"Illustrate Differences In Marketing Products And Services To Businesses Rather Than Consumers" Essays and Research Papers

Illustrate Differences In Marketing Products And Services To Businesses Rather Than Consumers

The Marketing of product and service are different A product is normally a thing that sold to people and mostly is tangible. Basically, the marketing of product is particularly focused on 4P’s in marketing mix namely product, price, place, and promotion (Ehmke & Fulton & Lusk, n.d.). The marketer needs to analyze the major demand of customers in a specific market in order to find out a product that can respond the market demand. Firstly, it is necessary for marketers to focus on the strength as...

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Extended Marketing Mix

Understand the concept and process of marketing 1.1 explain the various elements of the marketing process 1.2 evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organisation Marketing orientations LO2 Be able to use the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 2.1 show macro and micro environmental factors whichinfluence marketing decisions 2.2 propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets 2.3 choose...

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The Difference Between Marketing Services and Marketing Products

Title: the difference between marketing services and marketing products Submitted by; Xin Tian Submitted to: Rita Kelly Subject: Services Marketing Date: 15th November, 2011 Class: B.B.S (Marketing) CW838(3) The difference between marketing services and marketing products The title of my assignment is the difference between marketing services and marketing products. This essay will introduce the main differences of the marketing services and marketing products, the differences...

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Is Service Marketing Different Form Product

Cyrus Topic: MARKETING DEBATE—Is Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing? MARKETING DEBATE—Is Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing? Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers. In addition, marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the ability of selling products and services. As the term "Marketing" may replace "Advertising" it is the overall strategy and function of promoting a product or service to the customer...

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Difference betweeen marketing concept and selling concept

between the marketing concept and the selling concept. The concepts of marketing and selling are derived from 2 simple activities: marketing and selling. These two activities are very similar to a large extent similar though there are a few elements about each of them that differentiate them. Selling can be defined as a process of transferring a product or service to a buyer at a price regardless of his or her need whereas marketing is defined as a process of transferring a product or service to a buyer...

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Marketing Myopia

The article, “Marketing Myopia” written by Theodore Levitt, illustrates how businesses interact in their particular industry’s life cycles of growth, maturity and decline. One of the primary focal points of the article is that businesses must know their industry in regards to satisfying their specific customer’s needs. Identifying customer needs and meeting them, allows for continued growth of the company and industry. Recognizing the necessity to satisfy customer’s needs rather than merely selling...

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Questions and Answers on Services Marketing

what did you find most interesting about services marketing and why? Answer:In this chapter, the most interesting about services marketing is the growth of the service economy. In numerous countries, increased productivity and automation in agriculture and industry, combined with growing demand for both new and traditional services, have jointly resulted in a continuing increase over time in the percentage of the labor force that is employed in service. In recent years, the development of technology...

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B2B Marketing Paper

you see as the major differences between business marketing and consumer marketing? Which of these differences do you believe are the most important? Support your position with reference to an example of a company chosen from one of the following industries: Although business markets and consumer markets share common values and theories, they differ in the way that they function in their respective markets. Organisations need to ensure they understand what makes up a consumer and business market...

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Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts MAR110 Study Period 4, 2010 SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Research Report “Marketing’s really just selling with a posh name! What’s all this about a Marketing Concept?” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research report aims to depict if there is any truth to the statement “Marketing is just selling with a posh name...” it also aims to illustrate the marketing concept, which refers to the second half of the statement “ .....What’s all this about the marketing concept”...

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Marketing Differences Between B2C and B2B Websites

Differences in Marketing for B2C and B2B Sites March 27, 2006 Differences in Marketing for B2C and B2B Sites Introduction Marketing in an electronic-business/commerce (e-business/e-commerce) arena today is truly no different than the ole ‘brick and mortar' business. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sites need to have a crafty approach to implement marketing strategies and develop an effective marketing plan to reach the intended (targeted) market. Thus, the...

