"Indiscriminate Use Of Fertilizers And Pesticide" Essays and Research Papers

Indiscriminate Use Of Fertilizers And Pesticide

Final Essay: Rachel Carson and the Fight Against Indiscriminate Pesticide Use May 10, 2012 Prompt: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was a controversial piece of work when it was published in 1962. Explain why this was so and why Carson’s work remains the subject of some controversy today. In her 1962 book, Silent Spring, Rachel Carson details the dangers of indiscriminate pesticide use, which had “already silenced the voice of spring in countless towns in America” (Carson (1962) page 3). ‘Miss...

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pesticides!It's effects, uses and alternatives

Pesticides! Its Uses, Effects and Alternatives. Name: Mmayen Ewang 2013080049 Date: 15th October, 2013 Teacher’s name: Mr. Forte Course: SCH4U What are pesticides? Pesticides are substances or chemicals used to deter or kill any kind of pest that poses a threat to crops. Such pests may include insects, plant disease, fungi weeds, snails etc. Some uses of pesticides: They are used to disinfect the kitchen floor or remove mildew on...

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Tommy Nguyen Derrick Hindery International Studies 280 6 June 2013 Pesticides Pesticides should be banned from use due to the heavy negative effects outweighing the positive properties pesticides provide. The creation of pesticides was brought upon by the annoyance of insects, weeds, and unwanted fungus. Pesticides came together with one goal and mission. The goal would be to eliminate unwanted bugs, and other pesky nuisances. These pests can destroy about half of the world’s food supply...

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completion for soil tech Fertilizer Intro Fertilizer (or fertiliser) is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin that is added to a soil to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants. The history of Fertilizers started from the Management of soil fertility that has been the pre-occupation of farmers for thousands of years. The start of the modern science...

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Determination of Phosphorus Content of Fertilizer: Skill Building Lab © 2011, Sharmaine S. Cady East Stroudsburg University Gravimetric Analysis Skills to build:     Using vacuum filtration Using a digital balance Using mass stoichiometry Doing a gravimetric analysis Fertilizer Scientists estimate that the earth's soil contains less than twenty percent of the necessary organic nutrients needed to meet our current food production. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen used to synthesize...

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Customised Fertilizer

CUSTOMISED FERTILIZERS Rural Marketing Submitted By Kiran S. Ahirrao Roll No. 1006 Customized Fertilizers 1. What is Customized Fertilizer? Ans: Customised Fertilizers are combination of micro nutrients like sulphur, zinc, boron added to the key items such as urea and diammonium phosphate (DAP) and potash, in a proportion that suits specific crops and soil patterns. A fertilizer formulated according to specifications that are furnished by/for a consumer prior to mixing, usually based...

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Chemical Fertilizer vs. Organic Fertilizers

Chemical Fertilizers vs. Organic Fertilizers INTRODUCTION Agriculture is the most primitive occupation of the people which mainly needs land to grow different crops for food and as raw materials for different industries. Industrial use of agriculture for supplying raw materials came much later. Originally land was used for agriculture to supply food for human beings by the use of organic manures particularly animal dung. At the beginning land was used in its natural form to grow food. Land contains...

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The disadvantages and advantages of pesticides.

PESTICIDES IN OUR ECONOMY INTRODUCTION A pesticide is a material used to kill or reject a pest. Pesticides have disadvantages and advantages. They are able to restrain pests, but it can also kill other organisms as well. Not only do they affect animals but they can effect us, as humans. A pesticide is a biological, physical, or chemical agent used to kill plants or animals that are harmful to people. The name pesticide is generally applied only to chemical agents. Examples of different...

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Chemical Pesticides

Chemical Pesticides and the Damages they Cause Aaron Walker Devry University Chemical Pesticide and the Damages they Cause causes The articles and information that I grasped from the internet consisted of chemical pesticides and how they are affecting the animals, food, and humanity in today’s time. There are many ways to eating healthy, but at the same time we must be observant to the types of food that we put in our system. We have leaner products, vegetables...

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Pesticides & Organic Farming

Pesticides & Organic Farming A number of agricultural executives presume that organic farming can increase the world food supply, radically reduce the harm growing foods is causing our environment, and create a healthier standard in which people eat. In recent years, the way in which we live and the studies that have been done on our environment have drastically changed the way in which traditional farming has been done in the past. Organic farming studies have shown that it increases healthy...

