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Input Devices For Physically Challenged Computer Users

Input devices 1.Keyboard In computing, a keyboard is an input device, partially modeled after the typewriter keyboard, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. A keyboard typically has characters engraved or printed on the keys and each press of a key typically corresponds to a single written symbol. However, to produce some symbols requires pressing and holding several keys simultaneously or in sequence. 2. Mouse In computing, a mouse...

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Input Devices and Their Uses

INPUT DEVICES An input device is any hardware component that allows you to enter data, programs, commands, and user responses into a computer. Input devices include the keyboard, pointing devices, scanners and reading devices, digital cameras, audio and video input devices for physically challenged use MOUSE The mouse is an input device that is used to control the movement of the pointer on the screen and to make selections from the screen. She top of the mouse has one to four buttons. Some...

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Input Devices

Input Devices QWERTY Keyboard The keyboard is the most common type of input device. In other countries, the keyboard layout is different due to their different language and characters. There are some variations of keyboards to the normal keyboard. Some are wireless which means that no wire is required to connect it to the PC; and some have ergonomic design, which have a special design in order to reduce muscular stress on the user. Mouse The mouse is a pointing device which is used to move...

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Kinds of Input Devices

Different Kinds of Input Devices Computers support various input and output devices to maximize functionality. An input device is any piece of hardware that provides data and controls various signals as they process through the computer. If a computer did not use any input devices, users would watch the activity, as opposed to interacting with it. Each type of input device serves its own purpose, ranging from a simple pointing device to a webcam. Have a question? Get an answer from Online Tech...

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Essay about input and output devices and computer components

The purpose of this paper is to answer questions about various data input and output methods, various storage types and devices, and the speed of a computer. Each of the four questions is divided into a corresponding section below. In the input device section, this paper focuses primarily on user input, rather than the input devices used to extract information entered by a user. In all of the presented cases, electronic scanning methods are the best method, and the method routinely used, to extract...

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Input/Output Devices

Chapter 9 Input/Output Devices Contents: I. Introduction II. Input Devices a. Keyboard,mouse,joystick,scanners,digital camera, bar code reader, touch Sreeen,Speech input device (microphone) III. Output Devices a. Monitor , Speaker, Printers ( different types) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I. Introduction The computer will be of no use unless it is able to communicate with the outside world. Input/Output devices are required for users to communicate...

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Input Devices

INPUT DEVICES 1. Where does the name QWERTY keyboard come from ? The name QWERTY comes from the first six letters on the top row of the alphabet keys. 2. Why do think the QWERTY keyboard is the most popular method of data entry? The QWERTY keyboard is the most popular method of entering data because an easy way of usage and when you get used to it you start typing faster 3. Who might make use of a concept keyboard? A concept keyboard might be used by a fast food restaurant...

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input output devices

Input devices There are many input formats which enable us to gather up and collect information, and enter data and instructions into the computer. Input devices can be manual or automatic. Manual input devices include: Keyboard - including concept keyboard. This is a flat board that contains a grid of buttons. Each button can be programmed to follow instructions. An overlay sheet is placed on the grid with an explanation for each button. They are used in primary schools with young children...

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Input and Output Devices

An input device is a hardware used to send data to a computer . input device allows users to communicate for processing , display , storage and transmission SEVEN COMPUTER INPUT DEVICES THAT WE HAVE ARE AS FOLLOWS: KEYBOARD A computer keyboard is an input device used to enter characters and functions into the computer system by pressing buttons or keys.it is the primary device used to enter text. A keyboard is used to enter text . a keyboard...

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Computer User Interfaces

User interface is one of the most important parts of any electronic device. When the user interact with a computer system the first thing the user notice that how easily the user can interact with computer not how good or quickly the computer system does it. The Human, the user, is, after all, the one whom computer system are designed to assist. The requirements of the user should therefore be our first priority (Alan et al, 2004 : 12). Wilbert (2007: 4) defines the user interface “ The user...

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Applications of Input, Storage and Output Devices.

Input Devices Light sensor: Gesture detection – the detection of human movements – may be used to enable advanced, differentiated smart features in portable electronics such as smart phones. Many of these features save energy by enabling electronics to expend the minimum amount of energy necessary to provide appropriate screen illumination levels. For example, when a phone is held to a user’s ear during normal conversation, the user can not see the screen, and therefore it may be turned off. This...

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Input Devices Used with a Computer

* Input is all information put into a computer. Input can be supplied from a variety of sources: * A person * A storage device on computer * Another computer * A peripheral device * Another piece of equipment, such as a musical instrument or thermometer One of the primary input devices used with a computer, the keyboard looks very similar to the keyboards of electric typewriters, with some additional keys. Keyboards allow a computer user to input letters, numbers...