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Marketing Differences B2B vs B2C

Marketing Differences Paper: B2b vs. B2c In two distinct e-commerce business types, Business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C), there are many differences in the way they operate. Specifically in marketing, differences include how the marketing is driven and the values of the strategies, the size of the target market and length of the sales cycle, and even the buying patterns of the target consumers. Each of these differences will be better defined and explained in the following...

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B2B vs.B2C Marketing Differences

B2C Marketing Marketing differs between business to business and business to consumer in a few different ways the main one is the emotional experience of the buyer. The marketing programs are the same, which includes: events, direct marketing, internet marketing, advertising, public relations, word of mouth and alliance. The difference is how each marketing program is executed, what is said in the program, and the outcome. Business to Business or B2B marketing and Business to Consumer or B2C...

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Service Marketing Essay

work in other areas. Since this problem is appeared, service is becoming more important than old days when especially the world always developing fast. As many sociologists believe when the community is developing, the service industries will increase rapidly. Therefore, the more developed countries had higher percentage of service industries. In this essay, it will give the ideas of the description for two marketing theories of flower of service and pricing strategy. By analysing the theories to...

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Study Guide for Intro to Marketing

Explain the difference between a market orientation and a product orientation. Illustrate with concepts and examples. 1 Basic Focus The basic focus of a company with a production orientation is toward maximizing production output. Under a production orientation, a company is succeeding when it is manufacturing as many products as possible at the cheapest possible price. In contrast, a company with a marketing orientation is squarely focused on the consumer. Market-oriented companies respond...

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Product and Service Marketing Analysis

Product and service marketing are highly related. Take the success of a company like Apple, for example. The technology giant operates nearly 400 retail stores, employs more than 42,000 people and hosts more than a million visitors each day. In 2012, Apple’s retail operations generated nearly $19 billion. Furthermore, it’s estimated that Apple’s Fifth Avenue store generates more than $35,000 per square foot, making it the highest grossing retailer in New York – ever. Those statistics reinforce the...

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Marketing and Product

Activeion Makes for a Simple Cleaning Solution 1) What are the major points of difference for the Activeion portable handheld cleaning and sanitizing devices for a) business users and b) households? a) The first question about business is that it meets the demand for “Green” cleaning all firms would like to report that. It has no negative environmental and health concerns that other brands have. Other cleaners have risk associated with producing, packaging, transporting and using. It is small...

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Internet marketing

internet marketing has within a modern marketing context Introduction: In this report that I am preparing for my boss Mr Adam Croft describing what is marketing and include where I have got this definition from. After I will include a definition for internet marketing and reference this and also how these benefit to customers what role they play within the modern marketing environment. Also I will introduce two contrasting businesses and describe how they are using internet marketing with the 7...

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Difference Between B2B and B2C Marketing

The following table summarizes the differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Your marketing plan needs to take into account the differences and ensure you are developing the right types of activities for your particular market. B2B • Relationship driven • Maximize the value of the relationship • Small, focused target market • Multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle • Brand identity created on personal relationship • Educational and awareness building activities • Rational...

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Non-profit Organization and Heterogeneous Shopping Product

1. A product may be defined as everything, both favorable and unfavorable, that a person receives in an exchange. 2. An elementary school teacher purchased a ream of art paper, a box of crayons, and some modeling clay. The teacher intends to use these products in her classroom, so they would be classified as business products. 3. Convenience products, though inexpensive, still require considerable shopping effort by buyers. 4. Given the many differences in majors available, living...

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Marketing Principles

how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage 3.1) Competitive advantage is when a company has a strategic advantage over its rivals. Products can be developed to have a competitive advantage if all developments are made to the product before it goes on the market instead of having many versions of a product which get better as more updated versions of the product are released. The development of new products has to be based on the wants and needs of the customers. Rather than simply...