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Inidian Fertilizer Industry

OVERVIEW Fertilizer Industry The Indian Fertilizer Industry dated back to 1906 and starting then it began to emerge as the world’s most efficient fertilizer industry in terms of capacity utilisation, energy consumption, and adherence to environmental standards. The industry underwent a massive growth on the 1970s to 90s becoming the third largest manufacturer and consumer of fertilizers, following USA and China. India contributed to 11.4% and 11.9% to total world production and consumption...

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Fertilizer Industry Analysis

FORCES MODEL OF FERTILIZER INDUSTRY Submitted by: Charushila Satish Bankar Roll no.: 0125 Div: A INTRODUCTION TO FERTILIZER INDUSTRY: Today, Indian Fertilizer Industry is developing in terms of technology. Indian manufacturers are adopting advanced manufacturing processes to prepare innovative new products for Indian agriculture. India has entitled as the third largest producer and exporter of nitrogenous fertilizer. The tremendous demand of fertilizers has led the country...

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Rice Farming: Utilizing Powergrow Organic Foliar Fertilizer

Labor Cost: 300,000.00 Farm Inputs Seeds: 30,600.00 Fertilizers: 90,000.00 * Total Project Cost – 473,850.oo * Cost per Beneficiary – 15,795.00 B. Collaborating Organization Provincial Agrarian Reform Office,DAR-ADB ARCP Dynapharm International, Philippines C. 1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project involves the establishment of 15 Demonstration farms on rice farming utilizing Powergrow organic foliar fertilizer. About 15 farmer cooperators will participate in the project...

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Fertilizers in Organic Farming

Before I go on about the use of fertilizers in organic farming, you must first understand what organic farming is. The simplest way to describe organic agriculture is agricultural production without the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, etc). For crop production, organic materials such as compost and manure are used to maintain soil organic matter and as sources of nutrients. Nitrogen-fixing as well as pest resistant plant varieties are utilized. The incorporation...

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Ddt and Pesticides

and is a big threat to the environment and humans. I too share the same dream as an environmentalist to ban the usage of DDT in all countries around the world. While many developed countries have taken this issue very seriously and have banned the use of DDT, it is still being used in some countries. DDT or 2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1,-trichloroethane, is used as an insecticide. First introduced during the 1940s, it killed insects that spread disease and feed on crops. Swiss scientist Paul Müller...

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Assesment of Pesticide Use on Cabbage

juice before big dinners to prevent intoxication. Cabbage seeds are said to prevent hangovers (Norman and Shealy, 2007). Production of cabbage in Ghana is faced with numerous constraints. These include the high cost of inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers and attack by insect pests and diseases. Caterpillars of the Diamond back moth (Plutella xylostella), the cabbage web worm (Hellula undalis) and Cabbage aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae) are the most serious pests of cabbage in Ghana. To...

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Bio Fertilizers

fixation , solubilizing phosphorus, and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substances. Biofertilizers can be expected to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The microorganisms in biofertilizers restore the soil's natural nutrient cycle and build soil organic matter. Through the use of biofertilizers, healthy plants can be grown while enhancing the sustainability and the health of soil. Since they play several roles, a preferred scientific term for...

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Pest and Pesticides

 Pest and Pesticides For centuries, pests have been feasting on crops and not only decreasing a farmer’s crop yield, but also spreading diseases that can even be deadly. Mosquitos, like the one to the left can carry many diseases such as West Nile and malaria.1 There are so many pests from insects such as beetles, which feed off of crops such as the potato plant (left), and mosquitos (left) to rodents such as rats that “even with extensive use of pesticides, a substantial amount of damaged...

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Pesticides: Pesticide and Quality Protection Act

Pesticides: What are they? Pesticides are chemicals that are used to destroy pests. In the agricultural industry, pesticides are classified into two categories, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic. A carcinogenic pesticide is a substance or agent producing or inciting cancer. Conversely, a non-carcinogenic pesticide is substance that does not produce or incite cancer. Most agricultural pesticides were registered in the 1950's, with no standard regulations. The most considerable standard prior to the...

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A Description of Fertilizers

Fertilizer (or fertiliser) is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin (other than liming materials) that is applied to soils or to plant tissues (usually leaves) to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants. Conservative estimates report 30 to 50% of crop yields are attributed to natural or synthetic commercial fertilizer.[1] Global market value is likely to rise to more than US$185 billion until 2019.[2] The European fertilizer market will grow...

