"Increasing Crimes Among Youth In India" Essays and Research Papers

Increasing Crimes Among Youth In India

The Rise In Youth Suicide The following is a summary of "Explaining the Rise in Youth Suicide", by David M. Cutler, Edward Glaeser, Karen Norberg. This article is the best we have found for comparing suicide theories to what the data actually says. It is essential reading because the US data is richer than in many other countries, permitting more insights that may also have applicability outside of the USA. A key characteristic of the US data is that suicide rates amongst US youths aged 15-24 has...

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Increasing Crimes/Sucides Among Youths

decades… Flashing with heat and drowned by monsoons, with its rainbow of saris and the fast-changing blues of its overarching skies India, to the chilly British mind, has long defined the exotic… ´Characteristics grow more vivid beneath the Indian sky,’ EM Forster warned his stiff-backed Brits in A Passage to India, his taut epic novel set at the height of the Raj-era India. Of course, Forster’s Miss Questeds and Mrs Moores, taking their tea in the shade of neem trees and toddy palms, are long gone –...

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Crime in India Among the Youth in Recent Times

Crimes committed by Delhi youth on the rise Upasana Mukherjee, Hindustan Times New Delhi, October 27, 2012 Last month, a 16-year-old Delhiite allegedly murdered a 4-year-old boy after the victim’s mother spurned his advances. He stabbed the child more than 30 times with a pair of scissors. In April this year, a 14-year-old boy, who held a grudge against his neighbour over Rs. 50, allegedly stabbed her to death in northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri. He allegedly also killed two other women who tried...

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increase in suicide and crime among youth

involvement of the youth in overcoming these problems is of great importance. The youth, in a rising nation like ours, plays a strong role in bringing reforms to restructure the nation. They protest and demand what is best for the nation. However, lately, in order to earn quick bucks and the need to fulfil their dreams and desires at the earliest, young people have resorted to unlawful means to achieve them. Is the future of the nation becoming its own destructor? According to the National Crime Records Bureau...

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Factors Responsible for Increasing Crime Among the Youth

building material available,and greater congestion problems.As a city decays in this way, governments often do not meet the service needs of residents and urban development is dominated by private capital. • Unemployment grows,as do drug abuse,crime and homelessness. Environmental impacts • Waste are a major problem in large cities. • Air pollution results from overdependence on motorised transport and from burning of coal to supply energy. • Water pollution results from poor sewage...

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Increasing Crime Among Youth

Jump to: navigation, search Crime is present in various forms in India. Organized crime include drug trafficking, gunrunning, money laundering, extortion, murder for hire, fraud, human trafficking poaching and Prostitution. Many criminal operations engage in black marketeering, political violence, religiously motivated violence, terrorism, and abduction. Other crimes are homicide, robbery, assault etc. Property crimes include burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Corruption is a significant...

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Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Youth in India

PROMOTING ENTREPRENEURSHIP AMONG YOUTH IN INDIA The dimension of the entrepreneurship is changing not from its perceptive form today environment but also from its origin. The lusts of entrepreneurship in rural and urban areas are different. The think tank has to continuously surrogate the aim of the entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship is taking its toll not only from the customers' side or from the desi companies or from the unemployed youth, or from the nation but also from the lack of resources...

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Youth Crime

theories of youth crime This essay will discuss the understanding of the sociological and psychological factors of youth crime. It will be agreeing and disagreeing in the above statement Youth crime is also known as juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquency refers to criminal acts performed by juveniles. Most legal systems prescribe specific procedures for dealing with juveniles, such as juvenile detention centres. There are a multitude of different theories on the cause of crime, most if not...

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youth crime

Youth Crime After carefully researching data of past and recent trends, I am alarmed at the rate youth crime is increasing and is not only imminent danger to my country, my state, my county, my city but also to my very own neighborhood. I wanted to understand how this phenomenon has occurred, when did it occur, why it is occurring, and what can be done to combat it. I understand there are many unexplainable factors contributing to this epidemic. I want to find real answers to put an...