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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis PSY/322 November 13, 2012 Dr. Sharlyn Moore Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis Consumer Psychology is the art of determining consumer requirements through study and analysis of consumer spending and purchasing habits relating to products or services advertised for sale. The analysis portion focuses on consumer motivation concerning products and mood relative to purchasing products. The Cherry...

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Marketing and Products

company or firm that establish in this world have to market their services or products that they provide in order to gain profits. Marketing is a process by which the companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships to capture value from customers in return. Each company has to understand the marketing strategies, marketing environment, consumer market and consumer buyer behavior that involve in the marketing process before doing the market segment. Market segment are typically...

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Discuss, with Reference to Current Authors, What Is Meant by a ‘Marketing Orientation’ and/or a “Marketing Oriented Company.” Illustrate Your Answer with Examples of Products or Brands of Your Choice.

reference to current authors, what is meant by a ‘marketing orientation’ and/or a “marketing oriented company.” Illustrate your answer with examples of products or brands of your choice. Within this essay I will discuss what a marketing concept is, how marketing orientation has evolved through the years and the most important, what a marketing orientated company is. Each of us has some sort of idea what marketing is, since we are exposed to marketing every day. We could say that in the past decades...

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Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix P-BSBMX4-MKT-421 Robert Deer January 28, 2006 Abstract A Marketing Mix is a combination of product, packaging, price, channels of distribution, advertising, promotion, and personal selling to get the product in the hands of the customer. Throughout this paper we will be discussing the 4 P's of Marketing and provide examples of Marketing Mix. (Kyle, Bobette). Marketing Mix The Marketing Mix is based on the fact that price is not the only factor that decides whether...

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Ten Keys to Successful New Consumer Products

Ten Keys to Successful New Consumer Products Lane J. Anderson Creating and launching new products successfully isn't easy.  In fact, the industry track record for new product success is dismal. A couple of recent studies place the failure rates as high as 95% in the United States1 and at 90% within two years in Europe.2  Getting beyond the five-year mark with a strong, profitable business is an accomplishment.  While there are no golden paths to new or existing product success, there are a number...

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How Does `Lifestyle’ Branding and Marketing Add Value to Products and Services from the Perspective of Consumers?

Essay Marketing: How does `lifestyle’ branding and marketing add value to products and services from the perspective of consumers? In order to see how lifestyle branding and marketing adds value to products and services from the consumers perspective we need to start by explaining that the core of the consumer society is not the product or service offered but the consumer itself. Holbrook & Hirshman 1982 “characterize consumption as a flow of fantasies, feelings & fun, and focuses upon...

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Business-2-Business vs Business-2-Consumer

VS Business-2-Consumer Charletta Key EBUS 400 – E-Business Mark L. Schlam, M.S. June 22, 2006 Business-2-Business VS Business-2-Consumer Just about every business today has a web site. Weather they are doing business with other businesses or selling directly to the public, a business today needs to have a web site. This paper will discuss Business-2 Business (B2B), Business-2-Consumer (B2C). The paper will look at the marketing concept, and the similarities and differences of brick-and-mortar...

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MARKETING AND SOCIETY: A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OVERVIEW ============================================= What is MARKETING? -We define marketing as the process of creating consumer value in the form of goods, services or ideas that can improve the consumer’s life. What is SOCIETY? -We define society as the community of people living in a particular region and having shared customs, laws and organization. What is SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? -Social responsibility talks about the obligation of...

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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication

Week 1: Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication PSY/322 June, 11 2013 A business needs to have the ability to properly understand their consumer base so they are able to produce products and make marketing strategies that will appeal to the target audience. Consumer psychology allows the business to obtain information that will lead to understanding the consumers. Marketers want to understand many factors related to the consumers personalities and how it influences his or...

