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Importance Of Counseling

leadership action. Its contribution to soldier development cannot be overstated. Development counseling is a type of communication that leaders use to empower and enable soldiers. It is much more than providing feedback or direction. It is communication to help develop a soldier's ability to achieve individual and unit goals. Leaders counsel soldiers to help them be successful. Effective developmental counseling is one of the ways you will learn and grow. Leaders owe their soldiers the best possible...

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Counseling can be viewed as relationship between two individuals, a counselor and a client, with the aim of helping the client overcome a problem or reduce adversary/suffering .In this relationship, the assumption is that the client is in a problem and needs assistance, while the counselor is experienced and possesses unconditional positive regard to the client. Therefore, counseling may also be regarded as a helping profession because it aims at helping the clients deal with the problems they face...

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c Counselling Counseling is a dynamic interaction between counselor and counselee where a counselor adopts certain attitude and uses knowledge and skill to introduce and sustain in the clients learning process of self-expression leading to self understanding, leading to action so that the client changes his behaviour and solves his problems. Counselling is a non-directive talking therapy, which creates a non-judgemental space in order for you to work through your difficulties in a safe therapeutic...

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Initial Counseling Name: _______________________ Date: ______________________ The following counseling session is designed to inform you of what is expected of you concerning your job performance standards. This is an initial performance counseling and will be presented in a “list” format. You will receive feedback on your actual performance during your monthly performance counseling (DA Form 4856). During your monthly performance counseling we will discuss in detail the areas that you...

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awareness of well-being and satisfaction of “ affect hunger.” Support offers a healing process- an integration of all parts of the person. (1) The relationship itself, where the helpee experiences the helper’s acceptance and warmth. (2) Direct counseling help in the form of reassurance or environmental support (3) Decisive and firm crisis management. List the four steps of psychological first aid required in response to a crisis situation: (29-32) (1) Appraise the current condition of...

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The Importance of Time and Space in Counseling

The Importance of Time and Space in Counseling Introduction Life is full of challenges that often seem to overwhelm ones ’personal abilities to cope. In such cases, people look for advice, counsel or even just a listening ear. In counseling this opportunity is called counseling space. It is a privilege where another person opens up his personal emotions, feelings ad perplexities that come as result of the problems of living. According to Mcleod(2007) a counseling space requires two key feature...

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Guidance and Counseling

needs, interests and capabilities in order to formulate their own goals and make plans for realizing those goals. An analysis of guidance and counselling services in providing adequate guidance for secondary school students is of paramount importance; hence the this study. The result from the study will help in throwing more light on how guidance and counselling services is being implemented in secondary schools in Nigeria and the quality of guidance services received by secondary school...

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Prayer in Counseling

Prayer in Counseling Prayer is communicating, worshiping, and sincerely seeking God's face, knowing that He hears us, loves us and will always respond. Prayer is a big part of many of people’s lives these days. People use prayers everywhere and everything they do so using prayer in counseling is only natural. The counseling field cannot get away from praying in their sessions. But counselors have to be careful how they use prayer in treatment because they need to not instill their own viewpoints...

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Competence in Counseling

Running head: Counseling A Comprehensive Profession Aspects Of Counseling Tearia Hill William Carey University Aspects of Counseling Abstract Counseling is the professional guidance in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems. It is advice, opinion, or instruction given in direction the judgment or conduct of another. Knowing how to posses personal qualities such as maturity, empathy, warmth, understanding, and knowledge. From a legal stand point ethics, morality, and law must...

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Counseling Minors

Running head: COUNSELING MINORS: ETHICAL AND LEGAL 1 Counseling Minors: Ethical and Legal Issues Involved Alexandra Martin Walden University COUNSELING MINORS: ETHICAL AND LEGAL 2 Mental health counselors have many things to consider when working with clients. Providing services to clients comes with several expectations. Some of the factors which counselors must be aware of include: cultural differences, environmental influences, client...

