"Impact Of Small Scale Business Enterprises In Nigeria Economic Development" Essays and Research Papers

Impact Of Small Scale Business Enterprises In Nigeria Economic Development


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Contribution of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

efficient manner has continue to be the only viable and alternative for development of small scale enterprises in Nigeria and for the development, growth and survival of any economy. The development of small scale enterprises not only contributes significantly to imposed standard, they also bring substantial local capital formation and achieve high level of productivity. Small and medium scales are crucial to the development of all economies of the world. They are the modern day’s incubators of job...

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Research Proposal On Financing Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Nigeria

And limitation Plan of study References AWE JUMOKE BOLANLE 2008/758 ECO. 312 ACCOUNTING Research proposal. On FINANCING SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE. INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT TOPIC  : FINANCING STRATEGIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT PROPOSAL  INTRODUCTION Interest in the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for SMEs are various...

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and effectiveness of small and medium scale enterprises as an instrument of economic growth and development in Nigeria has long been under scrutiny. This intense scrutiny has been against the backdrop of the low performance and inefficiency that characterized small and medium scale enterprises particularly in assessing its role on economic growth and development. Despite government institutional and policies support to enhancing the capacity of small and medium scale enterprises, SMEs has fallen short...

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Small and Medium Scale Mining

  PROJECT TOPIC  : SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A Case Study of Cassava Processing Industry) PROJECT PROPOSAL BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Interest in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution in the development process continue to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for SMEs are various, including: the encouragement of entrepreneurship; the greater likelihood that SMEs will utilise...

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The Role of Small Business in Economic

THE ROLE OF SMALL BUSINESS IN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION IN WEST VIRGINIA: AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS By Gebremeskel H. Gebremariam1 Tesfa G. Gebremedhin, and Randall W. Jackson RESEARCH PAPER 2004-10 ABSTRACT: The main objective of the study is to empirically evaluate the critical roles of small businesses in economic growth and poverty alleviation in West Virginia. In OLS and 2SLS regression analysis a positive relationship exists between small business and economic growth. A strong...

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CHALLENGES AFFECTING THE GROWTH OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN KENYA (A Case study of Wajir Soko Mjinga Market) A Research proposal Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Diploma in Business Administaration to the Mount Kenya University JULY 2013 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I take this occasion to thank the Almighty GOD for blessing me with his grace. I extend my sincere gratitude to my MKU supervisors...

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The Role of Small and Medium Equity Investement Scheme in Financing Sme's

The Role of Small and Medium Industries Equity Investment Scheme (SMIEIS) in financing Small-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Interest in the role of Small-Scale Enterprises in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for Small-Scale Enterprises are various, including: the encouragement of entrepreneurship; the greater likelihood that Small-Scale Enterprises will utilise labour intensive technologies...

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Economic Contributions of Small Business

Micro, small, medium enterprises defined Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are defined as any business activity/enterprise engaged in industry, agri-business/services, whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership, or corporation. MSMEs have value falling under the following categories: By Asset*: MICRO: Up to P3,000,000 SMALL: P3,000,001 to P15,000,000 MEDIUM P5,000,001 to 100,000,000 LARGE: Above 100,000,00 This table shows that in a small business it should...

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How Has Managerial Incompetence Contribute to Small Scale Enterprise in the Country

the study 1 1.2 Problem Statement 3 1.3 Objectives of the Study 4 1.4 Research Questions 4 1.5 Significance of the study 4 1.6 Scope of the Study 4 1.7 Limitations 5 1.8 Organization of The Study 5 Chapter 2 6 2.1 Small Business Defined 6 2.2 Challenges of Small Business 6 References 8 1.0 Introduction Many businesses begin operations on a shoestring, and some entrepreneurs never seek bank loans or other outside funding. However, many new and established businesses lack the managerial...

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Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria]

Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria] Introduction The Federal Republic of Nigeria has an area of 923,768.00 sq kilometres and completely within the tropical zone (About.com 2005). Nigeria has a population which is estimated over 154 million. It is a 12th largest petroleum product producer in the world. Due to the surge in international oil prices during 2007-08, Nigeria administrated an annual GDP of US$352.3 billion and has the largest GDP compare...

