• Importance of Good Writing Skills in Business
    Communication is the process the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. For information to flow properly it involves a process. The process involves six basic elements: sender (encoder), message, channel, receiver feedback. There are certain barriers that can in
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  • Technical Writing Basics
    As a customer service manager for a local software development company, I want to create a user manual for a video editing software application the company has developed. The purpose of the user manual is to support our customers in purchasing and using the software. I would use the three main step
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  • Technical Writing
    Technical Writing Preparation Grade Level: 9-12 Group Size: 20-30 Time: 60-70 Minutes Presenters: 1 Objectives This lesson will enable students to: • • • • Define technical writing. Identify characteristics of effective technical writing. Write step-by-step instructions. List differences
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  • Importance of Technical Education .
    IMPORTANCE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Education is important for every individual in a nation. It plays a vital role to change the stare of a country. No country could bring a revolution in it unless its everybody are educated enough to meet the challenges. Education makes a man realize about himsel
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  • Technical Writing
    Engineering Skills, Philadelphia University Dr. Tarek A. Tutunji Technical Writing: Most common problems Poor Organization Spelling and capitalization Grammar and punctuation Misused words Redundancy Unclear positions and statements Lengthy paragraphs Lengthy sentences Passive vs. active lan
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  • The Necessary Factors Needed When Writing a Business Plan
    The Necessary Factors Needed When Writing a Business Plan When starting a new business it is extremely vital to formulate a business plan before investing time and money. The starting point for an entrepreneur is thoroughly developing and summarizing the strategies for an anticipated venture and ho
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  • Technical Writing Essay
    TECHNICAL WRITING The effective use of E-mail Consider its uses and abuses. What problems are companies encountering? How are some organizations solving those problems? First, what is E-mail? E-mail or Electronic mail is a method of exchanging digital messages across the Internet or other compu
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  • Writing a Business Plan
    Writing a Business Plan Preparation is the key to a successful business plan. What is a business plan? A business plan is a complete description of a business and its plans for the next 1-5 years. It explains what the business does (or will do); outlines who will buy the product or services
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  • What Is Technical Writing?
    technical writingWhat is Technical Writing? “Technical writing conveys specific information about a technical subject to a specific audience for a specific purpose… The words and graphics of technical writing are meant to be practical: that is, to communicate a body of factual information tha
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  • The Importance of Corporate Finance in a Business Plan
    Introduction The research is done by the request of the potential investors in the "5 Aces" business club on the basis of the business plan provided. Problem faced: The importance of corporate finance in a business plan. The author of the paper is a 3rd year bachelor student in corporate fi
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  • Portfolio of Business Writing
    Business Writing Portfolio Introduction: A portfolio is a collection of evidence that represents achievements and learning within a module, course or a program of a study. This portfolio that am going to write is about Business Writing course that I’m taking in this semester. As all other
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  • Principles of Business Writing
    Capture. Deliver. Excel. Applying the Principles of Business Writing Ilja van Roon / Lucid Communication © 2006 Ilja van Roon/Lucid Communication All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form This book can be downloaded for free at www.capturedelive
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  • Business Planning
    PLANNING FOR SUCCSESS Planning is a key factor in the success of any business, and conversely, the failure to plan adequately is one of the fastest routes to business failure. There are many considerations that an entrepreneur must decide such as: type of business, legal structure, permits an
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  • Human Resource Management in Business
    Running Head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS Human Resource Management in Business Sylvan R. Wilcox Warner Southern College Abstract Human Resource Management (HRM) is no longer a personnel office that is simply a record-keeping and maintenance function. Huselid (1995) points out tha
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  • A Jack of All Trades: the Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace
    A JACK OF ALL TRADES: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace Submitted to Robert P. Campbell by Deron R. Dantzler in partial fulfillment of CARD410. June 19, 2005 Introduction There are literally hundreds of desirable traits in the workplace. Of these, one of the arguab
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  • Writing Styles of Choy and Trimble
    Mixture of Writing Styles ¡°The trouble with writing is that despite what many handbooks suggest, there are no hard and fast rules, no magic formulas that make it an easy step-by-step process. You have to reconceive the rules every time you sit down to write because every occasion has its own s
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  • Technical Compentency
    Technical Competence 2 An Assessment of My Technical Writing Competence As I evaluate my technical writing skills I first explore the vast detail and design of the spreadsheet software. The level of skill that I posses with the spreadsheet software is measured by my strengths and we
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  • Good Writing Skills a Must
    SUBJECT: Good writing skills are essential in the business world Summary It is clearly evident through research and interviews that good writing skills are a very important asset to managers and all other business professionals in the world today. Business professionals must exercise good writ
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  • Effective Business Communication
    Research Study on Effective Business Communication At American Express Financial Centre TABLE OF TABLE Table 1: Recruitment Methods 13 Table 2: Forms of written communication 15 Table 3: Formal Meetings 15 Table 4: External Communications 16 Table 5: Informal channels of communicati
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  • The Role of E-Commercce in Global Business
    ABSTRACT Technological breakthrough in such areas as fax machines, telephone, video player, audio devices and televisions took many years to commercialise and measure their impacts on business. Compared to these breakthroughs, telecommunications, information communication technology, miniaturizatio
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