"In What Ways Are Online Communities Accessed And Expanded" Essays and Research Papers

In What Ways Are Online Communities Accessed And Expanded

Online Communities. To start off my essay I would like to stress on the fact that an online community is not created online communities evolve and flourish. Most of the well built online communities take time and effort to establish them. In this essay I will be covering topics like how people interact in an online community, also will be looking at how to facilitate a successful online discussion and how to evaluate the success or failure of an online community. With the dawn of the new...

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Technology and Online Communities

Technology and Online Communities Jayne Fortney SOC105 April 29, 2013 Jeffrey Gomm Technology and Online Communities In 2011, 47 percent of all American adults used a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. As of 2012 the user count for Facebook was one billion people and for Twitter was 500 million people (Are Social Networking Sites Good for our Society?, 2013). These sites are used by simply creating a personalized profile for yourself. By using the tools provided by that...

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what are the various ways of communication on the internet?

D What are the various ways of communication on the internet?Introduction Internet is a connecting between two computers or more anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and server. The Internet provides various ways of communication depending on the users’ needs and requirements. When two computers or more  are connected with the Internet, they can send and receive all kinds of information such as text, graphics, voice, video, and computer programs, this is what we called internet communication...

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In what sense are virtual communities real?

In what sense(s) are virtual communities real communities? A virtual community is a network of people who interact through various forms of media, and allow users to obtain support, advice, friendship and sometimes merely just interaction with others. In a world where the internet is becoming ever more important, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now a part of many people's every day lives, there is a strong sense that online, virtual communities are becoming ever...

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Personal Identity in Online Communities

Soon, we forget ourselves and live in these groups which we are not all that happy living in. However, with the popularization of Social Networking Sites (SNS), we have been provided with a power to rediscover, portray and express ourselves in any way we desire through means other than the conventional looks, dressing and material possessions. In the article Drag Net (1998) by Sherry Turkle; she examines the boons of not reveling her biological gender while playing in a multiuser domain (MUD)...

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The Impact of Online Communities on Physica Social Relationships

Abstract Nowadays, people spend much time in online communities to network with virtual friends and play role plays. They provide an advantage for people with special needs who cannot leave the house, because they benefit from the accessibility of the internet. Moreover, they help people who often move to stay in touch with their friends. Nevertheless, spending too much time in online communities leads to drawbacks in the development of the user’s personality. More energy is dedicated to the virtual...

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To What Extent Does Online Communication Impact on Our Construction of Social Networks? Does the “Virtual Society” Actually Exist?

To what extent does online communication impact on our construction of social networks? Does the “virtual society” actually exist? The development of the means of communication through the internet leaded to partial replacement of direct interhuman relationships, so we frequently find us facing questions related to modern communication, the way that it affects our day to day life, and the way society tends to become digitalized one day at a time. Therefore, the concept of a virtual society...

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What Is the Legacy of the Olympics

ambition is to rejuvenate neglected communities in London, promote healthier and better lifestyles across the UK and beyond, change the way people everywhere perceive disability, and inspire an entire generation to participate in sport," (Lasting Legacy, 2012). Following the closure of the games, a review of these legacy statements will determine if the objectives have been met, and what needs to be done to ensure the legacy is sustainable. The legacy also focuses on “what disabled people can – rather...

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What Are the Important Factors Influencing the Nhs in Modern Britain?

World War II it was an era of simplicity and desperation the general population had housing crisis, food shortage and raw material shortages etc. Political Influences On a global political stand point there was a uniting of ideas and governments; what we know today as the United Nations (UN). One of the main ideas which the UN has grown up around is ‘The individual possess rights simply by virtue of being Human’ (The Universal Declaration of human rights); which was adopted by the general assembly...

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A Sustainable Way of Gardening: Community Gardens

2013 Paper 1 A Sustainable Way of Gardening: Community Gardens Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, St. Paul, Honolulu, San Jose, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Anchorage, and Louisville. These are the top ten cities that have the most community gardens. A sustainable community garden is when a group of people in a certain neighborhood or community come together and create a garden using tools that don’t affect the earth in a bad way. Individuals participating in a community garden usually use push reel...

