"Impact Of Nigerian Capital Market On Industrialization In Nigeria" Essays and Research Papers

Impact Of Nigerian Capital Market On Industrialization In Nigeria

Impact of Industrial development on Nigeria stock market. The potentials of capital market in Nigeria as a catalyst to economic and industrial development cannot be over emphasized. The capital market as an internal part of a country’s financial system operates at the long end of the system to mobilize resources for long term development and growth. Basically, the capital market accelerates growth by providing ,relatively long term capital - debt and equity finance – for government and corporate...

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Impact of Nigerian Brewery on Nigerian Economy

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Debt Forgivness and Its Impact in the Growth of Nigerian Economy

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY From a trivial debt stock of $1billion in 1971, Nigeria had towards the end of 2005 incurred close to $40 billion debt with over $30 billion of the amount owed the Paris Club alone. Although Nigeria’s debt was more than the total of those of the 18 other poor countries (14 of them African countries) classified as Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs), it had been a herculean task convincing the creditors that debt cancellation was the most desirable option. Prior...

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The Impact of Multinational Enterprise (Mne) on the International Market and Nigerian Economy.

that they are now part of our everyday lives. Form the use of mobile phones to the cars, personal computers and their software and even the beverage we drink, most of these products are supplied by Multinational companies. Their existence has great impact on our lives. In the world today, Multinational enterprises are powerful companies and they own resources in excess that most host countries possess. These companies are so powerful that they turn out to be power centers that can manipulate the host...

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Impact of Fdi on Nigerian Economy

FDI and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria By Adeolu B. Ayanwale Department of Agricultural Economics Obafemi Awolowo University Ole-Ife, Nigeria AERC Research Paper 165 African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi April 2007 THIS RESEARCH STUDY was supported by a grant from the African Economic Research Consortium. The findings, opinions and recommendations are those of the author, however, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Consortium, its individual members or the...

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The impact of FDI on GDP in Nigeria

Introduction When investigating the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for host countries, most research focuses on the effect of FDI on economic growth. FDI can be defined as cross-border expenditures to acquire or expand corporate control of productive assets (Froot, 1993). It is a key element in the rapidly evolving international integration. It may help the competitive position of both the recipient (host) and the investing (home) economy, by transferring know-how and technologies and...

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A Comparitive analysis of Nigeria and South African Industrial Development

INTRODUCTION Prior to and immediately after independence, Nigeria was seen as a country with great growth potentials. In fact, Nigeria was termed the giant of Africa. But one may be tempted to ask the question ‘what actually went wrong with her industrial sector?’ This paper seeks to comparatively analyze the problems that seem to perpetually keep Nigeria behind its allies using South Africa as a case study. By implication, if Nigeria can vigorously address its challenges using the South African...

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http://peoplesdailyng.com/changing-nigerians-identity-diaspora/ http://olorisupergal.com/nigeria-rich-country-poor-people-by-gbenga-ogunbiyi/#.UpH2I9Lik8o Nigeria is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations, and the African Union. LANGUAGE There are hundreds of languages spoken in Nigeria. The official language of Nigeria,English The languages spoken in Nigeria are said to be 521. The official language is English while the major ones that are spoken are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba...

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economic crisis in nigeria

Economic Crisis in Nigeria. NIGERIA. (google)The evolution of Nigeria was from about 1849 until it attained independence in 1960. During this period a lot of events occurred, and is largely the story of the great impact of the British on the Nigerian people. The colonial authorities (British) sought to define, protect and realize their imperial interest in the portion of West Africa because of its endowment with natural resources, apparently this occurred about hundred years ago. The British...

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The Nigerian Stock Market and Its Impact on the Economy

CHAPTER ONE OVERVIEW Nigeria, like many other African countries, was created from a multi-ethnic, socially and culturally diverse people, situated between the Equator and the tropic of cancer, its climate and vegetation can afford the growth of many tropical commodities such as cocoa, groundnuts, palm produce and rubber. Starting from a low technological base after political independence in 1960, the country embarked on the arduous task of building a state with one identity by integrating the...