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Increasing Crimes Among Youth

Atomic number | Element | Percent of Mass[2][3][4][5] | Mass (kg)[6] | Atomic percent | Positive health role in mammals[7] | Group | 8 | Oxygen | 65 | 43 | 24 | Yes (water, electron acceptor) /No (Reactive Oxygen Species) | 16 | 6 | Carbon | 18 | 16 | 12 | Yes (organic compounds are hydrocarbon derivatives) | 14 | 1 | Hydrogen | 10 | 7 | 63 | Yes (e.g. water) | 1 | 7 | Nitrogen | 3 | 1.8 | 0.58 | Yes (e.g. DNA and amino acids) | 15 | 20 | Calcium | 1.4 | 1.0 | 0.24 | Yes (e.g. Calmodulin and Hydroxylapatite inbones)...

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Youth Crime

individuals and groups (Murray, Linden, & Kendall, 2011, p.20). These theorists emphasize on the interaction between one another and the symbols that represent meaning in human communication. This paper will be exploring the cause and effect of youth crime and analyzing this issue through a symbolic interactionist perspective. The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective According to McClelland (2009), interactionists focus on the subjective aspects of social life, rather than on objective, macro-structural...

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Rising Crime Rates Among The Youth

Karolyn Elizabeth Spillman English 015 Proposal Argument What is the first thing that pops into your head whenever you hear about a crime? Think about it. Most people would automatically say urban communities because they are the most commonly known neighborhood to commit violent crimes. “Black on black crime” exemplifies any other type of gang violence today. Crime itself is classified to be an illegal act that harms the public welfare or morals. I am interested in gang violence because I have had...

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Increasing Violence Amongst Youth????

Youth violence is an increasing concern in our society. Violence, as defined in Webster's online dictionary, is an "intense, turbulent or furious and often destructive action or exertion of (physical) force so as to injure or abuse." There is a growing perception that there is a steady rise in violence amongst today's youth, and with this increased attention, comes many sources of blame for their actions, however, all but one are simply excuses. There is a lack of hard evidence to support the...

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Youth crime

upbringing being the root cause of youth crime and this essay will examine evidence to support this claim and evidence to dispute it. Although it is quite subjective as to whether a bad childhood is the cause of youth crime, the fact remains that a quarter of all reported crime is committed by young offenders between the ages of ten to seventeen. Home Office statistics show more than a half of all recorded robberies (51%), a third of burglaries (32%) and a third of vehicle crimes (31%) were the result of young...

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Crime Wave in India

The crime wave in India A PROFESSOR was beaten by his own students in Ujjain, A gang of nine taxi drivers from Gurgaon robbed and killed at least 35 people after offering them lift;Days after horrible Nithari killing, four decomposed bodies of children were recovered from a place in Punjab u must have understood on which subject i am going to speak . my topic is:increasing crime rate in india . Crime rate in India is rising very fast.daily we read in newspapers about Murder, rape, kidnapping...

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Violence Among Youths

Recently, an increasing number of North American youth are committing violent crimes. Although the consequences of these violent crimes are easily apparent, the causes behind them are often abstract and obscure, making it difficult to pin blame on a single source. Moreover, this deviant behaviour among young people can be attributed to a combination of several generalized factors. Leading contributing factors of youth violence include the media, the influence of family life, widespread abuse of...

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Preventing Youth Crime

Outline and evaluate strategies used by criminal agencies to control youth crime. An estimate number of 10 to 17 yr olds in UK in 1999 was 2704392 males and 2561681 females. These young people represent of the general population and are also often the group who elicit the most concern and discussion within local communities and the media. There is a big interest in the consistent crimes in this age group, resulted in a lot of research being made. Therefore this essay will be establishing research...

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Youth Hate Crimes In America


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Reasons for an Increase Crime Among Young People.

Crime: Discuss the reasons for an increase crime among young people and the ways in which they can be encouraged to behave differently. Abstract Crime,which drastically increasing among youngsters.Resulting corrupted community for the future and fails to produce productive young people in the country.If proper awareness provided to stop crimes among young people and encourage them to behave more civilized,the country would be more peaceful and harmonic. Currently a major disaster...

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Youth Unemployment and Crime

The causes and consequences of youth unemployment in Australia has been of particular concern within both government and private sectors for many years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 10.9% of the total 15-24 age population was unemployed in September, 1995. This figure climbed to 15.3% in September, 2003. This evidence gives cause to the growing concern surrounding the increase in youth unemployment. For sizeable numbers of youth, its not going to get any easier to find...

