• If I Were Chief Minister of State
    irst of all i would really do something to wash out the complete corruption from our system .and for that the main thing to do is to flush out the whole people of this corrupt system then i would really love to slower down the rate of crime in our country . then would add some petrol to our justice
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  • if i were chief minister
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  • Will India Become a Superpower?
    Sixty years ago, in the summer of 1948, our nation, then newly born, was struggling for its very survival. In January, Mahatma Gandhi had been murdered by a Hindu fanatic. The act had shocked many Indians, but apparently it had the approval of some. According to one news report, the jailed assassin
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  • Prime Minister
    This Topic is an interesting one because many throughout the country are divided on the topic of the Prime Minister and whether or not they hold too much power within their role. With past allegations of corruption, many are blinded by the true powers and limitations of what properly defines the rol
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  • Lee Kuan Yew - Singapore Prime Minister
    INTRODUCTION Lee Kuan Yew led Singapore to independence and served as its first Prime Minister. He was regularly re-elected from 1959 until he stepped down in 1990. Lee Kuan Yew was educated in England, and under his guidance Singapore became a financial and industrial powerhouse despite a lack o
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  • What Is the Significance of the Role Speer Played as Minister of Armaments and Production?
    What is the significance of the role Speer played as Minister of Armaments and Production? In February 1942, Hitler's Minister for Weaponry and Munitions and chief civil engineer, Fritz Todt, had been killed in a plane crash, to which Speer was then appointed to take over all Todt's offices, which
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  • Public Administration : Chief Executive
    Governmental power is three-fold, legislative, to make laws; judicial and to interpret the and to execute or carry out those laws. There is a separate organ which will look after each function function, but the separation is not rigid. A complete separation would lead to perpetual deadlocks in a
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  • Narendra Modi's Quest for Becoming Prime Minister
    | Political Science Project | Narendra Modi’s Quest to Become the Prime Minister in 2014 | SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Nerul Class: FY-BMM Group Members: 1. Radhakrishnan P. (34) 2. Mohammed Uzair Shaikh (54) 3. Ajay Nair (26) 4. Ashish Tripathi (35)
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  • can narendra modi become a good pm
    The Prime Minister of India, as addressed to in the Constitution of India, is the chief of government, chief advisor to the President of India, head of the Council of Ministers and the leader of the majority party in parliament. The Prime Minister leads the executive branch of the Government...
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  • Why Louis xiv didn't appoint a principal minister
    EXPLAIN WHY LOUIS XIV DID NOT APPOINT A PRINCIPAL MINISTER IN 1661? (12MARKS) Before Louis received absolute power, there were several principal ministers before him; these were Cardinal Richelieu-father of Nicholas Fouquet- and Mazarin. When Louis came into power in 1643, Mazarin was the...
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  • Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana of India
    ABOUT PMRY I. GENESIS OF PMRY 1. Unemployment is considered as a bane of India's development particularly the educated unemployed youth who become unproductive and frustrated are to be paid special attention. The small-scale sector includes village and cottage sectors are found out to be the best
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  • Prime Minister vs. Usa President
    Many people would like to believe that the president is the most powerful person in the world. However, the structure of America has put restraints on the president that a Prime Minister would not have. There are many differences between the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of C
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  • What Are the Powers and Limitations on the Prime Minister? Do They Lead to “Pr Ministerial Government”?
    A Prime Minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. The Prime Minister of any government has different powers and limitations when it comes to governing any body of people. In both Barbados and Britain, the Prime Minister who gover
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  • Prime Minister of India
    The Prime Minister is the most important and powerful executive of the state. He can be called the ruler-of the state. He is the head of the Council of Ministers and all the powers of the President are actually exercised by the ministers. He can rule the country in a way which he thinks the best. He
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  • Will Japan Become a True Military-Backed Superpower?
    Will Japan become a true military-backed superpower? From the size and strength of the Japanese Self-Defense Force to maintain high military spending to strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance and to adjust its military strategies, Japan's military moves on the four areas to be analyzed. Stressed that
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  • U.S- Cuban Trade: When Does a Cold War Strategy Become a Cold War Relic?
    Project: U.S- Cuban Trade: When does a Cold War Strategy Become a Cold War Relic? Able to weather a variety of political leaders, economic events, and historical eras, the U.S. embargo of Cuba is the longest and harshest embargo by one state against another in modern history. Following Castroâ€
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  • Analyze the Factors Influencing Chief Executives When Making Appointments
    Analyze the factors influencing chief executives when making appointments The appointment of Justice Earl Warren was "the biggest damn fool mistake I ever made" according to President Eisenhower. Clearly then, appointments made by the Chief Executive are of upmost importance. There are however, a
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  • If I Become a Doctor
    Collected Essays by Aldous Huxley Back Cover: All over the English-speaking world critics have greeted these essays with such comments as "brilliant. . . provocative. . . magnificent." Many find that Huxley is the finest essayist since Montaigne. It has been said that "Mr. Huxley is not on
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  • Tony Blair: Prime Minister or President?
    Tony Blair: Prime Minister or President? ‘Blair is by far the worst of the eight prime ministers I have known’. ‘It is the presidential system he sees emerging under Mr Blair (the fault of over-large majorities, the prime minister’s character and his well documented disdain for...
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    TERM PAPER: “women should be given a chance to become a leader” The purpose of this paper is to argue with orthodox statement that saying men is meant to be a leader and to prove that women also have the ability to be a leader instead of men. As part of...
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