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Importance Of Capital Investment Decisions

Capital Investment Decision Strayer University Graduate Accounting Capstone ACC-599 September 28, 2013 Professor: Dr. Mary Johnson Abstract The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into legislation in July of 2010, by President Barack Obama, as a result of the financial crisis that began in 2008, which resulted in massive failure of large financial institutions, threatening the financial stability of the U.S., as well as the global economy...

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Making Capital Investment Decisions

CHAPTER 9 MAKING CAPITAL INVESTMENT DECISIONS Solutions to Questions and Problems 1. The $7 million acquisition cost of the land six years ago is a sunk cost. The $9.8 million current aftertax value of the land is an opportunity cost if the land is used rather than sold off. The $21 million cash outlay and $850,000 grading expenses are the initial fixed asset investments needed to get the project going. Therefore, the proper year zero cash flow to use in evaluating this project is ...

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Risk Analysis on Investment Decision - Analyzing Capital Budget

turnover is $180 million. SAI grew rapidly in its first years due to the semiconductor industry boom. As the industry began to slow down, SAI watched its revenues fall by 40%. SAI survived the decrease in revenues by cutting costs and freezing capital expenses. Shrewdly, SAI continued its research and development efforts and developed the IC 1032, a specialized chip used in data embedded mobile phones (Scenario, 2008. University of Phoenix). Hal Eichner, SAI Chairman, has a two point strategy...

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Investment decisions

Investment decisions: Low Calorie Microwavable food Course name: Course no. Date: Instructor’s name:   The demand function for low calorie microwavable food depends on the price of the good, its competitive good, advertisement expenditure and income of the consumer. From the demand function and the elasticities calculated, it is found that the market for the low calorie microwavable food belongs to a monopolistically competitive market. A monopolistic competitive...

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Reserch Paper - Capital Investments

ACCT 213 CAPITAL INVESTMENTS: MODELS USED IN DECISION MAKING Capital investments are long-term investments made by companies to eventually enhance profitability and shareholder value. Capital investments normally last a company for a number of years, and they take longer periods of time to implement or enhance within an organization. Some examples of capital investments include, but are not limited too: automation in factories (equipment and software), research and development, equipment...

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Importance of Human Capital

 Importance of Human Capital Human capital is the collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences, and motivation of an organization’s workforce. It is also known as intellectual capital which is the knowledge, creativity, and decision making that people contribute in an organization (Zinni et al, 2011). Many companies focus far too much on measuring return on invested capital (ROIC) rather than measuring the contributions made by their talented employees (Bryan...

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Capital Budgeting Decision Process

Capital Budgeting Decision Process 1. Introduction The maximization of shareholder wealth can be achieved through dividend policy and increasing share price of the mark value. In order to derive more profits, our company shall invest potential investments which always cover a number of years. Those investments involve substantial initial outlay at the outset and the process. The management is responsible to participate in the process of planning, analyzing, evaluating, selecting...

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Capital Investment Appraisal

Evaluate the different methods of capital investment appraisal available to organisations and clearly show when each method would be used (if at all) illustrating your answer with relevant examples. Capital investment appraisal can be described as the decision-making process used by organisations to evaluate different investments and to decide which fixed assets to purchase. In the following, four different methods of investment appraisal shall be discussed: accounting rate of return (ARR), payback...

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Risk Analysis on Investment Decision

Risk Analysis on Investment Decision Net present value, internal rate of return, and profitability index are measures used to compare two mutually exclusive capital investment proposals. "SAI wants to increase market share and keep up with technology, which can be done by either expanding their existing Digital Imaging market share or by entering the Wireless Communication market," (UoP, 2007). Both alternatives have areas of opportunity as well as potential risks that the company will have to...

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Capital Markets And Investment Banking

 Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Carmen Yost October 28th 2014 FIN 402 Edward David Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Investment banks provide a huge amount of crucial services to the economy. The first important role of investment bank is to help the public and help private corporations in raising funds for the capital markets. A second service is to provide strategic advisory services for mergers. These institutions also act as intermediaries...