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Organization Marketing Process

SUBJECT CODE & TITLE | : | MCG 202 / Marketing | ASSIGNMENT TITLE | : | Applying marketing concepts and theories for organizations | Summary of the Learning Outcomes covered: 1. Investigate the concept and process of marketing 2. Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning 3. Identify and analyze the individual elements of the extended marketing mix 4. Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts ASSIGNMENT TYPE |...

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Marketing Ppt

MCM-116: Marketing Management Session - 2 MARKETING QUOTE “Marketing takes days to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.” …Philip Kotler, US marketing guru TOPICS  Impact of External & Internal Environment  Product Vs Marketing Orientation  Marketing Vs Selling  What do people buy? The Demographic Environment: For marketers the main focus of study is population, because people make up markets. Census of India gives us a lot of information about people through statistics and demographic...

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Marketing a Product and Business Ethics

MARKETING A PRODUCT AND BUSINESS ETHICS | | | | | MISS NANA AMA APPIAH | 5/24/2012 | | ABSTRACT In recent years, an increasing number of marketers, entrepreneurs and business managers have to deal with ethics and social responsibility issues about how to market their product and services all over the world. This study is going to present us some guidelines how marketers or the organization us a whole should market their product or services in an ethical...

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Marketing and Financial Services

introduces selected financial services organization HSBC background briefly. And talk about element of marketing. After that, the main content of this report consists three parts: 1.marketing segmentation. It also introduces HSBC how to separate segment, basis of segmentation. 2. Market targeting. After segmentation analysis, we can find the target customer accuracy. 3. Market positioning. Following the selection of segment to target, financial institutions must position their products in the mind of customers...

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consumer behavior final project

 Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior – Database Lifestyle A well-defined target market is the first element in the marketing strategy. Finding a target market can be a complex task depending on the product and how effectively it is advertised. If a product is advertised correctly marketers can expand their market and continue to make their products successful, if they don’t the product will eventually become obsolete. A strategy marketers use to test their product is in advertising....

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Destination marketing

least one overnight (Pike, 2004). With tourism destinations a highly perishable commodity marketing strategies have changed to become less mass market and more consumer orientated. As identified in the literature, segmenting mass tourism markets helps identify a strong relationship with the destination and there consumer. Every destination can offer a variety of services and products however, each consumer has the freedom to choose a variety of destinations globally something which is becoming increasingly...

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The 7 Key Differences Between Business-to-Business and Consumer Marketing

The 7 Key Differences Between business-to-business and consumer marketing by Robert W. Bly When asked if he could write an effective direct mail package on a complex electronic control system, a well-known direct response copywriter replied, “No problem. It doesn’t matter what the product is. You are selling to people. And people are pretty much the same.” He’s wrong. Yes, there are similarities. But there are also differences in selling to business and professional...

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Physical Good Difference from Pure Service

Product in marketing term has 2 combination tangible and intangible products. Product maybe a physical goods or service or combined of both. Product can be 100 percent emphasis on physical goods- cars, golf club, soft drink- to 100 percent emphasis on service- internet service provider, postal service. But we will call all of this as product. Good is physical thing, it can be seen and touched. You can try on fur coat or eat pat thai in street shop. A good is tangible. When you buy it, you own...

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Marketing Myopia: Theodore Levitt

Marketing myopia: Theodore � PAGE * MERGEFORMAT �5� Running head: MARKETING MYOPIA: THEODORE LEVITT Marketing Myopia: Theodore Levitt University of Phoenix � Marketing Myopia In Theodore Levitt's article, "Marketing Myopia" (1975), the concept of marketing was widened by examining the history of failed industries doomed to fail eventually. Industries failed to continue their growth not because of a saturated market but failure of proper management. They did not realize the need of expanding...

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Kotler Marketing Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Defining Marketing for the 21st Century * Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. It is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. * Marketing creates demand for a product, which in turn drives revenue. Greater demand creates the need for companies to hire new workers, while revenue (top line) contributes to a...