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The Role and Effect of Merger and Acquisation in Bank Recapitalization in Nigeria

is restructuring a company’s debt and equity mixture, most often with the aim of making a company’s capital structure more stable. Essentially, the process involves the exchange of one form of financing for another, such as removing preferred shares from the company’s capital structure and replacing them with bonds. Recapitalization in Nigeria banking sector, has built a solid foundation for Nigerian banks to compete favourably with their counterpart world over. Recapitalization causes unemployment...

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Challenges of Foreign Banks in Nigeria

Firstly, since independence in 1960, the Nigerian political system has been volatile, there have been 7 military coups, and this has made the investment climate unattractive because the nation appears insecure for the foreign investor. Secondly, they are too many arbitrary and sudden changes in government policies and regulations which have led to a great deal of uncertainty. Foreign banks are scared from funding any project with a long gestation period. With this fear, most of these banks are now...

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Etisalat Success Story in Nigeria

Etisalat Success Story in Nigeria Etisalat is a prominent telecommunications corporation providing to consumers, businesses, international telecommunication companies, ISPs and mobile operators. Etisalat operates in eighteen countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, a coverage area which reaches more than two billion people. To date, the group’s global subscriber base exceeds over 140 million subscribers through mobile and Landline voice and data services ("Etisalat Nigeria"). Through the launch...

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Investment Behaviour of Nigerian Proposal

RESEARCH PROPOSAL: INVESTMENT BEHAVIOUR OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS IN NIGERIA 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Literature Review 1.3 Statement of the Research Problem 1.4 Objectives of the Study 1.5 Scope of the Study 1.6 Significance of the Study 1.7 Hypothesis 1.8 Research Design 1.9 Sample and Sampling Techniques 2.0 Reference List 1.1 Introduction Investment choice is often wide and as varied as the different strata of society itself. It ranges from short term to long term. It...

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The Impact of Capital Market on Industrial Development


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Capital Market

INTRODUCTION: ~ Capital market is the market for leading and borrowing of medium and long term funds. ~ The demand for long-term funds comes from industry, trade, agriculture and government (central and state). ~ The supply for funds comes from individual savers, corporate savings, banks, insurance companies, specialized financial institutions and government. *SIGNIFICANCE: ~ A sound and efficient capital market is extremely vital for the economic development of a nation. ~ So, the significance...

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Economic Growth in Nigeria

increasingly diverse economic goods to its population, this growing capacity based on advanced technology and the institutional and ideological adjustments that it demands”. Growth is therefore measurable and objective. It describes expansion in capital, in the labour force, in output, income, consumption e.t.c. It should be noted that economic growth is sometimes used interchangeably with economic development. A distinction of the two was however made by (Jhingan, 1976) where he defined...

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Poverty Crisis in Nigeria: Outline for an Applied General Equilibrium Approach

study is basically undertaken to take an objective view of the impact of international trade on the economy of Nigeria. Before her political independence in October 1st 1960, Nigeria has been an active player on the field of international trade, initially with predominately agrain products, but presently dominated by petroleum products. Since the discovery of oil in commercial quantity in Oloibiri in the present day Delta State, Nigeria has been an important player in world affairs, economically and...

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Private Equity in Nigeria

Private Equity in Nigeria An Overview of Nigerian Venture Capital and Private Equity Private Equity in Nigeria Page 2 CONTENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 NIGERIA COUNTRY ANALYSIS 5 TABLES AND EXHIBITS 7 Private Equity in Nigeria Page 3 Executive Summary1 Nigeria is facing an uncertain future as outbreaks of ethnic and religious violence continue to place strains on Africa’s most populated country. With the 2003 elections approaching, the continuing battle amongst incumbent politicians...

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Royal Dutch.Shell in Nigeria

Organizational Management Seminar 5311 Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria (A) As described in the Harvard Business School case Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria (A), the primary issue facing Shell is scrutiny over their involvement, or lack of involvement, in the civil unrest between the Nigerian government and a group of activists representing the Ogoni people – one of Nigeria’s 240 minority tribes. Publicly the conflict is between the Nigerian government and the Ogoni people. However the core of the...

