• International Peace Day
    Request to participate in “International Peace day” Held on 21/9/2010 in Bibliotheca Alexandrina Date: 5/9/2010 To: Dr.Azza El Kholy Deputy Director Institute for Peace Studies Dear Dr. Azza Hayat Center would have the honor to participate with IPS in the com
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  • Why International Peace Collapsed in 1939
    Why Had International Peace Collapsed by 1939? When Hitler came into power in 1933 he had three main aims. His first was to destroy the Treaty of Versailles. He believed that the treaty was unfair and it reminded him of Germanys defeat in World War One. Hitler promised he would abolish the Treaty o
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  • Understanding International Business Environments
    Understanding International Business Environments Understanding the dynamics of the international business environment is a complex process because there are so many factors that can impinge the success or otherwise of an international business. The business environment is changing and its volati
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  • A Key Challenge for International Marketers Is to Develop a Good Understanding of the International Business Environment. Identify the Key Environmental Actors That Are of Importance to the Success of International
    International Business Environment There are numerous environmental factors that a company must consider when operating outside its domestic market which have a significant impact on international marketing decisions and are imperative for success. The key environmental factors are outlined below
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  • Development of Peace Idea
    THE HISTORIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEACE IDEA 1 PEACE is not only a fundamental doctrine of Christianity; it is equally a fundamental doctrine of humanity in its essential constitution. Hence peace, both as an idea and as a social attainment, has had a natural historic development, in which other f
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  • Theories of International Organization
    Introduction International Organizations are formal institutional structures transcending national boundaries that are created by multilateral agreement among nation-states. Their purpose is to foster international cooperation in areas such as security, law, economic and social matters and diplom
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  • Prospertiy & Peace
    PROSPERITY AND PEACE THROUGH ART ASHFAQ ISHAQ ; EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL CHILD ART FOUNDATION WASHINGTON DC, USA www.icaf.org KEYWORDS Conflicts and Ethics, Sport and Art, Millennium Development Goals, Arts Olympiad, Peace through Art, Creativity for Peace, Healing Arts, Global Pea
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  • Peace and Conflict Reconstruction in Mindanao
    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The today’s concept of a modern state has a great difference comparing it with what it was before. Today some of the states used to be considered before were not worthy being labeled a viable state, either by domestic or international domai
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  • Peace Through Tourism
    Journal of Business Ethics (2010) 89:559–568 DOI 10.1007/s10551-010-0407-3 Ó Springer 2010 Peace through Tourism: The Birthing of a New Socio-Economic Order Louis D’Amore ABSTRACT. Humankind is currently witnessing, and shaping, the most significant and rapid paradigm shift in human
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  • International Relation
    Question: Discuss realism. What are the main elements? How does neo-realism revise classical realism? How accurate do you think realism is in explaining international relations? Realism in International relations   Realism is the target for other international relations theorists. It inher
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  • Peace?
    Each year over 1,100 students submit entries to the National Peace Essay Contest while thousands more participate in related writing and other classroom exercises in high schools around the country. First-place state winners receive scholarships and are invited to Washington for a five-day awards
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  • Realism and Neo-Realism in International Relations
    Realism and neo-realism in international relations Ion Deaconescu The realist theory, founded by Hans Morgenthau, Arnold Wolfers, Kenneth Thomson, E.H. Carr and Georg Schwarzenberger, is based on the will to consider man and social relations, and most particularly political relations, a state
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  • Defence Peace Economics
    Defence and Peace Economics Guest Editor: Jurgen Brauer Special Issue A MILLENNIAL VIEW ON DEFENCE AND PEACE ECONOMICS Introduction Jurgen Brauer Colonizing Military History: A Millennial View on the Economics of War Hubert van Tuyll and Jurgen Brauer On the Production of Victory: Empirical D
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  • International Relations According to the Philosophers
    Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to introduce the field of IR, its relevance with history, to organize in a logical way what is known and theorized about IR. This paper creates a general understanding of what history is, what is international relations, the importance of philosophers,
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  • Is Global Peace an Illusion?
    Q. 6 Over several centuries, the collaborative goal of the world has been to attain the harmony, understanding and interdependent relationships between nations that brings peace, security and stability to the world. However, although global peace is attainable, much collaborative effort is needed
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  • Relevance of United Nations Peace Keeping Operations in the Emerging World Order
    RELEVANCE OF UNITED NATIONS PEACE KEEPING OPERATIONS IN THE EMERGING WORLD ORDER “ Human war has been the most successful of all our cultural traditions” - Robert Ardrey CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1. ‘Man’ the most intelligent of
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  • All About Peace Education
    ALL ABOUT PEACE EDUCATION *Dr. Ajay Kumar Attri, Lecturer; Department of Education, MLSM College ; Sundernagar; Mandi (H.P) ➢ INTRODUCTION: Education shall be directed toward the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and
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  • Discrimination in International Law
    Non-Discrimination in International Law A HANDBOOK FOR P R AC T I T I O N E R S With the generous support of The Sigrid Rausing Trust STAFF Helen Duffy Legal Director John Musgrave Finance and Administration Director Iain Byrne Commonwealth Law Officer Andrea Coomber Legal Officer for E
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  • An Examination of the Extent to Which Globalization Has Influenced the Upsurge of Conflict in the International System.
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  • Terrorism: an International Crisis
    Assignment on: UN reform-multiple View Submitted to, Sazzad H Siddiqui, Lecturer, Dept. of peace & Conflict Studies University of Dhaka. Submitted By, Tanzima Binte Khaleque, MSS, Roll- 1644 Course no: 404(UN & management of conflict & peace) Dept. of peace & Conflict Studies Univers
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