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Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling Axia College of University of Phoenix Grief is defined as a type of emotional or mental suffering from a loss, sorrow, or regret (Dictionary.com, LLC, 2010). Grief affects people of all ages, races, and sexes around the world. Approximately, 36% of the world’s population does or has suffered from grief and only a mere 10% of these people will seek out help (Theravive, 2009). Once a person is suffering from grief it is important to receive treatment. All too often, people ignore...

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Discipleship Counseling

Discipleship Counseling CCOU201 B06 Discipleship counseling written by Dr. Neil T. Anderson is a complete guide to helping others walk in Freedom and grow in Christ. This book is very useful to church leaders, counselors, lay leaders, anyone who needs a step by step guide on biblical counseling. This book gives the reader a better understanding on how discipleship counseling works and shows them how to create a counseling...

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Pastoral Counseling

 Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper Rosalyn Jackson PACO 500 B04 LUO January 18, 2015 Professor Steven Brooks Liberty University Abstract Pastoral duties expand far beyond church administration, preaching, and evangelizing. Often times, their duties include counseling parishioners and non-parishioners with many types of issues. Pastoral counseling allows an opportunity to help others through using principles from the Bible along with personal experiences that relate to those of the counselee...

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Counseling Philosophy

Philosophy of Counseling As I reflect on what I have learned over the last five weeks, I find my personal philosophy of counseling being based on one main theme that I repeatedly saw in different readings; it is our duty to do what is in the best interest of the child. When I think about my reasons for wanting to pursue this career, I naturally feel it is because of my love for children; but more than that, I want to help foster the feeling that each and every student can be anything they want...

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History of Counseling

 History of Counseling Lead to Multidisciplinary Teams COUN5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors History of Counseling Leading to Multidisciplinary Teams Counseling is a relatively new profession which has transformed over time from treating mental illnesses to providing educational guidance to counseling with a variety of specializations. Pistole summarizes by stating that counselors, now, aim to, “contribute to the vitality and vigor and...

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Counseling Supervision

Tessa Inverary Walden University November 13, 2011 Supervision involves the meeting together of two counseling professionals, one of whom has more experience than the other (Erford, B. 2010), to facilitate the development of the supervisee. The main purpose of receiving supervision is to ensure competent practice, and is therefore a method of ensuring quality and consistency. In supervision, the needs, goals and growth of the client are the most important. The supervisor’s role in helping...

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Consultation and Social Justice and Counseling

Consultation and Advocacy in Counseling By DonnaBoyett1, Oct 2012 | 6 Pages (1,472 Words) | 161 Views | 1 2 3 4 5 1 rating(s) Report | This is a Premium essay for members like you Consultation and Advocacy in Counseling Donna Boyett COUN 5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors August 4, 2012 195 Wayfair Lane Hinesville, GA 31313 Telephone: (912) 980-1231 Email:...

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Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling

Models of Counseling Sara Hall Liberty University Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling Deciding how to model your counseling practice is one of the fundamental issues needing to be addressed when a counselor is choosing to begin a successful career as a licensed counselor. There are many different theories, strategies and methods to choose from when developing the foundation of your models, but all must adhere to the ethical standard of behavior set forth by the American Counseling Association...

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Counseling Research

within a short amount of time. Different researches show the different ways and strategies of information gained by different counselors. Discuss the importance using research to advance the counseling profession (2 paragraphs) There are many things that research brings to the counseling world; it provides data to enabled use before counseling a client, during and after. Counselors move around research to see what colleagues have found and what interventions they have used for the well being of...

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Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Terms

COUNSELING SPECIALIZATIONS AND MULITDISCPIINARY TEAMS Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams Juanita Duffy COUN 5004 Dr. BlaydesAbstract This paper discusses the importance of collaboration within the different specializations of the counseling field. Two specializations, mental health counseling and addictions counseling are reviewed and are brought together to help a hypothetical 12 year old girl “Ashley” in her own education and problem-solving while in therapy...