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Capital Budgeting Decisions

Capital budgeting (or investment appraisal) is the planning process used to determine whether an organization's long term investments such as new machinery, replacement machinery, new plants, new products, and research development projects are worth pursuing. It is budget for major capital, or investment, expenditures.[1] Many formal methods are used in capital budgeting, including the techniques such as * Accounting rate of return * Payback period * Net present value * Profitability...

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Capital budgeting and investment decisions

According to Attrill and Mclaney, 2009, there are four (4) approaches to capital budgeting. The net present value (NPV) is one of such and is a summation of all discounted cash flows(Present Value) associated with whichever project(s) are undergoing appraisal. Every appraisal method have decision rules, examples include the Payback Period(PBP) which stipulates the approval of projects that pays back the initial investments within a specific period. For this method (Net Present Value) to be most...

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Long Term Investment Decisions

Long-Term Investment Decisions (Course title) (Date) Introduction Long term capital decisions involve choosing how to finance long term projects. For a movie rental company, such decisions would include opening new shops in new markets or buying new machinery that would improve the firm’s technology. Before making such decisions, a firm has to do an analysis of the returns that the new project would bring against the cost outlay of the project. There are several ways of doing such an analysis...

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Importance of Human Capital in Economicdevelopment

HUMAN CAPITAL AND IT’S ROLE IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: 1. Introduction: The modern economists are of the view that natural resources i...e forest minerals, climate, water power etc. play in important role in the economic development of an country. A country which has abundant natural resources is in position to development more rapidly than a country which is deficient in such resources. They here how ere emphasize that the presence of abundant resources is not a sufficient condition of economic...

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Risk Analysis on Investment Decisions

Risk Analysis on Investment Decisions Investment techniques used in corporate finance when making decisions on projects usually focuses on cash flows of the firm (Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe, 2004). Because of drastic changes in the business environment over the last decade, managers are requesting better, more accurate information, and improved techniques to meet company needs for making major decisions with data consisting of clear goals, a planned design, high ethics, revealed limitations...

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Johnson Controls Inc. Capital Investments

 Assignment #2: “Johnson Controls Capital Investments” ACC 560 Nadine Gilles December 2, 2012 Professor Linda Chess Johnson Controls, Inc. follows a carefully an outlined capital budgeting process. There are many methodologies to supplement the traditional methods for evaluating the capital investments of Johnson Controls, Inc. The three traditional valuation methods, transaction, income, replacement cost, are appropriate for nearly all valuation analyses. However, over the...

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capital investment

problem-solving and decision-making simple processes for problem-solving and decision-making Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. There are processes and techniques to improve decision-making and the quality of decisions. Decision-making is more natural to certain personalities, so these people should focus more on improving the...

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Function and Importance of Investment Spending in South Africa

Investment expenditure and increased investment rates are important for current and future economic activity in South Africa. This essay aims to draw attention to the mechanics behind the function and the importance of investment spending in South Africa. By analysing the importance of investment and the aspect of capacity utilisation percentages, as well as integrating these concepts into the vision put forward by the government in the New Growth Path framework, the aim is to help gain a clear...

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Risk Analysis on Investment Decisions

Risk Analysis on Investment Decision Silicon Arts Inc. (SAI) is a four year old company that manufactures digital imaging integrated Circuits (IC’s) that are used in digital cameras, DVD players, computers, and medical and scientific instruments. Hal Eichner, SAI’s Chairman, has a two-point agenda for the company to increase market share and keep pace with technology. As the Financial Analyst for the company one must analyze two mutually exclusive capital investment proposals. The two options...

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Types of Capital Investment Decisions

Types of Capital Investment Decisions Organizations often are faced with the opportunity (or need) to invest in assets or projects that represent long-term commitments. New production systems, new plants, new equipment, and new product development are examples of assets and projects that fit this category. Usually, many alternatives are available. For example, an organization may be faced with the decision of whether or not to invest in a new plant, or whether to invest in a flexible manufacturing...

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Initial Capital Investment

Initial Capital Investment Before investing any amount of capital into a business, organisation or idea, It is crucial that research is conducted into the market and the market share of the business. From this, an estimation can be gained if it is a wise idea and what the possible return maybe. The initial capital investment must be sufficient to cover all costs of the setting up, opening and running of the business until the business is making enough income from sales and services to aide...