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What Is Community Work?

What Is Community Work? Through this essay I will try to create a greater understanding of the term ‘community work’. I will begin with a short summary from two studies which help define the term on a broad basis. I will follow this by an explanation of the various approaches which can be used in community work. I will highlight the importance the community and voluntary sector have in social partnership in Ireland today. I will also discuss how funding, or a lack of it, impacts on essential...

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What Is a Professional Learning Community

What is a Professional Learning Community? NaKishia D. Glenn Gardner-Webb University Abstract Throughout this paper you will be able to gain more knowledge on what a Professional Learning Community (PLC) is. I will explore two different areas: general characteristics of PLCs and the big ideas that are associated with them. I will refer to different types of students throughout this paper. When I mention high achievers I will be referring to those are students whose test scores put them in the...

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What Are the Benefits and Limitations of Using Second Life in Education?

Essay question: ------------------------------------------------- What are the benefits and limitations of using Second Life in Education? Use of the internet has increased exponentially in recent years, in both developed and developing countries, and educators are searching for ways of utilising the new technology and environment to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Second Life (SL) is a world which exists online. The world is complete with schools, universities, businesses and even...

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Does the Internet Stregthen Communities

Strengthen Community? To answer this question I must explain the difference between the words “does” and “can” as to most people they can mean the same thing. “Can” means to be able to; “Does” means to make or perform. Therefore, can the internet strengthen community? Absolutely! It has the potential and is able to introduce people which could become strong companions, friends, partners, etc. However, does the internet strengthen community? No! The internet does not make communities stronger...

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What Is Poverty?

Garcia Basic Critical Thinking 04/24/2013 Poverty What is poverty? Poverty is the state of one who does not have a certain amount of content belongings or money. Overall poverty or destitution represents the deprival of basic human needs, which generally contains food, water, cleanliness, outfits, protection, medical care and knowledge. Relative poverty is determined contextually as economic inequality in the location or community in which people live. The results we are aiming ...

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New Age Ways of Making Friends Online

How to find friends online? If you believe the movies, you can always find friends, at any age, anywhere and everywhere. The path to friendship is not easy, movie characters are going through a lot of adventures together. The latest version of the Internet, suitable for everyone. Although many people say that the internet no one is sincere. But I do not agree with that and I think that on the contrary. The Internet can find a friend with the same...

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What makes a true community

Catholicism and Community Presentation T: According to the secular definition of community; is it a group of people living in the same area with particular characteristics in common. Within the community there is a feeling of fellowship for others, common attributes, interests and goals. Communities are everywhere and they have a big impact when shaping who we are. That is why it is important to surround oneself with communities that reflect and lead us to who we really are. In terms of Catholicism...

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Community College over Four Year

mass amounts of money that can be saved. A. Money is a big issue for almost all college students. 1. In the article, “is community college the right Choice?” last accessed on May 3, 2013, author Mary Anne Cooper writes, “Those who are not receiving financial aid are looking at an average annual tuition and fees for public in district community tuition colleges of $2,713 as opposed to the average annual tuition for public in state four year colleges of $7,605.”(Cooper, 32, 2012). ...

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Online Cashier's Assessment System

development, will totally change the lifestyle of this world. It will totally change the problem of the society on these days and systems had been created to help beings make their job easier at the most immediate possible time. In way, manual system or the traditional ways are transformed into automated ones. People enroll their selves in school to learn something, develop and improve their skills. It also makes them to communicate to different kinds of person. There are lot of programs offered by...

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What is the social ecological model? How can this perspective be used in practice to deepen understanding of the lives of children, young people and families in poverty and promote wellbeing?