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Accountability in School Counseling Program

of Data in School Counseling and Educational Systems Melissa Hattaway Lamar University CNDV 5330 Accountability and the Use of Data in School Counseling and Educational Systems Over the years, literature has expressed the need for, and importance of, accountability for student outcomes in order to give school counselors valuable data to assess and improve goals (Dahir & Stone, 2009). The ASCA National Model also supports the importance for accountability...

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The Preference and Need for Prayer in Counseling

The Preference and Need for Prayer in Counseling Liberty University GRST500_D02_201030 Abstract Spirituality is an important component in counseling because it also contributes to the social, physical and emotional well-being of the client. This survey illustrates the preference that it has of incorporating prayer and scripture into counseling practice. It provides a basic overview and describes the essential desire...

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The importance

Monica Jorge, 3622098 Youthalyn Mair-Pryce, 3622089 Reviewed by: Gabriela Bacigalupo, 1099953 Monica Jorge, 3622098 Youthalyn Mair-Pryce, 3622089 ACG 4651 – Fall 2013 Section 04 September 17, 2013 – Case #1: The importance of being independent (by Deloitte) Discussion Questions One of the key roles of the external auditor is to protect the interest of the public. To achieve this, it is important for the public to trust and have confidence in the work of an auditor...

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Analysis of the Counseling Profession

Abstract This paper will discuss three facets of the counseling profession: the current state of the profession, potential threats to the profession and the future of the profession. Analysis of the Counseling Profession Current State of the Counseling Profession While the profession of counseling is a little over 100 years old it is only recently that it has come into its own in terms of parity and respect among other professionals, legislators and the public. Licensure is now available...

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Counseling Skills

Counseling Skills Counseling covers a wide range of techniques and approaches, each needing its own skill set. There are some basic skills in addition to any life experiences, if any, and personal attributes needed to be good at any specialty in this field. Also very important is that the counselor continues in the learning process throughout their career, developing professionally will help the counselor to never stop learning. Personal Attributes If you were to ask the writer about her...

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Multi-Cultural Communication in Counseling

COMMUNICATION IN MULTI-CULTURAL COUNSELING Communication in Multi-Cultural Counseling Connie Sutton Grand Canyon University PCN 509/Social and Cultural Diversity Susan Lutz, LMFT October 25, 2010 Introduction Research shows clients from ethnic minority groups are the least likely to make use of counseling services. One explanation for this is that it is an ethnocentric activity, based on the values of the white middle...

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Group Counseling Article Review

Group Counseling Article Review Article Summary With an increase in the number of teenage girls in this country at risk for delinquency on the rise, the authors of the exploratory study developed a group counseling intervention strategy that focused on holistic wellness. The Smith-Adcock, Webster, Leonard, and Walker (2008) defined holistic wellness by focusing on the the Wheel of Wellness model developed by Myers, Sweeney, and Witmer (p. 112). The model focuses on five main aspects of wellness:...

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Cultural Competence in Counseling

Cultural competence and ethical responsibility of counselors is an issue that holds increasing importance. To be both multicultural and ethical is increasingly challenging. The population of the United States is changing quickly from a predominately white Caucasian society to an ethnically diverse society`. The Hispanic population, which represented only 9% of the population in 1990, is projected to increase to about 25% of the population by 2050. The number of African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific...

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Philosophy of Counseling

found myself being somehow an eclectic counselor. As I grow professionally and expand my knowledge, I find myself incorporating in my counseling style, various other techniques from other models of psychotherapy. I have administered many techniques from varying theories, thus, I believe it would be inaccurate for me at this point, to identify my style of counseling with one particular mode or theory. Throughout my graduate work I often played in my mind the ways in which I would counsel others...

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Trauma in Counseling

his or her client. Statement of Counseling Identity This one was a little harder to think about but my Statement of Counseling Identity would be “I am the person who you will fire after you are on your right path .” I want to be known for the counselor that her client does not need anymore. To let my clients know what to expect from me as their counselor. Explain that I am neither a psychologist nor a license clinical social worker (Coppock, 2012). Importance of Multicultural Awareness and...