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Security Analysis in Investment Decisions

SYLLABUS SECURITY ANALYSIS & INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT MBA–3rd SEMESTER, M.D.U., ROHTAK External Marks : 70 Time : 3 hrs. UNIT - I Internal Marks : 30 Decision Support System : Overview, components and classification, steps in constructing a dss, role in business, group decision support system. UNIT - II Information...

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Investment in Human Capital

GREATER INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN OR INCREASE THE PROSPERITY OF GHANAIANS DISCUSS. INTRODUCTION Within the broad framework of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development is emerging as the crucial function that can add value and also provide organizations with competitive advantage. Human Resource Development is therefore the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development...

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Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process

Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process The investment environment is vast and can be overwhelming if not entered into correctly. Firm’s issuing new securities to enhance revenues understand the complexities and risks involved when entering the primary market, and will employ investment bankers to mitigate those risks. Described throughout this paper is the investment banking process and portfolio construction, factors for selecting...

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Investment Appraisal

SCHOOL OF BUSSINESS AND LAW LONDON NAME: Mr. ASHISH KUMR NAFRI STUDENT ID: 0022KONS1109 SUBJECT: ACCOUNTING AND DECISION MAKING TECHNIQUES (ADMT) LECTURER: MR. S. A. PALAN CONTENTS Introduction…………………………………………………………………….………2 Define Capital Investment Appraisal…………………………….………………….…2 Discounted cash flow methods……….………………………….………………….…4 Explanation of NPV…………………… ...........................

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The Importance of Working Capital Management to the Survival of Business Organisations

CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Working Capital has been defined as the net asset of a business, that is, the excess of current assets over current liabilities. It is the resources required to conduct the daily of core activities of any business setup small businesses, medium businesses or large scale enterprises. Any business which desire to perpetually remain in business must ensure a healthy level of its working capital by maintaining a sound relationship between the current assets and...

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Capital Investment Decisions

EC-731 Capital Investment Analysis and Project Assessment Michael Boehlje and Cole Ehmke Department of Agricultural Economics Capital investment decisions that involve the purchase of items such as land, machinery, buildings, or equipment are among the most important decisions undertaken by the business manager. These decisions typically involve the commitment of large sums of money, and they will affect the business over a number of years. Furthermore, the funds to purchase a capital item must...

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cost of capital

What is cost of capital? The cost of capital is the cost of obtaining funds, through debt or equity, in order to finance an investment. It is used to evaluate new projects of a company, as it is the minimum return that investors expect for providing capital to the company, thus setting a benchmark that a new project has to meet. Importance The concept of cost of capital is a major standard for comparison used in finance decisions. Acceptance or rejection of an investment project depends on the...

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Capital Structurs Decisions

CAPITAL STRUCTURE DECISIONS When a firm is seeking financing for a project it is usually a choice between additional debt financing or an additional equity issue, assuming internally generated funds are not sufficient. The chosen option of financing can make a difference to EPS (earnings per share ), which is an important investment analyst ratio. Example : Assume Cherokee Tire Co’s long term capitalization of $18 mill is as follows : Debt $5 mill @ 9 per cent. ...

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Capital Budgeting : investment Decision

 CAPITAL BUDGETING – INVESTMENT DECISIONS SUBMITTED BY : Abhisht Sinha (08305) Himangi Malik (08321) Swagata Ghoshal (08337) Tijeel Kumar Tarun (08352 I. CASE ABOUT BUILT OPERATE AND TRANSFER The case taken is about Built Operate and Transfer. It is a feasibility report which was prepared to present economic analysis carried out on the project and contain result of economic evaluation of the project so that the owner can take investment decision and the project can be properly planned...

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Making the Investment Decision

Making the Investment Decision Mr. Bill Sipple (HVS Capital) Post Session Assignment 1. What are the three main approaches to value and the pros/cons of each? The three main approaches to value are the income approach, which is widely used in the hotel valuation process, the sales comparison approach, and the cost approach. The income approach deals with either a Cap Rate or discounted cash flows. This approach is the preferred approach to valuation as it most closely reflects the economic...