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Effects of Social Problem Among Youth

The social evils that are plaguing our society today could hardly be catalogued, they are uncountable in the true sense of the assertion . Among the prominent social problems are the escalating crime waves , religious intolerance , disrespect for elders , laziness and lateness of duty , widespread of diseases , ostentatious spending,abortion , pre maritial pregnancy , elope (run off secretly to be married and usually without the consent or knowledge of one’s parent) , disciplinary problem , psychological...

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Sociology Youth Crime

Youth crime In youth crime there are patterns and trends in youth crime. The ethnicity is in 2007-8 black young people made up 3% of the general 10-17 population but account for 7% of those coming to attention of the youth justice system. 14% of those received a custodial sentence and almost 1 in 3 given a sentence of long term detention. But during 2007, 74% of all young people convicted, warned or reprimanded for an offence were male, and there is no enidence that female youth offending is...

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Victimization: Crime and Youth

have pepper spray, a gun, they pay attention to their surroundings, and/or other things to protect themselves. Nothing or no amount of things can always protect someone completely to falling to victimization. Any crime against someone can make them a victim. It is an endless list of crimes out there that makes people victims every day. In this paper I will be writing about victims, rates of victimization, victimization trauma, coping with victimization, victims’ rights, impact statements, victim advocates...

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Violent crime among youth on the rise: StatsCan   The overall crime rate among youth inched up by just three per cent between 2005 and 2006, but homicides and other violent crimes are becoming more common, Statistics Canada reported Friday.   BY CANWEST NEWS SERVICE MAY 16, 2008     OTTAWA — The overall crime rate among youth inched up by just three per cent between 2005 and 2006, but homicides and other violent crimes are becoming more common, Statistics Canada reported Friday. According...

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Youth Role in India Development

Mobile Youth Trends India Report 2010 The Mobile Youth Trends India Report 2010 Table of Contents Published May 2010 The Mobile Youth Trends India 2010 Report provides marketing and product managers and overview of both the quantitative and qualitative state of play with young mobile customers (aged 5-29). With both key market ownership statistics (from ARPU by age to churn rates) and behavioural patterns analyzed, we aim to help you better understand market direction and motivators. Produced...

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Youth In Organized Crime

Kyle Roden N. Peters HSP 3U1 June 6, 2014 Youth Involved in Organized Crime Henry T Buckle once said “society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it”. What he was trying to say is that society itself causes one to change from being innocent to guilty by breaking the law due to necessary circumstances. An example of society preparing the crime is that society gives the criminal a low socio-economic class, which causes them to have a very low standard of living; this may cause them to...

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Youth in Crime

people are criminals; but when living in an area that is known for high crime rates, and viewed solemnly on their skin color to determine whether they are criminals, it's not easy for them to live each day fearing for their life and being harassed by the police. Even though people can at times determine if someone is affiliated with a gang, or if they are "not good news" meaning they appear to be someone involved in crimes, the media plans a major part in these determination of people. According...

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Increasing Crimes

INCREASING CRIMES/SUICIDES AMONG THE YOUTH OF INDIA. INCREASING CRIME RATES AMONG THE YOUTH IN INDIA. Introduction: Open any newspaper or tune into any news channel and you can be pretty sure to stumble upon crimes of all sorts ranging from petty thefts to dacoity, murder, terrorism, sexual crimes and the like. The statistics show that the miscreants have been found quite focused and determined at their jobs. In India for instance, as per the National Crime Records Bureau, incidences of...

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Overcome Social Problem Among Youth

OVERCOME SOCIAL PROBLEM AMONG YOUTHS Malaysia is categorized as third world country and has received rapid growth in socioeconomic and advance technologies. The globalization makes the world become smaller and all the information could be obtained easily by clicking on the computers. World without any barrier allows cultures from other countries influence the Malaysian especially the youths. There are good and bad cultures. The social problems emerged due to bad cultures from other countries....