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Boosting Agricultural Production in Nigeria

CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION RESEARCH UNIT Date : 2nd Quarter, 2009 From : Agriculture Desk Subject : Boosting Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria. Introduction: Agricultural sector was the mainstay of the Nigerian economy before independence, 75% of the Nigerian workforce was engaged in agriculture and immediately after it, until the oil boom of the 1970s. In the 1970s, agriculture provided the needed food for the population as well as serving as a major foreign exchange earner...

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Study or Stock Market

REVIEW OF LITERATURE Dr. Pushpa Bhatt and Sumangala J. K (2011) studies Impact of Book Value on Market Value of an Equity Share – An Empirical Study in Indian Capital Market. They attempt to find the explanatory power of book value in explaining the variations in equity market value. Then attempt is made to compare the same with the same of earning per share (EPS). They have collected and analyzed data about book value and market value of equity share of 50 companies for 5 years from 2006-07 to 2010-2011...

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Located in West Africa and bordering the Atlantic, Nigeria is a big country that occupies 356,667 square miles with a total population of 168 million. Nigeria is abundant in natural resources like coal, gold, lead, iron, salt, copper, and zinc, but it is best known as a big producer of oil. Thanks to its size, population, and resources, Nigeria is dubbed as “the giant of Africa” (Falola, 4). According to World Bank Data of 2010, Nigeria has an annual percentage growth rate as 8.0%, one of the world’s...

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Effects of Finanacial Crises on Nigerian Capital Market

the stock market SERE-EJEMBI, (2008). Around the world stock market indicators started falling. The capital market, vis-à-vis the stock market, is a channel through which national economies receive foreign capital flows that make their tendency towards the global economy easy visible. Developments in the market thus become a reflect ion of global financial development. The level of responsiveness, however, depends on the level of development, exposure and insulation of the domestic market from the...

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The Effect of Foreign Trade on Tthe Nigerian Economy

THE EFFECT OF FOREIGN TRADE ON THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY Introduction Everyday, the need for foreign trade is on the increase as the needs of man is unlimited (Adams Smith).This is visible in the rise for consumer goods and services throughout the world especially with the increase in world population of over 6 billion people. Man with his advancement in social interaction and technology is able to visualize and perceive in his mind what he desires. This was obvious with the industrial revolution...

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Uncovering the Mystery of Capital Review

UNCOVERING THE MYSTERY OF CAPITAL: THE NIGERIAN SITUATION Nigeria post independence has aimed to develop an economic system in which investment and ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations. Sadly she suffers the same fate most developing countries and former communist nations that trend the same path encounter: Abject Failure. Hernando De Soto in his book; The Mystery of Capital, studies the effect...

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British Colonize Nigeria

British Colonizing in Nigeria In the late 19th and early 20th century, Europeans had raced to colonize the country Africa. Great Britain was the leaders at this time in colonizing the land filled with rich natural recourses. These recourses were considered a necessity to the industrialization of the world, specifically Nigeria. During this colonization that Great Britain was doing in their new land, you could imagine that the locals were not too happy about this. The British had no respect for...

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Research Proposal On Financing Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Nigeria

Objective Methods Of analysis SCope. And limitation Plan of study References AWE JUMOKE BOLANLE 2008/758 ECO. 312 ACCOUNTING Research proposal. On FINANCING SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE. INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT TOPIC  : FINANCING STRATEGIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT PROPOSAL  INTRODUCTION Interest in the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries...

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Impact of Fdi on Nigeria Economy

An analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria: The Fate of Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector. 1Ogbanje, E C, 2Okwu, O. J and 3Saror, S.F. ogbanjece@yahoo.com; +2348036350197 1Department of Agricultural Management, University of Agriculture, Makurdi 2Department of Extension and Communication, University of Agriculture, Makurdi 3Institute of Food Security, University of Agriculture, Makurdi Received 11th June, 2010, Accepted 19th December, 2010 Abstract The study analysed the fate of the...

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The Impact of the Napoleonic Wars on Industrialization

have a large impact on industrialization in Britain, the United States and Europe as a result of realizations and actions taken to better their countries after the Napoleonic wars. Although the Industrial Revolution began in Britain during the 1700's it was boosted in the early 1800's after the Napoleonic wars because of reform that was needed. Industrialization then started spreading throughout Europe and into North America in the early 1800's. By the mid-1800's industrialization was widespread...

