health insurance
    Study of ULIP, Health Plan & Micro insurance Of HDFC Standard Life & ICICI Prudential Life Submitted To:- Presented By:- Dr. Hetal Desai Ankita Jariwala (09) Industry Prof
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