• Assessing Writing Skills in a Communicative Paradigm: an Evaluation of the Ssc English Examinations in Bangladesh
    Assessing writing skills in a communicative paradigm: An evaluation of the SSC English Examinations in Bangladesh Md. Zulfeqar Haider Teacher Trainer, ELTIP Communicative Language Testing is intended to assess learnersâ
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  • English Language Anxiety
    Running head: English Language Anxiety [pic] English Language Anxiety among the Students of Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia Maryam Binti Tahir 115174 Centre for Foundation Studies International Islamic University Malaysia English for Academic
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  • [the Importance of the Mother Tongue on Learning Second Language]
    [THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MOTHER TONGUE ON LEARNİNG SECOND LANGUAGE] -THE MOTHER TONGUE AS A VİTAL POINT- The language is the most important tool in human life to survive.We use language in order to inform the people around us of what we feel, what we desire,
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  • English Methodology
    INTRODUCTION The course represents an attempt to introduce trainees to the main problems concerned with the methodology of teaching English. It tries to be an instrument of work, which might help them with choosing and handling different approaches/ methods/techniques, planning a lesson, teaching sk
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  • performance in English
    Chapter I The Problem Introduction English has proven its essential part to human existence. It is a second language for Filipinos. Its utility and significance is immeasurable; hence, it must be intensively studied along with the problems in studying it. The most persistent concern from...
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  • teaching english trough culture
     LEARNING ENGLISH CULTURE THROUGH ITS LITERATURE “The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) The English language is viewed as the international language of the world. Many people are learning it as their second or third language....
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