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Moral Panic And Youth Crime

impact negatively on young people'  1Jock Young was the first published reference to moral panic but it was renowned Sociologist Stanley Cohen who was first to introduce the term in his 1972 speech, following extreme public reactions to youth violence and crime amongst the Mods and Rockers in the 1960s. 2According to Cohen, 'a moral panic occurs when a condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests.' 3Moral panic dates back as...

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Increasing Crime Rate In India

With the rapid urbanization and development of big cities and towns, the graph of crimes is also on the increase. This phenomenal rise in offences and crime in cities is a matter of great concern and alarm to all of us. There are robberies, murders, rapes and what not. The frequent and repeated thefts, burglaries, robberies, murders, killings, rapes, shoplifting, pick pocketing, drug- abuse, illegal trafficking, smuggling, theft of vehicles etc., have made the common citizens to have sleepless...

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Increasing Crime and Violence in the Youth

Increase Of crimes and suicides in the youth “Look famous. Be legendary. Live like a rebel. Appear complex. Act easy. Radiate presence. Travel the world. Dream a dream. Prove reality.” This is a very befitting way to portray what most refer to the wonder years, their teenage years. The age of many first’s- first days, first dates, first cars, first relationships first loves, first losses, and for some first heart breaks. This is also a time of the first of many experiences, some good, some...

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Crime-free Children Today for a Crime-free India Tomorrow

 Crime-free Children Today For A Crime-free India Tomorrow Author: Yamuna Bindu School: Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kolazhy, Thrissur. Class: XI C CRIMEFREE CHILDREN TODAY FOR A CRIMEFREE INDIA TOMORROW “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” Dr. Hiam Ginnot Open a newspaper or switch on the radio for news and you will no doubt see a number of horrifying crimes reported there - murder, rape and robberies are no longer surprising or shocking...

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Unrest Youth of India

Yes youth of India are in unrest condition because of diminishing Human values, increased selfishness, time bar for every work, no values for the intellects, the uncertainty about the future etc. However the Youth are managed to balance the same with money. The western influence has made the youth to attract towards the fanciful life where the enjoying the things which might give them relief for a seconds such as intake of Alcohol, Smoking, even the sexual desires. Not only youth, even the middle...

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Computer Crime: a Increasing Problem

Computer Crime: A Increasing Problem ABSTRACT Computer crimes seem to be an increasing problem in today's society. The main aspect concerning these offenses is information gained or lost. As our government tries to take control of the information that travels through the digital world, and across networks such as the InterNet, they also seem to be taking away certain rights and privileges that come with these technological advancements. These services open a whole new doorway to communications...

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Society Is to Blame for the Crimes of Its Youths. Discuss.

Society is to blame for the crimes of its youths. To what extent is this true? Crimes of the youths, refers to the failure of a youth to perform an act specifically required by law. It has been reported that, along the years, the rate of youth crimes has shown a tendency to increase. Truly, from the case of Mary Bell to the Virginia Tech Massacre, every time public awareness and anger was arisen. At the same time, more and more young criminals are exposed to the public limelight, and we begin...

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Drug Abuse Among Youth

Abuse among Youth Being young, beautiful and naive is something that can be ruined so easily by using drugs. Experimentation with drugs during adolescence has become very common. Adolescents tend to feel immune to the problems that other people experience with using drugs. Drugs can have many physiological and psychological effects. In addition, drug abusers lose what makes humans unique and admirable. Finally, consuming drugs can create a dependency. Due to these consequences, the youth should...

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Malnutrition Among Children In India

Malnutrition Among the Children of India India is among the highest of all countries in the world that suffer most from malnutrition in children with 46% under the age of 36 months (Wakefield 2011). Why should helpless children suffer from a preventable problem? With almost 220.1 million people living below the poverty line it makes it nearly impossible for many families to feed their children. Poverty is something that can be stopped but actions from the government need to be put in place. Food...

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Cyber Crime

Analysis of Cyber Crime awareness among youth Abstract: Cyber crime is emerging as a serious threat. Worldwide governments, police departments and intelligence units have started to react. One of the many approaches to enable students and other peoples to protect themselves from the ever-increasing amount and range of cybercrime. This is relevant to students studying different aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate computing. This paper discusses the views of young...