What is the social ecological model? How can this perspective be used in practice to deepen understanding of the lives of children, young people and families in poverty and promote wellbeing? In social care services, models and theories are constructed in order to promote knowledge and understanding of particular areas. With a clear understanding established it enables practitioners to analyse, debate and practice in the most effective way. The particular model focus for this essay is the social...

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Briefly outline what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and how the initiatives on reporting CSR have developed over the past few decades. Explain what the Global Reporting Initiative is.

Briefly outline what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is and how the initiatives on reporting CSR have developed over the past few decades. Explain what the Global Reporting Initiative is. Social responsibility has been a term used in business since the 1700’s with to focus then being child labour and increasing working conditions. It was only during the 1970’s when social responsibility gathered pace and a definition was given “The social responsibility of business encompasses the economic...

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Different Ways of Researching Online

Different Ways of Researching Online There are many ways to do research online and through our schools online library. The University of Phoenix’s library has many different articles, journal entries, and other references to do research. The internet also has many different websites to get information from as well. The key is to make sure the website we are getting information from are credible and that the information is true and cannot be edited by others. We should also make sure the author...

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Community Policing

What is community policing? Community policing is a working partnership with a community that helps make the environment a better place to live in. This partnership with the community has goals such as reducing neighborhood crime, helping to reduce fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life in the community. And it does so with the help of police, local government and community members. With the collaboration between the police and the community, community policing should identify problems of...

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Examine the Concept of Globalisation and What Impact It’s Having on Lesser Developed Nations.

international stage they are faced with very differing business arenas. Different nations can vary greatly in relation to consumer behaviour, language, law, infrastructure, education and distribution structures. For companies to be successful, the way in which they deal with the tensions abroad is vital. (de Wit and Meyer, 2010). As these businesses compete on the world stage there can be some effects concerning peoples health, education and you can easily notice the inequal distribution of wealth...

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Online Banking

Online Banking: How Technology has Affected the Bank Industry Aluscine Kabia Diana Mickle Jennifer Ross Betty Tekeste University of Phoenix COM525: Managerial Communication and Ethics Edward L. Dempsey March 14, 2005 Modern technology has set the stage for today's industries to adopt faster, more effective and efficient tools to improve their business and productivity. A vast majority of organizations within various industries are using new technology to introduce changes to their...

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What Contribution Can the Concept of ‘Community’ Make to Increase Our Understanding of the Importance of Sport in Society? Discuss This Question with Reference to at Least Three Different Theoretical Perspectives.

What contribution can the concept of ‘community’ make to increase our understanding of the importance of sport in society? Discuss this question with reference to at least three different theoretical perspectives. |Identify and discuss the key sociological debates around the changing nature and meaning of community; |40% | | | | |Identify...

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Modern Communities

John Puls Skolnick ENC 1101 5/4/2013 Modern Communities The values and characteristics of a healthy community have remained largely unchanged over the years; however, with the invention of online communities they have become significantly more impersonal. Accepting people for who they are and showing empathy towards others are indispensable values of a community. The values of a traditional community as outlined in Azar Nafisi’s essay “I believe in empathy” and Sarah Adams’s essay “Be cool...

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Forms and Classification of Online Business

classification of online business According to (Adam, Z.R.), the major different types of e-commerce (B2B) Business-to Business, (B2C) Business-to-Consumer, (B2G) Business-to-Government, (C2C) Consumer-to-Consumer and M-commerce which is mobile commerce. Business-to-business is simply e-commerce that is present between two businesses. It is said that it is the fastest growing type of e-commerce, much faster than B2C. It is a type of e-commerce wherein two businesses transact with each other online. About...

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Lego Branding Community

Abstract Online communities are becoming “places” of belonging, information, and emotional support that people cannot do without. These social groups have a real existence for their participants, and thus have consequential effects on many aspects of behaviour. This article examines collective value creation and empowerment in an online brand community. It presents the main features of an online brand community, the process of value co-creation, and motivators for participating in online brand communities...

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What Is the Cloud?