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Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Comprehension School Counseling Program A Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP) is made up of six components or qualities. The following components are essential for implementing a program in the school that truly benefits all children. (1) Holistic – A holistic school program focuses on all aspects of a student’s development. School counselor’s focus on three developmental domains: academic, career and personal/social development; (2) Systemic – A systemic counseling program addresses...

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Career Counseling

accomplish or reach that career choice?” With school counselors’ roles evolving over the years, many students see them as leaders and someone they can turn to for advice. Counselors work in “diverse community settings designed to provide a variety of counseling, rehabilitation, and support services” (Counselors, 2010). This student interviewed, Miranda Angeles, an enrollment counselor at Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC), in Menifee. Miranda has a BA in Psychology from the University of Phoenix...

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Page |1 The role of peer counseling in a university setting The Role of Peer Counseling in a University Setting: The University of Botswana By Dr. Lucky Odirile University of Botswana, Gaborone A Paper Presented at the 20th Anniversary Summit of the African Educational Research Network at North Carolina State University Raleigh, USA on 19th May 2012 Introduction Peer counseling is a well-documented concept of counseling. As Sisco (1992), Cole (2002) and Pritchard (2007) point out, it is...

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Counseling Suffering Clients

Counseling suffering clients, especially through an integrative approach to Christian Counseling, may be more in-depth than I once thought. Here are five concepts that I found particularly, insightful, unique, or I had not thought about before. 1. Personal Worldview behind the practice Our own personal worldview is inescapable, and each of us holds a worldview or the way that we see our understanding of the world and our place within it (Entwistle, 2010, pg. 67). In order to counsel others,...

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Consultation and Advocacy in Counseling

Consultation and Advocacy in Counseling Donna Boyett COUN 5004 Survey of Research in Human Development for Professional Counselors August 4, 2012 195 Wayfair Lane Hinesville, GA 31313 Telephone: (912) 980-1231 Email: Donna.Boyett@hotmail.com Instructor: Kathy Blaydes Abstract This paper discuses the importance of social justice advocacy and consultation in the counseling profession. The introduction is an explanation of social justice advocacy, and the different ways counselors advocate...

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Psychology, Theology in Chrisitian Counseling

506 Wayne Wilson Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality In Christian Counseling Mark R. McMinn SUMMARY The book begins with at brief selection as it addresses the importance of the counselor utilizing the Christian faith in counseling in addition to focusing on the relationship between psychology and theology. It addresses the issues and concerns that religion may bring into counseling sessions and how the counselor should address and handle these challenges...

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Ehtics in Counseling Comparison

of Arts in Professional Counseling January 23, 2013 ETHIC CODES COMPARISON 2 Abstract This paper will attempt to compare the similarities and differences in the ethics codes of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). In addition to the discussion of general similarities and differences of the two codes of ethics, the paper will also will also compare and contrast the following three areas of counseling in depth: confidentiality...

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The American Counseling Association (ACA

Abstract The American Counseling Association (ACA) is an extremely important part in setting ethical standards for professionals practicing counseling. The organization code of ethic is designated to govern the behavior of individuals available within the organization or an institution. The organization focuses on counseling ensuring that behavior are ethical and acceptable both to the organization and to the public. The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) code of ethics is used...

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Group Counseling

Growing Trends in Group Counseling Growing Trends in Group Counseling: Ethical and Technological Issues that Effect Vocational Rehabilitation Term Paper By Diadra McGraw 546 Group Counseling Dr. B. Canfield February 26, 2008 Abstract This paper explores the different ways in which group counseling can be used for the purpose of Vocational Rehabilitation. It also gives detailed information of how technology can be used in group counseling during Vocational Rehabilitation...