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NIGERIA The Federal Republic of Nigeria comprises thirty six states and its Federal Capital Territory is Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. The Flag The flag of Nigeria consists of three equal sized vertical stripes - the right and left stripe are green; and the middle stripe is white. The Nigerian...

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Capital Market Instruments

IMPORTANCE OF CAPITAL MARKET AS AN INSTRUMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE REAL SECTOR IN NIGERIA In many countries, Capital market is an engine of economic growth and development... Introduction A capital market is a market for long term debt and equity securities, where business enterprises (companies) and governments can raise funds for long term investment. It is normally divided into two broad categories - the stock market and the bond market. The stock market is the market where equity...

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Review of Some Effects of Nigerian Corporate Tax Regime on Investment Promotion

REVIEW OF SOME EFFECTS OF NIGERIAN CORPORATE TAX REGIME ON INVESTMENT PROMOTION BY: Y.S.UTHMAN 1.1 INTRODUCTION: Neither the Companies Income Tax Act nor any Nigerian Tax Law provides for the definition of the term tax or corporate tax. In an Australian case of Mathews v. Chicory Marketing Board, a tax has been defined as “a compulsory exaction of money by a public authority for public purposes, or taxation is raising money for the purpose of government by means of contributions from individual...

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Margin Loans and It's Impact on the Nigerian Capital Market (2004-2008)


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Globalization and the Socio- Economic Development of the Nigerian Women: Challenges for Social Studies Education

the Population Reference Bureau (2000) has encouraged women's participation in the market economy by creating new job opportunities. This paper presents globalization and socio-economic development of the Nigerian women. It highlights the several ways in which the concept globalization can be used, how globalization has assisted women in holding conferences where key issues affecting them were discussed and how Nigeria and some other countries of the world have implemented some of the issues discussed...

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Recent Changes in Indian Capital Markets

in Indian Capital markets Introduction A capital market is a market for securities (debt or equity), where business enterprises (companies) and governments can raise long-term funds. It is defined as a market in which money is provided for periods longer than a year, as the raising of short-term funds takes place on other markets (e.g., the money market). The capital market includes the stock market (equity securities) and the bond market (debt). Money markets and capital markets are parts...

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Ikea in Nigeria

IKEA in Nigeria Nasser Mardini Virginia International University Global Sourcing and Logistics - MBA 628 September 15, 2012 Dr. Stephen Onu Company history IKEA was founded in 1943by Ingvar Kamprad aged 17 in a small farming village in Sweden. The name IKEA was formed from the founder’s initials I.K. plus the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and village where Kamprad grew up. Originally IKEA sold everything from pens and wallets to picture frame, watched and even ladies...

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A Study of Nigeria

IT COUNTRY STUDIED: NIGERIA INTRODUCTION Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. There are over 500 ethnic groups in Nigeria of which the three largest...

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Education Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria

depends largely on the development of the human population in that nation which can majorly be improved through education. Smith (1937) stressed the significance of education in human capital formation. Therefore it follows that a reduction in the investment in education would affect the stock of the overall human capital base and productivity. Thus investment on education is considered to be a critical element to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment and increase economic growth (Chukwu, 2011). ...

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Financial Services Cluster in Nigeria

Assessment of the Business Environment in Nigeria THE NATIONAL DIAMOND Factor Conditions: Despite Nigeria’s substantial natural resources its infrastructure is inadequate, particularly its road and electricity networks, which are a significant obstacle to economic growth. Only 30% of the population7 has access to electricity and only 31% of the road network is paved. Shortcomings in operations and safety have given both the ports and air space a reputation as the most unsafe in the region...

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Interest-Free Banking and Islamic Banking in Nigeria

Interest-free Banking and Islamic Banking in Nigeria By: Salim Salihu Muhammed Nigeria’s quest for a virile banking reform had led to the adoption of several policies and strategies that would truly give the nation’s economy an edge towards growth and sustainability. No doubt, the bail outs of “failed banks” and the acquisition of toxic assets from bad banks’ books did saved the economy and Nigerians to a large extent from such kind of economic blows suffered in the Scandinavian banking crises...