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Radish as Pesticide

How do Radish extracts affect certain pests? II. Title The Effectiveness of Radish (Raphanus Sativu) Extract as the Main Ingredient for Pesticide. III. Introduction IV. Review of the Related Literature Radishes: A white radish is a member of the radish family native to East Asia, where it has been cultivated for centuries. There are a number of ways to use white radish in cooking, in Asia recipes and recipes from further afield, and this food is often obtainable at big grocery stores and Asian...

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Manures & Fertilizer

Manures The deficiency of plant nutrients and organic matter in the soil is made up by adding manures and fertilizers to the soil of crop-fields. Both manures and fertilizers are major sources of nutrients of plants, so they are used in crop production. Besides water CO2 and sunlight plants required no. of elements for their growth. These elements are known as nutrient. Plants get their elements from the salt of these elements present in the soil. But after repeated cultivation of plants soil become...

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Excessive Use of Natural Resources Leads to Depletion in the End.

Excessive Use of Natural Resources Leads to Depletion In The End.  I. Industrial development destroys the environment by left over and residue materials such as: | a. High concentrations of metals;  b. Toxic substances and chemically changed minerals;  c. Debris and litter;  d. Radioactive infected ground at industrial sites. | II. Large-scale soil erosion because surface soil washes away due to influencing water tides and winds streams. | a. Intensive plowing and draining of farm...

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Pesticides are used to kill insects, weeds, and other unwanted living things. The effects of pesticides are not limited to the plants to which they are applied. They also affect human, animals, and the environment. The scientific research that describes the impact of pesticides indicates that pesticides affect reproduction, growth, neurological development, and the function of the immune and endocrine systems. The wildlife toxicity data has shown that the young tend to exhibit greater sensitivity...

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Safe Pesticide Handling

by day? The increasing demand for agricultural produce compounded with the same piece of land, declining soil fertility, insufficient budgetary support, and the undeniable climate change; have forced the farmer to resort to intensive use of fertilisers and pesticides. But how knowledgeable and skilled are the farmers about these agrochemicals? Are the shop operators (agro dealers) qualified to sell these agro chemicals and offer sufficient advice to these farmers? How often does a farmer get to talk...

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Harmful effects of pesticides

Harmful effects of pesticides The term pesticide covers a wide range of compounds including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, molluscicides, nematicides, plant growth regulators and others. Among these, organochlorine (OC) insecticides, used successfully in controlling a number of diseases, such as malaria and typhus, were banned or restricted after the 1960s in most of the technologically advanced countries. The introduction of other synthetic insecticides – organophosphate (OP)...

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Growth of fertilizer industry in India From a nation dependent on food imports to feed its population, India today is not only self--sufficient in grain production, but also has a substantial reserve. The progress made by agriculture in the last four decades has been one of the biggest success stories of free India. Agriculture and allied activities constitute the single largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product, almost 33% of it. Agriculture is the means of livelihood of about two-thirds...

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Pesticide: Kill and Radish Extract

Dulag National High School Dulag, Leyte Pesticide From Radish ( Raphanus Sativus ) Extract A research proposal Submitted to: Glendale B. Lamiseria In partial fulfillment of the Subject Entitled Research and Statistics By: Julie Glynes P. Lumpas II-SSC October , 2012 Rationale of the Study Radish is an annual herb widely grown for its edible fleshy, hot tasting roots maybe red, white or purple. Radish is a coarse annual crop plant. Roots are fleshy, pungent and variable...

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The Uses and Repercussions of Fertilizers

The Uses and Repercussions of Fertilizers How does America feed itself? Currently, over 300 million people are living in the United States. This large population can only be sustained through the use of inorganic, or man-made, fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizers offer great benefits to the agriculture industry by providing a food source for the crops they grow. However, when these fertilizers are relocated by erosion, they promote unwanted growth...

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Efficient Use of Fertilizers

Efficient Fertilizer Use — Fertigation: by Dr. Bill Segars SECTION CONTENTS: • Introduction • Soil Chemistry • Water Quality Concerns • Fertilizers for Injection Into Irrigation • Use Fertigation Properly and According to Regulations • Irrigation Scheduling & Fertigation • Other Important Factors to Consider When Fertigating Fertigation is defined as the application of nutrients using an irrigation system by introducing the nutrients into the water flowing through the system. The first reported...

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Pesticides and the Effects on the Environment by Melissa Leal

 Pesticides & the Effects on the Environment Melissa Leal SCI/256 September 29th, 2014 Gretchen Suarez-Pena Pesticides & the Effects on the Environment Pesticides pollute land, like the quality of the soil and it effects water, by running off agriculture fields and affecting nearby water sources. Pesticides also have various effects on ecosystems. Furthermore, there is a lasting effect on humans due to bioaccumulation. Pesticides pose a real threat to the environment and are an issue that...