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Intel's Capital Budgeting Decision in 2013

Nguyen Thanh Tuan – MBA06043 Dr. Ann Ericson Financial Management 18 January 2013 An arguable capital budgeting decision in Intel’s Financial Plan 2013 Thursday 17 January 2013, Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, has highlighted some concerns about Intel’s Financial Plan 2013. Noel Randewich, the report’s writer, thought Intel Corporation's current-quarter revenue forecast disappointed Wall Street analysts. The reason behind is Intel will spend more...

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Mba 540 Risk Analysis on Investment Decision

Analysis on Investment Decision Risk Analysis on Investment Decision The capital budgeting simulation presented a company by the name of Silicon Arts Inc. (SAI). SAI is a four-year-old company that manufactures digital imaging integrated circuits and has an agenda to increase their profit share and keep pace with today's technology. This paper will discuss the external and internal risks associated when making a decision to accept or reject a particular project. The decision made will be...

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Cost of Capital

Cost of Capital Definition: cost of capital is the rate of return that a company must earn on its project investments to maintain its market value and attract funds. The cost of capital to a company is the minimum rate of return that is must earn on its investments in order to satisfy the various categories of investors, who have made investments in the form of shares , debentures and loans. The cost of capital in operational terms refers to the discount rate that would be used in determining the...

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Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process

Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process FIN 402 Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process To be aware of fiscal scale as well as assess welfare of any sort of company the Investment Banking is an important factor Germaine to the predicament of the fiscal welfare of a person or a company of any scale. For the efficient manufacturing and sizes there is not any ideal strategy which has been forecasted these days. To match the aim, vision and objectives described through the fiscal...

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Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper

Capital Markets and Investment Banking � PAGE �6� Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Jamila Lewis University of Phoenix INVESTMENT FUNDAMENTALS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, FIN 419 Instructor: STEVEN PETRIZZI March 22, 2010 Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Introduction Although a crucial element in the development of commerce over the last several years, the investment banking process can be, for those who are not continually involved in it, a rather mystifying...

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Importance of Financial Statement in Decision Making

MPORTANCE OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC Importance of financial statement is not what anyone can just keep aside without feeling the heat. A financial statement is very important in every society as many economic and financial decisions are made based on it. WHAT ARE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS? Financial statements are those sets of accounts that every quoted company / incorporation is mandated by law to produce for the benefits of its shareholders and other stakeholders. Financial statements...

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Capital Budgeting

Week 4 Discussion Question 1b Introduction Capital budgeting is one of the most crucial decisions the financial manager of any firm is faced with...Over the years the need for relevant information has inspired several studies that can assist firms to make better decisions. These models are assigned so that they make the best allocation of resources. Early research shows that methods such as payback model was more widely used which is basically just determining the length of time required for the...

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Accounting and Decision Making Techniques

Accounting and Decision Making Techniques Assignment MFP/MBA November 2012 –March 2013 Course Lecturer: S.A. Palan ONUR CAN ASLAN B0316KGKG1112 2013 Table of Content ABSTRACT 3 INTRODUCTION 4 Importance of Investment Appraisal for Business Entities 5 Calculations of NPV, IRR and Payback Period 5 Selection of Projects 8 Changes in the NPV with cost of capital 8 Changes in the IRR with cost of capital 9 Difference of sensitivity between Long-term and Short term NPV 9 ...

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Capital Markets and the Investment Banking Process

Investment banks provide a wealth of critical services to our economy. One important role of the investment bank is to assist public and private corporations in raising funds in the capital markets. A second service is in providing strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and other types of financial transactions. They also act as intermediaries in trading for clients. Investment banks differ from commercial banks, which take deposits and make commercial and retail loans. The focus of...

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Capital Investment Decisions Lecture Slides

Capital investment decisions: BU5026 BU5043 BU5049 Dr Ndubuisi C Anomelechi 1 Budgeting and planning for Capital investments • Generally referred to as o Capital budgeting decisions o Capital investment decisions o Capital expenditure (CAPEX) decisions • Planning for significant financial outlays • Projects with long-term implications o New equipment purchase o Introduction of new products. 2 1 Typical Capital Budgeting Decisions Plant expansion Equipment selection Equipment replacement Lease...