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Impact of Industrial Development on Nigeria Stock Market

Impact of Industrial development on Nigeria stock market. The potentials of capital market in Nigeria as a catalyst to economic and industrial development cannot be over emphasized. The capital market as an internal part of a country’s financial system operates at the long end of the system to mobilize resources for long term development and growth. Basically, the capital market accelerates growth by providing ,relatively long term capital - debt and equity finance – for government and corporate...

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Problems of Small Businesses

Globalization refers to a fundamental shift in world economy in which nations are moving toward an interdependent global economic system (Hill, 2009). Globalization has resulted in markets in which previously historically separate markets have become one huge global marketplace as a result of reductions in trade barriers and advances in information and transportation technologies. As a result, small firms can now participate in international trade right from inception. Another facet of globalization is globalization...

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Solutions to the Problems of Small Scale Business

1 INTRODUCTION A small-scale business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. In addition to number of employees, other methods used to classify small companies include annual sales (turnover), value of assets and net profit (balance sheet), alone or in a mixed definition. The smallest businesses, often located in private homes, are called micro businesses (term used by international organizations such as the World...

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The Impact of Development Grants on Growth of Smes in Rural Tanzania

Graduate Research Pre-Proposal Summery Statement of Intended Research Topic (CONCEPT PAPER) 1. Topic of Research: The suggested research topic is: "The Impact of Development Grants on Growth of SMEs in Rural Tanzania". 2. Brief Statement of the Research Problem: Tanzania has recognised the importance of SMEs to the economic developments of the country, and has taken various measures to support their growth. However, despite of the efforts to enhance SMEs growth into the country, still a number...

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Large and Medium Scale Business

Small Scale Business Small Scale Businesses help every economy to achieve industrial growth and industrial diversification. Small Scale Business Enterprises are mainly of four different categories: 1.Small Scale Industrial Undertaking A Business Enterprise will be called Small Scale Business Undertaking if Investment in Fixed Assets, in Plant and Machinery, whether held on Ownership basis or on Lease or on Hire Purchase does not exceed 10 million Rupees and it is in no way owned, controlled...

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The Impact of Small Business on Nigeria

The Impact of Small Scale Business on the Nigerian Economy Small Scale Businesses contribute immensely to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy. Some of these impacts are felt in the following areas: Increase in the nation’s Gross domestic product and Gross national product 1. Increase in Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product The Gross National Product (GNP) is the total dollar value of all final goods and services produced for consumption in society during a particular...

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Small Scale Development

Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (OMAN Chapter) Vol. 1, No.7; February 2012 Development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: The role of Government and other Financial Institutions By: Emmanuel O. Oni Ph.D & Daniya A. A. Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna ABSTRACT Small and Medium Scale Enterprises constitute essential ingredients in the lubrication and development of any economy. In Nigeria, the story makes...

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Small and Medium Scale Enterprise

SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA: THE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS. By Abiodun Fatai1 Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos Nigeria. ABSTRACT Small and medium scale enterprises have long believed to be catalysts for economic growth and national development both in developed and developing countries. In Nigeria where private sector is not well developed SME is assumed to play the role of employment generation, facilitator of economic...

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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: Thenigerian Perspective

European Journal of Business and Managementwww.iiste.org ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)Vol 4, No.8, 2012 100 and support services to accelerate the development and modernisation of MSMEs, SMEDAN badly needed to have acomprehensive understanding and knowledge of the population of MSMEs in the country, their distribution bysectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, trade, construction, mining, technology, etc, and their distribution by rural and urban areas as well as the...

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SIGNIFICANCE AND ELEMENTS OF ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT INTRODUCTION: Economic means "pertaining to the production and use of income”. The Factors which have their affect on the working of a Enterprise are collectively known as “Economic Environment”. It includes System, Policies and Nature of an economy, Trade cycles, Economic resources, Level of Income, Distribution of income and wealth etc. The Economic Environment represents the Economic conditions in the country where the international...