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Computer Crime Is Increasing

Computer Crime Is Increasing A report discussing the proposition that computer crime has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. Introduction Computer crime is generally defined as any crime accomplished through special knowledge of computer technology. Increasing instances of white-collar crime involve computers as more businesses automate and the information held by the computers becomes an important asset. Computers can also become objects of crime when they or their contents are damaged...

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Juvenile Crime

we care for them the more we suffer despondency and despair. From minor acts of abuse, fights, theft etc they have now graduated to commit as heinous and serious crimes as Rape, Robbery, and Murder, which suggests there is something radically wrong with our socio-legal dynamics. It is not that this trend of extra ordinary behavior among children pertains to delinquent acts only. In fact children below 12 yrs of age have done us proud in other areas of activities with a display of rare talent and...

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Crime and Youth Care Facility

children in conflict with the law, majority of who are guilty of petty crimes such as petty theft, vagrancy and sniffing glue. Prior to the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006, children in conflict with the law were thrown into the same prison cells as hardened criminals. Studies show that most of them were first-time offenders, while eight percent committed crimes against property. These children are then doomed to a life of crime, rending them victims of a judicial system that inadvertently breeds...

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favela crime youth

3. CASE STUDY: FAVELAS AND YOUTH GANGS’ MEMBERS 3.1. Introduction Although Brazil is increasingly recognised as a global power, – being listed as the sixth largest economy in the world (The Guardian, 2011) – extreme social and economic inequalities persist in its society. The response of the Brazilian state to urban marginality is based on an unbalanced distribution of wealth and the symbolic devaluation of stigmatised groups, such as residents of the favelas (Lannes, 2013). The increment of socio-spatial...

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Bankruptcy Among Youth

1.0 Introduction Bankruptcy becoming the issues toward many youth nowadays. The worst is the bankruptcy was involves with many youth where below than age 30. According to Credit Counselling and Management Agency in New Straits Times (2011), an average of 41 Malaysians are declared bankrupt daily, with the majority failing to make repayment for car purchase loan. In short, the problem of bankruptcy among youth has to be taken seriously. 2.0 Problem Statement Statistics by the AKPK indicated that...

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Unemployment in India

country like India, employment has become one of the major challenges of the current economy. Despite the economic reforms and the IT & BPO boom, the unemployment situation in India is getting worse. Therefore, emphasis is given on providing more employment opportunities which in turn reflects on economic growth of the country. Whenever we are talking about economic development, we cannot ignore young generation. Youth have been recognized as "the most vital section of the community". Among the other...

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addiction among youth today

ADDICTION AMONG YOUTH TODAY BY:YOON NARA Addiction among youth is becoming an alarming problem today. This is because they might face many problems in life or having a great tension. These can make them to be drug or non-drug addiction. Besides , these also can vary them from smoking,gambling or overeating which effect their health. Habits that dominates life are powerless to stop and addiction is so active. To avoid them from having stress or other problems , youth nowdays are addicted to smart...

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Increasing Bank Frauds and Cyber Crimes

INTRODUCTION According to Edwin Sutherland's definition, white-collar crime refers to a relatively uniform behaviour involving actions undertaken by individuals to contribute to the financial success of the organization. They violate the law for the firm. Yet the definition is loose. An offence would be called a white-collar crime insofar as it represents violation of a legal rule constructed to govern business affairs or occupational practice and insofar as the law violation took place as part...

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Why Most Americans Believe Crime Is Increasing

 Increase in Crime in the United States? Robert T. Nguyen West Coast University Author Note Abstract (Brief summary of the content) Keywords: increase crime rate, media, exaggerate, gun violence, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Introduction Gun violence, assaults, and robbery were high in the United States in the early 90s, but the crime rates henceforth have been decreasing. Evidently, few crimes are being reported throughout the United States in the early 2000s, but Americans are still...

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Youth Crime and Justice

How important are social and cultural factors as predictors of youth offending? Throughout this essay, I am going to be looking at the topic of youth offending. I will be looking at what factors can be used as the predictors for youth offending and in particular I will be researching into how important social and cultural factors as predictors of youth offending. In order to do this, I will be looking at different sociologists theories as far as young offending is concerned and what evidence there...