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The Importance of Prayer

The Importance of Prayer Submitted by: La’Tonya A. Brown November 16, 2012 Survey of the New Testament REL 210 - 71B Prayer can be defined as a reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship, or the act of making a reverent petition to God, a god, or another object of worship; an act of communion with God, a god, or another object of worship, such as in devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving; a fervent request; the thing requested; or the slightest chance or hope...

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Effective Counseling

Counselor By {Author} {Institution} Abstract This research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling and as such any counselor considered effective must posses them. The paper has a separate discussion of both personal and professional qualities required for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a larger part of the discussion because...

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Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication By: SPC Eric J. Seiberling Importance of Communication SPC Eric J. Seiberling – 2 What is the importance of communication? In the following pages, I will attempt to answer that very question. In addition, I will also answer, “What are the barriers that restrict people from communicating effectively?” and “What are the different forms of communication?” I hope that by the end of this paper I will have displayed my own personal communication...

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Prayer in Counseling

Christian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling Intervention Journal Article Review Liberty University April 19, 2012 Summary In Eriksen and Weld’s journal article, the writers contend that spirituality and prayer is being utilized more and more by mental health practitioners and counselors. The concept of prayer within the counseling session is something that was considered for a long time but the actual use of spirituality practices is more frequently being used today...

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My Philosophical Approach to Counseling

My Philosophical Approach to Counseling Definition of Existential Therapy One survey taken by Corey suggests a definition of Existential Therapy include two key elements: Existential Therapy is essentially an approach to counseling and therapy rather than a firm theoretical model, it stresses core human conditions. Normally, personality development is based on the uniqueness of each individual. Sense of self develops from infancy. Self determination and a tendency toward growth...

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Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices

 Biblical Integration and Counseling Practices Abstract The integration of biblical practices and counseling has been discussed for decades. There is an increased interest in spiritual and emotional health, among Christian counselors and with secular therapists as well. Understanding the differences between implicit and explicit integration practices in therapy help a therapist to decide which techniques should be used appropriately in therapy. There are critics who claim there...

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Pastoral Counseling Interview

wish had learned in Seminary about Pastoral Counseling”   This report is based on the interview conducted on March 4th with Pastor S. He is a senior pastor in a local church and also a professor of a Seminary, teaching Pastoral Care and Spirituality classes. When he was asked the question of “things that he wished he had learned in seminary about pastoral counseling”, he answered in following 5 points: 1. General Understanding of how much counseling is involved in Pastoral Ministry To my surprise...

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Counseling Case

"Licensed professional counseling" means the application of counseling, human development, and mental health research, principles, and procedures to maintain and enhance the mental health, development, personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and adjustment to work and life of individuals and families”, and the scope of practice is as follows: “The scope of practice of a licensed professional counselor includes, but is not limited to: (1) the implementation of professional counseling treatment interventions...

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Online Counseling

Technology in Counseling Argosy University/Atlanta Abstract Technological advances have opened many doors for the counseling field. These innovative changes incorporate the way services and information are disseminated and retrieved by practitioners and client. This paper looks at the commonly uses of communication modalities ethical issues, code of ethics, advantages, and disadvantages with online counseling. This paper also looks at the California Telemedicine Development Act of 1996. ...

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Fathers and Mothers of Counseling

Fathers and Mothers of Counseling: Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis and Natalie Rogers Tracie Clark Bellevue University June 23, 2013 Abstract This research paper focuses of the Fathers and Mothers of Counseling: Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis and Natalie Rogers. The contributions to the development of the field of the counseling profession will be discussed. We will also discover if these contributions have evolved into another approach and...

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essence of addiction counseling. Counselor, 5(3), 43-48. The Historical Essence of Addiction Counseling William L. White, MA What distinguishes the profession of addiction counseling from the array of helping roles that have preceded and have followed it? What would be lost if the specialized knowledge and functions performed by the addiction counselor disappeared? This essay will explore these questions by attempting to define the historical essence of addiction counseling. The distinctiveness...

