• Indian Industrial Policy
    Industrial Policy, 1991 INTRODUCTION The industrial policies pursued till 1990 enabled India to develop a vast and diversified industrial structure. India attained self–sufficiency in a wide range of consumer goods. But the industrial growth was not rapid enough to generate sufficient employme
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  • Industrial Policy
    POLICY OBJECTIVES Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundations of modern India. His vision and determination have left a lasting impression on every facet of national endeavour since Independence. It is due to his initiative that India now has a strong and diversified industrial base and is a ma
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  • Indian Policy Resolution
    Index ❖ Industrial Policy (Introduction) 1 ➢ Objectives 1 ➢ Major Industrial Policy Statements 2 ❖ Industrial Policy Resolution 1948 2 ➢ Acceptance of the importance of both private and public sectors 2
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  • Industrialproduction and Credit Policy
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  • Foreign Direct Investment in India Since 1991: Trends, Challenges and Prospects
    Foreign Direct Investment in India since 1991: Trends, Challenges and Prospects M.K. Dutta, Assistant Professor (Economics), Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Guwahati, Assam, India E-mail: mkdutta@iitg.ernet.in & G.K. Sarma, Research Scholar (Economics), Department of H
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  • Strategic Airline Policy in the Globalizing Airline Networks
    TAE HOON OUM ALLISON J. TAYLOR ANMING ZHANG Strategic Airline Policy in the Globalizing Airline Networks The airline industry in North America has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years, due primarily to the deregulation of the U.S. market in 1978. and the southern Canadian market in 1
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  • Assignment of Export Policy of Bangladesh
    Chapter 1 Introduction Bangladesh is a developing country, and the present government is striving relentlessly to attain rapid economic development in the country. Many programs taken so far have been carried out successfully. Despite a lack of resources faced b
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  • Industrial Relations
    This is the html version of the file http://planningcommission.nic.in/aboutus/speech/spemsa/msa008.doc. Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web. Economic Reforms in India since 1991: Has Gradualism Worked? by Montek S. Ahluwalia*  India was a latecomer to e
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  • An Examination of the Monetary Policy of Nigeria (1986-2006)
    AN EXAMINATION OF THE MONETARY POLICY OF NIGERIA (1986-2006) By Okezie A. Ihugba Department Of Economics, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri Imo State Abstract The paper examines the impact of Monetary Policy on the development of Nigerian economy. The purpose of the study is to
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  • Environmental Policy in the European Union
    1. INTRODUCTION In last decade we can notice a trend of constant growth of environmental pollution in Europe and also elsewhere in the world. Every year European Union produces around 2 billion tone of waste materials and the number is getting 10% bigger every year. There is also a constant incr
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  • Public Policy and Management
    PUBLIC POLICY AND MANAGEMENT Public Policy is a purposive course of action followed by an actor or set of actors’ in dealing with a problem or matter of concern. Public Policy can be ‘anything governments choose to do’. Actors or Agents can be any one or everyone who is involved in dec
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  • Cluster Theory and Industry Policy in Australia
    Cluster Theory and Industry Policy: An Overview Author: Stanislav Bucifal Australian National University September 2008 Executive Summary This paper examines the potential of cluster theory to inform industry policy. In the economic sense, clusters are production networks of strongly interd
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  • Higlights of Exim Policy
    HIGHLIGHTS OF EXIM POLICY 2002-07 (as amended upto 31.3.2003) Service Exports Duty free import facility for service sector having a minimum foreign exchange earning of Rs.10 lakhs. The duty free entitlement shall be 10% of the average foreign exchange earned in the preceding three licensing
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  • Foreign Trade Policy
    FOREIGN TRADE POLICY PREAMBLE CONTEXT For India to become a major player in world trade, an all encompassing, comprehensive view needs to be taken for the overall development of the country’s foreign trade. While increase in exports is of vital importance, we have also to facilitate thos
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  • Malaysian Incorporated Policy
    Introduction The Malaysia Incorporated Policy is a strategy for the attainment of a competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient economy. It stresses the need to define, develop and operationalize a new pattern of behaviour, thinking and interaction with regard to the public private sector relation
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  • Indusrial Policy
    PROCEEDINGS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA Sub: New Industrial Policy – 2006-2011 Read: 1. G.O. No.CI 30 SPC 96 dated 15-03-1996 2. G.O. No.CI 30 SPC 96 dated 31-05-1996 3. G.O. No.CI 30 SPC 96 dated 14-05-1999 4. G.O. No.CI 30 SPC 96 dated 15-05-1999 5. G.O. No. CI 167 SPI 2001 dated 30-06-20
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  • Fiscal Policy and Private Consumption in Industrial and Developing Countrie
    Available online at www.sciencedirect.com Journal of Macroeconomics 29 (2007) 912–939 www.elsevier.com/locate/jmacro Fiscal policy and private consumption in industrial and developing countries Alfredo Schclarek * Department of Economics, Lund University, P.O. Box 7082, SE-220 07 Lund, Sw
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  • U.S. Military Industrial Complex
    By mid-1942, World War II was looking bleak for the Allied powers. The German Wehrmacht was blitzing through Soviet Russia, the Luftwaffe had laid waste to much of London, Rommel was about to take Africa, and the Japanese nearly had control of the Pacific. Then a funny thing happened on the way to
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  • Development of Immigration Policy in Japan
    Development of Immigration Policy in Japan I Introduction: Immigration Flow Any gGaijinh that has come to Japan may have had the awkward feeling of an invisible barrier that is felt in the immigration policies of Japan. A country that is an island could be a reason of the peculiar (from t
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  • Industrial Relations in Ireland
    "Outline the development and evolution of Industrial Relations in Ireland and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of its current framework." Presented by: Dermot Costello Date: 7h December 2004 Course: Bachelor of Business Studies (Management) Ref: TA_BMNGT_B Subject: Indu
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