• Impact of media on purchase decision of youth
    IMPACT OF MEDIA ON PURCHASE DECISION OF YOUTH INTRODUCTION Youth between 15-30 age group , constitute an important target segment for the different companies. The media has a positive role to play in m
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  • Internet use and its impact on secondary school students in chiang mai, thailand
    INTERNET USE AND ITS IMPACT ON SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN CHIANG MAI, THAILAND Kesaraporn Wanajak BNS MSc (Pharmacology) This thesis is presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Faculty of Computing, Health and Science Edith Cowan University Jun
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  • The impact of ict on students’ study habits. case study: university of buea, cameroon
    Journal of Science and Technology Education Research Vol. 1(5), pp. 107 - 110, October 2010 Available online http://www.academicjournals.org/JSTER ©2010 Academic Journals Full Length Research paper The impact of ICT on students’ study habits. Case study: University of Buea, Cameroon Tah Ba
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  • The positive impact technology has on students in k-12
    English 102 30 March 2012 The Positive Impact Technology Has On Students in K-12 Computers are placed throughout grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters and even restaurants; however, students today have an advantage with computer technology because of the wide array of abilities that comp
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  • Negative impact of media on children
    Negative Impact of Media on Children Imagine how boring people's lives will be if there is no media in the world. There is a vast variety of media popular today among young students and children. The most typical forms of media include video games, computer games and TV programs. It is an un
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  • Impact of internet on students towards education
    Topics |Page No. | | |List of Tables |1 | |List of Charts |3 | |1. Introduction
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  • The impact of icts on students academic performance at university
    Am Mdulla Allen M. CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction This chapter presents the background of the problem, problem statement, objective of the study, research questions, limitations of the study, and definitions of the key terms as going to be used by the researcher of this work. 1.
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  • The impact of media campaigns on the fight against hiv/aids in uganda
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  • Impact of media on socio-cultural values and social institution in indian society
    The media, known as the fourth pillar of democracy, has a huge impact on the society. The effects are of course, positive as well as negative. Media is such a powerful tool that it literally governs the direction of our society today. It is the propeller as well as the direction provider of the soci
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  • Impact of library on students achievement
    “THE IMPACT OF LIBRARIES ON STUDENT’S ACHIEVEMENT” Presented to the Faculty of the Department of management sciences IQRA University Gulshan Campus In the fulfillment of the course “Writing Research Report” BBA Morning Program Submitted to: Dr. Imran Khan By: Faiz
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  • The Impact of Media Outlets on Political and Civic Engagement
     The Impact of Media Outlets on Political and Civic Engagement Throughout the fall 2012 semester at Illinois State University, Ms. Hoppers Reporting II class has been reading about and discussing the role of Journalism in a democracy along with how it aids in serving the citizenry of...
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  • the impact of texting on students spelling skills
    CHAPTER I The Problem Introduction Text messaging also called texting is an act of sending short message with cell phone using Short Message Services (SMS).1 According to Steve Vosloo in his study about the effects of texting literacy: Modern Scourge or Opportunity? It is stated...
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  • Impact of media on children
    RESEARCH UPDATE REVIEW This series of 10-year updates in child and adolescent psychiatry began in July 1996. Topics are selected in consultation with the AACAP Committee on Recertification, both for the importance of new research and its clinical or developmental significance. The...
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  • Impact of media
    A Study on Media Culture’s Negative Influence on Children WANG Da-wei (Media Management School, Communication University of China, Beijing 100097, China ) Abstract: The link between media culture and its real world effect has been a hot topic for many years. Many people believe that media have
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  • The impact of media on teens
    The Impact of the Media on Teenagers Ashley J. Sanchez-Menjivar Mr. Tramble HSP3M1-01 Friday, December 14, 2012. Many adolescent teens are exposed to numerous encounters with the media that have a negative impact on their judgments, actions, and opinions. This is referring to the video game
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  • The impact of media on behavior
    Parenting styles, mass media, peer pressure and the risk of teenage pregnancy among the youth. A case study of Orphanage homes in Rubaga Division Kampala District By SEKASI FREDRICK CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0: Introduction This chapter
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  • the impact of media violence
    Topic:  It is too simple to blame adult aggression on exposure to media violence in childhood. Some research argues that other factors, such as parental influence, an individual’s personality and access to good education have more impact on whether children develop aggressive...
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  • The impact of electronic media on performance of students
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The media, most especially television, mobile phone, internet, computer have gradually become a part of our daily lives, and sources of information, education and entertainment have been described as the primary functions of the m
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  • The Impact of Social Media on College Students
    RESEARCH PAPER ON THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ON THE STUDENTS (October, 2013) Submitted by: Bartiquin, Gregorio Gamo, Danica Ross Daiz, Dannica Mae Boiser, Kristine Dian Idpalina, Lutchie Grace Submitted to: Prof. Jonathan Cabradilla Introduction...
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  • Impact of mass media on adolescent health: ''the dark side''
    The period of transition from childhood to adulthood is called Adolescent with accelerated physical, biochemical and emotional development. It is a unique period of dynamic change which may be referred to as “Growing up”. Adolescence is the time period that begins with the onset of puberty and l
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