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Function of digital computer A typical digital computer system has four basic functional elements:  (1) input-output equipment. (2) main memory. (3) control unit. (4) arithmetic-logic unit.  Any of a number of devices is used to enter data and program instructions into a computer and to gain access to the results of the processing operation. Common input devices include keyboards and optical scanners; output devices include printers and cathode-ray tube and liquid-crystal display monitors...

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pointing devices

Pointing Devices are direct entry input devices. They allow users to control the pointer and the insertion point on the screen. Examples of pointing devices are mouse, trackball, touch pad, pointing stick, joystick, touch screen, light pen and graphics tablets. A mouse is a computer device, which has a ball sealed at the bottom. It is attached with a cable to the system unit. When rolled on the flat surface, the movement of the ball will generate electrical circuits, which are then sent to the...

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Computer System

Overview of the Computer System This lesson includes the following sections: • The Parts of a Computer System • Looking Inside the Machine • Software: Bringing the Machine to Life The Parts of a Computer System • What is a Computer? • Hardware • Software • Data • Users The Parts of a Computer System - What is a Computer? • A computer is an electronic...

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Input And Output Devices Of A Computer

Input and Output Devices The terms “input” and “output” are used both as: verbs to describe the process of entering /displaying the data. nouns referring to the data itself entered into /displayed by the computer. Input Devices Input devices are necessary to convert information or data in to a form which can be understood by the computer. A good input device should provide timely, accurate and useful data to the main memory of the computer for processing. Keyboard Keyboard is the standard...

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Hci: Human and Computer Interaction

Unit 2 Project Part 1- Interaction Framework Interaction is the communication between a user and some device or system. Frameworks provide a way to create what the interaction between the user and a device should be. It allows us to test and resolve any issues during this interaction process. Testing can be performed as whole and not just as individual components (Helm, 2008). The execution/evaluation action cycle (EEAC) provides results from a user’s point of view of an interface. It consists...

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Types of Computers Esay

0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview 1.2 Justification 1.3 In brief 2.0 TYPES OF COMPUTERS 2.1 Defining a computer 2.2 Four types of computers 3.0 CONCLUSION 3.1 Summary 3.2 Insights 3.3 Recommendations 1.0 2.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview A computer is an electronic device that receives (input) data, processes that data, stores data and produces results (output). Computer can be classified according to their data representation that is functionality, based on...

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Input Device and Thesis Adviser

Hardware In hardware, it allows input and output device that can help to the proponents to create a documents, copying some important information’s like a business permit, receipts, and etc. A. Input Devices • Mouse – we use this device to click open and close file, drag and drop. • Keyboard - we use this device to type letters, number and etc. it also has a special keys that helps to operate the computer. • Scanner – we use this device to copy some important files...

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Component of Computer

A computer system consists of mainly four basic units; namely input unit, storage unit, central processing unit and output unit. Central Processing unit further includes Arithmetic logic unit and control unit, as shown in the figure:. A computer performs five major operations or functions irrespective of its size and make. These are • it accepts data or instructions as input, • it stores data and instruction • it processes data as per the instructions, • it controls all operations inside a computer...

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peripheral devices

PERIPHERAL DEVICES Peripheral devices can be attached by cable or wireless technology to the computer to perform specific functions. Peripherals are plugged into special sockets (ports) using cables. INPUT DEVICES Keyboard - Consist of typewriter-like keys that enable users to enter information into a computer. Mouse - Control the movement of a cursor or pointer on a display screen. The most common pointing device is the mouse. Scanner - Copies a picture...

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Parts of a Personal Computer

OF A PERSONAL COMPUTER Can you imagine a world without computers? Computers have changed everyday life in infinite ways that we would have never imagined 50 years ago. Long ago, computers were primarily used to compute numbers and to do word processing. As times have changed, computers have also evolved to help us with our everyday tasks. Nowadays we even use our computers for personal enjoyment by using them for games and finding information on the Internet. One way computers play a vital...

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Computers Computers have made life easier for the human race. Americans today take for granted the great impact the computer has on their lives, making things easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Computers helped the world a lot and helped us take a large step into the future. Almost anything you know is run or made by computers, industry, cars, jets, and ect. Computers are the most important innovations in history, without computers the world would not be able to function in the...