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Business and Small Scale Industries

THE ROLE OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA Ayozie Daniel Ogechukwu, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria, The Federal Polytechnic, Ogun State, Nigeria Abstract A business whether small or big, simple of complex, private or public is created to provide competitive prices. Business in Nigeria has been classified as small, medium and large. In both the developed and developing countries, the government is turning to small and medium scale industries, as a means...

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Small Business Big Gains

Small is Profitable INDIAN EXPERIENCE :-- INDIA is predominantly an agricultural country. A proper development of small-scale industries is vital for the healthy growth of our Economy. Small business has played a very crucial role in transforming the Indian economy from a backward agrarian economy to its present stature. The country can profit by Japan’s bold experience in this direction, which has been spread over more than three decades. The small-scale sector has emerged as an engine of...

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Funding Small Scale Enterprises

Financing small scale business enterprises CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY Over the years, it has become fashionable for successive government to come up with one economic policy or the other in a bid to bring about improvement in the nation during her regime. The then military administrator in the year 1986 while in power introduced an economic program called Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which was foisted on Nigerians as an alternative to IMF/World...

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Economic Development

A BRIEF ON SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Nigeria as a developing economy cannot achieve full development without the contribution of the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). In most developed economies, the main stay of their economy has been attributed to the effectiveness of the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) is accepted globally as a tool for empowering the citizenry and economic growth. It has been associated...

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The Impact of E Commerce on Small Business

Impact of E-Commerce on Small Firms have factor that has influenced the processes of adoption and use of e-commerce in both small and medium enterprises and industries. Small scales firms that have adopted and have used e-commerce have taken into account not only the technological part and organisational aspects of implementation but also the strong user’s o the web sites with their own skills, attitude towards work, enthusiasm and fear of technology. Whereas on the other side of the story, the majority...

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Small Business

market among them. However, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) still play an important role in the secondary and tertiary market. After global finance crisis, SMEs has become the main part to promote the economic. Compare to the large companies, the SMEs face a high competitive market. It is said that the small and medium-sized enterprises are continuous injecting innovation and competition for the market economy. If the small and medium-sized enterprises want to be succeed and thrive,...

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Emergence of Small Business in Nigeria

STATE, NIGERIA FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES GOVERNMENT AND SMALL BUSINESS (ENT841) A TERM PAPER ON THE EMERGENCE OF SMALL BUSINESS IN NIGERIA BY ODUNLAMI MICHAEL A. (09/07/0089) OMIYALE ABIMBOLA (09/07/00484) ADENUGA JOHNSON O. (09/07/0075) PRESENTED TO: PROF. (MRS) OSOBA NOVEMBER 2012 INTRODUCTION Before addressing the history of small business, it is better to briefly discuss the meaning, scope and characteristics of small business...

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Small Business Sucess

past 60 years, the major theme in business has been the rise of entrepreneurship around the globe. An estimate of half-billion people worldwide is trying to venture to a new business every year. At the early 70’s, as corporate profits had begun to decline, entrepreneurs have started small business and created entirely unique industries such as Steve Jobs of Apple Computer and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Managers also arrived to the realization that having bigger business is not necessarily better and flatter...

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Report on Key Issues in Small Business Enterprises

Key issues in small business enterprises | Personal Reflective Report | | Zdravko Mihaylov | BA (HONS) Business Enterprise Development2012 | | Introduction Small business enterprises are important for the modern market economy in terms of innovation, employment and flexibility. They are the backbone of our economy. Around 98.6% of all businesses are considered small (Goodman, 2006) and every large business was at some point small. Small business enterprises are very different...

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Problems of Small Scale Industries

The path of small entrepreneurs is not rosy. Small entrepreneurs face the following types of problems: (1) Problem of raw materials: A major problem that the small entrepreneurs face is the procurement of raw materials. They have to confront with numerous problems like; i. Availability of inadequate quantity ii. Poor quality of materials iii. High cost of raw materials etc All these factors adversely affect the proper functioning of small units. (2) Problem of finance: Finance...