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Soil Pollution

organisms in the soil. Pollution in soil has adverse effect on plant growth. The introduction of substances, biological organisms, or energy into the soil, resulting in a change of the soil quality, which is likely to affect the normal use of the soil or endangering public health and the living environment. Soil contaminants are spilled onto the surface through many different activities. Most of these are the result of accidents involving the vehicles that are transporting waste material...

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Pakistan Fertilizer Industry

FERTILISER INDUSTRY AND PORTER’S 5 FORCES MODEL The factors included in the Porter’s five Forces Model as applicable to Fertilizer Industry of Pakistan are follow: ENTRY: The entry barriers for this industry are high and thus do not allow too much flow into the sector. Setting up a plant requires huge amount of capital and expertise. The return on the investments is collected and more profitable in long-term. That is the reason why we see only a handful of players in the industry. SUPPLIERS: ...

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Land use and misuse in the uk

Land use and misuse. The United Kingdom has about 24 million hectors of land. � million hectors go in to agriculture �7 million hectors go in to housing uilding, quarrying and waste disposal are some of the human activities that account for the rest of the land. ach year quarrying produces about 300 million tonnes of gravel, limestone, sand and sandstone for concrete and other building materials. bout 90% of household waste in the UK is dumped into a large pit in the ground this is called...

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Pesticide and Insecticide

necessitates use of high yielding variety of seeds, balance use of fertilizers, judicious use of quality pesticides along with education to farmers and the use of modern farming techniques. It is estimated that India approximately loses 18 percent of the crop yield valued at Rs.900 billion due to pest attack each year. The use of pesticides help to reduce the crop losses, provide economic benefits to farmers, reduce soil erosion and helping ensuring food safety & security for the nation. The Pesticide Management...

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Fertilizer Scam

(UPDATED) IN a report released yesterday, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Committee on Agriculture and Food said President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should be held accountable for the mismanagement of the P728-million fertilizer fund. The committees reported that testimonies showed the fund "was indeed used to assure her victory in the 2004 elections." In 2005, the PCIJ reported that the Department of Agriculture released nearly P3 billion during the 2004 campaign and was diverted to...

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seeds, fertilizers and irrigation along with advanced farm equipments. Among these three key inputs, fertilizer forms an important component in India’s developmental efforts to modernize its agriculture and nearly 55 per cent of the current food grains output can be attributed to fertilizer application. Fertilizer and Agriculture Growth Role of Fertilizer in increasing agricultural productivity and production during the last six decades has been well documented. The need of fertilizers in Indian...

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Fertilizers: Potassium and Compounds

Creating a liquid fertilizer Experiment Chemistry 1065 10/09/2012 Introduction The aim of this experiment was to create a liquid fertilizer containing Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus; each element had to have 8% mass percentage. We were also required to add an additional element, magnesium and it mass percentage had to be 1.5%. At the end of the experiment, the pH of our aqueous solution had to be between 6.0 and 7.0. As a group we predicted that we could not successfully create the...

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Toxic effects of pesticides

Toxic Effects of Pesticides Pesticides are widely used in agriculture for the control of weeds, insects or microorganisms leading to exposure to the population through contamination of water and residues in dust and on food, this exposure may lead to adverse health effects (Alavanja, Hoppin & Kamel 2004) and while there are many different agents that are implicated in these effects this discussion will focus on Organophosphate (OP) pesticides and their mechanisms with respect to human health. ...

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Artificial Fertilizers: Curse or Blessing?

2013 Artificial fertilizer: Curse or Blessing? Rapid overgrowth of population is the main reason why the amount of agricultural area is decreasing and food availability is declining. To deal with this food problem producer’s focus on artificial fertilizers to increase yield. While fertilizers not only increase the crop growth, it also ensures the most effective use of both land and water. But, redundant usage of artificial fertilizers can cause a lot of problems, such as...

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biggest agricultural input company (fertilizer, seed and pesticide), China’s leading chemical service company 4  In 2012, Sinochem Group entered the Fortune Global 500 for the 22nd time, ranking 113th.  In 2008 Sinochem started business in India  On 21, January 2008 Monsanto India Ltd. sold Alachlor & Alachlor business to Sinochem Indian Pvt. Ltd.  Sinochem is planning a large expansion in Agrochemical business in India till 2015. PRODUCTS : Pesticides Product Machete Fast mix Lasso ...