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Multi User Operating Systems

programs, which manage computer hardware in a controlled fashion. The operating system controls the file-system, process management, memory management and peripherals. Multi-user operating systems are used on large mainframe computers. A mainframe computer system has one very powerful processing unit, which may contain many microprocessors. Many users will all share this processing unit. They use terminals (a keyboard and a monitor) to access the mainframe computer. A multi-user operating system lets...

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Computer Hardware

links the different parts of the computer to the CPU and the main memory. Its primary task is to send data and instructions to the different parts within the motherboard, including the external bus. The external type of motherboard bus, which is also known as the expansion bus, serves as the interface for peripheral devices like hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and flash drives to get connected to the CPU. The shape of each interface is unique. This prevents plugging a device to a wrong port, which could...

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What Is a Computer

What is a computer? Introduction In its most basic form a computer is any device, which aids humans in performing various kinds of computations or calculations. In that respect the earliest computer was the abacus, used to perform basic arithmetic operations. The computer as we know it today had its beginning with a 19th century English mathematics professor name Charles Babbage.
He designed the Analytical Engine and it was this design that the basic framework of the computers of today are...

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Personal Computer and Network Interface Card

Stands for "Basic Input/Output System." The BIOS is a program pre-installed on Windows-based computers (not on Macs) that the computer uses to start up. Operating system: Also known as an "OS," this is the software that communicates with computer hardware on the most basic level. Without an operating system, no software programs can run. The OS is what allocates memory, processes tasks, accesses disks and peripherials, and serves as the user interface. Booting the computer: Modem: The word...

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Component of Computer

INTRODUCTION What is a computer? Computer is an electronic devices, operating under the control of instructons stored in its own memory, that can accept data, process the data according to specified rules, produces results, and stores the results for future use. The electric, electronic, and mechanical components of a computer, or hardware, include input devices, output devices, a system unit, storage devices and communication devices. An input device allows you to enter data or instructions...

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A computer is not an acronym and is sometimes abbreviated as comp or 'puter. The term "computer" was originally given to humans who performed numerical calculations using mechanical calculators such as the abacus and slide rule. The term was later given to a mechanical device as they began replacing the human computers. Today's computers are electronic devices that accept data (input), process that data, produces output, and then store (storage) the results. The first computer was called the ENIAC...

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Before computers there were not telephone answering machines, handheld calculators, fax machines, personal computers. People did what they had to do without these things. People wrote letter by hand or with a typewriter, they also kept track of data and numbers in ledgers. They were not texting each other, there was either in person or over the phone. . Computers are integral to our daily lives and there are millions used daily. Computers are used at home, work, and school. They are also embedded...

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Input, Output, Storage Devices, Speed

Input Data is factual information and it needs to be accurately captured in order to be processed. There are many methods to input data and each situation warrants a different method. There can be several different ways to input the information and it can be done in an automatic fashion, as with a computer, or it can be done manually, as with a human writing the information down. For instance, printed questionnaires would best use a special scanning device called an optical data reader that uses...

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fundamentals of computer

Fundamentals of Computer Topic:- Organization of Computer ( Questions & Answers) Assignment # 3 Submitted To: Ms Anum Latif Submitted By: Fatima J.Aldeen Date: 14/09/2013 Q1) Explain the functions of input and output devices. Ans) Before knowing anything about the features of these devices, we should know what they basically are. The information or data that's entered or sent to the computer to be processed is considered input and anything that is displayed from the computer is output. Therefore...

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Computer System

INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER Definitions of a Computer a) A computer is an electronic device that can accept data input, process it according to some specified instructions, output the information, and store the results for future use. b) It may also be defined as an electronic, versatile, digital device that works under a set of controlled programs to simplify work i.e. convert data into information. Characteristics of modern computers 1. Speed. Computers operate at extremely high speeds. Their...

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Mobile Device

Input-Process-Output-Storage (IPO S) A mobile device is a small and handy computing device. Mobile device usually come with a touch or non- touch display with a mini keyboard. Today, mobile devices have become popular to everybody since they are convenient. As on the year 2012, reports had claimed that more 75% of the world population owns a mobile device. Mobile device are also considered as a computer systems because it uses the Input-Process-Output-Storage (IPOS) model. One of the examples...

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Graphical User Interface and Applications Software

Chapter 1. Types and components of computer systems Hardware is a general term for the physical components that make up a computer system. Software is a general term for the programs that control the computer system. Systems software are programs that allow the hardware to run properly, e.g. operating systems. Applications software are programs that allow the user to do specific tasks, e.g. spreadsheets. The central processing unit (CPU) interprets and executes the commands from the hardware and...