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Globalisation and the Economic Impact on Small Island States: Caribbean

Nottingham University Business School MBA Programmes N14M79 Business Economics Globalisation and the Economic Impact on Small Island States: Caribbean January 6th 2011 Kole’ Mascoll Student ID: COPY [1] Globalisation and the Economic impact on small island states: Caribbean This paper conducts an analysis of Small Island States of the Caribbean, the Economic effects of Globalisation and addresses both the macroeconomic and microeconomic issues. The paper will begin...

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Small Scale Industries

Project on Management of Small Scale Industries & Public Relations Management. SSI visited:- Nova Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Introduction To Small Scale Industries. Small-scale industries are the backbone of the Indian industrial structure. They provide a variety of non-traditional low technology product. They are also engaged in the processing, preserving manufacturing and servicing activities. small-scale industries (SSIs) constitute an...

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Major Problems Facing Small Scale Enterprises

Major problems facing small scale enterprises One major problem in Nigeria's business environment is inadequate power supply. This and other factors are responsible for the problems and low performance of small scale enterprises and these problems seem to have to defied all efforts by government to address them. The problems over the years have equally kept foreign investors on the run despite Nigeria's efforts to lure them to invest in the country.In this edition, Saturday Vanguard went to town...

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Implication of Market Imperfections for Economic Development Finance

IMPLICATION OF MARKET IMPERFECTIONS FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FINANCE As the period section shows, the operation of capital markets does not match the assumptions underlying perfect competition but instead is characterized by market imperfections that can create capital availability gaps. Despite the united states well developed capital markets, a firm’s location, industry, amount and form of capital needed and the number and type of financial institutions serving its area can all affect its access...

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Business Development in a Global Market

BUSSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL MARKET Developing a business opportunity or introducing a new product into the global market place is a risky business at the best of times. Strong and precise business strategies along with extensive market research are the keys for developing a successful global enterprise. This essay will cover the core fundamentals required to best enter the global market while minimizing the risks. Core fundamental include, indentifying potential markets, product competition...

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Nigeria Economic Bloc

The aim of this work is discuss Nigeria’s regional economic bloc (ECOWAS), the implications of this Economic Bloc to International Business and its advantages and disadvantages to Nigeria. Introduction: Nigeria is a country located in West Africa; it has a population of about 160,027,000 (World Economic Fact Book 2010). Its main produce is oil and petroleum; the country is also a key...

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The impact of FDI on GDP in Nigeria

Introduction When investigating the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for host countries, most research focuses on the effect of FDI on economic growth. FDI can be defined as cross-border expenditures to acquire or expand corporate control of productive assets (Froot, 1993). It is a key element in the rapidly evolving international integration. It may help the competitive position of both the recipient (host) and the investing (home) economy, by transferring know-how and technologies and...

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Factors Affecting Tax Compliance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the Advent of the Eac Common Market.

taxpayers for example the recent protest by taxpayers over implementation of Electronic Tax Registers. Hostility towards tax compliance could be explained in terms of the deterrence theory which implies that taxpayers make calculations of the economic consequences of different compliant alternative, such as whether or not to evade tax; the probability of detection and consequences thereof, and choose the alternative which maximizes their expected after tax-return/profit possibly after adjustment...

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Entrepreneur and Economic Development of Nigeria: Problems and prospects

IYOHA PG/EDU0003886_ [ ASSIGNMENT FOR BUS 815-ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT 2008/2009] _ENTREPRENEUR AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS_ � INTRODUCTION "No amount of pay would be enough for an employee of an organization to live a comfortable life that he would please"- this assertion is a common place phrase that new inductee of banks are tutored with on entering into the financial systems of Nigeria banks and this mantra is soon forgotten as soon as they start earning...

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Conclusions European Business Environment

doing business, by the introduction of the Single Market which eased the movement with the Union and gave incentives for new business plans. Meeting these rules and regulations, enterprises are free to choose their strategy as they best consider will lead to success. Environment diversity refers to similarity or distinctive level between environment elements, including individuals, organizations and social forces which affect the resources. Major consequences of environment diversity impact on enterprises...

