• Role of Studying English Literature in Language Acquisition
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  • The Importance of Mastering English
    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Good afternoon. My name is Rismadilla Ulfah. I am a student of faculty of communication. This is my second year at Bachelor and I am currently studying primary education. Ladies and Gentlemen, Before I begin my speech I would like to respect, thank
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  • Importance of Learning English
    The importance of learning English cannot be overstated in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world. For the millions of immigrants that come to the United States from non-English-speaking countries every year, learning to communicate in English is important to enter and ultimately succee
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  • The Importance of the English Language
    Brazer Bozlak 03113623 2011-07-20 LA 202 – OL8 The importance of the English language The English language is finally accepted as the universal language of the world and stands today as the common means of communication among members of different countries, cultures and communities. Mor
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  • What Is the Importance of Studying Sociology?
    What is the importance of studying sociology? Of the various social sciences, sociology seems to be the youngest. It is gradually developing. Still it has remarkable progress. Its uses are recognized widely today. In modern times, there is a growing realization of the importance of the scientific
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  • The Importance of the English Language in Your Field of Expertise in Meeting the Demands of Global Competitiveness
    The importance of the English language in Your Field of Expertise in Meeting The Demands of Global Competitiveness The English Language has been a tool to bring people of different races, and cultures together. For many hundreds of years as this language has evolved and has sown its influence fro
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  • Importance of the English Language in India
    IMPORTANCE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1. Assistant Official Language of India: India being a multicultural and multilingual country has Hindi as its official language and English as its Assistant Official Language. English is thus a window language. For those who do not know Hindi or whose mother tong
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  • The Importance of Mastering English in Indonesia
    The Importance of Mastering English in Indonesia Today, it is highly essential to know the language for communication. In general, the most popular language is English. In this computer age, English is the only language that anyone can understand. As international language English is a dominant l
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  • Importance of Learning English
    TASK 1A Letter to my teacher I would like to read something that increases my interest of the world society. A literary work that will have an effect on how I see things and what I decide to do later in life. I would like to read a text that contains of a world conflict, politics, human rights or
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  • Importance of Learning English
    The Language Language is a form of communication by using specific symbols and sounds either via reading or talking. We all use this type of code to communicate freely with our family, friends and society. It is found that it helps us communicate and show our feelings, ideas, moods, attitudes and
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  • Importance of Studying Business
    Ministry of Education The Ontar io Cur r iculum Grades 9 and 10 REVISED Business Studies Printed on recycled paper ISBN 1- 4249-0890- 6 (Print) ISBN 1- 4249-0891- 4 (TXT) ISBN 1- 4249-0892- 2 (PDF) 05-010 © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2006 2006 Contents Introduction . .
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  • Importance of the English Language
    Introduction: It has been almost two centuries that English education was introduced in India and since then it has been playing an important role in our national life, not to mention our educational system. Most people believe that the then British rulers needed some cheap native clerks who could
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  • Importance of Studying History
    The importance now of studying history is being question by many especially the students. So, why do we bother ourselves with what has been? What is its significance to us? History is being regarded as his-story, his represents the mankind. And story has something to do with what had happened. In th
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  • Importance of Studying the Business Environment.
    BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. The business environment is the aggregate of all conditions, events, and influences that surround and affect a business firm. Business environment generally refers to the external factors affecting, either positively or negatively, the operation of a firm. The most important e
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  • The Importance of Studying Communication
    THE IMPORTANCE OF STUDY COMMUNICATION By Siengfred Sinior M’sene Tata, OSM Communication is one of the most remarkable gifts that God has given to humanity. It has been described by many scholars as “life” itself. Some authors hold that: To be human can be likened to one’s ability to co
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  • Importance of English
    The Importance of English in the World of International Business ‘English is now a global language that belongs to all those who speak it.’ (Nigel Newton, publisher) It is the technology that allows people to travel further and faster than ever before. It is the Internet that lin
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  • Importance of English Communication Proficiency
    Introduction Background of the Study “English is without a doubt the actual universal language” said Carlos Carrion Torres of Brazil. While English is not an official language in most countries, it is the language most often taught as a second language. English is most widely used in com
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  • Importance of English
    The importance of the English Language today. English is one of the most important languages in the world. It can even be said to be the single most important language. Yes, other languages are important too, but not for the same reasons as English is important. English is important because it
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  • Importance of Gerund in English Language
    IMPORTANCE OF GERUND The Gerund: Gerunds are funny — they look like verbs, they sound like verbs, but they’re not verbs — they’re nouns! SpSpecificallyecifically, gerunds are action-oriented verbs that function as nouns. This always has the same function as a noun (although it looks
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  • Importance of English
    The Importance of English in Bangladesh This post relates to Bangladesh’s continuous struggle to be more recognized throughout the world. Not many people know about Bangladesh nor do they care. The reason is not because it’s Bangladesh, but because they can’t learn anything about it due to la
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