• Historical Monuments
    Historical Monuments When thinking about architecture, many visual images come to mind. The works of many are seen everywhere we go, from the average home to a New York skyscraper. As these buildings are fairly common to most of us, we forget to incorporate the work of our prehistoric man that
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  • The role of local site conditions in the seismic assessment of historical monuments
    The Role of Local Site Conditions in The Seismic Assessment of Historical Monuments J. Cvetanovska, V. Sesov, I. Gjorgiev & K. Edip University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology-Skopje, Macedonia SUMMARY: Presented in this paper are the inves
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  • Effects on historical monuments
    By Chris Dinesen Rogers, eHow Contributor updated: April 22, 2010 Pollution's Impact on Historical Monuments Significance Pollution negatively impacts historical monuments and buildings around the world, from the Acropolis in Greece to the America' s own Lincoln Memorial. The threat is in the risk o
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  • Effects of pollution on historical monuments
    For many historians the effect of pollution on historical sites is a daily battle. Acid rain and smog eat into marble causing small holes in the stone. The Acropolis in Greece is one of main sites that is having this problem. All over the world buildings and historical sites are having problems with
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  • Effect of pollution on historical monuments
    World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 56 2011 A Study of the Damages to Historical Monuments due to Climatic Factors and Air Pollution and Offering Solutions Shoureshe Kanani, Hassan Zandi Abstract—Historical monuments as architectural heritage are, economically and culturally,
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  • Importance of tourism in a recession
    The Importance of Tourism for the Malaysian Economy in a Recession Given the relatively small size of our economy, Malaysia is a country heavily reliant on exports as a source of income. Manufacturing, our biggest foreign exchange earner, currently accounts for the bulk (70%) of total exports led
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  • Historical dictionary of the fashion industry
    F ashion HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF THE INDUSTRY FRANCESCA STERLACCI and JOANNE ARBUCKLE HISTORICAL DICTIONARIES OF PROFESSIONS AND INDUSTRIES Edited by Jon Woronoff 1. Japanese Business, by Stuart D. B. Picken, 2007. 2. Fashion Industry, by Francesca Sterlacci and Joanne Arbuckle, 2008.
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  • Importance of enviormant education
    Importance of Environmental education Environmental education (EE) refers to organized efforts to teach about how natural environments function and, particularly, how human beings can manage their behavior and ecosystems in order to live sustainably. The term is often used to imply education with
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  • Historical research
    CHAPTER 4 HISTORICAL RESEARCH HISTORY-is the search for knowledge and the truth, a searching to find out. -is any integrated narrative or description of past events or facts written in a spirit of critical inquiry for the whole truth. HISTORICAL RESEARCH/HISTORICAL METHOD O
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  • Report on importance of communication in tourism industry
    TOURISM AS COMMUNICATION: THE ROLE OF LANGUAGE IN TOURISM   Ms. Neena Gupta V. Research Scholar, Dept. of  English , Univ. Of Jammu, Jammu-180006 Email: neenaguptavij@gmail.com Phone: 9796491314  Introduction           Tourism is one of the most remarkable success stories of
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  • Report on Historical Place-Changunarayan
     A Report on the Historical Place of our country Changu Narayan Submitted By: Submitted To: Minusha Gurung Mr. DB Ale Standard: 9 Social Studies Roll no. : 16 Department A Report on the Historical Place of our country Changu Narayan...
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  • How relations from russian sources that have changed our historical understanding of kennedy in the event of cuban missile crisis?
    Cuban missile crisis was one of the most important modern historical events in 1962. After WW2 U.S and Soviet Union entered into competition to develop weaponry, and it caused a serious anxiety between capitalism and communism world. The relations between two sides were such that war could have bro
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  • Rehablitation of monuments
    ABSTRACT Today’s world is the tomorrow’s history. History plays a vital role in the learning sense of past glory to the life of present generation. Not only as a basic knowledge, it also provides us a rich cultural heritage to make a path for pleasant life of the world, the historical monumen
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  • Effect of pollution on historical monument
    Pollution effects are not confined to the environment. The potential for damage to historical monuments has already been realized. Some damage, such as from wind or rain, is unavoidable. However, pollution contributes additional risk factors that can increase the level of destruction. The effects ma
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  • Historical places in india
    Historical Places in India India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. The various rulers and dynasties left behind their legacy in the form of g
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  • How to conserve monuments
    Reasons for damage to Historical Monuments: 1. Pollution – traffic and waste of the neighboring factories 2. Natural causes like earthquakes and flooding 3. Tourists spoiling by writing, scratching 4. Natural environmental conditions like humidity. 5. Construction in/on or around the herita
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  • Usa monuments and symbols
    USA Monuments and Symbols Table of Contents Introduction...…..………………………………………………………...page 2 Historical Monuments The Statue of Liberty………………………………………………..……..page 3 The White Houseâ€
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  • Chennai monuments
    Session – II History of Historical Building and Monuments in and around Chennai Dr. G. Venkataraman Chairperson, School of Historical Studies HOD of the Dept. of Indian History, University of Madras, Prof. A. Anne Shanthi Ph.D., Research scholar, Dept. of History, IDE, University of Madras.
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  • Importance of events in popular music.
    ‘How do we determine the importance of historical events in popular music?’ Why should we determine the importance of historical events in popular music? Whats important to one fan of an artist is completely different to the views from a fan of another artist. Its not just what makes the p
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  • Historical places in india
    Sundar Palaniappan is an aspiring photographer who loves to visit temples and other historical places in India. Since web, is the universal media to which people around the globe either visit to gather knowledge or to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives, I would like to avail the po
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