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discrimination among the youth

Introduction a. Thesis : No matter how innocent the Medias appear to be, what’s being communicated is desensitizing and reinforcing discrimination among the youth b. Plan: address arguments as they appear in paragraphs c. Background info: Personal example, questioning, going for a more emotional start. Supporting argument a. How much time people/youth spend watching TV and on the web and how it factors into how they think and form biases. b. What messages the media is telling why it’s targeting...

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Youth Crime Prevention

Youth crime prevention Key authors Professor David Farrington - Biography Professor David Farrington Professor of Psychological Criminology David P. Farrington, O.B.E., is Professor of Psychological Criminology at the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University. Brandon C. Welsh is an Associate Professor in the College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston, Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement at Free University...

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Fashion "The Craze Among Youth".

Every person is fashion conscious. Fashion is very popular among the school boys and girls. They do it in a competitive spirit to look smart, up-to-date and attractive. Students like actors and actresses. Some of them see a film to copy the latest fashion. It is mostly the college students who look upon fashion as the very stuff of their conscience. Being fashionable is the only real passport to high society and popularity in the college. Students put on expensive and fascinating clothes of the...

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Crime and Media

Media and Crime In sociology much stress is laid on the sociological explanations of crime and deviance. As over the past few decades there has been an increase in the public awareness of various types of crimes, sociologists have come forward to provide explanations of these situations. Labeling theorists have been interested in the role of media in relation to crime. After much discussion they have come up with two processes associated with the media: sensitization and deviancy amplification...

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Reading Among Youth

CABRAL, ALYANNA ANGELINA M. Argumentative Essay Communication I (TFD2) October 16, 2012 Technology and Movies Help in Promoting Reading among the Youth of Today “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into t he other room and read a book.” (Groucho Marx). Upon reading this quotation from Marx, I felt that he is trying to make technology sound as the mortal nemesis of reading. If I were to choose between watching T.V. and reading a book, I would...

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Unemployment Among the Youth

Youth Unemployment South-Africa is currently struggling with a large unemployment amongst the youth. The National Development Plan has identified a number of policy interventions to improve youth employment. In your view, what are the causes of youth unemployment and what should government do to improve the levels of youth employment? Identify the pros and cons of each of your proposals. “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” (Chinese...

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Youth and Young People

India is a big country. It is great in a lot of things like its resources, its intelligent students, engineers, scholars etc. In India, Youth is not useless rather Youth is used less For any country for it to be a developed country, youth's involment is compulsory. Youth are the best resources available. If they are used in the correct way, then development is achieved very fastly... RESPONSES: important role of youth of India in Indian Economy is their fast moment according to the condition...

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Youth Population

Uganda Population Pyramid for 2020 Predicted age and sex distribution for the year 2020: Advantages of Youth Population (Once they reach the age of 20 yrs.+) : * A large youth population in emerging economies represents a significant economic resource since a young working population can drive economic growth and offset the social costs of an ageing population. Between 2010-2030, India will add 241 Million people in working-age population ( that means the children who are currently in the...

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Alcoholism Among the Youth

Preventing Alcoholism among the Youth The debate over whether the legal drinking age should be lowered or remain the same is an ongoing battle. At the age of twenty-one, it is studied that the mind is finished with its natural process of development. It is less likely that alcohol can damage the development of the brain as compared to the brain of an eighteen year old who has yet to finish maturing. The legal drinking age should not be lowered due to the fact at a younger age; people are less tolerant...

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The Theories of Risk & Protective Factors Among Youth Offenders

(CRIM 105 South Bend) Connie Wawrzyniak 02/02/2011 The Theories Of Risk And Protective Factors Among Youth Offenders In today’s world there are many risk factors that play into a youths life. A risk factor approach assumes that there are multiple, and overlapping, risk factors in an individuals background that lead to adverse outcomes. Examples of risk factors which may lead to a youth being a offender are non-attendance at school, school failure, substance abuse, being abused, unemployment...

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crime free children of today crime free

Crime free children of today ,crime free India of tomorrow India is a democratic country ,we people of India have freedom and the basic rights and duties to follow. Freedom in India has been both a boon and a curse , a boon by making us free from the greedy British, a curse in the sense by giving the 21st century generation a lot of liberty. So much liberty that is been taken for granted and people misuse them...

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