• Japan's Economic Development
    JAPAN'S ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT In the following paper I will be examining the process of economic development in Japan. I begin with their history in the Meiji period and how that effected their great success in the postwar development. Then I will go through the different economic stages of econ
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  • The Infrastructure Is Important to the Economic Development of an Economy.
    Infrastructure represents those types of capital goods that serve the activities of many industries included paved roads, railroads, seaports, communication networks, financial systems, and energy supplies – that all support production and marketing for industries within the country. Beside that, t
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  • The Role of Culture in the Economic Development of Countries
    Introduction: The role of culture in the economic development of countries is often overlooked by economists, yet it can significantly affect a country's economic development. Culture generates assets, such as skills, products, expression, and insight that contribute to the social and economic wel
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  • Economic Development in Three Urban Areas: Atlanta, Baltimore and Cleveland
    Executive Summary The following pages review the comprehensive strategies that have been used by the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and Cleveland to improve their economic conditions. It should become apparent to the reader that the fate of each city is determined by many factors including historica
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  • What Role Does Community Planning Have in Economic Development?
    DBP411 – Community Planning Assignment 2 Community Planning Practice Paper What role does Community Planning have in Local Economic Development? Lecturers: Fiona Caniglia & Stuart McLaughlin Student: Andreas Faludi Student ID: 02534955 Due Date: 4 June 2004 "Plannin
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  • Increasing the U.S. Gas Tax 20% to Increase Natural Gas Supplies Will Boost Economic Development and Will Promote Environmental Protection,
    Proposal Increasing the U.S. gas tax 20% to increase natural gas supplies will boost economic development and will promote environmental protection, while ensuring more stable prices for natural gas customers. Most importantly, increasing natural gas supplies will give Americans what they want re
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  • Roles of Women in the Economic Success of Colonial New England
    We have all undoubtedly heard of the revolutionary men who shaped the original colonies into a great nation but few people realize the importance women's roles played in the economic success of the New England colonies. This paper will highlight how the colonial women affected economy and contribut
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  • Agriculture and Economic Development in Brazil, 1960-1995
    Agriculture and Economic Development in Brazil, 1960-1995 Olukoya Ogen This paper attempts to emphasize the fact that the agricultural sector is the engine of growth in any developed economy. Specifically, the work limits itself to the important role of the agricultural sector in engendering sust
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  • Economic Development and the Redevelopment of Louisianna
    Bibliography 1. http://www.dred.state.nh.us/ 2. http://www.lded.state.la.us/ 3. http://www.rer.org/politicalaction/policyissues/taxes/2005_Katrina_Redevelopment_Letter.cfm 4. http://www.iedconline.org/ Economic Development Economic development as it relates to planning can be best describ
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  • ‘Hdi Is a Composite Index That Is a Far Better Representative Indicator of Economic Development Than Gnp Per Capita.’ Discuss
    Studying development is essentially about measuring how developed one country is compared to other countries or to the same country in the past. It is common knowledge that each country is aiming to be defined as developed. For us is to determine which measure is a better representative of how count
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  • This Research Paper Explores the Intricacies of Technology, Training and Education as Related to Economic Development.
    Introduction This Research Paper explores the intricacies of technology, training and education as related to economic development. We will examine the usage of technology to generate economic development and growth and look at how technology can and has impacted our education, training and
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  • Economic Development
    Much of modern economics has been dedicated to the importance of building an economy through industrialization. Industrialization brings more trade, more trade brings higher GDP, higher GDP = good. The view of developing countries is that they are the same as developed countries fundamentally, only
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  • The Relationships Between Michael Porter’s Theory of Competitiveness and Economic Development of Nations, Regions, and Cities and the Economics of Innovation
    Extract Eighteen years ago in his masterpiece “The Competitive Advantage of Nations” Michael Porter developed a model to analyze the competitiveness and economic development of nations, regions, and cities, a model that is still a milestone in this field of enquiry. In this work I will try to s
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  • The Role of Foreign Capital and Aid in Economic Development
    THE ROLE OF FOREIGN CAPITAL AND AID IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Foreign Assistance Comes In Three Ways ---FOREIGN GRANTS------FOREIGN LOANS------FOREIGN INVESTMENT--- a. Foreign Grants: The Foreign Grants are free and are not to be returned. These can be in the form of goods or economic gra
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  • Nikemultinational Corporations and Economic Development: the Lessons of Singapore
    Multinational corporations and economic development: the lessons of Singapore Introduction Today, multinational corporations (MNCs) comprise a central place in the world economy. Before World War II, terms such as "multinational" or "transnational" were seldom used to describe international econ
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  • Culture, S Consequences for Economic Development
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  • Was the National State Government a Positive or Negative Force in the Economic Development and Industrialization of Russia?
    During the early nineteenth century, Russia's population, resources, international diplomacy, and military forces made it one of the most powerful states in the world. It had vast natural resource endowments needed for modern industrialization, such as coal, iron, petroleum, timber, water-power, and
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  • The Role of Agriculture in Indonesia Economic Development
    The Role of Agriculture in Indonesia Economic Development Indonesia can be categorized as an agrarian nation, where the role of agriculture in Indonesia economy really significant. Agriculture sector in Indonesia has a role in: (a) providing job opportunity for the majority of labor force, (b)
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  • International Trade and Economic Development
    INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KHARAGPUR International Trade and Economic Development Swapnil S. Bagmar 06HS2004 Development Economics term paper (Spring 2007-08) Internationa
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  • Economic Development in South Korea
    At the end of World War II, Korea was a poor former agricultural colony of Japan. But the rapid growth of Korea’s industrial economy has been remarkable. The economy of South Korea is now the third-largest in Asia and the 13th largest in the world by GDP as of 2007. To trace back the economic dev
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