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Classification Essay: Computer Users

We all have at least one person in our life that is crazy about computers… the sound of the keyboard typing away throughout all hours of the night. With the advanced technology society has brought us, it is a normal occurrence in your typical household. Since the computer has become so accessible to mostly everyone, life has become much easier for humans. What would we do without the Internet? You can find information on any topic you choose, from the click of a button or two, right at your fingertips...

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Generation of Computer

INTRODUCTION The history of computer development is often referred to in reference to the different generations of computing devices. Each of the five generations of computers is characterized by a major technological development that fundamentally changed the way computers operate. The history of computer development is often referred to in reference to the different generations of computing devices. Each of the five generations of computers is characterized by a major technological...

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Computer Security Risk for Home Users

Computer Security Risk for Home Users BUIS 260 11/7/2011 BUIS 260 November 6, 2012 Computer Security Risk for Home Users This history of computers started long before it emerges in the 20th century. Computer was a man made device that acts as string from mechanical inventions and mathematical theories towards the modern concepts and machines formed a major academic ground and the basis that became a worldwide phenomenon. It is true that any great invention that is created to solve human...

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English for Computer Students

providing myriad information services. The knowledge worker's job function revolves around the use, manipulation, and dissemination of information. Learning about computers is an adventure that will last a lifetime because information technology (IT), the integration of computing technology and information processing, is changing daily. The computer revolution is transforming the way we communicate, do business, and learn. This technological revolution is having a profound impact on the business community...

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It can refer to all computer instructions in general or to any specific set of computer instructions. It is inclusive of both machine instructions and source code (more human-understandable instructions that must be rendered into machine code by compilers or interpreters before being executed). On most computer platforms, software can be grouped into a few broad categories: software is the basic software needed for a computer to operate. software refers to one or more computer programs and data...

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Introduction of Computers

Introduction of Computers What is Computer. Computer is an electronic machine, which accepts instructions, commands and information, based on the information process the given information at Ultra High Speed and produce the result on the screen and printer. Qualities of Computer. Possess the following:- a. Ultra High Speed b. Accuracy c. Huge Capacity for Storage d. Decision Making Ability Main Parts of Computers. Following are the main parts...

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Sources of Data Input and Output

Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and why: * Printed Questionnaires: * Keyboard and mouse * User can type data using the keyboard and use the mouse to click/select pieces of data * Telephone Survey: * Voice input device * Surveys may be set up to function using voice recognition for users responding to...

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Parts of the Computer

Parts of the Computer & Their Functions Computers are assembled from several key components that make the computer functional, called hardware. While most computer users are primarily familiar with the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, the most important physical parts of a computer exist inside the case. CPU * The central processing unit processes all of the data that is accessed by the machine. In PCs the CPU, or microprocessor, is a small silicon chip located beneath the...

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Computer Keyboard

In computing, a keyboard is a typewriter-style device, which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys, to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches. Following the decline of punch cards and paper tape, interaction via teleprinter-style keyboards became the main input device for computers. A keyboard typically has characters engraved or printed on the keys and each press of a key typically corresponds to a single written symbol. However, to produce some symbols requires pressing and holding several...

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Computer Network

Computer Network A computer network is a number of computers linked together to allow them to share resources. Networked computers can share hardware, software and data. Most computer networks have at least one server. A server is a powerful computer that provides one or more services to a network and its users. For example, file storage and email. LANs and WANs There are two main types of network: 1. Local Area Network (LAN) 2. Wide Area Network (WAN) LAN A LAN covers a small area such...

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Types and Components of Computer Systems

and components of computer systems Hardware Memory There are two types of memory: • RAM (random access memory) • ROM (read only memory). Random access memory RAM is the computer’s ‘working memory’. RAM temporarily stores programs and data that are being used at a given time. The contents of RAM can be changed and are lost when the computer is turned off. This is known as ‘volatile memory’. Read only memory The main use of ROM is to store the program that runs when the computer is turned on which...

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Types of Computers

Types of computers Firstly, what is a computer? Well, a modern computer is typically an electronic or digital device that manipulates data. Computers can execute a pre-recorded list of instructions know as a “programme”. Large amounts of data can be stored on computers and be quickly accessed, edited and stored. When it comes to computers there are several different types: * High Performance System (HPS) * Workstations * Personal Computer * Laptop / Notebook * Palmtop These...

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Data Input Methods

Data Input Methods Optical data readers The best data input method for printed questionnaires would be Optical Data Readers. Optical Data Readers are a special type of scanning device to be used on documents. Optical Data Readers fall under two categories, optical mark recognition (OMR) and optical character recognition (OCR) (Stair, R., Reynolds, G., 2004). Printed questionnaires which, for instance, can be used for surveying groups of people regarding a particular subject can utilize OMR through...