Explained Greg May Professor Stephen Savage IT222 February 17, 2013 The Cloud Explained The cloud is coming and it is coming fast. With technology everything is evolving and the cloud computing is the next evolution. Cloud computing will change the way companies do business and job descriptions of IT professionals everywhere. When the average person thinks of the cloud they probably think about services like Dropbox, Google Docs, iCLoud, etc. Although these are based in the cloud, the cloud is so...

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Navigating the Online Environment Guide

Online Learning Environment Navigation Guide Introduction Learning how to navigate the online classroom environment is essential to your academic success. GCU’s Learning Management System (LMS) LoudCloud and the GCU Web site have many resources to help you become a successful graduate student. Directions View the LoudCloud Walk to Class Tutorial as well as search LoudCloud to find answers to the first 9 questions below. Search the GCU Web site for answers to the second set of 10 questions...

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important to be part of a particular community for the simple fact that one must feel welcomed by someone or something to live in prosperity. The Christian community has not played a major part in my upbringing; to me it is the most significant community. Belonging to this church has taught me several values such as living a moral life and being generous with time and money. Before becoming a part of the City of Refugee church, I found myself lost, which is the way most people feel before finding comfort...

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Internet and Online

the 1980s. The creation of the World Wide Web (1989) and web browsers (early 1990s) gave ordinary people easy ways of getting around the Internet.” Over the past fifteen years, millions of different websites have been set up, giving people the chance to shop, create businesses, play, learn and communicate online. Over the same period it has become much easier, cheaper and faster to get online in order to do these things (This House Believes the Internet Brings More Harm than Good). However, the question...

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Brown Deroni Expanded Research Proposal

 Expanded Research Proposal: Problems at Department of Veteran Affairs Brown, Deroni deronib@yahoo.com MGMT 591- Leadership and Organizational Behavior Dr. Sarvis January 30, 2015 The purpose of this study is to investigate the leadership issues and broken promises to veterans by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The Department of Veteran Affairs is the Primary benefits provided for veteran all over the world. The Department of Veteran Affairs is a government organization...

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A Community Essay

1 Tumblr: An Online Community "Tumblr is life and culture and that total antithesis of the modern day pop culture which is the ingrained in today’s children. There is no possible way to explain such a phenomenon to others. You either get it, or you don't," Urban Dictionary description number four. Though Tumblr is a little complicated to explain, it is not impossible. Tumblr is a blogging website that has become a huge web phenomenon and a unique kind of social networking site. You can make...

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Case for Student Communication in Online Classes

Communication in Online Classes. 7/30/2013 “Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we live, and the way we learn.” (Maddix; 2010). During these recent years web- based learning has gained so much popularity that, online courses enrolments continue to climb, but retention and completion rates in such courses and programs are lower than traditional classroom schooling. Because of these problems educators have looked into the problems to see what can be done to...

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What Effect, If Any, Has the Obama Administration Had on Geographies of International Relations and Politics with Regards to the ‘Arab Spring’ Uprising?

What effect, if any, has the Obama administration had on geographies of international relations and politics with regards to the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising? Geography has been ever-present within political and developmental endeavors worldwide. Through the emergence of rational and forward-thinking states, the processes of modernity and orientalism (Said, 1977), and establishment of rudimental international relations, geography has always had its place carving the way in terms of how we think about...

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The Fast Way to Start Selling Online

THE FAST WAY TO START SELLING ONLINE Website Payments Standard • Buyers don’t even need a PayPal account • No advanced programming skills needed • No setup charge or monthly fees Accept: “Getting started with PayPal is a snap. I was up and running in less than 20 minutes.” —Kenneth Roberts, Consultant With no programming skills required, Website Payments Standard is our easiest and most popular way to accept credit cards online. What You Get Hudreds of thousands of businesses make money...

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Social Networks are changing the way we see things

Social networks are changing the way we see things. It’s rare to see someone without a cell phone, I- pod or any other electronic because that's all that people use. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and other popular networks have taken over my community. Not only my community but they have taken all over the world particularly. Being part of that community where we are all in one place frustrates me because I feel that there’s no way out. There are a few advantages of using social networks...