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Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling CNLS/502 August 27, 201 Professional Counseling Counseling can be refer as a voluntary and confidential process that takes place within the context of a professional, which includes individuals, groups, or members of a family. The goal of a counselor is to listen to their patients to gain a more concrete understanding of their clients concerns. Once understanding is gained the counselor works with the client to help effectively identify the concerns the...

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Counseling Process

Chapter 3: The Counseling Process 1. State the categories that counseling theories can be classified in and what category, (category 1 or 2) do you feel is the most effective intervention. The categories that counseling theories can be classified are: Affective (feeling) Person-centered counseling Gestalt therapy Behavior (behaving) Reality therapy Brief counseling Individual psychology Cognitive (thinking) Rational-emotive behavioral therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy Psychoanalytic...

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Factors to Consider in Tailoring Patient Counseling

may have preferences as to how they are addressed, and the same goes for intersex individuals. 2. Drug Prescription AND Non-prescription Drugs Taking the medication history of the patient is an important part of patient counseling, and it also precedes the counseling proper. Any herbal supplements, dietary supplements, or folk remedies that the person is taking has to also be taken into account, as there are herbs and vitamins which may have drug interactions with the drug that the patient...

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Counseling Children

psychologically unhealthy due to the family’s alcoholism alone. (Stout, L 1996). It has been found that only a small portion of these young people receive any type of professional counseling services. It is not clear all of the effects of parent alcohol abuse on children, but it must be noted that the sooner counseling is started the better chance the child coming from this environment will have when they reach their teenage years. It is important to understand that the family who has an alcoholic...

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Role of Cognition in Counseling

ROLE OF COGNITION IN COUNSELING TABLE OF CONTENT. Introduction………………………………………………………….. 3 Cognitive therapy…………………………………………………….4 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy...……………………………….4 Characteristics of cognitive-behavioral therapy….5 Virtual Reality Therapy...…………………………………………8 Rational Emotive Therapy………….……………………………8 Transactional ANALYSIS…………………………………………...8 conlusion………………………………………………………………..9 reference………………………………………………………………10 Role of cognition...

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Counseling Philosophy

School Counseling Philosophy School Counseling Philosophy School Counseling Philosophy My philosophy and beliefs come from personal experiences when I was in school. What I thought of a school counselor in high school is a whole lot different than I think of one now. Growing up the only time I saw my school counselor was either I was in trouble or I needed some information about what the ACT was. I thought the school counselor was just someone who sat...

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Personal Theory of Counseling

Personal Theory of Counseling Meaghan O’Reilly Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories COUN-6722-35 Dr. Bob Today, the majority of counselors and therapists operate from an integrative standpoint; that is, they are open to “various ways of integrating diverse theories and techniques” (Corey, 2009b, p. 449). In fact, a survey in Psychotherapy Networker (2007) found that over 95% of respondents proclaimed to practice an integrative approach (cited in Corey, 2009b, p. 449). Corey (2009a; 2009b)...

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Doctor of Counseling

Doctor of Counseling Objectives: Students graduating from the Doctor of Counseling will be able to: 1 Assess, diagnose, and treat clients with a wide range of presenting problems and mental disorders. 2 Effectively apply the Clinically Descriptive and Biblically Prescriptive Model in professional practice. 3 Create a private counseling practice, create a counseling ministry the church or practice within an established mental health agency. 4 Evaluate research and apply relevant findings...

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Counseling Stages

The Stages of Counseling Obviously there are many people who have problems and will need professional help. I will discuss the five stages of counseling and how to build a proper relationship to help a person turn their life around. As a future counselor, these steps will be so vital and important to my success as a counselor. The best way to help a person is by establishing a solid relationship with them. People want to feel comfortable in anyone’s presence; they want to be confident...

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Career Counseling

What is Career Counseling? Your career development is a lifelong process that, whether you know it or not, actually started when you were born! There are a number of factors that influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just...

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