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Ace Fertilizer Company

ACE FERTILIZER COMPANY: ETHICAL COST ALLOCATIONS AND PRICE DETERMINATION Presented By: Brittany Chumbley D.J. Gastador Don Muller Tyler Patton Industry Report • Nitrogen(N), phosphorous(P) and potassium(K) are the three primary components of fertilizer. • Top three fertilizer-utilizing U.S. crops: corn, wheat, soybeans. • Top five fertilizer-consuming states: Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Indiana. • The fertilizer manufacturing industry is responsible for approximately 33,000 jobs in the United...

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The Feasibility of Dried Tobacco Leaves as a Pesticide Against Cockroaches

DRIED TOBACCO LEAVES AS A PESTICIDE AGAINST COCKROACHESChapter I Abstract Tobacco plants nowadays are very much needed and demanded by most of our dear consumers especially farmer and now that we are facing an intense economic crisis, and with that mere situation, the primary necessities which are very much needed by man in order for him to survive his daily living are now of higher prices compared to the last couple of years and that includes the demanding need and use of the liquefied petroleum...

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The Past, Present, and Future of Pesticide Use and Bans

A. Haines, W. Klein and C. R. Krishna Murti @ 1989 SCOPE. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd 5.7 Fate and Undesirable Effects of Pesticides in Egypt A. H. EL-SEBAE 5.7.1 INTRODUCTION An overview of the status of the pesticides used in Egypt is presented in a case study. The fate, distribution, and adverse effects of the widely used pesticides are discussed. Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides and structurally related derivatives are found to be highly persistent and biomagnified...

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KNOW LEDGE ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH HAZARDS OF FARM PESTICIDE USE Kenneth D. Barrientos AKLAN STATE UNIVERSITY-IBAJAY CAMPUS College of Hospitality and Rural Resource Management Ibajay, Aklan 1 PRACTICES AND KNOWLEDGE ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND HEALTH HAZARDS OF FARM PESTICIDE USE Kenneth D. Barrientos ABSTRACT The study was conducted to find out the practices and knowledge on environmental and health hazards on farm pesticide used by rice farmers in the seven agricultural barangays...

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Is HFCS use ethical?

2013 statistics, the US is the largest corn producer in the world with 80 million acres of corn fields and almost $64 billion annual sales. Besides its consumption as raw food, industrial processing of corn yields high economic value. Among industrial uses of corn, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is the most controversial one from an ethics perspective. HFCS is an artificial sweetener that is found in a wide range of processed foods. It is produced by applying enzymatic processes to convert corn’s glucose...

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The Effects of Different Formulated Organic Pesticides to the Prevention of Occurance of Pests

THE EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT FORMULATED ORGANIC PESTICIDES TO THE PREVENTION OF OCCURANCE OF PESTS Reaman S. Balois Paulene Andrea D. Pontela THESIS REPORT Republic of the Philippines ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY Roxas, Isabela THE EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT FORMULATED ORGANIC PESTICIDES TO THE PREVENTION OF OCCURANCE OF PESTS Thesis outline presented to the faculty and staff of Isabela State University, Roxas, Isabela in partial fulfilment of the requirements...

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Effects of Pesticide Case Study

Effects of Pesticide Case Study INTRODUCTION The Bago City is the rice granary of Negros Occidental. The farmers of Bago City are struggling because of the pest. They have decreased their production of rice because of the pest. Our goal of engaging this case study is to analyze and see the effect of the pesticide to the crops. We are to seek good and bad effects of these pesticides. We’re going to focus only on finding the effects of these pesticides so we can come up with a good report. By observing...

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Negotiation For Fertilizer

JEANNE BRETT Negotiating for Fertilizer Moises Postigo, manager of external relations and research for One Acre Fund (OAF), needed to buy fertilizer for farmers enrolled in OAF’s program in Bungoma, Kenya. The conditions under which he would do so were complex: OAF was just two years old. This would be its first large acquisition of fertilizer. Postigo had five potential suppliers, none of whom he had ever met face-to-face and would not during these negotiations. Over a period of several weeks,...

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The Past, Present, and Future of Pesticide Use and Bans

The past, present, and future of pesticide use and bans TABLE OF CONTENTS PESTICIDE BANS .................................................................................................................................2 INTRODUCTION........................................................................................................................2 THE STOCKHOLM CONVENTION...........................................................

