• informative speech
    PRESENTATIONAL SPEAKING– COMM 1317 INFORMATIVE SPEECH 1. Share 1-3 informative topics in class. (Audience analysis) o Poll your audience of peers for their interests…unless you are very passionate about a specific topic. YOU select your proposed topic. o Get proposed informative...
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    Assignment for the Informative Speech An Informative Speech is a speech that defines, describes, or explains a concept or idea, process or function; and occasionally, a thing, person or place. 1. Select a subject interesting to you and instructive for your audience. You will prepare a...
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  • Informative speech
    Rachive Joseph EAP-0400c Outline for an Informative Speech ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER How many of you go out just to escape worry? How many of you go watch a movie to forget about trouble? How many of you go to the beach just because you bored or lonely? Have you ever gambled? Well,...
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    Informative Speech with Visual Aids Outline Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about extreme beauty practices in different cultures. INTRODUCTION I. I am pretty sure most of you here have heard the old saying that “Beauty is Pain.” II. We wake up striving to look better or...
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  • Informative Speech on DIabetes
    Formal Outline for Informative Speech Speech Title: Type 2 Diabetes Topic: How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the two ways to prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Central Idea: In order to prevent Type 2 Diabetes one must...
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    Janvier Nshimyumuremyi Formal Outline Informative Speech I. Introduction a. “Only 5% of sufferers know they have it” –Green. I’m talking about celiac disease and 1 in 133 people in the US have it. b. I’m going to inform you about this disease because it seems to be unknown and if...
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    [TEMPLATE FOR AN INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE] The Effects of Disney Films Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the different stereotypes Disney portrayed in their movies. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Different types of stereotypes in Disney movies effect...
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  • Persuasive Speech Outline
    Persuasive Speech Outline M. Stevenson Saddleback Community College Speech - Instructor Smith The Galapagos Islands: Our best opportunity to learn about life, and how it began. I. Describe the diversity of life forms found in the area. A. Reptiles – accidental relocation 1.
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  • Breed Specific Legislation Persuasive Speech Outline
    Troy Gladney Persuasive Speech Outline Comm 110 I. Introduction A. Attention getter: A lot of times Breed Specific laws ban pit bulls and even require that a pit bull be put down. In this game, you are giving a death sentence to one dog. Will you choose the right one? [Can you find the
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  • Informative Speech
    Below you will find a list of 125 of 250 potential informative speech topics. Be sure to analyze your audience and time limit before selecting a topic. These topics can be used as they are, or you might have to make them more precise to suit the situation (available time, class requirements, etc.).
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    Angelisa Chavez Professor Harris-Jenkinson COMM 301: Public Speaking Mon/Weds 7:30, Comm301 April 3, 2013 Hiccups Informative Speech Purpose: By the end of my informative speech the audience will understand the mystery behind hiccups. Most individuals do not know why people hiccup even
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  • Animal Testing. Persuasive Speech Outline
    Zoee Gaige-Wilson Persuasive Speech Outline I. Introduction Animals can be ferocious and wild, but they can also be gentle and tame. Some are our pets, and some are powerful forces that are to be respected and admired. It is as easy to appreciate a loyal dog as it is to be in awe of a lion i
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  • Outlining an Informative Speech: Anabolic Steroids
    | Outlining an Informative SpeechAnabolic Steroids in Sports | | | OUTLINE OF SPEECH ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER An athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. Athletes train and practice year-round to pre
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  • Informative Speech
    61 informative Informative Speaking These directions expand upon but do not replace the information in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. The contest director should read Sections 1000, 1003, and 1004 of the Constitution, then read these guidelines for additional details. See also the Academ
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  • Informative Speech Avoid Stress
    Speech Informative Outline Attention getter: Some people say that they do not suffer from stress, because they pass it on to others. Reason to listen(Purpose): Though, everyone knows that stress is bad, but you may want to know that stress is a silent killer because it increases the risk of dise
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  • Speech Outline
    Introduction to Effective Public Speaking COMM 1071-008 McMicken 27 Summer, 2013 Tues./Thurs. 8:00-9:20 Instructor: Ms. Nancy Schulte Telephone: E-mail: Office: Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:00/11:00-11:30 Objectives: ❖ To research, outline, and organi
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  • Outline for Speech
    Informative Speech Outline Title: Child Obesity, a “Growing” Concern Topic: Most Prevalent Causes of Obesity in the U.S. Specific Purpose: To educate the audience on the key causes of the increasing obesity rate in the U.S. among adults, but especially among youth. Thesis Stateme
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  • Informative Outline
    10/3/11 Informative Speech Outline Introduction – Organization, it is the key to success. In fact it is the reason I am able to make this presentation. I will be talking about how to become more organized and maintain that organization today. Body - If you’re not organized you most likely won
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  • Outline Speech
    INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Topic : The Ngaben Ceremony in Bali General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about one of the most spectacular ceremonies in Bali, Ngaben. Thesis Statement: Hindu is the largest population in Bali, one of ceremony in Hindu religion is Ng
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  • Informative Fireworks Speech
    Informative Speech Outline COM 101 2216950 Topic: Fireworks General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform about fireworks and their being. Thesis: Fireworks vary in many ways, such as type, chemical make up and strengths. I. Introduction A. Attent
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