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Online Reesrvation

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE   This part of the paper consists of various related literature and studies about consumer services in online processes. It includes articles (both published and unpublished materials), books as well as internet sources.   A. Related Literature The proponents gathered materials in order to get some ideas and information that will serve as a reference to their study. All these information helped the researcher in solving out the problems and...

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Community Manager

wat doet een Community Manager precies? Since big companies have seen the importance of social network sites to promote their brand, it seems like there is a rising demand for community managers. Although this new kind of profession is still in full development and the description of this internet job is rather vague, the job is surely indispensable according to some. Some four or five years ago the job title emerged for the first time but before that the leaders of community services of mainstream...

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Tourism Development and Host Community

TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Introduction Host Community participation in tourism developments in South Africa forms an integral part of the government objectives in the tourism industry which are inter alia to build a world class tourism industry and to integrate historically disadvantaged people into the mainstream of the industry. However, sense of community and participation forms some of the crucial factors which can affect processes of tourism development as postulated by...

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In what way does an individual’s change when s/he is part of a group?

In what way does an individual’s change when s/he is part of a group? Humans by nature are social creatures, therefore must have social behaviours, this suggests that individuals instinctively desire to be part of a group (Davis and Witte 1996). This contributed to the large amount of research and interest in the area of group behaviour. However there are difficulties in defining what exactly a group is. Definitions vary because of different ideas of what the purpose and nature of a group may...

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Alternative Learning School Online Information System

useful to almost all needs of people. It is a reliable source of information and Marketing is one of the aspects where Web and technology is greatly applied. Alternative Learning School, Incorporation is now what it is today because of the continued support of teachers, parents, and community whose dream is to provide quality and relevant Christian education for the children. The school is situated at Gomez St., Purok Bagong Silang, Escalante City, Negros Occidental. It started in 1998 as Kiddie...

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Online Education

Online Education Every parent’s dream is to influence their children with life skills that will guide them to success in the future. In most cases, parents usually work full time jobs to achieve extra income to save for their children college costs. A college education could very well be that “cherry on top of the ice cream” for parents, and give them a moment to relax and finally take a breather. Today we find young adults with jobs working as hard their parents once did. This made it difficult...

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 ONLINE PIRACY: JAYWALKING OR THEFT? Introduction Online piracy is one of the hardest problems to combat. Online piracy is the illegal downloading or copying of materials or intellectual property that are copyrighted. Intellectual property is an expression or knowledge owned by another individual. There are several forms of piracy that invade that online world – music, movies, software, and videogames. A lot of issues surrounding online piracy revolve on the difference...

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individuals: biological, psychosocial, environment and spiritual. Life course of the individual is based on person and environment: physical environment, culture, social institutions and social structure, families, small groups, formal organization, communities, and social movements. The Multitheoretical Approach The multi-theoretical approach brings together the following theories: feminist theory, social theory, learning theory, field theory, social exchange theory, cognitive-behavioral theory, psychoanalytic...

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What evidence can be presented to support the argument that holding the Olympic Games brings both economic and social benefits to a country that outweigh the costs?

 What evidence can be presented to support the argument that holding the Olympic Games brings both economic and social benefits to a country that outweigh the costs? Content Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Economic benefits (outweigh the costs) ------------------------ 3 Social benefits (outweigh the costs) ------------------------------ 5 Conclusion -----------------------------------------------------------------...

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Online Hotel Booking System

office for further consultation for the better improvement of your research. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis “If you want to impose change into something, you have to evaluate first where it stands at the moment. That’s the only way you could completely understand the needed improvement.” As you walk in the lobby, embrace the warm welcome and smiles of the staff and feel at home. From friendly and courteous staff to upscale and cozy accommodations, Paiko Shores Beach Resort...

