• Grief Counseling
    Grief Counseling Axia College of University of Phoenix Grief is defined as a type of emotional or mental suffering from a loss, sorrow, or regret (Dictionary.com, LLC, 2010). Grief affects people of all ages, races, and sexes around the world. Approximately, 36% of the world’s population does
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  • The Role of the Church in Pastoral Care and Counseling of Children in Rehabilitation Centers in Nairobi; Among Them Are St. Nicholas Community Development Centre, Boma Rescue, and Jehova Jaire Children Centres.
    CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background information Poverty is a sign, and a symptom of something very wrong in human society that perpetuates an unacceptable situation. It is assumed that development is the movement from less human conditions to better human conditions. Thus, poverty is a s
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  • My Philosophical Approach to Counseling
    My Philosophical Approach to Counseling Definition of Existential Therapy One survey taken by Corey suggests a definition of Existential Therapy include two key elements: Existential Therapy is essentially an approach to counseling and therapy rather than a firm theoretical model, it
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  • What Is Your Interpretation of the Term "Ethics Counseling"?
    Ethics counseling is an amorphous activity. It is difficult to clearly define ethics counseling because it takes on so many different forms. Ethics counselors are all around us; they are not necessarily those who have a master degree in ethics or a ‘label' that defines them as being an ethics couns
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  • Importance Os the Small Busines
    The purpose of this paper is to explain what small business are, their importance in today's expanding economy and understanding how changing technology affects their operations. In the last years, the internet has brought small businesses a lot of innovative procedures that can be used to improve p
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  • Pre-Martial Counseling
    Pre-Martial Counseling As I begin this paper I ask my
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  • An Ethical Dilemma in Counseling: Deciding Between Two Rights
    An Ethical Dilemma in Counseling: Deciding between two rights Ethics, considered the study of moral philosophy, is a broad way of defining human duty, right and wrong; essentially, it is more expansive than simply applying a principle. Dilemmas are situations that require a choice between options
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  • Cultural Competence in Counseling
    Cultural competence and ethical responsibility of counselors is an issue that holds increasing importance. To be both multicultural and ethical is increasingly challenging. The population of the United States is changing quickly from a predominately white Caucasian society to an ethnically diverse
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  • Career Counseling
    Career Counseling with Students Outline VALUES Your values are those aspects of work which you believe to be the most important and often the most rewarding. Therefore, looking at your values will help you identify those job characteristics that are most important to you. For example, do you prefe
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  • The Importance of Objectivity and Falsification in Management Science
    Published in Journal of Management, 9 (1983), 213-216. The Importance of Objectivity and Falsification in Management Science J. Scott Armstrong The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania In general, I thought that the Boal and Willis “Note on the Armstrong/Mitroff Debate” 1 provided an
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  • Play, the Fabric of Elementary School Counseling Programs.
    Title: Find More Like ThisPlay, the fabric of elementary school counseling programs. Author(s): Campbell, Chari A., U South Carolina, Columbia, US Source: Elementary School Guidance & Counseling, Vol 28(1), Oct 1993. Special issue: Counseling and children's play. pp. 10-16. Publisher: US: Ameri
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  • Physical Environment in Counseling and Planning
    Physical Environment in Counseling and Planning I have recently read an interesting article about the impact of physical environment on the financial counseling and planning relationship and process. The publication raised my great interest because I have noticed before that our offices hav
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  • Own Self-Awareness and Cultural Background in Counseling
    Cultural Competence Haily Carter December 19, 2008 University of Phoenix CNSL/557 Colleen Moore Cultural Competence Culture is defined as the beliefs, values, and norm people of a particular group share. One aspect of training culturally competent counselors is making sure they are aware of t
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  • Credit Counseling: Effects on United States Consumers in Regards to Their Debt Management
    CREDIT COUNSELING: EFFECTS ON UNITED STATES CONSUMERS IN REGARDS TO THEIR DEBT MANAGEMENT Effectiveness of Credit Counseling: A Literature Review United States consumers are unprepared and uneducated in regards to effective money management with credit and prioritized financial decisions.
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  • Importance of Intercultural Communication to Ist
    Chapter 4 - The Deep Structure of Culture Introduction Our interpretation of reality determines how we define the world and how we interact in that world. We believe the source of how a culture views the world can be found in its deep structure. It is this deep structure that unifies and makes
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  • The Importance of Marriage
    Running head: MARRIAGE AS AN INSTITUTION The Importance of Marriage Ana Vertz PS301 Mrs. Kathy Erickson August 30, 2009 The Importance of Marriage From Colonial times to present marriage has been an integral part of American culture. The importance is has been evident in that it is on
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  • The Application of Personality Perspectives to Counseling and Therapy
    FINAL PAPER The Application of Personality Perspectives to Counseling and Therapy Brian J. Langtry HDV0284134-02-10SP1 While a few different schools of thought dominated the early years of psychology, the number of topics studied by psychologists has grown dramatically since the early
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  • Counseling Children
    According to recent studies alcoholism is a disease that affects not only the addicted person but it also affects their families as well. Many children who grow up in homes where one or both parents are alcoholics or abuse alcohol will in time need to have help in sorting out all of the issues assoc
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  • Genetic Screening of Familial Mutation of Brca 1/2 in African American Women and Importance of Client Education
    Breast cancer is one of the most frequent diseases that affect women. It is estimated that a woman, on average, has a 10% risk of being affected by breast cancer in her lifetime (Bouchard et al., 2004) – a shockingly high incidence rate that may be even higher in certain ethnic groups (Edwards
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  • Humor in Counseling
    THE USE OF HUMOR IN COUNSELING by Karlene Berry A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Guidance and Counseling Approved: (2) Semester Credits __________________________ Research Advisor The Graduate School University of Wiscons
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