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effect of microfinancing on small scale business

Since Nigeria attained independence in 1960, considerable efforts have been directed towards industrial development. The initial efforts were government-led through the vehicle of large industry, but lately, emphasis has shifted to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) following the lessons learnt from the success of SMEs in the economic growth of Asian countries (Ojo, 2003). Thus, the recent industrial development drive in Nigeria has focused on sustainable development through small business...

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The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority

------------------------------------------------- Introduction Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority - SMEDA Premier institution of the Government of Pakistan under Ministry of Industries. SMEDA was established in October 1998 to take on the challenge of developing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. With a futuristic approach and professional management structure it has focus on providing an enabling environment and business development services to small and medium enterprises. SMEDA is not only an SME...

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The Impact of Multinational Enterprise (Mne) on the International Market and Nigerian Economy.

Over the years, Multinational enterprise have matured and developed into large companies that they are now part of our everyday lives. Form the use of mobile phones to the cars, personal computers and their software and even the beverage we drink, most of these products are supplied by Multinational companies. Their existence has great impact on our lives. In the world today, Multinational enterprises are powerful companies and they own resources in excess that most host countries possess. These...

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Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA SEMINAR ON SMALL AND MEDIUM INDUSTRIES EQUITY INVESTMENTS SCHEME (SMIEIS) Publication of CBN Training Centre, Lagos NO. 4  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Published 2003 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transcribed, translated in any other language, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, chemical, photocopying, recording, manual or otherwise, without the prior permission...

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Small and Medium Enterprise in Bangladesh

The Small and Medium Enterprises worldwide are recognized as engines of economic growth. The commonly perceived merits often emphasized for their promotion especially in the developing countries like Bangladesh include their relatively high labor intensity, dependence on indigenous skills and technology, contributions to entrepreneurship development and innovativeness and growth of industrial linkages. Out of 11% employment of the civilian labor force provided by the manufacturing sector, about two...

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Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters

ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF NATURAL DISASTERS ABSTRACT: Disasters of both natural and technological origin have a considerable impact on communities. The effects of disasters in India are significantly reduced by well established counter disaster arrangements at all three levels of government. These arrangements comprise comprehensive plans of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery and in more recent times, of mitigation. The economic effects of disasters can be devastating and widespread. When...

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Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

investment and growth in Nigeria: An empirical investigation". Journal of Policy Modelling, 26: 627-39. Aliber, Robert Z. "The Multinational Enterprise in a Multiple Currency World." In The Multinational Enterprise, ed. John H. Dunning. London: Allen & Unwin, 1971. Aluko, S.A. (1961). "Financing economic development in Nigeria". The Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies, 3(1): 39-67. Bengos, M. and B. Sanchez-Robles. (2003). "Foreign direct investment, economic freedom and growth: New...

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Small Scale Business Enterprise

Healthcare * Business Pofile * Business Review * Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses * Business Recommendations * How to Improve business and provide stability. * Tie-up benefits. * The qualities required to handle the business. * Business current Status * Productive business. * Bibliography Size Hardly matters Small Scale Business Enterprise Meaning A business (also known as enterprise or firm)...

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Impact of the Informal Economy on Development

IMPACT OF THE INFORMAL ECONOMY ON DEVELOPMENT. What is Informal economy? Simply put the informal economy refers to those economic activities that are neither taxed nor monitored by a government and are therefore not included in that government's Gross National Product (GNP) However in literature this phenomenon is discussed using different concepts such as informal, unofficial, irregular, parallel second underground, underground, grey markets, subterranean, hidden, invisible, unrecorded...

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A Study of the Microfinance Institutions and Their Effects on Funding of Small Scale Enterprises in Edo State

A STUDY OF THE MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON FUNDING OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN EDO STATE BY AMADASUN ESE INTRODUCTION One factor inhibiting the attainment of development goals in less developed countries is the populace’s general inability to access factors of production, especially finance. This limits the entrepreneurial ability of the people, especially the poor. Consequently, potential employment opportunities and household prospects for creating wealth and improving income...

