• About Ntse Exam
    1 INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India took a policy decision in 2002 to conduct an All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) annually, doing away with many of the large number of entrance examinations that were being conducted till then by vari
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  • How to Crack Civil Services Exam
    HOW TO CRACK CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION written by RANKERS A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION Contributions by Vineel Krishna, IAS Mutyalaraju Revu, IAS Vijay Kumar Mantri, IAS B. Sandeep Kumar, IFS Arvindhakshan, IRS Bala Kiran, IPS G. Kranti Kumar,IPS A. Vijaya Laxmi,
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  • Exam
    Faculty of Information Technology Graduation Project PETRA University Exam Scheduling System Prepared By:  Sirin Kalouti  Mayada Hindi  Musa Mourtada Supervised By: Dr. Naser Al-Jamal. Date: 6th of Jan 2011 Abstract: The system is a replacement of the traditional manual way used
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  • Exam
    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI BHAWAN , Post Box No.7112, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110002 Email : exam@icai.in Website: www.icai.org Application for inclusion of name in the Panel of Examiners for the Chartered Accountants Examinations Sl. No. ___ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
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  • Tybcom Exam Time Table
    (203) FIRST HALF 2012 ( Unique Exam Code 22300001) PROGRAMME OF THE THIRD YEAR B.COM. (THREE YEAR DEGREE COURSE) EXAMINATION Candidates for the above examination are requested to be in attendance at the place of examination, fifteen minutes before the time appointed for setting of the first pape
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  • Premilary Exam
    preliminary Exam Civil Services Aptitude Test The new Recruitment Process of Civil Services Exam conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is called the CSAT or the Civil Services Aptitude Test. The CSAT is coming into effect from the Civil Services Examination, 2011. CSAT will not o
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  • Jee Exam
    Last date for filling Application Form online: 15.12.2012 Last date for receipt of Confirmation Page at JEE (Main) Secretariat: 26.12.2012 (By Registered/Speed post only) Joint Entrance Examination (Main) - 2 0 1 3 INFORMATION BULLETIN JEE (Main) Secretariat Central Board of Secondary Educati
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  • Bank Exam Preparation Guide
    Bank Exam Preparation Guide           SBI Exam solved paper, BANK PO sample PAPER,BANK CLERK sample PAPER, ,MAT  SOLVED PAPER,B.ED SOLVED PAPER, Corporation Bank Clerk 2008 Solved Paper ,SBI PO  2008 Solved Paper,SBI PO GENERAL AWARENESS SOLVED PAPER,Com
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  • Neet Entrance Exam Information
    IMPORTANT: Candidates are required to go through the Information Bulletin carefully and acquaint themselves Candidates can apply for NEET(UG) - 2013 only “Online”. Information Bulletin can be downloaded from the website www.cbseneet.nic.in. Online submission of Application
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  • Exam Time Table
    B.Com. Sem – I to VI Exam. Mar./Apr.-2013 SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY, SOLAPUR Circular No. 14 Exam of 2013 Semester Pattern Examination Final Program of B.Com Semester – I to VI Examination to be held in March/April- 2013 1. Candidates are requested to be present at their respective places of the Exam
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  • Math53 Exam
    MATHEMATICS 53 THIRD LONG EXAMINATION First Semester, A.Y. 2012-2013 August 23, 2012 This exam is for 80 minutes only. Use only black or blue pen. Provide NEAT, COMPLETE, and ORGANIZED solutions. Box all final answers. I. If the statement is correct write TRUE. Otherwise, write FALSE. [1 pt. e
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  • World Regional Paleography Exam 3 Questions Test
    World Regional Geography Exam III Questions 1. Why do some scholars believe that China may become the next global superpower? Do you agree? Why or why not? Include specific facts regarding China to support your view. - Why China will become a Superpower o China’s government
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  • Lexicology Exam Answers(Ua)
    1. Lexicology as a branch of linguistics, its aims and significance. Links with other branches of linguistics. Synchronic vs diachronic approaches to the language study. The term «lexicology» is of Greek origin / from «lexis» - «word» and «logos» - «science». Lexicology is the part of li
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  • psa exam sample paper for 2014
    Qualitative Aptitute / Reasoning Find the missing number – Qes:-1. 3:26 :: ___ : 124 a) 15 b) 13 c) 17 d) 24 c) 17 d) 24 3:26 :: ___ : 124 a) 15 b) 13 Qes:-2. Select the one which is different from the other three : a) Horse a) Qes:-3. b)...
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  • Cambridge 2014 May/June Zone 4 Final Exam Schedule
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