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Telecommunication in Nigeria : Mtn Ngeria 2001 - 2009

TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN NIGERIA : MTN 2001 TO 2009 AS A CASE STUDY CHAPTER ONE Introduction/Background to the Study Objectives of the Study Significance of the Study Scope and Limitation of the Study Research Methodology Literature Review End Notes CHAPTER TWO Telecommunications in Nigeria Historical Development of Telecommunications in Nigeria Introduction of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) in Nigeria End Notes CHAPTER THREE Origin and Growth of MTN in Nigeria MTN Operations...

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 Major Research Project on “IMPACT OF IPO/FPO’s PERFORMANCE IN INDIAN CAPITAL MARKET.” Supervised By - Submitted By - Prof. Dr Mitchell Bharadwaj Ashish Gupta MBA 1st Year(2nd SEM) CONTENT S.NO. TOPIC PAGE NO. 1. Introduction 3-4 2. Method of Pricing of IPO/FPO in India 4 3. Literature Review 5-7 4...

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Nigeria Economic Bloc

its advantages and disadvantages to Nigeria. Introduction: Nigeria is a country located in West Africa; it has a population of about 160,027,000 (World Economic Fact Book 2010). Its main produce is oil and petroleum; the country is also a key producer of rice, cocoa and palm-oil in West Africa. (See Appendix 1).Nigeria belongs to a number of economic blocs...

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The Impact of Mdg in Nigeria

Product (GNP). On our local front, there is also palpable cynicism regarding the prosecution of the MDGs. Questions have been asked if the government is doing enough to alleviate poverty and transform the hash social and economic conditions of Nigerians; then the issue of transparency. This piece is therefore, an attempt to present some of the available facts on how our internal MDGs have fared thus far. But before that, let’s refresh our memories on how it all began. The Millennium Development...

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Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 116, pp. 739-773 Akinlo, A.E. 2004. "Foreign direct investment and growth in Nigeria: An empirical investigation". Journal of Policy Modelling, 26: 627-39. Aliber, Robert Z. "The Multinational Enterprise in a Multiple Currency World." In The Multinational Enterprise, ed. John H. Dunning. London: Allen & Unwin, 1971. Aluko, S.A. (1961). "Financing economic development in Nigeria". The Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies, 3(1): 39-67. Bengos, M. and B. Sanchez-Robles. (2003)...

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Impact of globalisation in Africa

 The Impact of Globalisation on African Nations Olympia Shivdasani Contents 1 Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Local Content Policies 4 Case study – AOS Orwell 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography This paper aims to examine the impact of globalization in Africa by exploring the concept of globalization, how African countries view the effects of globalization, the benefits and challenges. The information used in the study...

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Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria]

Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria] Introduction The Federal Republic of Nigeria has an area of 923,768.00 sq kilometres and completely within the tropical zone (About.com 2005). Nigeria has a population which is estimated over 154 million. It is a 12th largest petroleum product producer in the world. Due to the surge in international oil prices during 2007-08, Nigeria administrated an annual GDP of US$352.3 billion and has the largest GDP compare...

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The Impact of Internation Trade on Economic of Nigeria

emergence of the magic bullet theory. They include: • `the fast rise and popularization of Radio and Television • Emergence of persuasion industries such as Advertising and Propaganda • The Payne fund studies of 1930s, which focused on the impact of motion pictures on children, and • Hitler’s monopolization of mass media during the World war II to unify the German public behind the Nazi party. CORE ASSUMPTIONS AND STATEMENT The magic bullet theory implied that mass media had a direct,...

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Petrol Subsidies in Nigeria

ECON1101 Essay: Petrol subsidies in Nigeria Nigeria, an oil-abundant nation, produces two million of barrels of crude oil a day, though despite this, it relies solely on importation to sustain its refined-fuel needs. This is because its four refineries fail to function effectively and continue to operate beneath capacity. Governmental mismanagement and political corruption are some of the reasons why Nigeria’s refineries remain in this state. The Nigerian government therefore implemented subsidies...

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2014 Nigeria Wealth Book- Wealth Management Market

covering the high net worth individual (HNWI) population and Wealth management market in Nigeria. Summary This report reviews the performance and asset allocations of HNWIs and Ultra HNWIs in Nigeria. It also includes an evaluation of the local wealth management market. Request a Sample copy @ http://www.reportsnreports.com/contacts/requestsample.aspx?name=276625 . Scope • Independent market sizing of Nigeria HNWIs across five wealth bands • HNWI volume, wealth and allocation trends from...