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Wise Investment: Better Future

WISE INVESTMENT: BETTER FUTURE Introduction The most critical challenge faced by investors is investment decisions. Decision-making is defined as the process of choosing a particular alternative from a number of alternatives, Sevilla (1972). Knowing where to invest, how much money to put in as the proper timing are key ingredients in making sound and wise investment decisions. According to Miranda (2002), one of the most important finance functions is to intelligently allocate capital to long-term...

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Explain the Concept of Discounting and Its Importance in the Theory of Investment Expenditure.

There are trade-offs involved in every economic decisions. When considering whether or not to carry out a capital investment, it is rational for firms to estimate the expected rate of return on investment by comparing the costs of purchasing and maintaining the capital goods and the future expected profits. However, it is flawed to treat the value of a pound that is received in the future to be equal to the value of a pound received today. One reason is that due to rising inflation, the true value...

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The Investment Decision, the Financing Decision and the Dividend Decision Are Sides of the Financial Management Triangle with Visible Interface. Examine This Statement Critically


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converse would be true if the intrinsic value is less than the stock price. The stock might be a good sell. 3. A satisfactory investment is one that offers an expected return, from the combination of current income and capital gains, that is commensurate with its perceived exposure to risk. The three steps in security analysis should enable investors to identify satisfactory investment s. First, economic analysis assesses the general state of the economy and its potential effects on security returns. Industry...

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Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper

Capital Markets and Investment Banking Process Paper Investments banking process and capital markets are elements in understanding how to invest and be successful in the investments. In the investment backing process, investor might enlist the help of an investment banker which can help the investor with buying, selling, and trading of securities, managing assets and give financial advice. Portfolio construction is another area that should be examined to make sure that diversification, asset allocation...

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Capital Budgeting

CAPITAL BUDGETING PRINCIPLES Capital budgeting is the process of evaluating and implementing a firm’s investment opportunities, by virtue of properly identifying such investments that are likely to enhance a firm’s competitive advantage and increase shareholder wealth. A typical capital budgeting decision involves a large up-front investment followed by a series of smaller cash inflows. A typical capital budgeting process is focused around following basic principles: 1) Decisions are based on...

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Working Capital Managment

Management Of Working Capital Introduction Working Capital-Definition Working Capital is the cash needed to pay for the day to day operation of the business. Along with long term investments , business also needs funds for short-term purposes to finance current operations. Investment in short term assets like cash, inventories, debtors etc., is called ‘Short-term Funds’ or ‘Working Capital’. Hence, the management of Working Capital is very important for...

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Capital Budgeting Assignment #2 Breana N. Rainge 23. Bauer Industries is an automobile manufacturer. Management is currently evaluating a proposal to build a plan that will manufacture lightweight trucks. Bauer plans to use a cost of capital of 12% to evaluate this project. Based on extensive research, it has prepared the following incremental free cash flow projections (in millions of dollars): | Year 0 | Year 1-9 | Year 10 | Revenues | | 100.0 | 100.0 | -Manufacturing expenses (other...

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the importance of etical decisions in a business

The importance of ethical decisions making in a business What’s ethics---? These are principles and standards that govern the world of business in making decisions .in which the decisions maybe wrong or bad but it all depends in what the makers view is good or bad. There is the importance of making ethical decisions in business to employees, customers, investors and also the business itself.so the decisions that are made in the business can affect it negatively or positively. Good Ethics guides...

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The Importance of Capital Budgeting

The importance of capital budgeting cannot be exaggerated. Some of the reasons for this importance are mentioned below: • Capital budgeting involves a greater amount of risk on account of unforeseen situations. Capital is generally invested with the expectation of future benefits which are likely to accrue over a long period of time. Therefore, a right decision has to be taken to ensure a favorable impact on the profitability and competitive position of the firm. • Capital budgeting decisions...

