• Pakistan
    Pakistan Steve Olker Core 132 Pakistan is a country that, since its creation, has been rooted in turmoil. The recent years are no exception to this. Since 1988, power has been divided among the president, the prime minister and the military. Tensions between the three, however
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  • General Muhammed Zia-Ul-Haq - Pakistan History
    <b><b>Q. Discuss in detail the Islamization programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq as the president of Pakistan.</b></center> <br> <br><b>A. Islamization Programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq: - </b> <br> <br><b>Background: - </b> <br>General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq proclaimed Martial Law in 1977 a
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  • Research Paper on Pakistan
    22 November 2004 PAKISTAN I chose to do my research on the customs and lifestyles of Pakistan and their people. It took me quite a while to get in contact with someone who lives there, but once I finally did, I made a friend for life! I was very curious how the Pakistani's felt about A
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  • Pakistan Business
    McDonalds first opened a store in Pakistan in September 1998. Since then they have opened seventeen new stores through Pakistan. Today millions of Pakistanis place their trust in McDonald's everyday to provide them with food of a very high standard as well as good service. In the past five years,
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  • India and Pakistan
    It was the independence of India from the British, and it's separation into two countries (one being India, the other Pakistan) that marked the beginning of what we today know as the world's oldest and most historical enemies. Many wars (including the Kashmir and Bangladesh wars) and peace treaties
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  • Are We Ready for a Female President?
    "We have it in our power not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters, and without violence throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet." Abigail Adams In 1776 Abigail Adams threatened her husband and our second president, John, with a women's revolt (Wilson). Th
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  • Why Pakistan Should Not "Engage" with Israel
    Recently the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Israel met in Istanbul, followed by a handshake between Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, sparking speculations that Pakistan is going to accord recognition to Israel, a state whose existence Pakistan has deni
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  • Exploring Business Opportunities Between India and Pakistan
    Introduction India and Pakistan used to be one nation governed by the British Empire until 15th August 1947, when they were divided into two different countries. From the day of independence the seeds of conflict were sown and these countries have since always been in a state of cold war for almo
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  • Pakistan
    The Problematic Pakis Due to its complex blend of people, cultures, and ideas the Middle East and North Africa are the most hotly contested regions in the world. From the beaches of Morocco to the snow capped mountains of the Himalayans, deadly problems surrounding religion, politics, and ma
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  • President Bush
    President George W. Bush began his first term as president on January 20, 2001 and ended on January 20, 2005, which is when his second term began. The current term is only about half way over. During his first term, George W. Bush faced many challenges such as terrorist, immigration, war, and oil pr
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  • President and Us Foreign Policy
    The United States election in 2000 raised a debate between democrat and republican and in the end the American people chose a new leader Mr. George w. Bush. President Bush clearly defined foreign policy objectives and goals. I have seen and hear our dear President Bush foreign policy after September
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  • Poverty in Pakistan
    Poverty in Pakistan Poverty is one of the major social problem Pakistan is facing. It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world. Poverty can cause other social problems like theft, bribe, corruption, adultery, lawlessness, injustice. To eradi
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  • Kashmir Conflict Between Pakistan and India
    KASHMIR CONFLICT BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND INDIA The State of Jammu and Kashmir is situated between Pakistan and India. Among the key reasons for tension between Pakistan and India is the key problem of Kashmir. Whereas Pakistan has repeatedly termed this the "core issue" in its relationship with India,
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  • Pakistan
    Pakistan- A Tryst With Destiny At the time that I am typing this article, counting is underway after elections which took place amidst widespread fears of rigging and violence. Pakistan really is at a cross-roads, it is time for it's people to decide the path for their country. While the educated
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  • Pakistan and War on Terrorism
    INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Term Paper Topic: WAR ON TERRORISM; OPTIONS FOR PAKISTAN AND HER RESPONSE Submitted by: Aqsa Ejaz (l1f05bbam2117) Abdullah sultan (l1f05bbam0128) Submission date: 5-06-07 OUTLINE INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------
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  • Best Candidate for President of the United States 2008
    As early as college, she demonstrated leadership when she was selected to be the first student speaker at her commencement at Wellesley College. As a law student at Yale she represented foster children and parents in family court. She also worked on some of the earliest studies creating legal sta
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  • Cement Industry of Pakistan
      EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Pakistan, there are more than 25 small and large cement manufacturers operating within the country producing ordinary grey Portland, white, slag and sulphate resistant varieties of cements. This industry has an oligopolistic structure because the product is homogenous.
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  • Micro-Economic Analysis: Nuclear in Pakistan
    Introduction This executive briefing note presents assessment of Pakistan for investment in nuclear. Analysis in the note will focus on the economic indicators like GDP, national debt, fiscal and monetary policies, and international capital flows. The main theme and the argument of the analysis
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  • Projects of Pakistan
    Sino Coal, Engro Pakistan to work on Thar coal project By Zafar Bhutta ISLAMABAD: Sino Coal, a Chinese company and Engro Pakistan Limited have agreed to work jointly for exploiting the Thar coal reserves for power generation, a senior official told Daily Times on Tuesday. He said that during
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  • Pakistan
    STATE OF EMERGENCY WASN’T TARGETED AT RADICAL ISLAMISTS AS MUSHARRAF CLAIMED Daniel Twining, Fulbright/Oxford Scholar Oxford University, The Weekly Standard November 19, 2007 http://weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/014/343rpqza.asp?pg=2 Musharraf says he was forced to decl
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