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The Impact of Cultural Capital on Advertisement

The impact of Cultural Capital on advertisement Class Professor *** Name Date Overview The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu first proposed the concept of cultural capital. Since the 1980s, social capital has become a popular concept in many disciplines concerned and analysis of important starting point. Hofstede (1980) published a study in the field of cultural significance of the research results. In 1980s, scholars did a large number of cross-cultural consumer behavior based Hofstede’s...

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Nigeria a Political Review

Nigeria is named after the Niger River. A British journalist in the 1890s named Flora Shaw suggested the name because of the river was a dominant presence in region and the name was accepted as the official name of those territories in the Niger Region. (ANYANWU) The country can be divided into three regions that include the forest lands in the south, the Sudan savanna in the north, and the Middle Belt, in between. Nigeria has an extensive geographic size, with a large degree of ecological, economic...

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Problems of Youth Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

INTRODUCTION Nigeria like most developing nations of the world is faced with myriad of problems and harsh realities which include poverty, unemployment, conflicts and diseases. These situations pose great challenges to the very existence of individuals in most developing nations thereby calling for the training of educated man and women who can function effectively in the society in which they live in. available information by National Universities Commission (NUC) (2004) reiterate the massive...

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Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

ENTREPRENUERSHIP IN NIGERIA Entrepreneurial forces are relatively strong in this country, as the lack of jobs and a rise in poverty leave few other options for the Nigerian people. Although difficult due to a lack of resources, there are non-profit organizations such as the Fate Foundation in Nigeria that are dedicated to promote entrepreneurship. Apart from the information about Nigeria that is so widespread and often negative, there appears to be a recognition of the critical role and place of...

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Automated Teller Machine (Atm) in Nigeria: the Present, the Future.

the introduction of ATM has changed the face of electronic payment in Nigeria. This essay hopes to appraise the advent of ATM driven payment with regard to the present and future. 2.0 ORIGIN OF ATM IN NIGERIA Automated Teller Machines (ATM) was introduced into the Nigerian market in 1989, as a matter of fact, the very first ATM in Nigeria was installed by National Cash Registers (NCR) for the defunct Societe Generale Bank Nigeria (SGBN) in 1989. 2.1 BANKS AND ATMS Banks in the country are now...

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Impact of Gdp on Stock Market

com/finance.htm An Impact Analysis of Real Gross Domestic Product Inflation and Interest Rates on Stock Prices of Quoted Companies in Nigeria Daferighe. Emmanuel E Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Sciences Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria E-mail: daferighe2e@yahoo.com Tel: +234-805-5218-253 Aje. Samuel O Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Sciences Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria Tel: +234-803-7173-900...

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Unemployment in Nigeria

unemployment in Nigeria The federal government recently inaugurated inter-ministerial committee on job fair to address all the identified barriers to job creation and sustainable livelihood in the country, OLUGBENGA SALAMI writes Tell those graduates to stop combing here and there for jobs. If there are no lucrative offers of employment, they should establish themselves by starting something. Unemployment is a pest that has and still eating deep into the fabric of Nigeria. Let them start...

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VRamos Globalization Impact 09282014

 Globalization Impact Virginia Ramos Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on September 28, 2014, for Richard Perrone’s Managing a Diverse Workforce course. Important mainly because of the people in the conversation. Click to teach Gmail this conversation is not important. Globalization Impact Sherwood Management has decided to enter a new international geographic market, specifically Nigeria. Potential customers in Nigeria will be visiting your plant...

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Environmental Assesment of Nigeria

Assessment of Nigeria This memo will discuss the constraints that Subway will face in Nigeria. More specifically, I will explain why this country is a victim of political instability, corruption, economic insecurity, and lack of infrastructure. Although the Nigerian form of government is very similar to ours, the country is politically unstable. The simplest definition of political stability is that people are living in relative safety without the fear of violence. Recently, Nigeria has shown signs...

Corruption, Culture of Nigeria, Economic growth 668  Words | 3  Pages

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