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User Interfaces

Menu Interface This type of interface lets you interact with a computer or device by working your way through a series of screens or menus. Think about your iPod or mobile phone, they both use a menu driven interface. You are presented with a menu, you make a choice and then the next menu appears on the screen. You make another choice and so on. Menu driven interfaces can also be verbal rather than visual. Have you ever made a telephone call and been asked to 'press 1 for abc, press 2 for def...

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Research Computer Components

Hardware Systems Grade _______ Instructor: Mike. Pierce Steven Harmon: Research Computer Components: Due Date: 09/17/2011 Research Computer Components The Five Components of the PC are: 1. System Unit - The main part of a personal computer. The system unit includes the chassis, microprocessor, main memory, bus, and ports, but does not include the keyboard or monitor, or any peripheral devices. A system unit is sometimes called a box or main unit. 2. Monitor - A monitor or display...

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Computer Introduction

Introduction to Computers What is a computer? An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.. Many people believe that knowing how to use a computer, is one of the basic skills needed to succeed in the workplace. In order to use the computer it is necessary to understand how the computer works. Hardware | Computer hardware is made up of the equipment used to make up you computer unit. These parts...

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Introduction to Computers. Assignment 1

Introduction to Computers Written Assignment 1 Chapter 1 1. What is the most important difference between a computer and a calculator A calculator can only process numerical data, which means, it can only work with numbers, but a computer can process alphanumerical data, such as numbers, letters, graphics, pictures, video, audio files and much more. A calculator can only be programmed to calculate numbers. A computer can use thousands different programs. 2. How are computers today similar...

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Computer System

Computer System Introduction & Definitions — Computer is an electronic device that is used to solve various problems according to a set of instructions given to it — A computer is a programmable machine that receives input, stores and manipulates data, and provides output in a useful format Brief History of Computer — The first use of the word "computer" was recorded in 1613, referring to a person who carried out calculations, or computations, and word continued to be used in...

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Build a Computer Network

Topic: Build a Computer Network Table of Contents Build a computer Network ……………………………………………………….. 1 What is a computer…….……………………………………………………………. 2 (b) What are the main types of computers used in a Network? … 2 What is a Network…………………………….…………………………………… 3 What hardware and software is found in a computer network……….. 4-9 Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………. 10 Basic information on students assigned to do this project……………… 11 Build a Computer Network ...

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Computer Interaction and Design: User Interface

Case Study 1: User Interfaces CIS 524 – Computer Interaction and Design 14 January 2014 Strayer University Abstract The Interface Design community faces many challenges in making it comfortable and relaxing for us to use the technology that they produce. Naturally they cannot please everyone but they try. This reading will make you understand what interface really means. I will give you examples from my experience with my own equipment and photos to boot. Mandel’s golden rules...

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Different types of computer systems in

types of computer systems in different environment According to the size and power computers are classified. Super computers Super computers are employed for heavy usage like construction of atom bombs, weather forecasting, finding oil, earthquake predictions, electronic design and scientific simulations. These computers are extremely faster that other computers currently available. They can perform hundreds of millions of commands per second. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers are very large...

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Key Computer Terms

Associate Program Material Appendix A Key Computer Terms CheckPoint Definitions and Usage of Information Technology Infrastructure Components and Technologies The following terms are examples of information technology infrastructure components and technologies used in business. Research definitions using the Internet. You will write a definition of each term and provide at least two examples of the component or technology. Provide citations and references for all resources. |Term ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers. Summary

introduction to computer Chapter 1 A meaning of computer A Computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory There are three process of computer 1. Collects data (input) 2. Processing 3. Produces information (output) The Components of a Computer A computer contains many electric, electronic, and mechanical components known as hardware. There are five type of the components of computer. 1.Input Devices is any hardware...

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Computer Systems in Organizations

What are important considerations for an organization to dispose of old computer equipment? What methods would work best for the organization in which you are working or have worked? When an organization disposes of computer equipment it has to make sure that the data has been destroyed, that it is not affecting the environment, and it has to look at the cost of disposal as part of the cost of owning such equipment. For most enterprises, overwriting each disk sector four times should be enough...

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Output Devices

unit (CPU) of a computer system. A central processing unit (CPU), also referred to as a central processor unit, is the hardware within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system. In the computer industry, the terms computer and CPU are often used interchangeably. Computing power starts with the most limited microcomputers which are laptop computers, netbook computers, PDAs and cell...

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