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Foreign Direct Investment

Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Location in the Petrochemicals Industry, the case of Saudi Arabia By Fawaz Binsaeed 0531820 BBS Doctoral Symposium 23rd & 24th March 2009 1 Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment Location in the Petrochemicals Industry, The case of Saudi Arabia Abstract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is an important source of capital and economic growth in developing countries. It provides a package of new technologies, management techniques...

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Long-Term Investment Decisions

Stephanie Piris ECO 550 Dr. Gerace Assignment 4 December 20, 2012 Long-term Investment Decisions 1. Explain why government regulation is or is not needed, citing the major reasons for government involvement in a market economy. Provide support for your explanation. In a free market economy, buyers and sellers freely trade with each other according to their own self-interest and the laws of supply and demand. Competitive market forces efficiently allocate resources. The role of government...

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Factors Influencing the Decision Making Regarding the Individual Investment Behavior: an Assessment

FACTORS INFLUENCING THE DECISION MAKING REGARDING THE INDIVIDUAL INVESTMENT BEHAVIOR: AN ASSESSMENT CHAPTER 1 Introduction Investor behavior of behavioral finance concentrates on irrational behavior that can affect investment decision and market prices. It attempts to better understand and explain how emotions and cognitive errors influence investors and the decision-making process. In global financial markets the use of approaches based on perfect predictions, completely flexible prices, and...

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Importance of Payback Method in Capital Budgeting Decision

School of Management Blekinge Institute of Technology THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PAYBACK METHOD IN CAPITAL BUDGETING DECISION. By Alaba Femi, AWOMEWE & Oludele Olawale, OGUNDELE Supervisor: Anders Hederstierna Thesis for the Master’s degree in Business Administration Fall/Spring 2008 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PAYBACK METHOD IN CAPITAL BUDGETING DECISION. By Alaba Femi, AWOMEWE & Oludele Olawale, OGUNDELE A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree...

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81176461 Norwich Tools Lathe Investment Decisions

 CASE: MAKING NORWICH TOOLS LATHE INVESTMENT DECISIONS PAR T A: PAYBACK PERIOD ACCEPTABILTY OF EACH PROJECT: Lathe A will be rejected because it’s payback period is longer than 4 years maximum expected payback period 4.04years > 4years Lathe B project is accepted because it payback period is less than the 4 year maximum payback period 3.65years < 4 years ---------------------------------------- PART B: NPV &IRR LATHE A NPV & IRR LATHE B NPV & IRR years cash flow PV Factor @13% PV...

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Capital Investment Decisions: the Case of Diamond Plc

Capital Investment Decisions: The case of Diamond PLC CONTENT PAGE PAGES 1.1 - Introduction...................................................................................................4 1.2 - Literature review............................................................................................4-6 2.1 - Advantages and disadvantages of Net Present Value....................................6-7 2.2 - Advantages and disadvantages of Internal Rate of Return......................

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Human Resource Accounting and the Importance of Human Capital Assets

are known as HUMAN CAPITAL ASSETS. THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN CAPITAL ASSETS Value is created when intangible resources are deployed and degrades when they remain unused. Today knowledge or more colloquially, intelligence and brainpower have become the key determinant for the economic and business success. The key success factor of an individual business enterprise is no longer its sheer size or the number of tangible assets it controls – It is its Human Capital. The importance of the human resources...

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Investment Theory

• What is the role and importance of Harvard's endowment? • What is Harvard's Policy Portfolio? How is this portfolio determined? • How does HMC develop its capital market assumptions? What is the US equity premium implied in HMC's capital market assumptions? • Why did HMC constrain the portfolio weights in their mean-variance analysis? • What was the reason for giving HMC a minimum and maximum range for each asset class? 1. Using the capital market assumptions made by...

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Capital Budgeting

WHAT IS CAPITAL BUDGETING? 1. 2. Decision making process of selecting and evaluating longterm investments. Examples include the decision to replace equipment, to develop new product, or to build new shop at a new branch of operations. It is very crucial for companies to make the right decisions because these projects require a huge amount of cash outflow committed for many years. A right decision will increase the firm’s value as well as the shareholders’ wealth. A wrong decision will...

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