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discourse community

many discourse communities, it can be a group that shares the same goals or interests. There are many ways in which we can incorporate our reading, writing, research and critical thinking skills that apply to our daily routine. I’ve developed in my understanding of my identity and how it has been shaped because of reading, writing, research, and critical skills. To weather its learning from others experiences in literacy or just picking up skills from an article on research done online. There’s a difference...

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Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites

all over the world try to look for different ways to improve and be successful. One of the ways organizations have been able to maintain success is by networking and linking themselves with similar organizations. A website that provides organizations with this type of networking is LinkedIn. In week two I was given the task to research and understand why such sites as LinkedIn help human service organizations stay connected with their professional community and other human service professionals. In...

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Social Responsibility and the Community

and the Community The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. Involvement Responds to 70,000 natural and man-made disasters in the U.S. Supports Military Families Health and Safety training Lifesaving Blood Donations International help 1,800 Community based organizations...

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Online Dating

Report Online Dating in the Gay and Lesbian Community: A Snapshot of Matchmaker.com users in Southern California Overview Online Dating, or OL Dating, which for the purpose of this paper includes meeting people and forming relationships online with the intention of meeting face to face, is beginning to receive substantial attention because of its recent surge in popularity in the U.S., and its potential social implications. In August 2003, 40 million people visited online dating websites...

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What Is Abnormality?

What is Abnormality? The definition of normal is that which conforms to a standard or a typical state or condition. Statistically the definition of normal behaviour is that which is shown by most individuals. The concept of abnormality is difficult to define, therefore, it is difficult to diagnose. When it comes to observing behaviour observers are influenced by their own interpretations and biases. The term ‘abnormal’ means deviating from the average. Therefore, if we were to adopt this...

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Cyberstalking: Identity Theft and Online Community Websites

Cyberstalking Jeff Worrell Waubonsee Community College Technology is getting more advanced in today’s world, but with it comes new problems and dangers; cyberstalking is no exception. Cyberstalking is a new way of stalking or harassing an individual that spawned from the use of the Internet (Cyberstalking, 2010). The Internet has given any user the ability to gain access to other peoples’ information, contact a person or group, or even damage another person’s computer or equipment. ...

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The Influence of Online Advertisement

Influence of Online Advertisement Introduction Background of the Study Does online advertising significantly influence students of the University of the East-Caloocan in patronizing local product? There have been many studies that focus on online advertisements in local products. 8 of these studies are examined by the group. 5 of these studies represent the growth of the online advertisements. 3 of these studies indicate the behavioural intention and negativity of online ad. The studies...

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Communities and Urbanization

COMMUNITIES & URBANIZATION Introduction George Murdock once said that a community is one of the two truly universal units of society organization, the other one being family (Schaefer, 461). We are all part of a community, and in many cases, we are a part of multiple ones. In chapter 20 of our textbook, we are looking at communities and urbanization. It discusses urbanization and how communities originate. It also looks at the different types of communities. Communities are defined as "a...

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online vigilantism

Online Vigilantism- Good or Bad? Introduction Today internet has become an indispensable part of our lives and access to it has increased tremendously over the last decade. The advancement in technology and use of social media has thus given rise to increased occurrences of online vigilantism or cyber vigilantism. Vigilantes use blogging and social media to express their thoughts. Amateur sleuths come together through these social media and other websites. Their motive may be purely to help and...

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Expanded Research Proposal Week 4 MGMT 591 U

 MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Expanded Research Proposal Professor Robert Salitore 05/31/2014 Introduction The organization that will be the topic of my discussion in my final project paper will be Pratt Industries Inc. The company started as a recycling paper company in Australia and US, but today they could close the entirely process of recycling incorporating companies that create paper from recycling paper, the energy that the company use is coming burning...

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The Online Outlet

According to the online Merriam Webster dictionary, a blog is a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. The word is an abbreviation of “weblog,” a term coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger, who was popularly known as the editor of a famous early weblog, Robot Wisdom. The American blogger said that the term weblog, from the words “web” and “log,” was used to describe how he “logged the web” or recorded his internet wanderings...

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