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Stress and Frustration Among Small Business Owners in Nigeria

AND FRUSTRATION AMONG SMALL SCALE BUSINESS OWNERS IN NIGERIA: CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS (A CASE STUDY OF APHA FURNITURE COMPANY, IKPOBA SLOPE BENIN CITY) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Before the arrived of the British Colonialists in Nigeria, there were numerous small scale industries and handicraft enterprises based on the available raw materials to meet local and regional demand. The Hausa, Yoruba and Bini people developed significant small-scale manufacture of goods for...

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Explain the Term ‘Credit Crunch’ and How It Has Developed. Discuss the Implications for Uk Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises (Smes)

and therefore constantly effecting not only small and medium enterprises but all forms of business. Small enterprises are defined by having an annual turnover of £5.6 million or less, total fixed and current assets on its balance sheet of £2.8 million or less and 50 employees or less. They account for two thirds of employment in western economies which makes them particularly influential in the current economic climate. Similarly Medium sized enterprises can be defined by having an annual turnover...

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Small Scale Enterprise and Poverty Reduction

and choice that the better-off take for granted. They often lack adequate food and shelter, education and health, deprivations that keep them from leading the kind of life that everyone values. They also face extreme vulnerability to ill health, economic dislocation, and natural disasters. And they are often exposed to ill treatment by institutions of the state and society and are powerless to influence key decisions affecting their lives. Some progress has been achieved over the last 40 years regarding...

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Economic Environment of Business

2008MBA035 ECONOMIC ENVIROMENT OF BUSINESS 1 TERM PAPER QUESTION Notwithstanding the public policy response to the economic recession, business performance will continue to deteriorate. Global Overview Recession can be defined as the reduction of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) for at least two quarters. According to Wikipedia, it is a period of reduced economic activity, hence, a business cycle contraction. Recession has many attributes that can occur simultaneously...

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An Analysis of the Causes of Small Scale Business

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION Historical development and orientation of small-scale industry in Nigeria, small-scale industry orientation is part and parcel of Nigeria evidence bound in our respective communities of what successes our great grandparent made at their respective trading concerns like yam, beans, iron smelting, farming, cottage industries and the likes so. The secret behind the their success at self-relent strategy does not like in any particular political philosophy, so much as in...

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Small Scale Entreprise in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects

Introduction Small Scale Enterprises (SSEs) have played and continue to play significant roles in the growth, development and industrialisation of many economies the world over. In Nigeria, the SSEs have performed below expectation due to a combination of problems. This situation has been of great concern to the government, citizenry, practitioners, operators and the organised private sector groups. Small businesses are generally regarded as the driving force of economic growth, job creation...

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Factors That Hinder Small and Medium Enterprise Customers to Access Credit from Commercial Banks in Tanzania

FACTORS THAT HINDER SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS TO ACCESS CREDIT FROM COMMERCIAL BANKS IN TANZANIA 1. Back ground information In this period of globalization of world trade, an increasing role is being assigned to the private sector in many developing countries. In parallel to and as part of this shift, there has been emergence of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sectors as a significant component in economic development and employment. In many countries in the world, this sector...

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Small Business Ent. 1. Investigate Performance of a Selected Small Business Enterprise.

1. Investigate performance of a selected small business enterprise. 1.1 J&S furniture is a furniture manufacturing company owned by two brothers John and Smith. J&S started operations in 2006 and there is a satisfactory growth in this business since then. However there are fall in turnover in some months as well. J&S import wood from Asian countries and manufacture furniture. Company had been able to get massive discounts from its suppliers because of bulk buying so this had helped them to keep...

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Globalisation Would Finish Small Scale Industries in India

Globalisation would finish small scale industries in india INTRODUCTION The world is changing. The change is fast enough to notice the factors acting behind. Globalization is one of them. A factor that needs no introduction. Ever since, developed countries like USA and European countries have marched to conquer the rest of the world, developing countries have no solace but to succumb to what these developed nations call for. Days have gone when these developed nations ruled by the concept of...

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