• Iron & Steel Industry in India
    The objectives of the study are as follows: To analyze the top and bottom five Iron and Steel Industries in India Analyzing the trend of key ratios across the top and bottom five Iron and Steel companies in India Finding the factors responsible in the production of Iron
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  • Liquior Industry of India
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  • Empowerment Climate in India
    Exploring the Determinants of Empowerment Climate in Indian industry* Ashutosh Muduli Abstract The majority of research on empowerment has focused on the individual job incumbent’s psychological experience of empowerment and linking this with various work-related outcomes. Work context capable of
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  • Investing in India Research
    INTRODUCTION The intersection of the economic development and deregulation taking place in India will continue to give rise to new markets-new industries and companies will emerge and create opportunities for further growth. A long-term, bottom-up investment approach is an effective way to capita
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  • Communication Style and Cultural Features in High/Low Context Communication Cultures : a Case Study of Finland, Japan and India
    Communication Style and Cultural Features in High/Low Context Communication Cultures: A Case Study of Finland, Japan and India Shoji Nishimura1, Anne Nevgi2 and Seppo Tella3 1 Waseda University, Japan 2 Department of Education, University of Helsinki 3 Department of Applied Sciences of Educati
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  • Coca-Cola India Limited
    COCA-COLA INDIA LIMITED Executive summary: Being a world’s largest soft drink manufacture, coke is growing in rapid way to capture the market. Company is producing varieties of brands apart from coke are thumps up, sprite, MMPO, mineral water – kinley and maaza. Such are well established a
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  • Protection of Refugees in India
    PROTECTION OF REFUGEES IN INDIA Deepak Shahi and Navrati Dongrey 2nd year B.A LL.B (Hons) .
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  • India Asean Free Trade Agreement
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  • International Management Report: Moonpig in India
    Management Report Moonpig : India Table of Contents_____________________________________ 1.0 Introduction Page 3 1.1 Greeting Card Industry Page 3 2.0 Background Page 4 2.1 Business Environmen
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  • Forestery in India
    TITLE Trees have a rightful place in the economy of every country. Our forests are inexhaustible reserves for providing subsistence to our growing millions; for trees mean water, water means bread and bread means life.[1] A tree is often the symbol used to represent the environment
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  • Shining India
    IS INDIA REALLY SHINING? India was not some happy-go-luck rich kid born with a silver. It had its own problems, some minute, and some grave. “The progress is tremendous,” says Yogesh Lotlikar, a Marketing Engineer. “Given the problems that India has, it has made a considerably great progres
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  • Retail Industry India
    Mumbai, 15 May 2008] From mandi's to mall's, Indian retailing has come a long way. The transformation of Indian retailing is but to be noticed especially with Indian economy playing a crucial role globally. With food and oil prices rising internationally, retail sector worldwide has been impacted.
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  • India Future
    India has a promising future, given the unprecedented growth in economy and its clout in the global issues. India is now riding on the wave of a gigantic boom in computer driven new economy. Many developed countries of the world are seeking the huge pool of English speaking talented software profess
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  • Recession in India
    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- RESEARCH REPORT ON ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- FINANCIAL CRISIS OF 2007, CAUSES AND EFFECT ON INDIAN BANKING SECTOR --
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  • Will India Become a Superpower?
    Sixty years ago, in the summer of 1948, our nation, then newly born, was struggling for its very survival. In January, Mahatma Gandhi had been murdered by a Hindu fanatic. The act had shocked many Indians, but apparently it had the approval of some. According to one news report, the jailed assassin
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  • Nature of Food Problem in India Beforeand After Independence
    A RECENT publication, Food Insecurity Atlas of Urban India, brought out by the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) and the World Food Programme (WFP) indicates that more than 38 per cent of children under the age of three in India's cities and towns are underweight and more than 35 per cent
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  • E-Governance in India: Perspectives & Challenges
    E-governance in India: Perspectives & Challenges Kishor N. Choudhary, Nanded. Abstract: Spectacular growth of Internet all over the world has changed the total scenario of governance. Internet has potential of transforming the way government around the world functions and citizens and business w
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  • Sezs : - India vs China
    Are They Good for the Country? Ram Krishna Ranjan Special Economic Zones: CCS Working Paper No. 156 Summer Research Internship Program 2006 Centre for Civil Society www.ccs.in 1 Contents i. ii. Executive summary Major findings Section-1 (SEZ policy: An overview) 1.1 Introduction 1.2
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  • Study of the Globalization of India
    Globalization of India 1 Running head: STUDY OF THE GLOBALIZATION OF INDIA Study of the globalization of India Columbia Southern University BBA 4426 International Management April 16, 2010 Globalization of India 2 Study of the globalization of India Globalization has transformed the economy,
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  • China V/S India
    Top of Form Contest of the century As China and India rise in tandem, their relationship will shape world politics. Shame they do not get on better [pic] A HUNDRED years ago it was perhaps already possible to discern the rising powers whose interaction and competition would shape the 20th ce
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