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The Potential of Young Mango Peelings as Organic Fertilizer to Tomato Plants.

peelings as organic fertilizer. This part discusses the introduction about this study. Background of the Study Nowadays, different commercial fertilizers are being sold in different stores throughout the country but some of these fertilizers cause a lot of side effects to the plant wherein it is being applied. When the fruits of that certain plant will be eaten by people, some bad effects might occur. That is the reason of making this study to produce an organic fertilizer which will be cheaper...

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The Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer to the Growth of Mongo, Tomato, and Bell Pepper Seeds

The Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer To the Growth of Mongo, Tomato, And Bell Pepper Seeds De La Salle Lipa Integrated School LS 210 School Year 2010-2011 Submitted by: Group 8 Moncada, Angelica Cabral, Lance Jeru Pena, Marlon Angelo Resurreccion, Ronald II Santiago, Romar Danielle TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgement ……………………………………………………… i Dedication ……………………………………………………………… ii Abstract ………………………………………………………………….. iii I. Introduction...

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Environmental Effects of Pesticides

Environmental effects of pesticides Use of pesticides can have unintended effects on the environment. Over 98% of sprayed insecticides and 95% of herbicides reach a destination other than their target species, including nontarget species, air, water, bottom sediments, and food.[1] Pesticide contaminates land and water when it escapes from production sites and storage tanks, when it runs off from fields, when it is discarded, when it is sprayed aerially, and when it is sprayed into water to...

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How to Use Appeals and Strategies

October 3, 2013 How to use Appeals and Strategies: How do authors manage to truly captivate and inspire their audience? Surely it is not an easy task nor does it come seamlessly. It is through the proper use of the three appeals, logos, pathos and ethos as well as rhetorical strategies that authors succeed in delivering their message. We can see these employed correctly in readings such as Alexander Stille’s text “The Ganges’ Next Life” as well as Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring...

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Thesis: Pesticide and Plant

and products that may help them secure their lives with farming. The current industrial agriculture system promotes the reliance on agrochemicals, both synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, while neglecting to consider their negative effects on the economy of local communities, human health and the environment. The widespread use of irrigation, agrochemicals and new seeds have largely increased agriculture production, but this model of agricultural growth is flawed because of declining crop...

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Phosphate Fertilizers Market Report 2018 by Active Ingredient, Crop Type & Geography

nitrogen and potassium, phosphorus is one of the most important elements for plant life. These features make phosphorus essential to maximize the production of grains and forage. Modern farming is dependent on the use of inorganic fertilizers that contain phosphorus. Commercial phosphate fertilizers are manufactured using phosphate rock. Approximately two- third of the worlds’ phosphate resources are derived from sedimentary and marine phosphate rock deposits, andabout 90% of the global phosphate rock demand...

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How Does Organic Fertilizer Affect the Height of a Tomato Plant (in Writing Process)

MISB The Effect of Organic Fertilizer to The Height of A Tomato Plant Submitted by: Davina Jeihan Zafira Rania Arabella Rayinda Putri Maheswari Sanaiskara In partial fulfillment of the Subject Combined Science 7 Wednesday May 1, 2013   Statement of The Problem Problem: The Effect of Organic Fertilizer to The Height of A Tomato Plant Hypothesis: Organic fertilizer enables a tomato plant to grow taller in a short amount of time. Materials: 1. 2 tomato plants...

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Uses of Atom

On August 6 every year, the world observes the anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb against Mankind at Hiroshima in Japan in 1945. It was on that day that the new source of energy discovered by two German scientists, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann was first put to use. Release of the immense and hitherto unsuspected power in the atom was undoubtedly an epoch-making discovery, but the first use man had found: or it was to unleash the fires of hell on this earth. The tragic first demonstration...

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Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Fertilizer Samples

Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Fertilizer Samples ------------------------------------------------- Results and Discussion More than 50% of fertilizers are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium because these three nutrients are essential but are deficient in soils. To ensure good quality of fertilizers, it is significant that the amounts of these nutrients are quantified. In this light, gravimetric principles are of much use. The objective of the experiment is to determine...

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Sources of Organic Fertilizers and Amendment

of Organic Fertilizers and Amendment Abstract: Fertilizer is one of the most important things for agriculture & crop production. But here we go to discuss about the sources of organic fertilizers. Here we try to inform about different types of organic fertilizer and sources. We also like to discuss here about different structures and functions of organic fertilizer and soil amendment. We show a guide line; by that our farmer can improve production system through organic fertilizers. Introduction...

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