• Umma and Sharia Their Relation and Fundamental Importance in Islamic Society.
    The umma and sharia play an integral role in Islamic society. Umma, which is defined as an Islamic community or the totality of all Muslims, actually means “people”. In the Quran there is reference which indicates a nation of people that are part of a divine plan.1 In the early days it was the
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  • The Importance of Islamic Economic
    First of all we need to know what is Islamic economic before we carry on discussing the importance of Islamic economic. There are two main categories of definition of Islamic economic are ventured by Muslim economists. The first categories consist of definitions that concentrate on the principles of
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    Introduction Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, accounting for about one-sixth of African population. 1 The largest ethnic group in the northern part, which is about two-thirds of the country, is the Hausa-Fulani, majority of who are Muslims. The Yoruba are the most numerous...
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  • Islamic Art
    From its place of origin, Mecca (610), Islam has combed the planet's lands leaving behind a diverse group of followers from many nations, creeds, and socio-statuses. This religion has ascended in spite of the adversities that challenged its validity and representatives. The "night of power" birthed
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  • Festival
    INTRODUCTION 1. Việt Nam has a huge number of festivals. Listing all of them under one group is impossible. Many festivals, in different areas, are the same as other festivals in other areas, but are known by different names and are celebrated at different times. For example, the Master Pago
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  • Islamic Hrm
    UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS COURSE CODE : BSMH3163 COURSE : ISLAMIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRE-REQUISITE : BSMH2013 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1. SYNOPSIS This course is introduced in order to expand the knowledge of students towards human resource mana
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  • Islamic Banking
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  • The Crisis of the Islamic Civilaztion
    Book Review The Crisis of Islamic Civilization ____________________________________________________________ ___________ The Crisis of Islamic Civilization,
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  • Islamic Finance
    * 42 Islamic finance versus Western banks style financing.  Are Islamic banks affected and to what degree?  Would Islamic banking controls have prevented the crisis? Article #1 Name of the article Consider the Islamic option  Date of article Saturday, January 24, 2009 Main ideas (Issues)
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  • Islamic Finance
    Bala Shanmugam Monash University Zaha Rina Zahari RBS Coutts A Primer on Islamic Finance Statement of Purpose The Research Foundation of CFA Institute is a not-for-profit organization established to promote the development and dissemination of relevant research for investment practitioners w
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  • Problems of Research in Islamic Economics.
    Problems of Research in Islamic Economics - By Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalcintas | | | | When a seminar on the "Problems of Research in Islamic Economics" was included in the "First Annual Programme of Research Activities of Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI)", in 1982 (14
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  • Trends, Practices of Islamic Banking
    Contents Abstract ......................................................................................................................................................... 5 Acknowledgements............................................................................................................
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  • Urban Planning - an Islamic Perspective
    URBAN PLANNING: AN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE AZILA AHMAD SARKAWI AND ALIAS ABDULLAAH, (2008). SHAH ALAM, ARAH PENDIDIKAN SDN BHD. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Islam offers solution in every aspect of life, as housing also would not left behind. However, the directions of application are not stated directly but
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  • Spring Festival
    Spring Festival is the most joyful festival in China, and it is also the day of a family member reuniting. Do you want to know that Chinese how to celebrate this festival? Putting the spring festival scrolls up, hanging the lanterns, having the reunion meals, having dumplings, sitting up late and wa
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  • Islamic Finance Paradigm
    Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 1.0 Executive summary 2 2.0 Introduction 3 3.0 Islamic Finance paradigm 4 3.1 Islamic products 8 4.0 The Current Credit Crunch 10 4.1 Practice of Sub-Prime Lending: 11 4.2 The inter-bank money market: 14 5.0 Impacts of the crisis on Islamic financ
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  • Geographical Importance of Pakistan
    Geo-Strategic Significance of Pakistan Outline: ❖ Introduction ❖ Graphical location of Pakistan ❖ Nuclear power ❖ Proximity of great forces ❖ Importance due to transportation economy ❖ Great importance in Islamic countries ❖ Clima
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  • Role of Islamic Scholars in Islamization of Economics
    Role of Pakistani Ulema in Islamization of Economics By Arifa Siddiqui M-10-45 Session 2010-12 University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore DEDICATION To my beloved parents who taught me counting but I cannot count their love, and beloved Pakistan which is not a man-ma
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  • Islamic Banking
    Lahore Can Islamic Banking Become Dominant Transactional System: A case study of Punjab. Abstract This study examines the prospects of the dominance of Islamic Banking in Punjab. It also investigates the opportunities available for interest free banking in this region. This research provides
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  • Consumer Behaviour Towards the Islamic Banking – “Customer Satisfaction with Islamic Marketing Ethics and Islamic Banking Industry
    1.0 INTRODUCTION In this current era, businesses play the most important role in developing a country’s reputation. It is because a nation’s wealth is determined by concerning on certain aspects as one of it is the economical factor. As far as we know, businesses are the main sectors of a natio
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  • Birth of a Subculture; Death of the Music Festival
    Michael Benson Final Draft 11/28/11 Birth of a Subculture; Death of the Music Festival In Birth of Tragedy, Friedriche Nietzsche characterizes ancient Greek Dionysian festivals to be “centered in extravagant licentiousness…[where] the most savage natural instincts were unleashed” (Nietzsch
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