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Consumer Product Safety

Business ethics issues and conflicts are all about relationships. Consumers, suppliers, investors, employees, government agencies or any others that have a claim or stake in any aspect of a business can be regarded as stakeholders (Ferrel et al. 31) These stakeholders have a huge influence on the success of a business because they define substantial ethical issues in business. They also have the ability to withdraw the resources a company needs in order for it to survive. Therefore a company’s relationship...

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consumer psychology

Consumer Psychology PSY/322 September 6, 2014 Lori Mccloud Introduction This essay will discuss the definition of consumer psychology, and will describe the psychological concepts and their importance in developing a successful marketing communication message. It will further explain the relationship between consumer psychology and marketing communications. Consumer Psychology Consumer Psychology examines how consumers process information and form judgments and how memory...

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[MARKETING TODAY] January 24, 2011 True-False - Terminology/Concept 1. Marketing-related activities are limited to people called “marketers.” 2. The effective practice of marketing-related activities is limited to larger firms. 3. For virtually every good and service we purchase, the marketing process affects the assortment of models and styles offered in the marketplace. 4. The scope of marketing includes goods, services, organizations, people, places, and ideas. 5. A firm can anticipate demand...

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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy

MKT 411: UNIT 01 Introduction; Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy and Cultural influences on consumer behavior Why study consumer behaviour? • By studying consumer behaviour we try to understand & gain insight into: – Consumer decision making processes – What we buy, how we buy, and why we buy • Enables us to become better consumers and marketers Definitions of Consumer Behaviour • The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes...

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Marketing Mix - Service 7 P's

CONTINUUM LEARNING PTE LTD 7Ps of Services Marketing Companies are competing strategically through service quality for greater differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. Successful companies focus on the services-dominant paradigm with investment in people, technology, human resources policies, and compensation linked to service performance of employees. This is important because contact employees’ attitudes and behaviours significantly influence the quality of service. They present the “face and...

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Marketing Segments

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MARKETING STRATEGY AND MARKETING MIX The Differences between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix And their Examples Stephen M Okacha California Miramar University March, 2013 THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MARKETING STRATEGY AND MARKETING...

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Marketing Principles Tesco

MARKETING PRINCIPLES 1.1 Illustrate various element of marketing process. Marketing is process of interesting potential customers and clients in product or service. Marketing process consist of four steps, completed whit the goal of creating value for the target customers. Some of the element are development of communication marketing plan, monitoring the marketing environment, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Ref(http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/marketing/g/marketing.htm) Ref(http://wiki...

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1. Marketing Management N Selling vs Marketing Concept

Marketing management is a business discipline focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. Marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand accepted definition of the term. In part, this is because the role of a marketing manager can vary significantly based on a business' size, corporate culture, and industry context. For example, in a large consumer products...

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Marketing Principles Questions 2012/13

LONDON CHURCHILL COLLEGE Programme: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Unit Number and Title: Unit 4: Marketing Principles Unit Level: H2 Assignment Ref. Number: 4.1.1 Module Tutor: Sabrina Akbar Email: S.akbar@londonchurchillcollege.co.uk Date Set: 17/06/2013 Key dates Distribution date: 17/06/2013 Submission date: (13/08/2013) 9th week of the term Return date: 4 weeks from submission Introduction The aims of this assignment...

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Business: Marketing and Life Cycle

8 1. Discuss the concept of a marketing information system and why it is important for marketing managers to be involved in planning the system. A marketing information system is a management information system designed to support marketing decision making. Trend in the marketing environment are picked up and analyzed through four subsystems making up the marketing information systems the internal accounting systems, marketing intelligence system, marketing research systems, and analytical systems...

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Marketing Strategies in Different Countries

Marketing Strategies In Different Countries Customer Description:  I need to write about advertising and marketing strategies in different countries; I need to take at least 2 countries (one has to be Russia) and the other can be any country. I should speak about marketing strategies. They are not the same in all countries. I should state why they are different and clarify the differences.  Paper Body: Marketing is the process of identifying the goods and services that consumers need and want...

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Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia:  Marketing Myopia suggests that businesses will do better in the end if they concentrate on meeting customers’ needs rather than on selling products. The mistake of paying more attention to products a company offers than to the benefits and experiences produced by these products. The term 'marketing myopia' was first expressed in a famous article of the same name written by Theodore Levitt for the Harvard Business Review in 1960. In 'Marketing Myopia,' Levitt argued that many...

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Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) The management process of anticipating, identifying and satisfying customer requirements profitably CIM refers to requirements CIM definition discusses anticipating/identifying needs. CIM presupposes that marketing is a process with a profit motive, although it does not explicitly state whether or not this is for financial profit, eg could be gain in society, as in the case of charity. The American Marketing Association (AMA) Marketing is the activity, set...

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Services Marketing and Management

Defining Services Services are about the economic activities offered by one party to another. On the other hand is about exchange for the customer money, time, and effort, service customers expect to obtain value from access to goods, labor, facilities, environments, professional skills, networks, and systems; but they do not normally take ownership of any of the physical elements involved. And then services also involve a from of rental, offering benefits without transfer of ownership such as...

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Marketing Place and Space

Place and Space Abstract At its most basic, “space” marketing simply offers your customers more than one channel to purchase your goods or services – through a retail establishment, a Web site and a catalog, for example. But harnessed properly, multichannel marketing does much more. It provides a business with more opportunities to interact with customers and potential customers. And those interactions can generate a closer relationship and more business with customers, as the messages in each...

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[pic] MARKETING ASSIGNMENT 1 Group name: Felipe Ovalhe Bueno- Student ID: 2013204 Paula Andia- Student ID:2013211 Priscila Miyamoto-Student ID: Talumba Rashid-Student ID:2013328 Table of Report: Introduction ...

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Impact of globalisation on marketing strategies

move products between countries. The global economy is networked, for example, a consumer can purchase shorts in Italy and shirts from Hong Kong via the internet using electronic cards. As a result, marketing strategies have been significantly influenced by globalisation. Marketing strategies include market segmentation, differentiation and position if product/service, products, price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical evidence, e-marketing and global marketing. Global marketing, e-marketing...

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Marketing Channels

involve their marketing channels in the design of the promotional programs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? When a company is looking at promoting a new or existing product or service, the involvement of their marketing channel during the design of the promotional program is key component. According to the text Excellence in Business (Bovée, Thill, Mescon; p. 417-418), a market channel is the network of firms that work together to get goods and services from the producer...

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Dell's Marketing Strategy

diversified into variety of business segments over the years. Products range from Dell PowerEdge servers, Power Vault, Dell EMC storage systems as well as PowerConnect switches for corporate clients. For individuals and professional customers products range from Dell Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops, Dimension desktops, Inspiron and Latitude notebooks. Apart from these core products, the company also offer products and services range including printers, projectors, Axim handhelds, and other...

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Tesco Utilising the Marketing Mix

Tesco Utilising The Marketing Mix Tesco is one of the world’s international retailers and is recognised as the market leader in the UK supermarket sector. Tesco state that their core purpose is ‘to create value for customers to earn their life time loyalty’ Evaluate how Tesco and other supermarkets utilise the marketing mix to compete in the market place. Tesco is the leading retailer with a market share in 2010 of 29.7% (Wright, 2012), a reason they have proven to be such a successful business...

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Discuss the major characteristics and difficulties associated with the marketing of tourism products and services.

Trough: winter months of December to March Many tourism businesses dealing with holiday markets fluctuate from peaks of 90 to 100% capacity utilisation for sixteen weeks in a year, to troughs of 30% or less for twenty weeks in the year. Seasonal closure of many leisure tourism businesses is still common. These demand variations are all the more acute because of the factor of perishability and it is always a major preoccupation of marketing managers to generate as much demand to fill the troughs...

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